Golden Globes Weekend Fugs and Fabs: Jennifer Lawrence

I love Jennifer Lawrence for her forthrightness and her sense of fun, and obviously her talent; some actresses you want to hang out with for a three-martini lunch, but Jennifer Lawrence, you meet at a dive bar for cheap pitchers of Shiner while you play some darts and bitch about Bradley Cooper’s skeezy Hangover III hair. This does not mean I always love her outfits, but we’d so much rather she took a shot and missed than showed up in a nude strapless fishtail. Actually, if she did that for the Oscars, I would assume it was sarcastic and probably applaud her for it, but whatever. You get the point. Now let’s get to the clothes.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. cathy

    i like all of the outfits (except the yellow one) and i love her. and can we just talk about how great role model she is being so pretty, personable, healthy and overall great gal <3

  2. Sarah

    Love her. Agree with you on the red dress. SO pretty but the boob area is so strangely pointy. Maybe better in person?

    • Trent

      Yes, I agree on the GG dress — perfect except for the plastic Solo cups on the boobs. The blue number is also nice (if a bit too tight). But all these looks leave me scratching my head about Jen’s “In Hollywood, I’m obese” comment last month — her waist is positively tiny! How much smaller could she get?

      • Allison

        I sometimes think comments about her “weight ” have more to do with the fact she has real boobs and an ass. When I go to the gym, a figure like hers is what motivates me to push through when I hit a wall.
        Clothes wise, I hated the yellow dress, she looked smokin’ in the blue. The black and gold number leaves me cold and I think is too dull for her. I wish her stylists would remember she’s 22 and has a sparkling personality and let her clothes reflect it.

  3. Eli

    Her Globes dress didn’t bother me that much but I really like the last dress (the blue one)…it really works for her.

  4. marie

    she can’t do no wrong in my eyes, so it would be hopeless for me to judge this..and how cute was her acceptance speech? i esp. love the Weinstein bit!

  5. Dazie

    She must be wearing stilts with that red dress. She looks SO TALL! And you’re right- the belt just emphasizes how slim she is. Love it, even with the sock puppets.

  6. meggiemoo

    I thought she looked GORGEOUS at the Globes, even with the winking breasts. If you google “Jennifer Lawrence quotes”, she is hilarious in interviews. I kind of have a girl crush on her.

  7. val.

    The Globes dress was just beyond awful. It had so much potential, but boobs should NOT have eyelids. End of story.

  8. blerg

    re: her GG gown, my husband’s comment:
    “What’s with the crumb catchers?”

  9. maryse

    the boob detail was weird, but overall i think she looked fantastic. she stood tall and strong.

  10. Annie E

    I really like that yellow dress, but not with the Heidi hair (which I don’t hate categorically but think needs to be chosen wisely). Everything about her is wonderful and mesmerizing, though.

  11. Bubba

    I unabashedly love her, the Globes dress not so much. Color, yes, belt making her waist look teeny-tiny, yes. Boob eyelids, no. I also don’t like the way it fits through the hips. She also looks positively Amazonian, in a good way. How tall is she?

  12. Sarah

    the boobs on that red dress from the side were so crazy. Like a cross between 1940′s playtex 18 hr bra and deflated Madonna cone bra. I just DON’T GET IT!

    • Bottle Ginger

      That’s the thing. The orange dress looked okay from the front, but when she turned sideways her boobs suddenly looked huge and squashed, and pointed straight at the floor.

  13. Jules

    I loved her Globes dress.

  14. Rebecca

    I think her dress was one of my favorites last night, sock puppet boobs and all…(though I admit my love for her could be making me biased). I love the belt and how teeeeeny tiny it made her waist look. And the fact that she looked so amazing and was such a trooper while battling the flu gives her even more points in my book.

  15. Ailatan

    I agree with all of your comments, except that I would translate “on fire” as “en llamas”. I’m a translator, sorry.

    • Heather

      I went with the vernacular/slang “en fuego” rather than being literal. I didn’t want to say she was on fire, I was punning on the fact that Americans say “en fuego” when someone is on a roll/hot.

      • Ailatan

        I was being an annoying pedantic Spanish speaker, I didn’t make that clear.
        Please don’t come after me with all the Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan’s wrath.

  16. Stefanie

    I LOVE her. And I liked the globes dress..until she turned to the side. Just stay to the front JLaw. All’s good! I also loved that she wouldnt let Seacrest help her down the stairs because she didnt want him to have her germs.

  17. Lynne

    Hated the Globes dress. Is it just me or does it need steaming? I think some enterprising dry cleaner should set up a backstage steaming station for poor actresses who choose to wear taffeta.

  18. Katie

    Oh she’s just the best. The bodice on the GG dress was wonky, but I didn’t even mind that much, because the color is AMAZING on her (I actually kept thinking “OMG she’s wearing Peeta’s favorite color!!” – Yes, I am a Hunger Games superfan, and the scene about the favorite colors is one of my favorites in Catching Fire). Also, her acceptance speech was the best of the night.

  19. Kit

    My general impression of Jennifer Lawrence’s clothes has been that they’re generally cracktacular. This confirms it. :)

  20. Kerry Jarvis Moore

    Just want to say that, although I’m not totally sold on the dress she is wearing in the 4th picture, SO happy to see a picture of her with her hair down. Is it just me, or is her hair CONSTANTLY up? She has such beautiful hair it would be nice to get to see it a little more often. Just my opinion. :)

    • Clara

      Kerry, my thoughts exactly. I think she looks more mature, or more her age, with her hair down.

  21. Helen

    She so needs to fire her stylist.

    #4, alone among these, is okay, cute even. #5 might be all right for a much more formal – and more evening – occasion, though even then it’s really too small.

    Worst offender is the orange thing. Or are we calling it red? I don’t even care. It doesn’t fit and I will not acquit.

  22. Cat

    At first, I was horrified when I saw the plastic boob cup/eyelids on her dress. However, I love the color and as long as I’m looking at it head on, it’s hard to tell they exist, so either I’m crazy or am being lulled in loving it because I love JLaw. I really do wish they’d gotten rid of the boob cups, though, because the dress is gorgeous.

    I also love the last two dresses in the slide show, but I wish her hair was up in the technicolor/black dress. She has gorgeous hair, but I feel like it’s swallowing her in that picture.

  23. BrownEyedBetty

    The expression boob eyelids is , unfortunately, making me think of those car eyelashes you can get for your headlights. And now I’m seeing those on JLaw’s dress. Thanks Guys!

    Otherwise, I’m totally on board with this dress. I thought it fit her lovely figure like a dream, moved beautifully as she walked to and from the stage – and the color is so vivid and flattering. There seemed to be a lot of tomato red/coral at the show last night and this was a stunning example I thought. Notwithstanding the Boob Eyelashes!!

  24. Pouncer

    I don’t like any of these. The color on the first is gorgeous, but the cut isn’t. And what’s up with the Heidi hair in slide 2?

  25. Popcouver

    Loved her look at the Globes. I didn’t notice the weird boob cups but honestly, I don’t really care. I thought her dress was flattering and her HAIR was amazeeeeeeeee. So beautiful pulled back off her face, and I love the lighter colour. She must be done filming Catching Fire to be lightening her hair like that?

  26. Hima

    Other than the boob cups, I really do like this red/orange dress. And I kind of love her in general. Her Globes speech was fantastic.

  27. Sandra

    Definitely needs to lose the belt and reform the bodice of the RC dress. It coulda been a contenda, but it’s just another tomato can.

  28. SerialGoth

    This dress would have been fine, except for the boobs. Dear lord, her poor boobs. What did they do to deserve being highlighted in such an unflattering manner?!

  29. R

    Love everything about this…except what they’ve done to her boobs. How does that even happen?!

  30. Talis

    I feel for this girl. She’s the “it” girl of the moment and with that comes tremendous pressure. She’s still very young and finding her way fashion wise along with everything else. When she hits that peaks the reverse will happen. People will get tired of hearing how awesome,beautiful and talented she is and that’s when the “dethroning” starts.

  31. Chrissy

    I like these for the most part. The blue dress at the end is a bit tight. I think my favorite is the one with the wacky shoes.

  32. Erin

    even if I don’t like some of what she’s wearing I LOVE it because I adore her. I love her whackadoodle pink/white/black shoes! She’s just a hoot!

  33. Sajorina

    LOVE HER!!! And love every single thing she’s wearing on this slideshow! I especially love the AFI dress & shoes… I’m crazy about them! COVET! I love her Golden Globes look! The dress is daring and bold, yet elegant and ladylike! GORGEOUS! So happy for her win! Congrats, Jennifer!

  34. Jackie Leigh Gilliam

    Cinna approves!

  35. Kyasarin

    Call me crazy, but I loved her Globes dress. It’s sort of a ’50s throwback. Look at some dresses of that era, and many of them had similar detailing on the bust. Jen’s got the body, so why not go for it? I thought she looked fab.

  36. Janice

    Love her, but her evening looks are usually off. Is it me, or does she look weird and unlike herself? Almost as if she had DNA from other celebrities mixed in: Jennifer Garner one night, Amanda Seyfried the next, Nicole Kidman the night after that. It’s like someone is experimenting with looks for her, but she really looks best with simple clothes and minimal make up.

    And she usually looks 10 years older than she is. Only in dress four does she look like a pretty young girl. I even forgive the hot pink ankle straps, if they make her happy.

  37. exquisite red

    LOL! I feel the need to comment on this post JUST because you mentioned Shiner. Do you ladies ever go to Texas? It surprised me to see this here.

    Oh yeah. J.Law. At least you’re not boring (in clothes or in a speech, heh).

  38. Miranda

    Holy crap, what kind of beautiful dryer sheets are you using?

    In other news, I love her so much that while I am sad about the boob sconces, I don’t really care because soon she will be yelling about cake balls or cat piss again and that is important to me. Also, Winter’s Bone is still amazing. (I liked her in SLP, but Winter’s Bone was just astonishing.)