Golden Globes Well Played: Dianna Agron


Dianna Agron almost never appears on this site because for some reason, when we’re looking through pictures, she never really stands out one way or the other to us — like, she’s very, very pretty, no question, but she doesn’t really blow us away nor horrify us to the point of self-inflicted baldness. On Globes night, I had the same feeling about this dress.

Now, some of the problem may be that by the time I saw her, I was so fried on everybody’s beige-nude-whatever choices that I thought, “Oh, great, YET ANOTHER GOWN WITH NO COLOR. WAY TO HAVE AN IMAGINATION, Y’ALL.” And that’s not her fault, nor the dress’s. She can’t control what other people are wearing. If she could, I would be sending her a lot of request letters.

Anyway, as time has passed, I’ve come back to this picture over and over again and I’ve liked the outfit a whole lot better each time. She really does look gorgeous. Her lipstick is a perfect shade. It’s a more mature, Old Hollywood version of the hyper-girly stuff Dianna usually wears. So I’m giving it a tentative Well Played, but just for fun, I’m adding a slideshow of this gown in a variety of other hues just to see if it really could have been better or if it’s just like Bridget Jones: to be loved just as it is.

Note: I am a Photoshop rookie, so this won’t look very good, and I totally accidentally missed a corner of the dress because I am clumsy with my Magnetic Lasso tool. Also, it wouldn’t let me apply a deep jewel tone, which is why all the shades in the slideshow are more from the middle and light ends of the spectrum. Anyway, it’s all very unscientific. Check it out, if you please, and then gab in the comments about what you like and don’t like, and whether you’d have changed anything if you had the chance. Kind of like discussing an episode of Glee, except without any Brittany bon mots to keep us warm.

Well? To color or not to color?

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Comments (82):

  1. allison

    I love her in the ice blue!

  2. Carolyn

    I love the original, but the yellow looks AWESOME!

  3. Hannah

    My faves: 1,2,4, and 5
    Maybes: 9 and 10

    I think it’s hard to choose b/c her hair and makeup look REALLY GOOD. She doesn’t look bad in any of them.

  4. jessicookie

    She looks spectacular in any shade of green, but I think the lighter, cooler tones (2 & 5 particularly) are more interesting and adult. She has such a sweet, beautiful face that the brighter colors make the whole thing a little… saccharine, somehow.

  5. Catherine

    YELLOWS. That is all.

  6. AI

    Any other colour (except perhaps Mint) makes it very, very old fashioned and/or a snore of a dress. You’d be having a Fug post if she wore it in Purple, for example. Nude is so hard to pull off and she’s managed to do it with aplomb. This is a Well-Played post, in my books!

  7. kim

    Lavender or the other purple look fantastic.

  8. Mongerel

    I voted for the original; she really radiates the porcelain loveliness that dresses like this aspire to. Of the photoshopped options, I liked the vivid yellow (#4) the best. She glows sunny just as well as she gleams coolly.

  9. Kris

    I liked the periwinkle and the purple the best – I believe those were slides 3 and 8. She is such a beautiful girl. I do love the original, as well, but when you put the colors on her, it does make a difference!

  10. Laura Jane

    Definitely the ice blue or the pale yellow.

    I think it is a problem of real life vs. photographs; in real life the nude look can be so lovely and delicate but in photographs the subtle differences in texture get lost and it becomes a displeasing giant blob.

  11. Laura Fitzgerald

    With her coloring, she looks best in the yellow and orange/yellow versions. Those are stunning. The original is fine how it is, but a color would have been extra special.

  12. Elizabeth

    I’m so torn. The original is so old-Hollywood glamorous, and I love the lipstick and all the accessories with that cream shade, but some of the colors are lovely and make her look a bit more lively.

  13. TaraMisu

    I liked the dark rose color, I think it was #10? But she can pull off the yellows too…. damn her. I think the original is ok but nothing to get excited about. She is truly lovely and her hair and make-up look fabulous!

  14. Emily

    Love the yellow! The original is still very pretty, though.

  15. sarah

    loved the original, and didn’t know she was missing anything til I saw her in the yellow (not the mustard) and the eggplant. Luuuurv both of those.

  16. Melanie

    Color-wise, loving her in the darker blue, and also the purple.

    Although I did get a bridesmaid-y feel by the end of the slideshow…I think now that I would like to see a more dramatic dress in a more bold color. This screams “David’s Bridal” to me. Pretty, but too accessible. I love to see stars in something the rest of us just can’t wear.

  17. shebrihart

    The ice blue was LOVELY. But I like the original as well.

  18. andrea

    The lighter yellow is really nice, as is the original color. I don’t like the blue; I wish that you’d been able to do deeper shades of it. I think a rich royal blue would’ve been really good.

    Interestingly, I thought the khaki at the end really made her face and hair pop, though it itself is such a blah color. Can there be such a thing as a rich khaki color?

  19. Kate

    Original – definitely. Perfect.

    I think she looks absolutely stunning here, and not one thing is out of place. Her hair and makeup are perfect, and her accessories are spot on. I even dig the dark nails with this ensemble (and I’m not always into dark nails).

    I think she completely nailed this – one of my favorites of the night, honestly, because she just looked so perfectly put together and elegant. (Note to other red carpet ladies: THIS is how your head should look!)

    The color choice, to me, actually makes this dress better. The light nude works beautifully with her skin and makes her look ethereal and untouchable. THIS is how you do beige = )

  20. Caitlin

    Dress, shmess. When I was pregnant with my twin boys I learned that you should not use the bump as a tray for your nail polish. I did, and one of the boys kicked so hard it sent it bottle flying onto to floor. That was a fun mess to clean up.

  21. Rayna

    I liked the cornflower blue and daffodil yellow (5 & 6) and also the dusty rose.

    But I grudgingly admit that the original is done well. Apparently she has the only stylist who knows how to make the client look great in this color…………….

    But Heather – how cool to be able to do this!!! It’s really fun.

  22. Veronica

    I love #8 and #10, but I have to admit she looks stunning in almost every color. I hate her for looking good in yellow. It makes me look jaundiced…

  23. Kate

    Also, just wanted to add that I agree with Al: This dress would have been very “everyday” in another color. This color makes the dress, in my opinion.

    The only ones that even caught my eye a bit were the yellow (that could have been nice in a different shade of yellow), and the orangey color (because it was different and put me in mind of the neat colors of Diane Kruger’s and Michelle Williams’ orangey-yellow dresses you loved so much).

    Otherwise, the beige wins it! And I’m a big color girl for the most part. I bet this was divine in person.

  24. Veronica

    By the way, kudos on working around the hands with photoshop! Especially for your first time.

  25. Frances

    Speaking of color, I wish you would show/comment on Kyra Sedwick’s great look.

  26. Hedstan

    I feel like this is completely subjective because my reaction totally depends on whether I like the color. I hated the yellows and seafoamy greens, but loved the lavender and purple. I think that’s why celebs go with beige so often – because many people have a negative reaction to certain colors. It’s like painting your house beige before you put it on the market.

  27. KATHY


  28. babyface

    I also think she looks great in yellow–but i think she could’ve totally rocked a purple gown and that would’ve been refreshing. I’m sick of the nude color, mostly because it makes most people look completely washed out–she’s able to carry it off, however, so while i would’ve preferred color, she does look good in the original version.

    This was fun, by the way–kind of like looking at bridesmaids dresses.

  29. Maryscott O'Connor

    I loved the purple and the rose… but what I’m seeing in the comments tells me that this one turns out to be a cypher dress. Everyone loves it — and they love it more in the colours they love best. SO, as it turns out… she couldn’t win for losing.

  30. Maryscott O'Connor

    Because the only colour we almost all agreed we DIDN’T like… was the oatmeal blah colour. She should have just gone with a strong shade and have done with it.

  31. Gabi

    Loved the comments with each color – too funny. I never got around to using my bump as a table when I was pregnant, I’ll have to keep that in mind next time lol. I loved the yellow dress but I also thought that the purple looked pretty good with her coloring. The teal and blue were a little jarring for me, but she pretty much looks good in all of them!

  32. EP

    I’m in camp YELLOW

  33. Diane

    Honestly, she could’ve shown up in any of those colors and would’ve looked amazing. WHY IS SHE SO PRETTY.

  34. Chelsea

    Three things:
    1) This is an amazing post.
    2) I thought she looked absolutely amazing at the Globes. Seriously gorgeous.
    3) BUT she looks even better in color! Especially yellow. OMG yellow.

  35. Kate

    Michelle WIlliams Yellow-Gold.

  36. Chicklet

    I liked her better in a lot of the colors, especially the pumpkin-ish one, which picked up the warm tones in her hair really well. Maybe I would have responded better to a darker nude color, like camel — with the sea of nude-colored dresses at the Globes, I got really tired of seeing any dress that wasn’t a neutral. I don’t know how I’m going to handle the Oscars if everyone shows up in sparkly skin-colored dresses. I’ll have to break out the bourbon.

  37. Dee

    YELLOW!! WOW! she looked amazing!

  38. Janice Marie

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like it in any color? That being said, if I had to choose, I pick yellow.

  39. KristanC

    she really rocks the purple. but mostly, thanks to her hair/skin and makeup, she looks good in all those colors — even the lesser, nuder colors, she works — and that is a gift not to be overlooked. now i have to hate her.

  40. Chasmosaur

    I would like to see her in a color, but I do wonder if she’s trying to distance herself from Quinn. When in non-Cheerios garb, she always wore all those delicate pastels, which work best with her coloring.

    Otherwise, I think she know she has a really classic, lovely face, which is very 40′s pin-up girl. She plays to it well. She may not be fashion forward, but she knows how to dress herself and she has a personal style that works for her. Better than many young stars in Hollywood.

  41. Heather

    To Frances: We did feature Kyra already. Here you go:

  42. Stefanie

    I actually love this is any color. I think this is proof that hair and makeup and can make or break a dress!

  43. Fuh Ugh

    That’s amazing – she could actually wear that dress in any of those colors. I think she’s set for the next 12 awards shows – she might as well place a bulk order. Anyone remember the rainbow weddings of the ’70′s? It’s like that, only not rayon.

  44. Di 2.0

    I like the yellow. I’m jealous of blondes because most of them can wear yellow. I love it as a color because it’s so cheery but I have to settle for flowers or the occasional throw pillow. I am also jealous of Dianna Agron for being a famous Diana-but-with-two-n’s before I could. I bet nobody spells her name wrong on fax cover sheets.

  45. Hansengirl1168

    Love the third (blue-pop!) and the fifth (sea-foam green – whoo hoo!) but she looks so stunning in the original that it’s hard to mess with such a good thing. Love how you played with the necklaces toward the final photos, Fug Girl. :-)

  46. findingmissb

    I have to say I’m a sucker for some color. I”m not a big fan of this neutral beige-y stuff of late.

  47. girlnone

    The lilac, canary, mustard, and rose were my favorites.

  48. pinkcheese

    Love #3 & #8 (periwinkle and purple) and even though it’s low on my list of favorite colors, the yellow was fab with her coloring. I’d say the original was quite beautiful, but it would also be lovely in stronger tones.

  49. C

    The yellow and the saffron, gorgeous. But I liked the original, too– very understated, but focused attention on how utterly stunning SHE is– her face! and her hair! and her skin! All perfect.

  50. witjunkie

    I am just so glad Justin Timberlake maybe cheated. Because now I don’t have to look at that disgusting tongueing business.

    This post was super fun! Like when you’re online shopping, and the site lets you click to see the different colors. I liked the periwinkle.

  51. Christa

    Obviously the real takeaway here is that Dianna Agron looks good in everything.

  52. Lina

    Pale yellow.

  53. vandalfan

    I’ve got a ticket on the yellow bus.

  54. Miss Oki

    3 & 8. Unusual colours that compliment the tones in her hair.
    Aah now thats much better…

  55. Holly

    Amazing post. I thought, no, she looks great. And when I saw the thumbnails, I winced – not a fan of, say, mint green. But seeing them *on* her was a different experience altogether! Liked a lot of them, though the purple and the last…cocoa? were my faves.

    I do like Original Flavor too. Her hair and makeup are beautiful enough that I don’t think she looks washed-out.

    I’m sure that was a lot of work to put together, but fun!

  56. MEP

    the nude is pretty. Of your colors, I like the plum best, which surprised me because I never like plum. But how stunning would it have been with her coloring in an olive. yes!

  57. Jennifer

    Slide 4 – the turquoise-sy bluey-green or slide 8 the purpley-mauvy color looked the best. I didn’t think the yellow looked good with her skin tone – she’s too pink to pull of a yellow…and I LOVE yellow. It is one of my two faves. But I also liked the original.

  58. Jen

    it’s actually kind of hilarious that the dress works in pretty much any soft colour. I didn’t like 10, 11 or 12.

  59. Megan

    I liked the ice blue, and the original. She looked fab, although I hated the stuff horizontal neckline of the dress. Too straight-jacket-y.

  60. Megan

    oops I meant STIFF horizontal neckline. Sorry

  61. Carrie

    This just proves that she can basically wear any color she wants and look amazing. HATE

  62. Cat

    Not really a fan of nude/beige/blah colors, but Dianna does look beautiful here. Only, I want to tug her top up a couple of inches. As for color, if she had gone for one, I really liked the yellows.

  63. Joni Woodhead

    I want a copy in #4 teal … I wish she had worn it in either #6 yellow or #8 purple … the way you tinted the jewels to go with the dress in #11green is genius …. all that said, I still like the original because it is styled properly and just drapey enough it makes the nude color appropriately delicate instead of bland

  64. guest72

    What a clever thing to do and I hope you do it again. It was so interesting to look at the same dress on the same person and see how the colors looked. That said — YELLOW looked wonderful on her! But I thought she looked lovely as she was, as well.

  65. Kris

    The original is fab, but it also looked great in some of the colors, too.

    My favorite is the yellow, and I’m so jealous because I look terrible in yellow. I’m a blonde too (okay, not naturally), and I just can’t pull it off. I’m too pale. And she’s not even tan! Usually, yellow only really looks good on darker skin. But she defies all rules. LOL.

    I also liked the light lavender, ice blue, and orange. Fab post.. You should do this again.

  66. Meg

    Literally, every option looks better than the original. Her stylist should get on photoshop and take a hint from you all for next year. haha

  67. tigerstripes

    I think she looks great as is. Old-school Hollywood.

    But more importantly, her lipstick is *perfection*. Please can anyone here tell me what it is? Because I have to have it. Puh-leeeeze?! I’d say don’t make me beg, but, like, too late.

  68. Kaitlyn

    Okay, while I laughed at the commentary (and the Photoshop), and loved her makeup and hairs, the dress was like a fancy bridesmaids dress. No matter what colour you chose – and my pick would have been the plum – it was a snooze.

  69. exquisite red

    This was a great slideshow! I think my favorite was purple (slide 8). But yes, I want that lipstick. And she did a great job with the accessories.

  70. RenaissanceGrrl

    Purple or turquoise FTW!

  71. Diana

    omg excellent job! I love the lavender and the cornflower blue. The gown fits her perfectly — you can only see that in color.

    Someone please tell me how to do this in photoshop. I’ve been wanting to edit my wedding photos for 10 years – florist botched the bouquet colors!

  72. srebrina

    Ok great idea first of all! I hate the yellow, and all the similar shades(just as much as I hate the original nude) since she is blond, but I looove the teal, mint, blue and the purple! Some of the bluish colours made me wonder if theey had the gown in other shades why did she pick the neutral one? Guess we’ll never know…

  73. Kyasarin

    The blue looked really good on her. She’s so very pretty, anyway.

  74. jesse john

    the yellow looks pretty wonderful, but since it is officially sanctioned that no-one shall wear yellow on the red carpet ever again out of reverence for the memory of The Greatest Oscar Dress Of All Time, i say stick with the nudebeigefleshhhhhh. she’s working it.

  75. Gina

    4 Turquoise, 6 yellow, 8 purple, and 9 mustard yellow!

  76. Miss_Miffy

    She was an early favourite for me on the night. That dress just hangs so beautifully! And the necklace definitely wins best accessory [insert own Brad Pitt/Jon Hamm/Mr Margulies joke here]

  77. DanerKebab

    The first yellow looks beautiful on her, but the plum was just striking! I’d have liked to see it in a darker shade of teal, or maybe a deep crimson. Stupid Photoshop, not allowing darker colors!

  78. alex

    apart from the poo-mushroom i like all of those, especially the first one.

  79. anner

    I never thought I’d say this, but I like the light greens and blues the best. I would have liked to see it in black too.

    The one thing I’ll say about a really colorless dress is this: it kind of makes you just look at the woman herself. It’s almost as if she’s naked, except without any of that pesky distracting nudity.

  80. Amanda

    The yellow is absolutely amazing… It’s the only one that trumps the original. Some of the others look good, but not *as* good.

  81. VintageVamp

    Heather has twins????? (asks a fellow mom of twins)

  82. susantash

    For me it was #11. I mean, she looked really cute in yellow, light green, and even the original nude, but when I saw #11 I said: ahhh… this is it. She would´ve totally rocked in that color.