Golden Globes Fug or Fab Carpet: Marisa Tomei


So, when I first saw Ol’ Tomei here on the red carpet, I admit I may have made some crack about Seinfeld, pirates, and a puffy shirt:

But now that I’ve had some time to live with it, I think I might actually sort of like it. I mean, it’s definitely a kooky choice for a big mainstream awards show, and she rather looks as though she’s campaigning for a plum role in a sexed-up remake of The Magnificent Ambersons, or some other Victorian-era drama, but it’s very flattering on her, and I kind of like the idea of sweeping around dressed like a Gibson Girl. It makes her seem like she might just disapprovingly whack Ryan Secreast on the head with a walking stick if he gets out of line and I enjoy that. (Sorry, Ryan. You had a bit of a rough go of it last night.)