Golden Globes Well Played: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler


First of all: How great were these two? SO GREAT. I want Tina and Amy to host everything. I want them to take over for the Oscars (you know Seth MacFarlane is freaking out right now, all fetal in the shower and rocking back and forth). I want them to host the Emmys, obviously. I want them to host the Grammys. I want them to host the next Democratic National Convention, and the Winter Olympics. I would like them to host my doctor’s appointments, and the next time I have to sit through a particularly long red light. I want them to follow me around and make James Cameron jokes. I LOVE them.

It’s convenient that, in addition to being awesome, they also looked fab.

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  1. wildviolette

    These two did not disappoint. I love them. Classy, talented dames!
    Tina was really rocking the Veronica Lake hair. It’s lighter than usual now, I think, and I love it on her.

    • Ken D

      While the both were outstanding, let us not forget the writers who gave them top notch material to work with. Work with it they did and VERY well.

      • Jessica

        I assumed Tina and Amy wrote the majority of that material themselves, considering that’s kind of their jam. Who else worked on it?

    • Tes

      I’ve never seen Tina look that movie star before. Amy looks super cute.

  2. Lizzy

    I usually don’t like plunging necklines, but I love Amy’s black suit and red dress.

    • Annie E

      I loved both of these looks on Amy too. I think the fact that she picked ONE place to show skin, as opposed to like, three, was what made it work. I also liked her extremely high heels with the suit.

  3. Gine

    Tina’s sparkly teal dress is now one of my favorite dresses OF ALL TIME. She looked absolutely incredible.

    • Trent

      INCREDIBLE. And let’s get real, Tina has had some dodgy looks on the red carpet. But she has gotten better and better and this, IMO, was a personal best. Amy looked fab as well.

      And re: their hosting: THEY ARE THE BEST. I started laughing when they came out and never stopped throughout their opening bit. In fact, they were hilarious throughout the show, especially “drunk” Tina’s warning to Taylor Swift to “stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son.” Agree with the Fug Girls: Tina and Amy need to host EVERYTHING.

    • Dani

      Absolutely! It did SO MUCH for her figure – which is rocking on it’s own, but this was just oh-my-goodness great. She looked a million miles tall with a tiny waist and basically it was my favourite dress of the whole night.

  4. Orange Clouds

    Tina in the blue dress is “WHOA!”-worthy. Stunning lady.

  5. Esmerelda

    Tina Fey has never looked better. Perfect dress. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup.

  6. Kristen

    They both looked AMAZING, especially Tina. Her hair looked SO PRETTY.

  7. Dazie

    My dad (MY DAD!!) made “Golden Globes” jokes about Amy’s outfits. I feel… icky.

    Love her suit though, and Tina’s dresses. *swoon* Not so much on the red dress though.

  8. marie

    GIRL CRUSH forever! have you seen that article from Vulture about their friendship history? favorite moment from last night – Chastain’s mortified face after Amy let loose that Cameron joke. Favorite line – “Taylor Swift, stay away from Michael Fox’s son!”

  9. maryse

    as a long time boston resident, i enjoyed amy’s bonding with ben affleck.

  10. Bubba

    Covet Tina’s red carpet dress. I’d wear that in a heartbeat. She looks stunning in that teal sparkler.

  11. AM

    I did not like the plunging neckline on Amy’s reddish dress. Just a little too much side cleavage. But her Boston bonding with Ben, funny.

  12. Erin

    These two are my spirit animals. I adore them. They both looked smoking hot last night (although I was worried one of Amy’s golden globes was going to make a run for it in the black dress). Can I put in a request for them to host my birthday and bring along Adele and a be-tuxed Bradley Cooper?

  13. Other Emily

    They both looked so gorgeous and were so funny and charming and wonderful. I gushed about them all night until my husband asked me to please shut up about it. I love them. Although the divorce made me so sad, Amy is working it and she looks more beautiful than ever.

  14. Rebecca

    LOVE them both so much obviously and they both looked amazing last night. Someone on my twitter compared Tina to Disney princess Ariel in the teal sparkly dress with her hair like that, and now I can’t un-see it. (though I’m not mad about it)

  15. mshesterp

    I thought they were absolutely fabulous, and Tina Fey was SO the best dressed of the night in that sparkly teal thing. She looked Ah-MAH-Zing (channeling Happy Endings there–whoops, wrong comedy!)

    They were light, funny, charming, adorable, and very natural. Loved them from start to finish. I didn’t think I could get behind the pantsuit, but I’m board with all of it!

  16. KMG

    I hope this finally ends the tiresome “women aren’t funny” discussion! Love them both so so much.

  17. Breda

    The main reason I watched was for them. Apart from the fact that they weren’t used NEARLY enough, I was not disappointed. How lovely and funny and cool they were! I love them both, and I love their friendship.

    And man, the audience found that James Cameron joke HILARIOUS. They just did not stop laughing for an uncomfortably long time.

  18. Annie S.

    Tina’s teal dress was pretty, but I adored Amy’s red gown. (I am a sucker for sleeves.) She and Naomi Watts definitely hit it out of the park with that deep red hue last night.

    They were so, so great. I seriously want to be them when I grow up.

  19. Stefanie

    These two cant host your life because they will be too busy hosting mine!

    Anywhooo, I loved all of it. I just about fell off my couch last night when I heard Amy’s suit was Stella. Stella actually got something right. It’s a damn miracle. And that red? Oh my god so great. Tina looked great too. Im not 100% on the length of the red carpet dress but the teal dress is to die for. Bombshell is the word that came to mind. A+++ ladies.

  20. Steph

    I want Morgan Freeman to continue to narrate the serious moments of my life, and Tina and Amy for the rest. My love for them knows no bounds. Amy took a slight lead when she “canoodled” as the magazines would say with Intern George.

    Oh, and they both looked fabulous the entire night. I so want the dress Tina wore on the red carpet!

  21. Kara K

    The ladies are both gorgeous in all their outfits. (I give extra love to the red carpet outfits, because Amy’s suit was hotttttt.)

  22. Lori

    I could not love them more. That may change if I end up dying my hair to match Tina’s and look ridiculous.

  23. Sarah

    They looked amazing and Tina’s hair was absolutely stunning. I couldn’t look away from the shiny, smooth, caramely perfectness of it all. UGH I doubting my sexuality right about now…swoon.

  24. Kit

    Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of their performance – and they both looked beautiful doing it!

  25. TaraMisu

    They were the PERFECT hosts! Perfect! I loved every word that came out of their mouths :D And they both looked so amazing…. well played ladies, well played.

  26. Helen

    I’m sorry to see that Amy forgot her blouse with one outfit and didn’t wait for the seamstress to finish the other, but Tina looks amazing.

  27. lilywise

    They both looked like perfection in both outfits. I am also glad that they did not turn their hosting gig into an runway show of 9 different outfits (*cough*Hathaway*cough*). They picked two great pieces and let us bask in their beauty, charm, and talent. Well-played, ladies.

  28. Al

    I don’t think Tina’s hair has ever looked better. Both looked hot, but most importantly they were fantastic hosts. Kudos to HFPA for selecting them. Ladies, just keep being awesome.

  29. Aria

    Loved their dresses at the beginning of the show- great colors, great fit, just perfect. And I now LOVE and covet Amy’s suit on the red carpet, but I can’t get away with that plunging neckline. Also, I don’t the office or gym [the two places i spend the most time] are the most appropriate forum for that!

  30. Cortney D

    I too want them to host EVERYTHING. Like seriously, EVERYTHING from here until eternity. It also helps that they looked spectacular, but they could have been in potato sacks and still killed it. Adore!

  31. Sylvia

    Tina Fey looked AMAZING!! I said that out loud when she walked out.

    I loved Amy’s dress. As someone said, she showed skin in one place which is why it worked. But Tina’s dress kind of stole the night for me. And her hair was fantastic.

    And I want them to be the speakers at my college graduation. I’ll pony up some money for this, I swear. That James Cameron burn made my week.

  32. Cat

    Is it weird that I kind of love the two of them as a couple? Yeah, I know. They were lovely last night and hilarious. Amy’s boobs were really out there last night– take that, Will Arnet!– but they looked amazing. And they should host EVERYTHING! Especially the Oscars and the Winter Olympics.

  33. Pamb

    I think Tina’s hair looked a little Garnier-y at the start of the show (reddish color vs. brown, perfect waves, hair placed just right over the shoulder, DON’T MOVE, HAIR!!) but decided to forgive her, because she is Tina Fey. Loved her T. Swift smack down, her holding hands with J. Lo, but the best was Amy yukking it up with Intern George! How has that not been mentioned yet?

  34. Sophia Loren

    I like Amy’s hair with the tux. Choosing the right hair for your lady-tux is difficult.

  35. Eirwen

    Like them both but do feel with the trouser suit, Amy could have done with a wee camisole.

  36. Mollsworth

    In that first picture, they are inviting Mandy Patinkin to evaluate Amy’s singing. I believe he called it “incredible” and also I love Inigo Montoya forever.

  37. M

    I can’t decide which was the better burn of a James… Cameron or Franco? Anyone?

  38. Hima

    I have been talking about how gorgeous Tina Fey looked to anyone who will listen. I was STUNNED by her in that blue dress. Amy looked fantastic too – and she and George Clooney make the most attractive (fake) couple I’ve ever seen – but Tina in that blue dress was indescribable. (I use that word bc I was sitting here trying to finish that sentence and just could NOT think of a word that describes how beautiful Tina looked).

    I really do wish they could host everything from now on. I would never tire of them. Now excuse me while I look for an edited vid of the Globes cut with JUST Amy & Tina moments. I’m sure it exists by now, right?

  39. Tess

    How is it fair that Tina Fey can be so gorgeous and smart and funny and just darn likeable? How is that fair?!?! LOVE her.

  40. Susan

    Definitely a Well Played for the hosting duties and dresses. They were funny, their timing was spot on, there weren’t nine costume changes. Definitely well played.

  41. Kristin

    I’ve never enjoyed hosts as much — laughing out loud, so much fun. Their smart, sassy lines rocked. DId they help write their own material? I want to be bff with both of them!

  42. Minutiae

    Man, Tina rocked that bombshell ‘do like nobody’s business. I’ve never seen her look that good. Amy either. They both looked amazing, and were so freaking funny.

  43. CranAppleSnapple

    They were perfection! Love them both to pieces! :D I keep watching the opening bit over and over!
    My hair is doing that Tina shape right now, but how does she get it so shiny and sleek, because I want want want!

  44. Andrew S.

    I’m still unnerved to see Tina with hair so gorgeous. I think I’m just used to her SNL/Liz Lemon hair that it throws me off but both looked really great, definitely

  45. Claire1


    Not so much Amy’s hair. I kept thinking of the old video from Star Tours….

  46. Sajorina

    They are AWESOME in every way! I love them both so much! Yes, they should host everything and look great while doing it! LOVED what they wore to the Red Carpet & what they wore onstage! All of it FLAWLESS, BEAUTIFUL & APPROPRIATE! FAB!!! And, there bits with Jennifer Lopez & Intern George were hilarious! The SNL Alumni were the best thing about the show!

  47. Crystal

    Bravo to Tina for wearing such a gutsy dress and pulling it off with grace. I say gutsy b/c she always jokes about her hips (and feet), and wore the HELL YES out of that dress, and it complimented every part of her body. And she’s even rocking the Dutchess Kate hair!

    You go, Glen Coco!

  48. Janice

    Tina Fey looks the best I have ever seen her. She is certainly someone to look up to. Her red carpet gown should be full length. As it is, it looks like an overly shmancy cocktail gown. Still, the overall effect is beautiful..

    Amy looks great in the suit — one of the few times that look really worked. Don’t care for the dress. Not a flattering colour on her (raisin?), and the style is ’70s stodge. They could have fit two Amys in there.

  49. Bambi Anne Dear

    Is no one else worried about the length of Amy’s trousers? I think they looked hideous. And with those shoes. Yuk!

    • Fletcher

      They were terrific – so smart, so funny. They made the show. Tina looked fabulous and her hair was particularly amazing! Amy also looked very good but I have to say that with both outfits, the focus on the cleavage was – well – focus on the cleavage! It took me a little while to get past that.

    • betty

      Perfect length for cigarette pants. Shows off the great shoes and slim ankles. Sexy but not tacky, a hard balance to strike. Best execution of lady suit ever, IMHO (other that the inimitable S*****N, of course) – perfect fit, tie-like necklace and all. I’m so stealing this look… if I ever get win an award that is…

  50. fritanga

    Smarter, sharper, funnier AND prettier than any other women in the room. Really, everyone was so terrified of them it was hilarious. That’s true girl power, people.

    They both looked wonderful, but Tina looked particularly scrumptious in that blue spangly dress, if only because I know about the industrial Spanx she had to be wearing underneath. How can one not love and revere a woman like that?

  51. Elle

    I wasn’t in love with Tina’s red carpet dress, but damn did her hair and makeup look fantastic. I’d totally switch teams for her.

  52. Kolby Solinsky

    I loved their hosting job, too, but it bothers me knowing the author of this “article” actually thought she was being clever with the “fetal in the shower” line. What’s wrong with Seth McFarlane?