Golden Globes Unfug or Fab Carpet: Charlize Theron

Well, if anyone was going to pull it off, it was going to be Charlize. When we saw this on TV, I was bummed out by the washed-out makeup and dull color choice — but both of those things come off better in photos than they did on TV. And I wasn’t sure how I felt about the cut of the skirt, which reminds me of the time before eighth grade when I decided I wanted sideswept bangs, but just a LITTLE bit so I could put my hair in a ponytail and still have some down around my face, so I cut them myself. That was, charitably speaking, not my best life decision. Is the dress version any better? I mean, aside from the fact that Charlize Theron usually makes fabric look like the gods wove it from their sex music?

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  1. Bella

    I think the dress is pretty, but the hair needs a better style and she needs a little color in her makeup. She looks so washed out.

  2. Lina

    Well, it’s Dior, and she’s contractually obligated to wear *something* Dior to these appearances. I think this is a case of “looks better in print than in person”.

  3. Lynne

    I feel like this dress is trying to be too much at once or something. Don’t like the flouncy thing. and I’m never a fan of the plunging neckline PLUS legs way up to there. One or the other, honey. Balance.

    • KatieG

      I agree! Just ONE thing needs to be highlighted. I think she has a hard time not wanting to show too much.

  4. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    The camera kept panning to her and she looked so snarky the whole time I think that’s why I have a hard time liking what she wears, she just seems so unlikeable.

    • Christine

      Just fyi, you have my favorite Commenter Name of all time.


      “THAT’S NOT EVEN A WORD!!!!”

      <<>> :)

  5. Sajorina

    I honestly LOVE it as is… I wouldn’t change a thing! I think she looks BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL! She’s in my BEST of the night list!
    By the way, “Charlize Theron usually makes fabric look like the gods wove it from their sex music”: GFY Heather, words have never been truer!

  6. Emily

    She told Seacrest she had laryngitis, so I have to commend her for coming at all. I would look washed out if I were sick too.

  7. Erin

    She looks exhausted. I mean, the woman is one of the most gorgeous people to ever walk the planet… You’d think that would help her sleep at night, but apparently not.

    • Claire L

      I read somewhere that she was sick.

      • Miranda

        Annnnd I read somewhere that she was stoned. Which, honestly, would give her many more points, in my book.

  8. Edain

    Thought she looked ethereal – liked the naked make-up, she normally wears gold eyes and it would have not suited, the barely there make-up made the divine headband pop (note to Michelle W – now that’s a red carpet head band sweetie). Loved dress – Although you are most probably right no one apart from CT could have/would have pulled it off….someone mentioned legs or chest but as Charlize is not busty I would say it worked….Solid top 5 for me. I LOVE THE AWARDS SEASON!

  9. Tricia

    I just hate the headband. Otherwise I think this is pretty rad.

  10. themis

    This was just divine in motion. She’s such a tall, elegant drink of water, she caught my eye every time she was in the frame. I don’t love it so much in the still shot, though, it’s harder to get a sense of her vertical scale or its proportion, or something.

  11. Edain

    Oh meant to say I saw her mwah mwah Salma Hayek on E! (in German as I am in Swiss-land) she made Salma look about 2 foot tall, even when she went down 2 steps!!! I know we are not ‘doing’ SH yet but did anyone think her head looked the same size as her body…..freaky…ya freaky but freaky in Gucci meh.

  12. Susan

    Love the hairband and her mother’s shoes. I’m not so fond of anything else.

  13. Jenni

    My first thought when I saw this was “Blah.” And that’s tough to do with a plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit. But I think her hair and her make-up look lazy-like she grabbed the headband and thought “Well, this is sparkly, so no one will notice that I basically just pulled my hair back into a ponytail.”

    But now that I’ve seen it some more, and at different angles……..I still stand by my first impression

  14. Tara Misu

    She looks so washed out :( But I did hear she was sick too so that may explain it.
    I think if you cut off the foof it would be ok and some COLOR any COLOR …. necklace, bangles, earrings, lips…. something.

  15. Chasmosaur

    Sternum/Leg Slit/Nude/Bling/Big Pouf.


  16. yeahandalso

    I can’t believe I’m saying this about Charlize, but to me it feels very mutton dressed as lamb. I know Charlize is only 36 but she has always been a WOMAN and this dress is for a girl. I think I would have loved it on Sarah Highland or somebody like that.

  17. TonyG

    Not usually a fan at over-blown, bow-like, waist structures, but I like this dress, and I don’t think it’s only because Charlize is wearing it.

  18. granny

    That yellow thing. I hadn’t believed Charlize could look so bad.

  19. JessicaAZ

    I cannot believe how lovely she is. On anyone else it would be a disaster but she really pulls it off. I don’t mink the makeup either – again, she is one of the only people on the planet that can pull it off!

  20. Amberoni

    1) She looks soooo very tired. Rehydrate! I know the throat may hurt, but she looks like the before shot on some kind of face cream commercial. It makes me want to give her entire body lotion. Maybe everything is so washed out because she needs a drink of water.

    2) I love the look on her face as those women seem to be pointing where she should stand. It is the “No, mortals, I stand HERE.” look.

    3) The yellow. I feel that it had hilarious and interesting potential. If only it weren’t so awkwardly long, or long in the body, or the nakedness seemed more purposeful. The head, however, looks lovely.

    4) The black thing is lovely. Yes, maybe a little nightgown-y, but it works in a few ways. She looks like she’s totally rocking her Young Adult character. Also, the nighty mostly looks kind of sexed up – much like she’s wearing fabric made from the God’s sex music. See how I worked that in, there?

  21. val.

    I don’t like the swatch of fabric cascading down the back/side, but I don’t think this would work as a mini either, with that plunging neckline.

    Not a fan of the dress overall but Charlize looks lovely– she can pull anything off!

  22. Erin

    I think the dress would have been way better without the thigh high slit. It was just too much. I didn’t really like the foof either but with the slit it looks really weird.

    • kmalkovsky

      Either get rid of the slit, or the poofy side thing. The fact that she is so beautiful is proof positive that, objectively, the dress is too busy.

      • Clarence Beeks

        I agree. The bottom skirt ruined the dress for me. Otherwise, I thought she looked stunningly beautiful. As she usually does.

  23. crystal

    She looks consumptive and I hate that dress, but I think her hair looks very nice.

  24. Allie

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the headband or the makeup either. If it weren’t for the sparkliness of the eye shadow, it would almost look like she wasn’t wearing makeup. Which can be good, but not for this occasion.

  25. anonymoose

    This gets a “hell no!”.

  26. Suzanne

    Wow not much consensus from the peanut gallery. CT is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. She’s unbelievably breathtaking and can usually pull off anything. This however is the Mullet of Dressland. If the side bow thing was less pouffy, it would provide the Factor X to make this right.

    Also, I love her for doing Young Adult. It was a great, fun, sad movie and she rocked the role.

  27. Cecily

    Honestly, she can wear anything. At first, I wasn’t sure about the side thingy happening, but the way she wears the dress and with her perfect legs peeking out, and that intelligent, talented gorgeous face and perfect body just made it work. I’m guessing not everyone could pull this off, but Charlize can, and did.

  28. dee cee

    Maybe Madonna stepped on train ..and the curtains went up on the front.. Whee.. trick dress..

  29. Infoqueen

    Lipstick, please.

  30. Miranda

    I give it a big old meh. I feel like she’s straying into Jolie style rut/not trying territory lately.

  31. valeria

    Meh….I just like color, I can’t help it. I have fond memories of that slinky orange number she wore to an awards show years ago – - you remember – - the one that was cut down in a sharp V below the waist in the back and accented with spectacular triangular diamond clips in the front.

  32. Amelia

    I’m thinking that she was wearing a tennis dress, and when she leaped over the net at the end of the match, the net somehow got caught on her skirt and now she is dragging it along behind her. She needed the headband to control her hair while she was playing and she sweated off all her makeup.

    At least, that is the only explanation I have been able to concoct.

  33. Jules

    Paris Hilton her stylist now?

  34. Stacey

    I think she’s amazing – this might not be her best-ever red carpet look, but she still managed to out-supermodel the actual supermodel Heidi Klum. What I would do for Charlize’s statuesque-ness!
    Also, that comment about all the awards luncheons and parties in January makes me REALLY glad not to be a celebrity – they can never indulge over Xmas surely?!

  35. fritanga

    She’s trying much too hard this time out, and it’s only the GG. Too much “interest” all around. She does much better with simpler things. Sometimes a statement dress doesn’t translate well.

  36. megan

    I thought I wouldnt like this but I think she is pulling it off.

  37. corriner


  38. corriner

    Also, there is enough fabric in that hip frouf to make an entire dress for me. I’m short, but I’m not THAT short. That is one big frouf.

  39. Eva

    For being such a huge dress, I feel it’s blah and I’m sorry for everyone who just loves anything she wears, I don’t think it fits her well. It makes her torso look wide and I feel like the dress is falling off her a bit.

    I agree with everyone else that she looks washed out. I don’t think it’s the fact that she was maybe sick as much as the makeup chosen.

  40. Alaurable

    I think she pulls this off when not many others could but do you know I think is weirdly helping her out? The background of the photos. The red carpet, signage that matches her dress and bit of greenery is working to tone her dress down (in a good way). Little bit too much monochrome but it’s such a full-on dress trying to compete with it might have been a bad idea. Also if she chopped it short as suggested I’m sure we’d all be crying – ‘Charlize – you are not Boobs Leglsy – you hang around with Marilyn and assorted dead stars – put some damn clothes on!’

  41. Softwear

    Comatose? From having other people choose your clothes, dress you, drive you to the event, cook your food, serve you champagne, drive you home, and take your clothes to the cleaners afterwards? Comatose from riding in a limo, standing up to have photos taken, and then applauding through dinner? Let’s get some perspective here. (Also, wasn’t a fan of this dress).

  42. Lisa

    It’s growing on me.

    I do love how the guy to her left in the second photo looks like he’s just turned around and realised he’s standing next to CHARLISE THERON IN A REVEALING DRESS

  43. vandalfan

    Everyone in #2 is pointing to her hoo-ha.

    This is, on the whole, needs too much effort to mess with, de frouf, add color ,sew up one slit or both of ‘em, change shoes, change makeup, change hair, it’s better to just send her home and try again.

  44. Rubee

    The dress is ugly in theory, but she’s so beautiful… she’s pulling this off.

  45. lori

    Is it weird that I’m still mad at her for being so orange the year she won her Oscar?

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