Golden Globes Well Played, Stacy Keibler and George Clooney (and Amy Poehler and Ben Affleck and Neil Diamond and some wax figurines)


Intern George is officially the worst intern in the world. He NEVER comes to work, but instead is off clowning around with seriously everyone, including a wax figurine of President Obama, and a live figurine of Neil Diamond.


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  1. Gigi

    I want Amy and Clooney to get together, too. That was the best bit with her on his lap – coz they looked like they both were surprised how easy, natural and NICE it felt.

    I get the feeling that Stacy is still around mostly because her new career hasn’t kicked off yet, like the contract for the new gig hasn’t yet been sent over or her team is waiting on a phone call or something and George agreed to wait on that until she goes, coz, well, why not and lining up the next girl hasn’t happened on his end, either (his team is still waiting on a phone call or the contract hasn’t been sent over yet). But they’re both nice people and don’t really mind hanging out together, and maybe ol’ Kiebs will meet someone new at the Globes, etc. Why not look for someone new together?

    • Heather

      However, it’s not like any of his girlfriends have launched into successful new careers, so I don’t actually think that was part of the deal. I think she actually ISN’T asking him for anything, career or otherwise, and that’s probably refreshing for him.

      • Doodle

        That’s my theory too. She seems like the type of gal who says, “George, I’ve got my own shit to do. I’ll be back in time for your photo op, looking gorgeous.”

        Plus, she’s older than his usuals and was at least a bit known in the public sphere here in the US. She also brought ARod into the fold via her friendship with Torrie Wilson; that’s gotta be a significant win.

        I dunno. Obviously I’ve spent too much time analyzing this (for no good reason), but I like her. She seems like a chick you could have a beer with.

        • Krusticle

          Stacy is a cute blond surfer girl next door, but can’t she ramp it up just a little for the red carpet? More eyes or lips and do something with the hair!

  2. Lauren

    That wax Thanksgiving just made my life. I have literally been sitting here for three minutes laughing at that photo/description. Good job!

    • Lori

      Me too! I keep saying “YOU ARE CONFUSED, MADAME TUSSAUDS” in my head and giggling to myself.

  3. nmlhats

    When I saw Intern George and Ben Affleck at the same table, I SO wanted to find my place card there.

  4. China

    Everything about the Thanksgiving slide is amazeballs. Is that, like, a representation of Americana? And if so, why is Rihanna there? She’s not even American. And if not, then what the hell IS is representing? And…the lack of pie plate? And eating off a desk? I am deeply entertained and totally confused.

  5. Kate

    Laughing hysterically at that photo did not help my sore throat. Are we sure that’s even Intern George? It looks more like some generic actor hired to play the president in a Lifetime movie. And the Obama figure looks more like Kris Humphries than Barack. In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner, HOW RUDE.

    • Sarah

      I think Wax George looks like Wax Lestrade from Sherlock. “Thanksgiving? Not my division.”

      • Elisa

        Yes! I’ve been trying to figure out for hours (okay, like 60 seconds) who Wax!George looks like. “Meretricious!”

  6. Gail

    Will Arnett, eat your heart out.

  7. Kat

    That Tussaud’s Thanksgiving is the best thing ever. I can’t believe you’d hide a treasure like that away at the last slide!

  8. Sajorina

    I treasure the 1st picture! LOVE IT! George & Stacy look good! But, George & Ben look AWESOME! They truly have the best time together… Doesn’t George know that Ben is taken? By Matt Damon? That is a bromance that cannot be broken, Intern George!

    I can’t believe the last picture is a real thing! Madame Tussaud’s London should be ashamed of themselves and also start making calendars with pictures like those ASAP! Imagine what they would do for the 4th of July!

  9. Steph

    A: I am printing off the picture of Amy and Intern George and slapping a photo of MY face on Amy’s.

    B: I am travelling to the States on Friday. I MUST ask someone about their incredible and celebrity-filled Thanksgiving feasts.

    • Elizabeth in SF

      B: Now with Bonus Desk Pie (TM)!

      Which, I swear, is not the very inappropriate short at the end of a cheap porno about the Clinton years. Really. I swear.

  10. Inis

    Can we puhleeze retire “amazeballs”?

  11. Tiffany

    I LOVE the laughing pictures! I have always really liked Ben, he just seems like a nice funny guy. George too. I bet their wit is amazing together. I like seeing people being happy…waaaaay more fun than the bad case of Schadenfreude that American society seems to have come down with in recent years.

    And none of the people in the wax photo look anything like the real deal, except Morgan!

    • jenelope

      I kind of wonder if that wasn’t actually Morgan Freeman visiting over the holidays, and the doubtful expression is “WTF is this? I can’t even. YOU ARE CONFUSED, MADAM TUSSAUDS.”

  12. ccm800

    I love that dress on Keibler. So simple, fresh and unexpected – its almost my fave of the Globes

    • Diana

      That dress is my fave of the evening I think. It’s just stunning.

      • Amalia

        Totally agree. I think with this one she locked down her spot for a third season on IG’s arm!

  13. becca


  14. deee

    As a joke gift for Christmas, I received these lovely plastic, solar, meerkat yard decorations:

    The Madame Tussad’s tableau has the same vibe. People actually scheduled a meeting, sat around a table and all decided that it was a good idea. Hilarious.

  15. Emma

    At the risk of sounding cheesy, it’s nice to see Ben Affleck smile again.

  16. Theresa

    That’s not Obama; that’s Jamie Foxx.

  17. Kara K

    The wax Thanksgiving is, to be honest, how I think of Thanksgiving Day, too. Or how I’ll think of it from now on.

    Amy and George are hotttttt together. Also? Their couple name would be Poehney (pony!) or Cloonler, both of which sound fantaaastic. AMY AND GEORGE!!!

  18. Mara

    Loooove Stacy’s dress. Also, I hope she’s the one and I’ll be legit sad if they break up. They just seem so relaxed around each other the way Clooney’s earlier girlfriend’s never managed.

    • Mara

      Auuugh kill the apostrophe. That’s supposed to be girlfriends, sigh.

      • Corriner

        I completely agree. She seems willing to ‘play the game’ as it were, but also just seems like a really cool lady.

  19. Faye

    I just about died laughing at that last pic. I especially enjoy the fact that Obama, President of the United States and arguably one of the de facto leaders of the free world, is standing, while Clooney sits majestirially at the desk.

  20. Ed

    You girls own me. Giving us pics of a laughing Ben Affleck (my boyfriend) is the cherry on the Irish-Steelers-original 90210-Dallas sundae we share.

  21. Tamburlaine

    I really love Poeler’s dress; such a gorgeous colour, and it looked fabulous on her. I also like Keibler’s dress too, it’s very simple but with touches of interest in the white chalk stripe, and very well fitting.

    Affleck looks good in the beard, and I like his navy blue outfit. It’s unusual without being crazy.

  22. Terri Watson

    Something was off with the two of them at the Globes. He seems to be leaning away from her in the pics, and she was not her usual gushy, laughing self. There’s something a brewin.

  23. Mair Mair

    That is by far the best I’ve ever seen Stacy look. The dress is super flattering on her. And while I’d normally say I wish she’d gone with a stronger lip, I’m making an exception because overall, I think the lighter touch with her makeup makes her look so much younger and prettier.

  24. Edith

    The Madame Tussauds’s slide made my morning; HILARIOUS all around. Though Wax Clooney doesn’t hold a candle to the real thing.

  25. gryt

    Clooney and Amy Pohler look AMAZING together. HOW right do they look together?!

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