Golden Globes Well Played: Berenice Bejo


In The Artist, Berenice Bejo plays a character named Peppy Miller, and she is so good and light and warm and cheery in it that you almost wonder if anyone else COULD have been a person named “Peppy” and had it seem so natural. (Maybe Amy Adams, who pulled off the feat of doing that in Enchanted without being annoying.) She’s as adorable on the red carpet as she is in the movie, too, and she’s 35-going-on-26. I should probably hate her in that envious WOE IS MY FACE kind of way, but I can’t. I at least hope it turns out she bites her nails, or something.

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  1. Fawn

    I LOVE that GG gown. I think this might be my pick for best dressed.

  2. Juanitatres

    Hit and miss. Although the GG gown is a hit for sure. I can’t believe she’s 35! She looks so youthful. What a great face.

  3. Anne B

    The others are kind of a swing and a miss, but that Golden Globes royal blue is a home run.

    Way to go, Girl-My-Husband-Is-Crushing-On. :)

  4. cpro

    Cute! Kind of reminds me of Natalie Wood, such a pretty girl.

  5. Amalia

    very cute, although none of those shoes (even the ones the Fug Girls liked) did it for me.

  6. Mair Mair

    I have the hugest girl crush on her since seeing The Artist, so thank you for featuring her. If you haven’t seen The Artist yet, go immediately. You, too, will have a girl crush. And you will also have seen the movie that should (but probably won’t) win best picture.

  7. C-No

    She looks like a less cracked-out Paula Abdul to me.

  8. Gigi

    She is so beautiful, and has the greatest freckles on her face. One of the rare French women I am not slightly hateful about because she seems to be void of that stereotypical “we are better than you” snoot that a lot of them have. Tres belle!

  9. Laucie

    Umbrella wranglers, indeed. I was very impressed when I saw a picture of Will and Kate at some recent gala and he, himself, the Prince, was holding the royal bumbershoot over his wife.
    Heather and Jessica, you deserve to be borne on sedan chairs, for your tireless, fabulous GG reviews. Fantastic stuff, thank you.
    Oh, and Berenice Bejo looks lovely, especially in both her blue dresses.

  10. Sandra

    First and last are full-on gorgeous. Did she swipe that orange dress from a very large orderly in a prison hospital? It reminds me of an enormous scrub shirt in Department of Corrections neon.

  11. dee

    Who ARE these people? I’m old but I think I am relatively aware of pop culture. Bernice? Taissa? Erica? Phoebe?

    Shuffling off to grab a cup of tea and watch my stories.

  12. Sophia Loren

    She’s got a lot of nice stuff in her closet but it’s not all in the right place at the right time. I’ll second that “best-dressed” nomination for the GG gown, but I think the bag is a little silly and disruptive.

  13. Claire L

    I love number 7! I WANT the entire outfit. I think Number 6 would have been fabulous with ( as you sad) less wrinkles but also a more fitted top. She looks top heavy and she isn’t…. I also, would have liked the jacket to have been fitted better. I know it’s open…but there are jackets that are fitted well enough to remain unbuttoned and still hold their shape.

  14. vandalfan

    The GG dress is perfect; a rare perfect strapless. The rest of the clothing is nice, except for the orange prison smock and the mini-jacket over wrinkled clamdiggers, but I speculate on the shoe deal: Maybe her favorite cousin works as a shoe designer and she has to wear his product to keep the family peace, but in the last picture she just said “Chuck it, I’m going with the pretty ones.”

  15. Ruby

    cropped pants+booties=could you look any shorter? its like someone chopped her off at the ankle.

  16. Sajorina

    I LOVE both blue dresses! I don’t know her, but I can tell that she loves orange, which looks good on her, she has an odd taste in shoes and rarely seems to pair them with the right outfit, and she has lovely hair, which she should wear down more often! I kind of dig her style… I like her purses and those blue shoes are awesome! Overall FAB!!!

  17. Girlin

    Gorgeous! She reminds me a little of Ashley Judd as well as Natalie Wood. I love the short blue dress and her smiley expression – what a lovely lady she seems. I hope I look as good as her at her age!

  18. Lynniekae

    Looooved The Artist! The blue gown is gorgeous.

  19. Miranda

    SHE IS SO PRETTY. I was sort of meh about whether I wanted to see The Artist, but after watching her and Jean Dujardin be so f’ing charming all over the Golden Globes (not a euphemism) I am on board that freight train.

  20. JD

    Does anyone else she looks like Rachel McAdams? Its not super evident in these pics but at the Globes I thought the resemblance was uncanny.

    Also- who remembers her from a Knight’s Tale?!? I feel like one of the Fug Girls would know this!

    • Squirrel!

      JD, funny you should ask about Rachel McAdams. I don’t see it here, but every time a scene from The Artist was shown, I thought, is that Rachel McAdams? So, apparently to me she looks like Rachel McAdams when in motion.

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