Golden Globes Well Played: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner


Mark your calendars, Fug Nation: The Garner-Afflecks posed for pictures TOGETHER. A national date of rejoicing is upon us. I implore you to go forth and eat the customary SANDWICHES OF JOY.

[Photos: Getty, Bauer/Griffin, WENN]

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  1. Jenny

    Jennifer Garner is maybe my favorite. Mainly because when you see her around town, she often looks like I do (or wish I did) when I am out running errands. Normal….jeans, running shoes, etc. Nothing crazy. She just dresses like a nice, normal 30-something mom.

    As far as her dress here, I loved it. She looks pretty and the color is good for her.

    I, too, hope her and Ben stay together.

    • Trent

      You guys are all starting to worry me. Have there been signs (i.e., TMZ-related) that Ben and Jen aren’t working out?

      Oh, and they both look great here (especially Ben’s blue tux, which needs hemming but I still LOVE).

      • Kate

        Ah, I know, right? Why do guys insist on ruining these beautiful tuxes (or suits too) by not using a tailor that knows what’s what? WHY with the too long pants? Especially if it is a slimmer fitting suit (this is), it looks just ridiculous. Perhaps this is my dad speaking (he’s always complaining about the “kids these days” wearing their pants too long), but it’s true! His tux is also just the teensiest bit snug? I mean, I prefer this slim suit trend to baggy sacks, but it is a fine line to walk!

        Otherwise though, she looks great, and he looks pretty darn good (I’m not in love with the beard, though I do enjoy beards in general and keep my husband in one regularly, yum.)

  2. TonyG

    When you wrote “SANDWICHES OF JOY,” I immediately thought of peanut better and (strawberry) jelly. Is that childish of me? Well, that’s okay. Ben’s looking like he found his inner child in slide 3. Is he doing the cabbage patch dance? Go Ben, Go Ben, Go Ben… :D

  3. Tiffany

    I really like the color of her dress, and I am happy for the both of them. Some people bash her because she isn’t a trainwreck and is therefore “boring”…but I actually like that.

  4. RebekahMacd

    I thought they both looked swell, and Jennifer’s dress is the only one of the night I want for myself. And the photo of them kissing is just too adorable for words. I am glad my hormones are in a normal place right now or there might have been tears.

    • Hima

      That’s how I feel about the dress too. I want it for myself. I was hoping this would be one of the posts where you could move the mouse over the pictures and it would tell you where to buy things.

      I thought they were adorable at the GGs. They seem super into each other, and how he thanked her was very sweet. (Her thanking George Clooney for him was also sweet).

  5. Jasmine

    I love them so much together. I definitely got all excited when he won and punched my boyfriend in joy, loudly speaking about how they NEVER GO ANYWHERE together and they make me SO HAPPY and she is SO PRETTY and their kids are SO CUTE and yadda yadda yadda he looked like he was both very confused, and also thought I was insane.

    They both look fantastic. I need to know how her body looks that amazing after 3 children, so that I can bottle it and save it for my own future. And he keeps getting better looking. Also Casey, yay! Love the brotherly love. Everyone is so good-looking and jovial.

  6. Sylvia

    Oscar snub or not (and obviously it was. He and Bigelow can share drinks), he doesn’t have a lot of reasons to be unhappy. He’s got a pretty awesome life partner, beautiful kids, tons of money and critical acclaim. To boot, he made a good movie in a year of so-so movie making. He SHOULD be dancing like he is in slide three.

    She looks fabulous. I really, really like her. And yes, I like to pretend that I know her. But as someone said up thread, she kind of rocks mommy hood the way my 30 something sister rocks it. She looks like she’s had Cheerios stuck to her shirt some days and is kind of proud of it. I support that.

    And their kiss made me happy. They are that couple that lives next door to you…with a lot more money.

  7. ErinE

    Jennifer Garner went to my small, liberal arts college (denison) and
    a) she came back and spoke while I was there
    b) she submitted a class note when her son was born, which I thought was so cute – something like “Jennifer Garner welcomed son Samuel with husband Ben Affleck”.

    I think she seems really normal and nice. I hope Ben is good to her!

    • Kristan

      Omg that’s adorable. Like she’s just a totally normal alum celebrating the birth of her totally non-celebrity child. I now heart her even more than I already did.

  8. cdd

    she looks great. I sort of think his suit is kind of ill-fitting. particularly in the pants.

  9. ak

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me his tuxedo lapels are leather. Pleeeeeease please. That’ s the only thing that could make that dancing photo funnier. A navy tux with lapels that look leather, and he’s STILL dapper and handsome. I too have a crush on the two of them.

  10. Leah

    I think her dress was my very favorite. She looked like a giant glistening twizzler that I just wanted to bite into.

    • ErinE

      ha! she does look like a twizzler (in a good way)! Now I want a twizzler!

    • Erin

      Jennifer’s was my favorite look of the night, too. Simple, yet very, very well executed. And I really thought it was cute that Ben had her thank Clooney and the other producer when she presented.

  11. Lesley

    She looks fantastic and her skin is flawless. How have I not noticed that before?

    Also, I recommend a slideshow of the men of the Globes. Including Mr. Aaron Paul. Just a thought…

  12. filmcricket

    I love her dress, even if the fit in the bodice was a bit wonky. The fabric is just stunning – I didn’t see that subtle pattern on TV but it shows beautifully in pictures.

    He needs a better-fitting tux. The pants are horrific and while I applaud whenever guys wear three-piece suits, I should not be able to see his shirt peeking out over his waistline.

  13. hjg

    Best director and best picture at the Globes for Argo! How do you like them apples? Way to go Ben and Jenn.

  14. annie

    I like them as a couple very much. They keep their relationship private but not Paltrow/Martin crazy. But, i feel like we’ve seen Jennifer in this same dress before. I think its boring and am not crazy around the fit up top. I think they fit on the strapless dresses in general was too low on the ladies. It’s not flattering.

  15. Tessa

    They look so cute together :) And I agree with the Golden Globes – Argo is an awesome movie. Saw it, loved it.

  16. Pouncer

    Ms. Garner is stunning, and he’s not bad either.

  17. marie

    i really hope, for their kids’ sake that the ugly rumor surrounding him and Blake Lively was just that, a rumor..

  18. erin

    I have very few celebrity couple crushes, but they are at the top of my list. I have loved her since Alias, and I’ve thought he was hot when him being hot wasn’t cool (back in his Paycheck days). I hope they’re happy together–they seem pretty awesome. I thought they looked great, and he looks way sexy with that beard. All in all, adorable!

    *sigh* So adorable.

  19. llism

    Don’t mean to spam, but I HAD to share this–Affleck went from surly to sweet in my eyes based entirely on this clip from US Weekly:
    During his acceptance speech at the Artios Awards in Los Angeles Monday, Oct. 29, the Argo actor/director revealed he felt obligated to pass on the opportunity to direct episodes of Showtime’s hit Homeland — because of an agreement with wife Jennifer Garner.

    “It’s true! I was going to do Homeland,” he explained, after the show’s casting director, Libby Goldstein, jokingly called him (and Garner) out during her remarks. (“She had gotten a film/With some sort of thing/And she wanted him home/Well, she does have the ring!” Goldstein rhymed during her speech).

    “I liked the show. I signed on. The guys were ready. I don’t want to blame it on ‘her,’ but my wife and I have an arrangement where when she works, I don’t work and when I work, she doesn’t work,” Affleck shared. “She said, ‘I have this movie, it’s 10 weeks, it’s in Atlanta.’ I said, ‘Okay, forget it. I’m sure nothing will happen with it anyway.’”

    Affleck was wrong about how Homeland would hold up, though — and he’s more than a little bitter about it.

    “Let me tell you something: I hate that f—ing show,” he joked of the series, which recently swept the Emmys with awards for Best Drama, Best Actor (Damian Lewis), Actress (Claire Danes) and more. “I’ve never seen a frame of it and I hate it.”

    Though his agreement with Garner, also 40, kept him from getting in on Homeland’s ground floor, Affleck wrapped up his speech with some kind words for his significant other.

    “I want to thank my wife who is spectacular and who puts up with me and is a doll, who is the reason I didn’t do Homeland,” he told the crowd. “But she is also the reason why my children [Violet, 6, Seraphina, 3, and Samuel, 8 months] know my name!”

  20. Aria

    She looks awesome! I love her, she is my celebrity BFF (you know, in my head). And I like Ben with her, I really hope they stay together a la Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. And Argo was a GREAT movie, loved it!

  21. Brooke

    I saw an interview with him that day where they of course brought up the Oscar snub and he said something along the lines of (and I’m paraphrasing based on memory), “I have nothing to complain about. Look, if you had told me when we were making it, that we’d have 7 Oscar nominations including Best Picture, WELL!” Gotta give him credit for perspective!

  22. Kris M

    I loved Argo and it only would have been better if Sydney Bristow had somehow been written in.

  23. Kary McGonigal Barrie

    Seriously, you guys. I love them both. I just binge-watched Alias, and I was reminded how much I really like JG. And she has washed the scourge of JLo off him for me – which, let me tell you, was NOT EASY. And they looked excellent here, so… YAY!

  24. Gigi

    I love her, too, but maybe not how the bodice and her boobs seem to be, if not having an all out, drag down fight, maybe just a little competitive with each other.

    They seem to be a very normal and nice couple, but why have they been in the Daily Mail nearly every day for months being photographed picking up their seriously adorable children from school and taking them either to karate or out for ice cream? Something to do with his rumored Senate run? Planting “family man” seeds?

    • Kristin

      Oscar campaigning, I think. He (and Alec Baldwin) would be smart to stay far away from politics – it would get ugly very quickly.

  25. mepe

    JGarn looks so gorgeous here…the dress manages to be sexy and amazing but still lets Ben be the star of the night. I really love this dress – the color is just so delicious. Also, I think it’s pretty cute they are doing the patriotic thing here w/ Ben in navy and Jen in red. Still…I really hate the center part bangs on her…whoever in the fashion hairstyle world decided that the middle part is where it’s at right now needs to take a step back and realize it’s just not working.

  26. Sajorina

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! They are one of my favorite Hollywood couples and I love to see them together and so in love! BRAVO!!! Ben looks DELICIOUS! And, Jen is one of my favorites of the night! So GORGEOUS! A beautiful dress that fits perfectly, flawless hair & makeup and awesome accessories! ABSOLUTE WIN! FAB to Ben, Jen & Casey! I love the pic of those two! ♥

  27. Brenda Jones

    Thank the Lord she stopped the lip plumping.

  28. Emma

    The bodice is too tight and squishy, but otherwise the dress is stunning. LOVE the rich red colour – so much more elegant than the brassy tomato shade so popular at the Globes.

    • jeanette

      That’s exactly the color of the ‘other’ reds at the Globes. Jennifer looks lovely in this color and this was one of my favorite dresses of the night.

  29. Kara K

    I love them so much. And I love that you guys love them as much as I do. They are adorbs.

  30. Desiree

    I’m really puzzled by why people seem to like her so much. Is she a good actress? I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything. I don’t dislike her, but I can’t see what’s so wonderful about her. I’m a mother, and I dress like crap most of the time and nobody (well except my mom and kids and this really drunk man who was standing outside of the gas station) is going on and on about how great I am. Maybe I am just jealous. She does have amazing skin!

  31. Claire1

    I’m thinking that Ben has realized an Oscar snub is actually the BEST thing to happen to a fellow.
    He did good work, he got ignored, everyone is outraged…. he’s the under dog with the prize belt hiding under his suit.
    We all love a good Clark Kent.

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  33. lori

    Jennifer Garner could do so much better. Hey Ben, “ARGO f*ck yourself.” Yeah. That was one of the idiotic lines from your horrible movie, one of the most overrated of all time. And you took the cake for most wooden acting performance too, by the way.

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