Golden Globes Well Played, Nicole Richie


I was about to open my sass-hole and wonder why Nicole Richie was at the Golden Globes, and then I remembered that it’s on NBC, and so is Fashion Star. Instead I shall bemoan the fact that Jessica Simpson didn’t show up in her finest formal caftan.

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  1. Leti

    I thought she looked lovely, makeup and all. The only thing I disliked about this was her clutch. I found the fringe was too busy paired with the dress. But, I read that it was House of Harlow, so I guess she had to carry something from her own line….

  2. Trace

    Didn’t Michelle Williams wear something similar to last year’s Globes?

  3. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! The dress is GORGEOUS and fits her beautifully! COVET! I’m totally into her hair, makeup & accessories! Definitely one of my favorites of the night! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, GFY Jessica, I just read your interview on TheStyleUp and loved it! You look so cute in every picture! I feel like raiding your closets! And, your eyebrows are looking so good I want them in my head! Good job, dear!

  4. Willow

    I don’t know, it’s all a bit Retirement Home Beauty Pageant to me.

    • JENNY

      Ha, yes! She’s like Lady Bird Johnson’s younger sister.

    • rb

      Baby Bird Johnson! Chintzy table runner and blue eye shadow? I miss her faux-boho style. ;(

  5. Nancy

    I disagree. This ensemble is WAY TOO OLD for her, she looks like she is eleventy-nine years old. Either that or she has a bad case of plaque psoriasis and needs to cover up as much skin as possible.

    • Chasmosaur

      That’s what I thought. I mean, it is a pretty dress, but I thought it needed to be sleeveless for someone as young as she.

      I’m guessing she just ran inside because she could – wasn’t it chilly?

    • Erin

      Agreed. Something in this — the dress, the make-up, the styling — made her look MUCH older than she is.

  6. Deborah

    The dress she should have worn is on Hudgens, below. Or even Heidi, above. This is about 2 decades too old for her.

  7. Rayna

    I may be in the minority, but I think Nicole has never looked better. I’ll spot her her fringey clutch, too.

    I think it’s proof positive that you can be glam without exposing vast acreage of skin.

    Whooda thunkit?

  8. margot

    I just want to know where her lips went. They’ve disappeared completely. How unfortunate. The rest of her outfit is “meh.”

  9. Mongerel

    Love the makeup Not that I advocate a ton of blue eyeshadow as a trend!!! But her eyes have to be a dream for a makeup artist, and she made that blue look sublime. Not wild about the dress on its own merits, but Nicole looks so ladylike, cool, and serene! M-Score: Solid A.

  10. Alyssa

    Personally I’m not a fan of the dress, but I don’t think it looks bad by any means. Just isn’t something I would ever choose. But I do think the makeup is heinous.

  11. Bella

    She looks great. And I’ll bet she was thankful for sleeves in the colder weather.

  12. Jen

    I thought the dress aged her a bit, and the makeup didn’t help in that regard, either. I agree that her makeup looks pretty in that photo (shot # 3), but in the rest of the photos I’ve seen online, I hated it.

  13. Helen

    Count me in on thinking she’s way too young for this, and also I hate the makeup. I don’t think that blue around the eyes suits her at all, and whither her lips?

  14. Fifie

    I didn’t like the dress on her – way too old and I thought that she actually looked pretty unattractive overall. I think she needs bangs – too much forehead.

  15. Dee

    That color is lovely on her and a refreshing break from all the beigey/nudey/blah that everyone else seems to be wearing so much these days.

  16. witjunkie

    She looks amazing close up but I’m seeing nothing but Diane Von Furstenberg from a distance.

  17. Corriner

    I really loved this dress… though I’ll be the first to admit I love most long-sleeved gowns.

    HOWEVER. The makeup. It ages her up by about 10 years. No thank you.

  18. Melodie

    Honest to fug, when I first saw this photo I gasped and said aloud, “Is she ill?” The makeup does nothing for her, nor does the gown.

  19. Clarence Beeks

    Hated the hair and makeup. I usually love what she wears, and how she is styled. This was blech.

  20. Ellelake

    Kinda safe and matronly. The make-up combined with hair color contrasts strongly with her day to day look (i.e. normal). I’d like to see her a little more spirited, seems to be masking rather than enhancing her personality.

  21. TonyG

    This was one of my favorite dresses of the night.

  22. anonymoose

    Lovely figure on this girl.

    But, why o why would someone wear a dress made from King Friday XIII’s costume?

    I’m from the camp that believes makeup should highlight one’s natural features, not be a color-by-number match to one’s clothing.

  23. Bottle Ginger

    It’s not enough to wear opposite colors – her orange skin and blue dress may be opposites and theoretically complimentary, but they’re clashing hideously.

    To wear opposite colors together, it’s necessary to have some similarity in intensity and darkness. Bright corals and turqoises are a classic combination, and all the best plaids feature muted reds and greens. But her skin is a very muted, rather dark orange, and the dress is a bright, icy blue. It’s a violation of color theory, and looks ghastly.

  24. Tracey

    I think Bottle Ginger… you are onto something. That’s why this looks matronly. She has the skin colour of a senior who has been in the Floridian retirement sun too long, wearing blue eyeshadow, and just a touch-too-coiffed hair… so the dress classes with the skin and it’s length/colour and some of the styling looks old even when it might not look that way on someone else. Come to think of it, it also resembles the full length mother-of-the-bride gown my mom wore in 1976 to my sister’s wedding.

  25. Chrissy

    The dress is nice, but her makeup makes her look sleepy. Don’t really love the hairy purse.

  26. ccm800

    Gorgeous. AND I admit it. I dig this gal.