Golden Globes Well Played, Salma Hayek


Thank God, Salma pulled it together for the Globes. She might show up to press conferences or movie premieres looking like she lost a bet to Stella McCartney, but she knows how to bring it for an awards show.

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  1. mepe

    No doubt she looks gorgeous here…that dress fits like a glove. As well it should considering her connections. And Rudd looks pretty darn hot…it’s pretty much the BCoop hairstyle I am rather enjoying it.

    • witjunkie

      Yeah, I like hair on guys a bit more floppy and less slicked back, almost universally. So I too am enjoying this phase, long may it last.

  2. Sajorina

    She looks HOT!!! Really BEAUTIFUL dress and jewelry! FAB! Also FAB, that picture of Paul & Salma… How cute are those two together? LOVE THEM!

  3. Tiffany

    I love that Selma knows how to fit her curves! You never see her in a Christina Hendricks squished-and-painful look with Selma. She lets them breathe! Gorgeous! Sometimes simple is best, this was one of my faves of the night.

    • rb

      seriously! yes. THIS is how christina hendricks should dress in public. salma es siempre caliente! smart, beautiful, confident, classic.

  4. Esme

    Gee, I think this is HORRIBLE–it does nothing for her.

    • Emma

      I totally agree. I’m surprised others like it, I thought it would be universally panned. I prefer Rachel Weisz’s disappointing sheer polkadot dress to this.

  5. Angie J. Han

    If it makes everyone feel better, the hair is for Anchorman 2. Which makes it sexy, since it’s a symbol of his commitment to making us laugh!

  6. lori

    Very attractive if you like shelf boobs.

  7. msd

    Really? It’s veering towards hot mess imo. Her hair is terrible and the droopy-bow dress is boring.

  8. Ladyblahblah

    Someone with this much money should be able to do much, much better than fashioning a dress from the tunic-y plus size top that I ordered from the Dillard’s holiday catalog in 1999. (This is not a comment on her size, the top I had made from this material was from the plus size section.) This is the worst I’ve ever seen her look.

  9. Shelley


  10. Ines

    and i am really surprised about the dislikers. i thought this would be a whole fab. tought and still think.

  11. Corriner

    I thought this was great. I wish with all my heart Christina Hendricks reds GFY so she can see IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE. IT CAN BE DONE.

    • lilywise

      Just to go on a quick Christina Hendricks tangent: not every woman with boobs has the same body. Christina is much taller than Salma, has fuller hips, and her boobs are proportionally larger on her than Salma’s are. I feel frustrated with Christina not looking better on the red carpet not because Salma looks great, but because we know Christina *can* look great. She looks great on Mad Men. She looked great on the cover of Lucky. She’s a gorgeous woman.

      Back to Salma: I think she looks fantastic here. Her boobs are not up under her chin or smushed together, and her waist looks teeny teeny tiny. Her hair and make-up look great, too.

  12. Helen

    Very, very nice. I have seen her do even better, but her choices have been so bad recently, this is a huge relief. And it IS very pretty in and of itself.

  13. Claire1

    The entire time she was presenting all I could do is stare at her chest.
    I was in awe of the amazing structure of this dress.
    The girls were cradled in a lovely shelf of black glitter that not even from which escaped a dimple of under arm overhang.
    All I could think was “And I’ve yet to find a bra to be half as kind to me”

    I’ll take great structure of pizzas ANY day!

    • Claire1


      Not Pizzas… LOL!
      I’m sorry…. my cravings were showing.

  14. Michelle

    “Butt-Crazy in Love” would be a great band name