Golden Globes Well Played: Malin Akerman


This dress may be the opposite of Julia Ormond’s sad toga.

It’s unusual, it’s sexy, it’s cute, and Malin looks lovely in it, as opposed to like she’s just finished scrubbing the Parthenon. Okay, so it wouldn’t seem all that out of place on the tennis court in this Williams Sisters world, but whatever — tennis, as a style choice, is a lot better than Omega Phi’s cleaning lady.

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  1. corriner

    I like this, though I can’t stop seeing the top Bart Simpson’s head.

  2. yeahandalso

    is it even a dress? to me it just looks like a really mismatched top and skirt

  3. C-No

    My first reaction was: It is cut down TO HER NAVEL. I just can’t. Where are my pearls, I must CLUTCH THEM.
    And then I looked it again and it wouldn’t work nearly as well if it was cut to, say, the middle of her boobs (instead of WAY WAY PAST THEM). So while I am baffled, and I would no doubt flash people while wearing this and look a hot mess, I’m going to have to give it to her: she looks great. Also, shiny!

  4. mary lou bethune

    Looks cheap which I imagine it’s not…

  5. Samantha

    I love that if I described this dress to someone – blue and gold zig-zag loose-fitting dress cut to nearly her navel – it would not sound cute in any way. But she wears it really well and it looks like so much fun!

  6. Tracey

    Mmmmm… I’m gonna say no. Looks like a low-cut cheerleading costume to me….

  7. Sajorina

    Her hair & makeup are beautiful! I like the top part of the dress, the gold part, and the clutch; but I don’t like the skirt part or the shoes! So, I’ll only give her 1/2 FAB!

  8. Moi

    The problem with dresses with this kind of deep and wide plunge is that they make normal sized boobies, which under any other circumstances would look perfectly fine, look like a pair of veal cutlets. But bigger boobed gals can’t wear it either. So what’s the point of the cut?

  9. Jilly

    God this lady has good genes.

  10. Tara Misu

    You guysssssssssssssssss…… I am so tired. All of these clothes AND IT’S ONLY THE GLOBES!! Award season has just started!! I don’t know how y’all do this and write such funny stuff, my hats off to you :)

    ANYWAY…. I think this is really cute, just close up the cleave a little.

  11. Andrea

    If only her fake tan went as far down her chest/stomach as the dress did. I do like it though, even the shoes!

  12. camille

    YALL ARE STRAIGHT CRAZY. I love this and need it now. That periwinkle with gold is diviiiiiinnnne.

  13. Jen

    Why do people think I want to look at their bony sternums? I want cleavage to come back.

    • Ines

      but if you havn’t … i think for a figure like hers this is the right dress to to the sexy selfconfident look

    • cathy

      i dont know what are you talk about jen? she a lovely figure, nowhere near bony and this is how real breast look like in this kind of dress.

  14. Girlin

    I love this dress! It’s so different and unusual! Well done Malin! I love the dress – the colours are really nice on her and I think the deep V makes it into more of a cocktail dress than it would otherwise be!

  15. vandalfan

    Just a little less open- to- the- navel and this would be perfect. Love the shoes. Love the colors. Love her hair. Love the makeup.

  16. Arlene

    What are the fug girls smoking? This dress is horrible! And why do flat-chested women insist on showing the world their sternum? It’s not attractive, cover it up!

  17. Rubee

    She does look lovely at first glance, but after a litle while the too low cleavage line starts to get disturbing.

  18. Megan

    Love this!!

  19. Carl

    Nice idea but her knock knees distract me. She’s dressed like a charleston which went horribly wrong somewhere along the way.

  20. Elite Model Barcelon

    Like it !

  21. Annie

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. It would look terrible on me, because I am not a waif and have hips and it would hit me all wrong, and I’m already long waisted and and and..

    But TLo had it right when they said that the shoes are focus pulling. Different shoes and it’d be a perfect 10 for me!

  22. melanie

    This is a really really ugly dress, sorry. It reminds me of some of that metallic wallpaper that was popular in the 70s. And it really looks like she should be wearing a top or camisole under it, like a school jumper, with that deep cut down to her belly button.

  23. Dominique

    I don’t like this dress at all, and I hate hate hate that neckline, which is just awful!

  24. steen

    If you are going to do sternum, this is a much better option than that abomination that Erin wore…

  25. Amy

    I feel like I shouldn’t like this, but I actually really do.

  26. Bubba

    I despise these deep V’s – and for that, this is a fug. I think it would be awesome as a scoop neck though.

  27. Lynne

    She looked amazing in this. Loved it! And can we give her points for wearing exactly the right shoes? I feel like there are a lot of wrong shoes on the red carpet lately. Gorgeous.

  28. Sandra

    It looks like she put it on backwards and the top needs more lining. It has fab potential, but needs to spend the off-season learning the playbook.

  29. Jo

    Fug girls? Are you still there? Or is an impostor with dreck tastemin charge?!

  30. Jo

    In charge-damn ipad!

  31. amys

    Charlie Brown goes to the ball? I hate the deep V. Love the colors and her really pretty smile though.

  32. fashionfailurehere

    Fail. I think the only thing working here for her is the color(s) of the dress, not so much the cut or even the style. She is a beautiful girl, no doubt, but this is doing nothing for her shape at all — it makes her look like she has no chest or waist.

  33. Bella

    If this was not cut so low (and wide), I would love it.

  34. Ann

    She looks like a Charlie Brown drag queen out to play tennis.

  35. Hippo

    What’s with the hate on small-average boobied women wearing low cut tops? Much more preferable than seeing pumped up silicone bags IMO.

    Agree that it doesn’t do much for her waist, though.

  36. Aria

    I agree Hippo. This dress would not be flattering on big-breasted gals, whether silicone or natural. And I think this looks is preferably to the too tight, boobs popping out look (a la Christina Hendricks and others) .

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