Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Sandra Bullock

As I said to Heather last night, “at least Sandy looks GREAT from the neck up.” And she does!

The rest of this is…well, the color is nice. And the bodice is flattering. And…OH SANDY. As John Travolta might sing, “Why-yi-yi-yiiiii?” I suppose one could argue that the sheer-ness of this skirt is, um, mysteriously hinting at the goodies underneath it? Or that it’s, er…festive, as it has a distinct Eau de Gift Bag? Or….maybe it’s pleasantly reminiscent of a grape Popsicle (her leg being, of course, the wooden stick)? Oh, man. Sandra, I’m trying here. But then you had to go and do THIS:

Dude. This fabric looks like it’s about one lit match away from bursting into righteous flames of man-made fiber. THANK GOD it rained on Sunday.