Golden Globes Weekend Well Played, Sally Field


I love her. And I think she gave us the best piece of acting in 2013 to date on Sunday when Anne Hathaway was accepting her award and doing her version of that thing they did at the Oscars that time — remember? When they had a bunch of people come onstage and, like, eulogize each nominee to their faces? Sally had this look on her face that managed to say all the following at once:

  1. This is very sweet. I’m honestly touched by this salute.
  2. I’m not dead yet, kid. Slow your roll.
  3. Are you going to talk about Jacki Weaver? No one talks about Jackie Weaver. Why is this just about me? Cut AWAY from me so I can eat the rest of this bread basket. I am starving.
  4. I hope I crush you to smithereens at the Oscars.

Like, she looked completely gracious throughout while managing to remain totally uninvolved. It was the face version of, “bless your heart.”

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Comments (21):

  1. Sabina

    I love Sally Field. I loved her in Steel Magnolias and I LOVED her as Maggie Wyzinski on ER. I never watched Brothers and Sisters, but I think I must watch Lincoln for DDL and Sally.

    I love her clutch.

  2. Minutiae

    Lincoln is great, and she is great in it. She has aged incredibly well, too, and she looked fab at the GGs. (But seriously–it doesn’t get any cuter than a teenage Sally Field as Gidget. Look up the pics, folks. She was a DOLL.)

  3. Deborah Stultz

    I am really digging the gray shoes in the third slide. It would have been so easy just to do black.

  4. Sylvia

    You want to know why Sally Fields can make that face? Because she’s acting royalty. Actors can make faces like that. Also, I want her clutch. She’s also aged really well, especially since she has a baby face.

    I think she will crush Anne, but I kind of think Anne will live with it. Losing to Sally Fields isn’t the worst thing in the world. Now, if Anne loses to Amy Adams, you will hear her scream.

  5. Tina

    That is a FANTASTIC description of the look that she gave. She has annoyed me at times, but she looked great.

  6. MG

    I’ve always liked her, since “Norma Rae”, “Steel Magnolias” and “Murphy’s Romance.” I don’t know of anything she made that I don’t like. She looks great here, and I do like that clutch. Bravo to the native Californian!

  7. Rayna

    Sister Bertrille got it goin’ on.

    Floaty layers of navy, just enough decollete, and a clutch straight from Downton Abbey.

    Love her.

  8. Bottle Ginger

    I think there’s a hair too much decoletage, myself. The deep angle of the cleavage somehow gives the illusion of slight droopage, the last thing a lady of a certain age wants.

    And that’s the only flaw in the whole ensemble, which is otherwise woven from pure win!

    • Trent

      BG, I am 100% with you on this. She has an amazing figure and the dress is gorge, but that cleavage is a shade too revealing for such an accomplished actress. And to add to the huzzahs here, I’ve loved Sally in everything from Sybil through Brothers & Sisters and can’t wait to see her in Lincoln.

  9. tracy

    All this love and no Soapdish mention? Best Sally ever.

    I do think she’ll lose the Oscar, but only because she already went 2 for 2 with her previous noms. Sally’s great, but I don’t know if she’s 3 Oscar wins for 3 Oscar nominations great.

  10. Dazie

    Smokey and the Bandit. DONE. ;)

  11. Sajorina

    It’s all FINE! The only thing I adore is the clutch! COVET!!!

  12. Tiffany

    LOVE her!!! LOVE that she has left her beautiful face alone! As a young woman, I say THANK YOU for not Madonna-ing your face! Love the clutch. Can’t really see the dress because her beeming smile outshines it all.

  13. The Other Molly

    The face version of “bless your heart”.
    I love that almost as much as I love Sally Field.
    She was gracious, as always, considering Hathaway did not deserve the award.

    • lindsay

      i just saw les mis, and anne’s performance during “i dreamed a dream” was absolutely magnetic. sally was amazing in lincoln, no doubt, but that performance of that song really sticks with you.

    • Molly Marco

      Anne completely deserved the award. Did you see her? I don’t like her, but I certainly wouldn’t say she was “undeserving.”

  14. lori

    She looks absolutely, utterly gorgeous. Brava!

  15. Vandalfan

    Beginning with Gidget, through The Flying Nun, and on into the Smokey and the Bandit flicks, she’s like a part of my family, like my big sister.

  16. Molly Marco

    I totally think Anne Hathaway deserves to win the Oscar. Unfortunately, she may un-win herself out of an Oscar just because people DO NOT LIKE HER. I don’t even know why I don’t like her. Some kind of smugness or something. HOWEVER, she completely wiped the floor with everyone else in the Supporting Actress category. Even Sally Field.

  17. ErinE

    Her skin is incredible.

  18. Claire1

    I love her.
    First and worst movie for every actually moving me to make a choked hiccup of a sound of despair is her scene in Steel Magnolias at the cemetery. Every. Single. Time…I just choke back a sob….
    ….and I just love her! I want to have drinks with her. I want her advice on everything from motherhood to shoes to apple pie.