Grammy Awards Delightfully Played, Kelly Clarkson


I celebrate you, Kelly.

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  1. Carrie

    She is just the best. Her performance was fantastic, too. Though I wish she’d give up on the blonde hair; she looks much better as a brunette.

    • Erin

      My thoughts exactly — she is a Delight and I’m positive we would be fast friends, but I have Concerns over this brassy hair. Maybe it’s an in-between color?

  2. Kit

    She looks totally adorable. As do Portia and Ellen. :)

  3. Other Emily

    Kelly Clarkson and Ellen deGeneres are two of my best imaginary friends. They are pure talented, gorgeous awesomeness and I just want to cut Portia’s head out of that photo and put myself in there. (Kidding, I actually love Portia, too. Hilarious lady.) But seriously, Kelly killed it last night. Terrific presenting, amazing singing. I just love her and I thought she looked great.

  4. Mia

    Very cute. However, I do not like her as that shade of blonde!

    • Lisa

      That is what I came to say!! I think she looks so much better as a brunette. The dress is cute on her, though.

  5. Megan

    I wonder about Dunkelman, too. I know this is from a different season, but I wonder how Bo Bice feels, too, whenever he sees Carrie Underwood on TV, magazine covers, etc.

    • Lynn

      I tend to wonder more about the people who finished higher than Jennifer Hudson on her season. That’s got to smart a bit (and I love Jennifer Hudson, I’m just saying I don’t even remember who *was* the winner on her season).

      Also: I LOVE Kelly’s shoes.

      • Jane

        That season of Idol was won by Fantasia Barrino (I’m a little embarrassed that I knew that), who’s definitely had some decent success so far but nowhere near the level of Jennifer. I’m not a fan of the belt-it-out diva style of singing, but I’m full of admiration for Jennifer for her resilience in the face of her family tragedy. You go girl!

  6. Lumierette

    She looks SO cute and that photobomb is pure awesome.

  7. nicole

    Thank goodness you saw that photobomb! It made me so happy and I couldn’t get it to tweet to you earlier!
    I hear the Dunk is a very bitter little man. Paula is lost in a canyon somewhere after a hike I presume.

  8. hjg

    What has Portia done to her face?

    • Franziska

      I think she’s still suffering from the aftermath of her eating disorder. I hope she hasn’t had any plastic surgery done, I think she’s a stunning looking woman and doesn’t need any extra help.

  9. cathy

    3 great women in this slideshow – beautiful, talented, funny

    i also prefer kelly brunette, but being brunette myself i understand desire to have a blonde phase to see how it works out. dress is pretty- nothing spectacular, but nice and flattering

  10. Helen

    Count me in on hating the blonde,and I’m not nuts about the dress either, though it IS a good length for her, at least.

    But OMG Kelly herself is so completely irresistible. How can anyone look at her and not just grin and feel happy that she’s in the world? They can’t, that’s how!

  11. Fawn

    I think the reason I love her so much is that it’s been more than 10 years since she won American Idol, and she still has that “OMG I can’t believe I’m really here with all these famous people!” air about her. I’m just glad to see her looking so happy and appropriately adorable.

    • Miriam

      Exactly this. In the new People her picture with President Obama says it all. Thrilled and amazed!

  12. jen

    I feel like this is what Rachel Weisz’s Golden Globes dress could have been. Amazing. sigh.

  13. Jules

    Dunkleman is a bitter jerk. He did some interviews a couple years ago saying how it was his choice to leave because he did not agree with the format of the show. Dude, please. Go back and watch Season 1 and observe how Seacrest owned that stage, in spite of his highlighted hair and see through shirts. I bet Guarini is ok with everything. Kelly is really talented, and Justin wouldn’t have gotten that far in any other season. As for Bo Bice, last summer he was headlining a free concert in Phenix City AL. But you know what, I bet he’s ok with that.

  14. Mel Duff

    About Justin…he was in two shows last summer at the Muny, the outdoor theater in St. Louis. His Billy Flynn was snarkily passable. His Joseph (the Technicolor-Dreamcoat-wearing) was NOT GOOD, you guys. I enjoyed listening to Kelly’s CD on the way home from those performances far more than the shows.

    Ahem…Portia is doing a good Lady Blue Steel in Pic 1.

    • suz

      Can I just say, my nine-year-old waited for friends at the stage door of both of these shows and happened to meet Justin both times. He was a delight. Justin was on Idol before she was born, so it may as well have been like, Perry Como as far as she knew. But he was so gracious and friendly–autographed her program, took pics with her, strolled out to the parking lot to meet his ride! I was not crazy about him on Idol and love Kelly more than my luggage, but I do think musical theatre suits him and he is happy with his life. While he may wish for a little Grammy-love, FWIW, I think he was an adorable Joseph.

      • Mel Duff

        Suz, thanks for sharing that. It’s always great to hear when a person in the spotlight isn’t a jerk. Having said that, I have been spoiled listening to the great tenor Eric Kunze for many years at the Muny. But I am sorry to have hijacked the comments with this tangent. I am now going to go dream about Kelly Clarkson as…hmm…Velma Kelly?

    • Ali

      I saw him on what I hear was one of his better nights as Joseph, although he still had a couple flubs. Close Every Door was super disappointing, but his other efforts were ok. I was pretty impressed with his Billy Flynn performance. I had NO confidence going in that he could pull that role off.

  15. Sajorina

    The 1st pic is hilarious! Well Played, Kelly! I like her dress, shoes & jewelry, but I want to get rid of that belt so badly… It is too casual for the rest of the outfit & too much with the boob bow!

  16. cb

    Does her dress not have a hint of Adele’s last year’s Grammy’s performance dress? (That is… quite a sentence.) Both are cute, but now that I’m thinking about it, that’s EXACTLY what it reminds me of. Black dot sheer overlay, and that length. Maybe that’s just a good style choice for people with some hips. :)

  17. mary lou bethune

    I love Kelly; she is so unaffected and sweet, not to mention the incredible, blazing voice that never fails. Anyone who could pull that hilarious photo bomb – on Ellen who would appreciate and love it so much… is the bomb herself. ( did that make sense?)

  18. Ali

    I saw Guarini in a couple musicals this past summer and he was pretty good in them. I think the theatre might be a better place for him, and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

  19. Kristin

    I love pics of Ellen and Portia hanging out a la Liz and Dick in their hey-dey (with a lower-key wardrobe.) They are Hollywood royalty!

  20. SoLe

    Ah kelly…it’s impossible to dislike her

  21. Pamela

    Love everything about the enormously talented, sweet-as-pie Kelly. She’s simply awesome and looked adorable and appropriate at the Grammys.

    What a doll.

  22. Kristin

    I was so impressed with Kelly’s lovely performance, especially after her giddy acceptance speech. I wish she’d sing material like “Tennessee Waltz” and “Natural Woman” more often – a lot of her recent pop songs are pretty generic. The first time I heard “Dark Side,” I thought it might be Katy Perry (until the high notes), which is not a compliment. Katy Perry is many things, but a good singer is not one of them.