Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Amanda Palmer

Okay, so Amanda Palmer here is a musician, best known for her work with The Dresden Dolls. (She’s also engaged to her valet in this photo, novelist [graphic- and otherwise] Neil Gaiman, who was there for Coraline, not that you’d know it from the fact that he was captioned by our photo service, ‘and friend.’ Which is what happens, I suppose, when your date decides to make her quasi-nudity a large part of your evening. Regardless, I imagine dinner parties at their house are quite entertaining.) I would also venture a guess that she might be a bit of an exhibitionist. Behold the following shenanigans at the NBC party:

In general, I suggest one do this in the privacy of one’s home — or at least, not at your own corporate functions, dear readers. Said suggestion also covers what happened next. (Do I really need to warn you that this is going to be NSFW? Consider that done.)

Yes. DO take off your ruffly knickers on the red carpet. And now:

TA-DAH! I am fairly sure that A Statement has been made. (And I’m also fairly sure that similar statements are Palmer’s stock-in-trade, which is fine.There’s always someone at these things, right?) But I’m going to ignore The Statement totally it in favor of my own statement: that dress is actually quite gorgeous, and would have been freaking spectacular with a slip.

Look, I just felt like SOMEONE had to speak up for the dress, you know? Because I’m sure plenty of people will be talking about The Behavior, and The Dress will just be ignored. SOMEONE HAD TO SPEAK FOR THE DRESS. And I appointed myself. You’re welcome, dress. You’re very welcome.