Golden Globes Unfug or Fab: Nina Dobrev


I tend to forget that Nina Dobrev is only just gone 24 — not because she looks older, but because for her entire run on Vampire Diaries, she’s come off as very calm and poised and never seemed to turn into an insane party person. She just seems very together. But 24 is still a baby, practically, at least compared to Granny Crankypants over here. And so I remind myself that I shouldn’t be surprised to see something this youthful on her.

The color works, the fabric is pretty, and the slouchy belt is kind of cool, but let’s play with this. I think my big issue is with the length as it relates to the shoes. If the skirt were knee length, I think the shoes would work better, but as-is the busy ankle straps encroach high enough that — in photographs at least — they’re not leaving enough acreage between themselves and the hem. The result is that You Are Now Entering Old Stumptown, Population 1. Further, the hair feels like she’s dancing a pas de deux, the makeup is Treadmill Chic… it maybe would’ve been fun to have edgier styling to fight the innate girlyness of the frock. Vamp it up, if you will. HAR HAR. I guess we’ve officially reached the point in the post-Globes week where I don’t even apologize anymore for my hacky impulses.

Or do we even need to do anything?

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Comments (28):

  1. Helen

    Too long and too springtime.

    Shorten it and wear it in its proper season, and I’d Fab it.

    • Helen

      Oh and I love the shoes on her. They wouldn’t work for everyone, but with such a delicate ankle, very pretty.

      • Stefanie

        I agree it needs to be shortened. And I just do not like the shoes with it.

    • Karen G

      True. Plus it’s a little casual for the Golden Globes, and that picture makes her look a little off, like maybe she’s got the flu?

      • Trent

        The strange thing is, Nina has hit one home run after another in past awards shows. Her floral frock at last year’s GG was lovely, and her Donna Karan strapless red gown at last year’s Emmys was STUNNING. This look, as Heather said, is stumptastic, she seems shiny and makeup-free, and the belt is sad and droopy. Nina, girl, what happened?

  2. Fawn

    Raise the hem, add some jewelry and a pedicure please!

  3. Meg

    The slouchy belt is actually hurting my feelings. Cinch that thing to her actual waist, shorten the skirt, then add some tough jewelry, a dark mani-pedi, and a strong lip or eye. So basically, two small notes for the outfit itself, CHANGE EVERYTHING ELSE.

    • Beth C.

      Yeah, I don’t like the belt as is. I think more because, at least to me, it’s reading as “slouchy because it’s too big and hanging funny” rather than “slouchy on purpose for effect”.

    • Aphy

      I agree with all your changes! I don’t like how the belt sits, the hemline, lack of mani/pedi or her hair. Your adjustments would go a long way to rectify some wrongs.

  4. Annie E

    Hair down, lipstick, tightened belt, and shoes that don’t go up to the ankle.

  5. tracy

    It just looks too young for her. I’d expect to see Selena Gomez in something like this. Just too cutesy.

  6. witjunkie

    Less fabric in the skirt. It doesn’t have to go column, but more flowy, less foofy would have fixed it for me.

  7. Sajorina

    The dress is FAB, so keep it as is! Take off the belt, change the shoes for silver stilettos, add a cute clutch, put the hair down, paint the nails & lips red, and add some sparkly jewelry! Now, I feel better! She’s soooooo pretty!!!

  8. Carol

    I, too, like the dress without the belt … same cocktail length with brighter makeup and better shoes … those shoes look like a pair of Slinky toys with heels.

  9. gryt

    Are the shoes meant to be loose like that? They look like baskets.

    • Spider

      I’m with you — they look way too loose and therefore ridiculous. If they were more fitted they’d pull the look together better.

  10. Pouncer

    Remove belt. Select different shoes, without ankle strap. Unpin hair and wear loose. I think that would be a drastic improvement.

  11. Elizabeth

    Wow, she has HUGE feet!

  12. TonyG

    Love the dress. Not going to quibble about the hair and make-up. The shoes need to go.

    • GidgetB

      Love the dress (I have a thing for tea-length dresses). Get rid of the belt and shoes (both nice but not with that dress). Go retro all the way with a kitten-heel shoe; she’d be poifect!

  13. Susan

    Fashion (whatever that is) gone wrong.

  14. Claire1

    Love the dress….
    love the belt and shoes
    Just not together.

    Now, throw those belt and shoes on with a little black number and we have a deal ( good Lord, my next shopping trip I’m going to be looking for silver shoes and a belt now… damn it!)

    As for her toes…. I thought I was going to see something ugly….

    OK… they’re naked….but in great shape.
    Hurray for nicely shaped, buffed and polished ( clear) naked toes!
    I give my poor toes a break during the winter months too…. and then new years hits and I think “Darn it!”…and I slap on some clear polish and look down and realize “hey… they’re clean, clipped, shaped and look darn cute in their innocent toe nature”

  15. Edith

    Agree with everyone else re: the shoes and the belt, but I also just don’t think this dress works at all. Yes, she’s young at 24, but this is something my 10-year-old might wear as an Easter dress. Between the color, the lace, the silhouette, and the neckline, the whole thing reads “child.” Add the lack of makeup and she really looks like a kid accessorizing her flower girl dress with Mom’s too-big accessories.

  16. Rubee

    No belt… lower bun… metalic pumps … statement earrings…facial tissue… voila!

  17. Chrissy

    I think the dress is cute. I like the shoes, but they are a touch clunky or busy for the dress. No belt. Don’t love the bun, but it can stay. Some pink lipstick would be nice.

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