Golden Globes Well Played: Mila Kunis


MORE GREEN! I loved this one:

Especially after reviewing Mila’s last year of red carpet outfits, most of which were some kind of neutral. In comparison, this is some kind of WONDERFUL HAHAHAHAH SEE WHAT I DID THERE oh God Globes fever has set in. It SOUNDS fun, but it actually leads to hacky cracks like that, as well as a painful rash. Ahem. I apologize.

And the back is SASSY. I always wonder how these starlets manage to get from home (or the Four Seasons or whatever) to the red carpet without squashing the back of their frocks. I suspect, honestly, that they have to ride over, like, standing up, or crouching in the back of the limo or lying down. Why won’t someone answer these burning and important questions for me? Isn’t this the sort of thing that The Rachel Zoe Project ought to cover?

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  1. Snarky Sharky

    Seeing the back of the dress like that officially makes it my fave from the 4 green frocks that were on red carpet. And the color is LOVELY

  2. Jill

    Oooo! I love the back!

    My only problem with the dress is how the texturing stops at midcalf like that.

  3. I.K.

    It’s gonna be so hard to choose between this and CZJs dress in the best dressed poll! They were both so completely gorgeous.

  4. anne p.

    Oh, I so agree!! I’m usually annoyed by this basic style (drapey, wrappy, let’s-throw-some-hunks-of-fabric-around: far too often just lazy, lazy, lazy), but …. I fell for this one, hard. Spectacular shade of green, esp. on her (made Angie’s look even more ‘crayola’), and adored the design (made Angie’s look even more dated) which, despite a lot going on w/ the fabric, didn’t overwhelm her. And yes, the back is divine … all the way to the hem … sigh. [Speaking of the rear view: I wish there were more photos of the backs of these things. We so seldom get a chance to see the whole look, and the back often makes or breaks a gown.]

  5. Debbie

    I thought it was the best dress of the night BEFORE I saw the back. Now I’m even more in love with it!
    And my god, she is beautiful. :)

  6. TonyG

    Simply stunning!

  7. Lina

    Such a great dress. Yay her!

  8. Lynne

    The Rachel Zoe project should also cover why in god’s name anyone thought Anne Hathaway’s dress was a good idea. Ick.

    This? Gorgeous! And I usually hate the one shoulder thing.

  9. Jeanie

    Best dressed! She and the dress are perfect!

  10. Elizabeth O'Neill

    the dress is gorgeous yes, but doesn’t the waist/hip area looks kind of unflattering with all that cross wrapping going on. to me it kind messes with her awesome bod making it look kind of lumpy.

  11. Rachel

    I’m convinced they don’t get into their dresses until they’re in the car, one minute away from the venue.

  12. Anouk

    Definitely best green, though these are great looking photos – I’ve seen others where the front of it just looks MESSY. And therefore kinda ugly, and swamps Mila’s natural loveliness. The back kinda kicks though – it’s the best bit.

  13. Cecily

    Gorgeous. This might be what Elisabeth Moss’s dress was striving for, but missed the mark.

  14. Cecily

    Wow, I just realized this might be the first ever one-shouldered dress I’ve ever liked, let alone called gorgeous. *hell indeed freezes over*

  15. Willow

    This is what Elisabeth Moss’s dress wanted to be.

    Though the random swirling by her knee is odd, I mean how is it even doing that?

  16. Geemee

    I was “meh” about it until I saw the back. Fantastic! I think there’s got to be a staging area, like, a few hundred feet from the red carpet where they can change from kimono limo robes into their dresses. No way did she sit in that.

  17. Lynne Connolly

    In old Hollywood, they had “leaning boards” where a star could rest between takes and not muss their clothes. Maybe they have something like that.
    Here are pics of Jean Harlow and Rita Hayworth on leaning boards (and btw, isn’t Jean’s dress awesome?)

  18. Dee

    A great dress. She did look very tired though…

  19. vandalfan

    It seems like a tad much in front, at the hips. The dress is almost wearing her.

  20. Laura

    Weren’t the Golden Globes in a hotel? She probably got dressed in the hotel, then circled the block once in a limo.

  21. Hil

    Maybe I’m just a sucker for Mila or maybe for this lovely shade of green. But I think this was my favourite from the night. High fives to Mila.

  22. Claire

    A littttle too much crinkly swirling. Otherwise stunning actress in stunning dress.

  23. fritanga

    See, the back looks equally great on this dress, unlike Elisabeth Moss’s, which was fine in front but dismally wrinkled and bunched in back. So Kunis wins the silver with this one (gold being CZJ and bronze being Angelina).

  24. gryt

    Oh that is just dynamite… The back is to die! Gorgeous, gorgeous.
    I like her. She seems fun!

    Thanks Lynne for the ‘leaning’ board’ link, really cool!

  25. lolo

    Love it, especially the back, and love her!!!

  26. Adriana

    The back is indeed nice, and its great color…but I dunno, doesn’t this seem a bit OLD for her? It’s bothering me.

  27. qwerty

    I don’t see how this is well played,this dress is ugly and boring.The colour is good though

  28. witjunkie

    I also say this beats CZJ’s dress.

  29. Di

    I think I’m one of the few people who really hates this dress. I’m sorry. I hate it. The shoulder knot and hair poof french twist thing just totally kill anything good about it for me. Those things plus the crinkle of the fabric reminds me of this weird shirt my mom gave me that I’m sure she thought was edgy and totally me but it totally wasn’t so the fabric makes me sad about that time my own mother didn’t know me AT ALL.

    *fingers crossed that my HTML tags worked*

  30. AnaBe

    The back is gorgeous. And she’s a tiny little thing but the dress doesn’t overwhelm her. Eva Longoria, take note.

  31. whiterabbit11

    really hate this ageing hair-don’t, but the dress is lovely & she really is so beautiful and fresh.
    am now obsessed with how they get to the carpet without creasing – maybe lie down on their side? even if there was a leaning board inside the limo, to lower yourself on and off that would be very creasing. so i’m guessing, get a hotel room as close as possible to the event; lie down on side all the way there while keeping neck/head/hair held off the seat; sit upright JUST before the door opens, and spring out quickly.

  32. G

    Obviously she was lying face down in the limo on the way over. That’s why the front of the dress is all wrinkled and lumpy.

    The back is gorgeous, though.

  33. cranky old batt

    Someone somewhere said she aged herself 20 years in this color. I disagree completely. I think she pwned it and looks Gorgeous.

  34. lc

    Love the color and the back is the best part. Just can’t approve of the one shouldered bodice and the fabric in the hips/upper thigh area is pulling and wonky looking. CZJ’ s dress was perfection.

  35. Ninjarina

    I actually like this dress more than CZJ’s but the latter had better styling. I like the details and especially the fact that the correct fabric was used b/c I felt like CZJ’s was too heavy, like an old brocaded sofa. Both had very flattering shades of green though.

  36. NYCGirl

    The color is definitely lovely, but I don’t like the shoulder…puff or the back.

  37. rose

    i feel like it would be better if it were less blue, and more of a really clear emerald. but i’m picky like that…

  38. RayMan

    Mila Kunis, I’ve LOVED her since the 70′s show. Can’t get enough of that BEAUTY.