Golden Globes Well Played: Kate Hudson and Helen Mirren


There is something terribly awesome about the fact that Kate and Helen both went with slinky black gowns that had gold accents, and both of them completely kicked red-carpet derriere without detracting from each other.

I love this, even with the whiff of danger that it’s going to turn on her and crush her larynx. That actually feels like a movie — some cross between Speed and Indiana Jones wherein Harrison Ford and his OTHER, better son, played by Ryan Gosling, has to rescue Ms. Hudson from the ancient Egyptian fashion curse that she activated by plucking this dress from what she thought was a novelty King Tut bin, and whch will end in this choking her before the clock strikes twelve. And because I would totally go see that movie, I still like the dress.

That Helen Mirren is in the same post as Kate Hudson and will not suffer by comparison is a testament to her greatness.

I love you, Helen. You have no right to give us THIS MUCH hope for our futures, and yet, I thank you for doing it.

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Comments (44):

  1. Sandra

    MIRREN almost always kills it; so, well done, her!

    Hudson looks much better than she has in a long time. She should have her hair up with that neckline, but other than that, this is lovely.

    • Nickydooley

      Yup. Exactly what I thought. If Kate had only put her hair up, it would be a grand slam. Hair down, it’s a 3-run homer. Still pretty awesome.

    • Dani

      Hmm… I think I really like the hair down for this dress. I think it suits her face better and it helps her hair is looking better than it has in ages too.

      • msd

        I agree. I know it’s generally considered some kind of rule that you should have your hair up in a dress with shoulder embellishments but on this occasion it works better being down, imo. It makes the outfit seem more effortless.

  2. Sallie T

    KH and Lucy Liu = best in red carpet show.

  3. Kit

    Helen Mirren was another stand out of the night for me. Classic, understated sensuality – lovely.

  4. Tiffany

    I loved Kate Hudson’s dress, I thought it was very flattering and her face looked beautiful.

  5. China

    They both look smashing.

  6. Gail

    To me, the bare breast on Kate’s dress looks like a mistake. Like she received a high neck dress, couldn’t bare not to be bare, had her assistant fetch a knife from the kitchen and tore a hole in the neck so she could show a little.

  7. Christy

    Helen will get my vote for best dressed. The hair. The frock. The earrings. The EASE. She makes it look so easy when it obviously isn’t. WELL DONE!

  8. lilywise

    Helen Mirren totally made me gasp. Love her hair. And love how amazing she looks in that dress. I have no words. Mere adjectives are useless.

  9. Sara

    LOVE Kate Hudson in this dress. Very sleek but also interesting, too.

    And Helen Mirren continues to defy the concept of “aging.”

    • msd

      I hope you don’t mean ageing naturally? I mean, i love Mirren, she’s fabulously talented but she’s never really hidden the fact that she’s fine with plastic surgery.

  10. Gigi

    The Golden Globes this year really were all about everyone’s golden globes. Except, thank god, for La Helen and La Julianne. Brava! Although I do like the belt detail on Kate’s dress. Reminds me of those preppy shell clasp belts from the 80s.

  11. Bella

    I don’t think the bare sternum on KH is not necessarily that attractive. Seems like something should be there to break up that long expanse of not much.

    Mirren, OTOH, looks smashing.

  12. Michele Tuell Barnett

    I love Kate’s look except for the super hero/Michael Jackson collar! Her makeup, her hair, and the lower half of the dress look fabulous.

    Helen Mirren looks fantastic and flawless as usual. Is her waist really that skinny?!?

    • Sajorina

      Yes, it is! And I’m jealous as hell, but I still love her!

    • LibraryChick

      Yes, her waist is that skinny. Google the red bikini pictures of her from a while back.

  13. Art Eclectic

    Love Kate Hudson’s dress and entire look. Hit it out of the park. She actually looks like a grown woman instead of a starlet.

  14. Sajorina

    LOVE!!!!!! Kate looks AMAZING! Love the dress and the styling is FLAWLESS! I ADORE her accessories! Helen is AWESOME and looks BEAUTIFUL in this dress! What a bangin’ body! Her styling is GREAT! The dress is too long for her, but it doesn’t detract from how beautifully fitted it is! FAB to both of them!

  15. Nancy

    KH looks like she is wearing her dress backwards to me.

    HM proves that there is a God or that you CAN make a deal with the Devil. When I am 50, I want to look 1/100th as good as she does right now.

  16. 7Kellx

    Kate looks the best I’ve seen her since the White House correspondents dinner! That is so such an exquisite dress with just the right amount of drama.

    Helen Mirren is always on my best dressed look. That woman has one killer sense of style and what works for her! She looks stunning.

  17. filmcricket

    Kate really should have put her hair up so as not to obscure that neckline, and it looks like she got some schmutz on her lap, but otherwise she looks great.

    Dame Helen is making what could really be a heavy and unflattering dress work for her because she is a goddess among us mere mortals.

  18. Helen

    Hudson looks terrible. Is she about to get on a horse for some sort of exhibition in a strip-club circus in Vegas? No? Then she should’ve worn something else.

    Mirren, on the other hand, pure elegance.

  19. Adriana

    Kate sure loves her keyhole necklines. This has to be at least the third dress she’s worn that has long sleeves and the opening in the chest. If it ain’t broke…

  20. ChristieLea

    I’m actually glad Kate wore her hair down. Were it up, this fabulous dress might veer too far into Disney Villain territory. Which would still be kind of awesome, but the hair does keep it from looking too much like a costume.

    • Aphy

      I go back and forth on KH’s hair. When I first saw the dress, I thought her hair should be up. But I think you’re right, it would have been too much maybe.

      Helen Mirren looks like a goddess.

      • DeeKay

        I agree. An up-do would have been stylish but also would have seemed trying-too-hard, bordering on costume-y. It would have also aged her, not that that’s a bad thing, but KHud is at that age where she wants to seem *exactly* her age, not one year older, not one year younger. Elegant gown and long hair down seems to strike the right balance for her, age- and image-wise.

  21. Susan

    Love both the looks.

  22. TaraMisu

    KateH looks great, she can really stink up a red carpet so this is a win. I just wish she had put up her hair, but that’s a minor quibble.

    Ms Mirren? To. Die. For. Simply awesome.

  23. Mel

    I used to say “I want to be Helen Mirren when I’m her age”. Well scratch that, I accept my limitations. I want to be Helen Mirren RIGHT NOW!!! She’s sooo sophisticated without being boring. Age appropriate doesn’t mean you have to wear a caftan or a fancy bathrobe. If she has a stylist, he or she could give a tip or two to the “ladies” who are half Helen’s age and who haven’t grasped the concept of class, elegance with the right dose of sexy. If she doesn’t have a stylist…this definitely proves that she is, indeed, a goddess among us mere mortals!

  24. Fawn

    I think what impresses me most about Helen Mirren is that she always manages to look modern without looking like she’s trying to look younger than she is. (don’t get me wrong, she definitely does not look her age, but she’s not trying too hard) That is a difficult line to walk.

    • Helen

      That’s well put, Fawn, Mirren does manage that very neatly.

      That staggering body doesn’t hurt either! But she has a really great, strong sense of style, yet it always looks like she isn’t really working at it.

  25. Tania Ramirez

    Helen Mirren for Best Dressed. Everyone should pay attention to this lady, classy and sexy for any age.

  26. Sandye

    “That Helen Mirren is in the same post as Kate Hudson and will not suffer by comparison is a testament to her greatness.”

    You could have reversed the order of the names in this sentence and it would have worked equally well in this post. Both women were fantastic. I have a fantasy that Kate looked at Helen and decided the future looked like a great place.

  27. googler

    I’d see that movie, too.

  28. India

    Wow! I’ll never understand the props Kate gets when most of her clothes are hellacious. She looks like she’s wearing an expensive dog collar–that thing–and Helen’s are fricking HIDEOUS.

  29. Aria

    Loved both- Kate def on my best dressed list

  30. gryt

    HELLO Helen Mirren!! They both look fabosh.

  31. Gill

    We get it Kate – you had a boob job. Now put them away.

  32. Janice

    My least favourite celebrity (Kate) meets my most favourite celebrity (Helen), at least on this page. Will the universe explode?

    No. They both look good. In fact, I’m trying to remember back when Helen started looking good. Google some picture of her in her own clothes (not costumes) from when she was in her 30s and 40s. Scary stuff. In the last ten years, she has become a role model.

  33. Anna

    I think Kate’s dress might be my favourite of the night. It looked even better on tv. And she’s just gorgeous.

  34. Jan

    I didn’t see the red carpet so I had the same reaction as Lea Michele when Kate Hudson came out to present. She looked gorgeous! And Helen, flawless as always, of course.