Golden Globes Well Played Carpet: Reese Witherspoon


The words “Jessica Rabbit” were hurled around on Twitter like dodgeballs in seventh-grade gym — by us, and by others, both in a complimentary way and as a detraction. Personally, we love this on Reese. Here is someone who historically has come off on the red carpet as a bit buttoned-up and correct, and she turned up at the Globes looking like a relaxed, cheerful, sex-kitten bombshell. If this is what Jim Toth can do for a lady, then he should teach a class. The course materials might be a little X-rated, but hey, whatever works.

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  1. Chasmosaur

    Honestly? I took a quick glance at a picture of this last night and thought “Oh – Jennifer Aniston is wearing red.”

    She looks pretty and all, but J.Rabb she’s not.

    • emma

      I thought she looked more “Olsen twins” in the face.

      I think this dress is ugly and looks cheap. It was too long and she had to kick it, which looked awkward and foldy at the bottom when she stood still. Tight, hippy, weird boob position. Really hate the prom dress bottom.

      • Debbi

        AGREE. Boobs don’t fit.

      • Anne B

        Add my “no” vote.

        I think this dress is a try-hard that’s so busy trying that it misses just about every mark (the only hit being the color, which is pretty) on her. And I’m not down with the hair either.

        Reese can do better. Heck, she IS better.

      • Miranda

        I AGREE ALSO. I feel like this bodice wanted to have more boobs to cradle and is drooping in disappointment.

  2. Aneets

    Yep I must say I disagree too. I think she would also needed to go up a size. The dress is tight & not in a good way.

    • AK

      Yes, and the tightness is messing with her proportions. It looks like her thighs are springing forth from her waist.

  3. Nicola

    SOOOOO tight! Yeah the boobs aren’t squished but that’s because she is literally vacuum packed into the rest of the dress, there’s zero chance of it falling down. She looked so uncomfortable – particularly when she was presenting. It’s like she couldn’t find a comfortable way of standing without cutting off her circulation or oxygen.

    • GingerLover

      Sorry Fug ladies, I vote Fail.
      Jessica Rabbit could MOVE, Reese can’t (breathe!)
      Rest my case.

  4. Christian

    I like the dress, but she really needed to do something with her hair and lips to complete the glamour.

    • val.

      I agree with this. It’s like it took an unexpectedly long time to actually wriggle into the dress, so she didn’t have any time left for hair or makeup. From the neck up, she looks like she just woke up.

      • LoriK

        I thought it looked like she had a quickie in the limo on the way over and sort of destroyed her ‘do and make-up in the process. I’m all for a girl gettin’s some, but that was probably not the look she was going for.

  5. Diana

    I don’t like it. The waist and hips are too tight, the bust is too loose, and I HATE when you can see people’s roots. Her hair is just a bedraggled mess.

    • G

      The back fat bulging above it means it’s way too tight. It makes her butt look wide and is not flattering to her chest. The color’s good but the fit is awful.

  6. Edain

    Nope….can’t get passed her hair TBH, especially pic no 2 from behind, a bit dry and and in need of a trim, bit like Britney’s when she’s out shopping. A sleek side too like Marion Cotillard when she won the Oscar would have been more befitting….
    So now I managed to get past the hair and check the dress – no, a big no for me. But she looks happy :)
    Haha you should see my hair – I do have a cheek ;)

  7. jean

    That is some seriously bad hair. Over processed. She needs to talk so Sarah Michelle Geller. Otherwise her genuine smile was a pleasure. And I had forgotten that Alexander Payne had cast her in Election. Duh! Only the best young female role in that decade. Tracy Flick could not be matched.

  8. Softwear

    Either her marriage is going REALLY REALLY well, or they are already sleeping in separate rooms. Am I right?

  9. Jenna Horko

    The idea of her going Jessica Rabbit is good, but this was just bad. The dress is too tight, the neckline is just wrong (and I suspect this is partly due to the tightness: the pull of the tight fabric beneath is pulling the cups out of where they should be, resulting in it looking like the top of the dress is about to flip down and out, thus exposing her chest), and because of the material, the fishtail hem kept getting scrunched up into an unsightly mess. In other words: nice theory, failed in execution.

  10. The Other Molly

    Why, oh why, do people with huge piles of money let their roots get that bad?
    Any dress that makes a tiny thing like Reese look hippy, is not good.

  11. Lynne

    Gotta disagree, Heather. I hated everything about this from the Britney hair to the horrible dress.

    And why oh why do celebs dress to match the carpet? Makes this dull mess look even duller. Reese definitely falls onto my worst dressed list for this one.

  12. Mikki

    Not so much seeing Jessica Rabbit, but rather Playboy Bunny, especially in that last picture – she just needs the little bow tie and some ears! Love the color though.

  13. Jules

    I don’t like it either. For all the reasons stated above.

  14. C-No

    Re: the hair comments: this is A Thing. It is purposeful. Ugly, but purposeful.

    Dress is SOOO tight. :( I like the color, but I don’t Reese Witherspoon as “sex kitten.” I like her as “tight-ass, Type A, overachiever,” which is kind of what I think she is. This is a bad image makeover.

    • Ruby

      Really? Bayalage is ‘A Thing’. This really, really just looks like bad regrowth.

  15. Miss Louise

    I agree with the others – this is not her best look. This new push to sex Reece up, which we saw in that mag cover recently on this site, isn’t bringing out what is most charming about her. My hairdresser tells me that exposed roots (even fake exposed roots!) are ‘happening’ in some quarters, but they just make me think of acid-wash jeans.

  16. leah

    I like how curvy she looks and I’m ok with the hair, but I didn’t like the dress in action. The whole bodice moves as one piece with her hips when she walked, wrenching her chest one way and then the other. I know that’s par for the course with a lot of strapless gowns, but this one seemed extra stiff and awkward.

  17. Mariela

    Gotta go with most of the other commenters here–this dress looks like crap. It makes her look very hippy, and the back view just gets worse. I wouldn’t want my boobs out in public looking like picture #3. This dress completely eats her normally cute figure.
    A for courage to red it up a bit, C- for execution.

  18. Sajorina

    What I love? THE DRESS! And, the attitude!

    What I don’t like? The lack of lipstick… Hello? You’re a spokesperson for AVON! The lack of jewelry in the ears & neck area! The unkempt, way too casual for the Red Carpet/Chelsea Handler looking hair!

    What I give her? FAB! But, she’s not on my list of the Best of the night!

    • lc

      I love the dress and attitude too, I’m glad she’s letting her sexy side show!

      • Andrea

        Thirded. I wouldn’t love being as uncomfortable as Reese no doubt was but I personally loved that it gave her such a shapely butt!

  19. jen

    I think this an ill-fitting, ill-advised mess of a look. Her hair is bad, the dress is unflattering. The bodice has folds I don’t think were intended. It doesn’t help that she is the most unsexual person in Hollywood, so to see her striving so hard to be sexy…well, it kills any sexiness that might have existed. Blech. This is FUG all the way.

  20. deeva

    Sorry, this is terrible.
    I love Reese and god bless her for moving on in such a classy fashion from that loser Ryan Phillippe- but seriously!?

    The dress makes her butt look wide and flat, her hips look square, and her boobs look small. The fit is all wrong- the top is too loose, giving the impression that its going to fall down at any moment. And the material leaves something to be desired

    I’m all for Reese loosening up and embracing her sensuality, but this ill-fitting, uninspired creation is not the way. Would have loved to see her in a beautiful cowl-necked charmeuse gown that accentuated her curves rather than awkwardly hugging them.

    • Eva

      Completely agree. The only thing I like about this is her attitude and the color.

  21. Kris

    Sorry – I think she looks like she’s trying too hard. The dress it too tight, it makes her boobs look itty bitty. She does however look like she had a good time in the limo on the way over -she sort of has that after sex hair and her lipstick is gone and the dress looking disheveled. Sorry -not on board with the well played.

  22. Dana @ What the Froc

    I appreciate her departure from the norm, but this didn’t do it for me. The dress was too tight, the bottom was a wrinkled hot mess, and the hair didn’t look SEXY messy, it just looked messy.

  23. Kit

    Wow. Lot of haters on this dress!

    I actually love the dress, and loved the just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-didn’t-even-have-time-to-put-on-some-jewellery look, and though I really wanted her to have some lip colour, I don’t hate the beige lip; but everyone’s right about the fit. She needs to go up a size.

  24. themis

    I feel like the hair and makeup were very pretty, and the dress was the worst thing going on, both in terms of fit and flattery. Side view, rear view — not her best.

  25. Erin

    I actually thought she looked pretty, and I liked the hair! I also saw her being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and she seemed flirty and confident and happy, which made the look. Maybe a bit too tight, but overall I do think she looked great.

  26. TonyG

    This is less of a dress and more of a construction project. I don’t mind a structured dress, but this looks like it was made with cement inserts. It’s way too stiff looking.

  27. Tara Misu

    I actually like this look….. I DO agree she needs to go up a 1/2 size though. She is usually so staid and prim looking, I’m happy that she let loose a little.

  28. Wilma

    Love everything but the dress. Her happy smile and relaxed attitude made the styling work, but that dress…it does not fit properly, I can see the boning of the corset.

  29. Lina

    I’m still kind of dubious. It’s great to see her so happy and relaxed-looking, but the lines of the dress seem bunched up and crumpled to me when I’d like them to be sleeker, or at least to drape properly. Still, she rocks the color.

  30. ceecee

    Being compared to Jessica Rabbit is not a compliment. She gets an A for effort but this dress is not her friend.

    • SMV

      I’m confused…why would being compared to Jessica Rabbit not be a compliment? Bc she is a cartoon? Should they have compared her to Sophia Loren?

      • Allie

        I think it’s because Jessica Rabbit is really over the top, which is really what cartoons are – caricatures.

  31. Jamee

    Um, no. I can’t get on board with this. It’s ill-fitting at the bust, and if you’re going to go all down home sexy, YOU NEED BETTER HAIR. The bed head sex hair AND the dress is just…no. She seems so…disheveled.

  32. Susan

    Oh no. My first thought when I saw this was “Oh that’s too tight, she needs just a little bit more material in the hips,” and upon looking again today I stand by my original opinion. Loved the color but look at the rear shot–her butt looks like it starts under her breasts.

  33. Jasmine

    I don’t understand the people who don’t like this, I think she looks smashing in this dress, I love the hair, and I love how relaxed and happy she looks. Red is a great color on her, and she looks glamorous and sexpot-y all at once.

    • Annie E

      Yeah, I think the dress is kind of boring, but I don’t get why it’s bad to appear as if you have hips. Women have them. I ALSO love the casual hair, since this is the Globes and until recently was a more casual affair. She looks great.

  34. Claire L

    Oh good! I thought I was the only one who didn’t like this…in fact I hated this dress. It feels so “real housewives of…” to me. I think her hair and her face look really really pretty and fresh….but the entire look just leaves me “ick”. I almost feel like she’s fighting her age ( redic, I know…but this kind of screams cougar wants to be sex kitten). She’s so much classier, prettier, hotter, better than this look.

  35. Gertrude

    She looks happy and beautiful, love the red color on her and her confidence!

  36. lor

    Totally agree with deeva. The color is beautiful, but not on the RED carpet. And everything else about the whole package was unflattering. Weird fabric, barely covered boob shelf, back fat, wide flat butt, non-styled head suit – she can look SO much better. ugh

  37. Fiona

    I like it! And I think the low-key hair and maleup are a perfect fit – otherwise then she REALLY would have been trying too hard.

  38. Sam

    Thisis completely Beauty Pageant Reject, sorry. Hideous Barbie dress, too small on top, HATE the bottom of this shiny mess, bad hair. Where’d classy Reese go?

  39. Sam

    PS: If you had shown me the back picture only, I would have guessed that’s Britney Spears.

  40. Sarah

    I think this is very unflattering on her. The hair isn’t helping matters either.

  41. Francesca

    This is a little too “country” for my liking. And by that I mean she looks like she’s morphed from Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Julianne Hough and a couple of other all-in-one, can’t-tell-’em-apart blondes of that genre.

  42. Kitty


    Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system…I’m so surprised at how many style “experts” this morning are praising Reese’s look last night. It was NOT good. At all.

  43. Bee

    I like the face and hair and attitude. I really don’t like the fit of the dress. Makes her hips look enormous. I th ink showing curves is a good thing, but the proportions seem all wrong.

  44. Cat

    I want to love this! Really, I do. I love Reese. However, I’m afraid that the dress, as is, is way too tight and I shudder to think of what she had to do to actually get into it. Love the color, and I don’t even really mind the fact that it looks like she jumped out of the limo after a quickie, but… yikes. One size up and this would have been a home run. As is, it makes her look too large from the back, something no woman wants or needs.

  45. granny

    That dress makes her butt look GINORMUS!

  46. AM

    The color is pretty, but I agree that it just isn’t that great. A better fit, especially in the bust, would really be an improvement. The hair is fine for everyday, but just doesn’t seem to go with the dress, glamour, etc.

  47. Chrissy

    I don’t like this. You can’t see it in this picture, but it was all bunching at th bottom. And her hair looks really undone. One of my least favorites, sorry.

  48. Patrick

    The hair looks very downmarket. Looks like she’s on the verge of a Farah Fawcett “wings” revival. A seriously bad idea.

  49. Maxameliana

    I thought she was Carrie Underwood until I really looked at the TV

  50. Lori

    At first glance, this isn’t terrible. But all I need to do is cast my mind back to the purple dress with the gradations and the amazing blowout to remember how good she CAN look…then this dress doesn’t seem so great after all.

  51. JanetP

    Wow, lots of haters! I loved this when she came onstage last night. And I love, love her hair all loose and sexy and wavy. Does the dress look a smidge too tight in these pics? Well, yeah. But I can forgive.

  52. Wren

    See I thought this look and her mannerisms when on stage were a total embodiment of her Legally Blonde character. It’s like she finally thinks enough time has passed that she can start dressing that way without all the comparisons.

  53. DrM

    I LOVE it. The dress, the hair, the makeup. Girlfriend looks happy and like she is gettin’ some good and proper! Jimbo can indeed teach a class LOL :)

  54. Kyasarin

    I don’t like it. It’s too tight on top, the styling is making her hips look big, and her hair and makeup look like she’s meeting friends for lunch, not going to an awards gala. I usually love Reese on the red carpet, but this, to me, is a misstep.

  55. tabitha

    Jessica Rabbit is right – and not in a good way. I usually love Reese and her outfits but this one just isn’t for her. It makes her look too curvy in places where she probably doesn’t want to be curvy and flat where she would want a little oomph (the chest area, for example). It’s too bad because the color is very flattering on her. But the rest of the dress, not so much.

  56. Victoria

    As much as I like her, this is BAD. Bedhead, crasy runaway boobs and total sloppiness just do not become her.

  57. Christine

    Sorry, hate this one. And I love Reese so I was so disappointed. Dislike everything – horrible hair, ugly dress with terrible fit.

    Ooh, but her smile is fantastic, I will give her that :)

  58. anny

    1974 Malibu Skipper in 1961 Cocktail Barbie’s dress. (It doesn’t fit, and the styling’s all off.)

  59. Emma

    I hate this. The brick red is unflattering, and the stiff taffeta fabric and tight fit make her look uncomfortable and rigid.

  60. Lizzie

    Do NOT like this. Her hair & make up do not match the dress. Looks like she just stepped out of the beach. Anyone checked for a sand trail? Fire the stylist and hairdresser pronto.

  61. Jules

    Well played. Textbook definition of the bombshell look.

  62. Sixtene Baranski

    trailer trash from a CMA red carpet. be gone, Chinella De Ville.

  63. Gh

    I love her but thought she didn’t look her best
    Dress gorgeous but her face and hair hot mess
    There was a black streak down the middle and didn’t look sexy just messy
    The makeup too beach needed red lips or eyeliner
    The red washed her face out bc makeup too natural

  64. liaso

    Joining those in the Dislike category. I thought the dress didn’t fit, especially in the bust. I thought the hair & make-up were lazy looking. I expect a little more for the Globes.

  65. corriner

    I love her curvy body and the fact that she is not afraid to squeeze into a form-fitting dress, but GIRLFRIEND, squeeze into a dress that is at least ONE SIZE BIGGER.

    The worst for me are the boob shelves. When she walked out onto the red carpet my brother said “Her boobs look like they’re in salad bowls.”

    I don’t think ‘bowly’ is the adjective she was going for with this ensemble, though I think its apt.

  66. sput

    are you guys on crack? the dress is unflattering and makes her look wide, the bleached blonde early 90′s baywatch hair is horrific, and the fake tan is absurd.

  67. chicgeek

    When I saw this on the red carpet, I thought that it was a horrible fit. The bust did not fit her at all – it looked like it was barely even touching her body and her entire upper region was in danger of escape. The opposite was true on the bottom – far too tight and makes her look much larger than she is (which is teensy). But, then all that I’ve heard is oohing and aahing over this dress. I’m perplexed, though it does photograph better than it looked on moving film.

  68. CJ

    Well, I wouldn’t say Well Played, but I’m not a hater. Fabulous color. Great concept. But, fit is everything and she needed another fitting….or two. She needs MUCH more structure on the top. The fabric almost looks floppy on the top, doesn’t cover her enough, and doesn’t support her. The bottom, conversely, is very structured and fitted too tight for her. I’m all for showing off curves and Miss Reese is sporting more curves these days and that’s not a bad thing, but this looks uncomfortable. Also, how did she walk in this? I’ve only seen it in stills.

    Face and hair are pretty, but from the neck up, she looks like she’s at the beach. Doesn’t match the occasion or dress to me.

  69. Heather

    I agree with my illustrious commenter colleagues- the silhouette distorts her lovely figure and the hair is TERRIBLE. I get that she might be tired of the “America’s Sweetheart” thing and want to vamp it up a little, but come on. Remember at the Oscars last year when she looked so cute in the black and white dress with the big ponytail? That looked young and carefree and a little Playboy bunny without being bizarro like this. I say dial it back to Oscars 2011, Reese!

  70. pinkcheese

    My first thought: Overboard. And, all apologies to Goldie, that’s not a good look, especially in 2012.

  71. ChaChaHeels

    The red is lively and becoming, and the hair looks loose and sultry–but that is not the dress for Reese. It just doesn’t fit and it never will.

  72. Sarah

    The fit is terrible, but I like the color. I wonder if the push to be sexier comes from her new hubby. Is it genuine or an attempt to please the new guy? Either way it doesn’t look great on her. :( The dress is too tight everywhere but the bust, where it is too big. A properly fitted bust shouldn’t gape like that. I agree with you when you fug those with a bust that looks too painfully tight but this fit is equally off.

  73. Alma

    I hate this so hard.

  74. vandalfan

    I guess we’re doing the mermaid thing this year, like it or not. Sigh.

    love her, but it’s far too Mae West for my taste.

  75. Karen

    Weird that this one is so divisive! I thought she also looked uberhappy and relaxed and sexy. Finally a woman after being so sweetheart-y all these years. I got the same look-at-me-now-bitches vibe from her and NicoleK.

  76. Rubee

    Lovely face and hair but not necessarily for a red carpet or that kind of dress. Lack of lip color. Small bust cup and too much whalebone or whatever into the dress’ structure, even if I love how it showcases her beautiful body. Strange the boob exposure, the curves’ hugging, the red, the tousled hair doesn’t make her look a bit sexier in any possible way. She was indeed back in Legally blonde days.

  77. Ivy

    wow, she gained some weight, not in a bad way at all, but just so much more voluptuous. and she seems more sexual, not like a little girl. her new marriage must be treating her right.

  78. Squirrel!


  79. Jen

    I don’t understand. Why is it 17 inches too long? Was it made for someone taller? Why so much extra fabric where she needs to walk?

  80. Mrs. Arthur Nonymous

    She’s # 1 on my worst dressed list. She is not sexy. Is she adopting her “husbands” sloppy homeless look with the hair? Dress is too tight and very unflattering.