Golden Globes Unfug It Up: Tina Fey


Let’s start with the positives: I like her hair, and the color, and her earrings, and her TV show, and her Sarah Palin impression, and the fact that she kicked off the trend of reminding girls it is cool to be smart.

Oh, and I like that this isn’t that Met Ball jumpsuit from two years ago, which made midsections everywhere very depressed indeed. But I do have some notes on the rest of the gown. Jessica and I spent several minutes discussing this dress thusly: “It’s…” “I THINK it…” “You know what, it’s actually…” “No, maybe it’s…” “I think it’s more…” “But if it just…” “Right?” “Maybe?” Hopefully I ended up stumbling on a few complete sentences here. We’ll see. It’s been a long day.


The bottom part is very ornate, but I don’t think this looks as good on her as I want it to — starting with the placement of the Stuff. It would’ve created a more flattering line if it started at or near her waist, instead of quite so low, and the patchy parts where you’re supposed to see the satiny ruffles — including that bit poking out on the right — are distracting, as if it’s molting. So while there are very nice elements here, they don’t add up to a successful whole for me. And I HATE it when fashion tries to make me use math. It’s awards season, people. In two days I’ll be lucky if I can still use a keyboard.

But, you should use yours. What would you do to this, if anything?

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (58):

  1. yeahandalso

    she is too short for the dress, it would look good one somebody much taller

  2. Margaret

    I think this is a bad picture of it. I saw another picture and I thought she looked great. It’s kind of different for her. I also think her smartness/coolness/badass-ness trumps this not so great shot.

  3. Akit

    Lob off the bottom nonsense and add some killer heels. .. And a necklace…

  4. Megs

    The only thing wrong here is that bottom. I’m gonna say just cut it off and she’s great. Enough with the long floofy dresses already.

  5. Bella

    The color is great and her hair and makeup are great.

  6. ccm800

    Mermaid cut or none at all that makes her look SO damn stumpy.

  7. Carrie may

    What the heck is sticking out of her right hip? It looks larva-like.

    • daisy

      It looks like her butt has decided to jump ship. My first thought was, “What is wrong with her butt?!?”

  8. TonyG

    I agree with yeahandalso that she’s too short for this. As such, I would start the feathery stuff much lower, or get rid of it all together, so as the lengthen the look of her legs.

  9. juliet

    I would maybe start the floofy stuff a little further down. And maybe add a necklace. But mostly, I like it. It’s a nice change from her usual basic black–the color is interesting, and it works with her hair and complexion.

  10. Sajorina

    She looks pretty & I love the color, but it still looks like she’s encased sausage style! This is just the wrong style of dress for her!

  11. Jen

    I like it. No, it’s not perfect, but it’s also a little bit fun and girly without being too cutesy. I’m always glad when she takes chances like this to express a little fun rather than just doing the conservative blacks and navy blues that people would expect her to wear.

  12. Susan

    Shorten it to just AFTER the ruffley stuff starts. BUT HECK she is TINA EFFING Fey, she can do NO WRONG in MY book. She is so cute and nice compared to that stuffy old BAG OF BONES A. J. PITTS!!!! A. J. can’t hold a candel to TINA EFFING FEY…….

  13. Lily

    Is it just me or has Tina put on a teeny bit of weight? Not that there’s anything wrong with that – she just had a baby and she still looks great but I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or not!

  14. Electric Landlady

    I have the same question as Carrie May! Is that just a really terrible angle, or is she smuggling a ham over her right hip?

  15. Cassie

    I don’t think she’s right for these kinds of foofy-style dresses – she’d look better in something sleeker. I do love that’s a departure for her, though – it’s fun, especially with the big hair, and I love the color on her.

  16. Chasmosaur

    I think she was seduced by the color, which is awesome on her. So the solution is to find a more flattering dress in that color.

    Otherwise, can I please thank you, oh wonderful Fug Girls, for making this the last post of the day? If I had to see the image of Erin Wasson on my homepage from your RSS feed for the next 12+ hours, I was going to go blind.

  17. Jen

    I love it. I love her. I think the color is unique, especially for her. I also think that this particular photo is really unflattering. On television, it really looked like a knock-out choice for her.

  18. amy

    If we’re going to keep the foof, I”d start it three or four inches below the waist and maybe cut back on the fullness a bit. But that color is amazing on her.

  19. MonMode

    You’re right… I love Tina Fey, but this dress is just not right for her body shape. The fluffiness of the “stuff” takes away from the curves of her hips. New stylists, Tina!

  20. Sara B.

    The only thing I don’t like is the angle. I wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the camera or if the dress really wasn’t flattering so I googled it and I love it from every angle but this one. So, no unfugging necessary because everything is fab except this one photograph.

    • GFY Heather

      I chose this so it was visible where the ruffle started in the back. The reason the dress looks better in other pictures is because you can’t see that part, and that part is the problem. I don’t choose photos to be unfair. I chose this because it was the most informative about what, after watching her on the preshow and telecast, I didn’t think worked.

  21. eekahil

    I’m with all y’all one the great colour, the chance-taking, her makeup and the overall Yayness of Tina Fey.
    If the floofy stuff began about 3 flloofs down and was at an angle (high in front, progressively longer in back) similar to a classic Flamenco dress, I think it would be great. The horizontal floofage cuts her off. The diagonal would be sweepy and draw the eye in a lengthening movementy way.

  22. Libby

    My reaction “color is lovely [click for the jump] OH NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!”

  23. Katie

    Ditch the froof, it’s stumpifying her like nobody’s business. The colour is wonderful, however.

  24. Miranda

    Maybe it’s just the camera angle but this makes her ass look HUGE. Never a good thing.

    • dvj

      Agreed, her ass looks ginormous. I’m just going to assume it was very strange camera angle. Makes it impossible to otherwise assess, although in general it does seem like a dress for a much taller woman.

  25. Lauren

    It would have been nice if the maker finished it…If the “stuff” were full and not patchy. It could also use a more gradual transition. There are two or three pieces that go above the main line of “stuff.” Ridic.

  26. megan

    colour is fab! but she is way too short for this but her face looks amazing!

  27. Kalli

    The color is beautiful, so is she (from the neck up and weight-wise, having recently been pregnant), but the bottom looks a tiny bit like she wrapped a comforter around herself and it’s trailing behind her. It’s not horrible though, just looks like heavy material and slightly overwhelming on someone her height.

  28. anny

    Hip goiter maybe? Have she and N. Portman succumbed to some new horrible disfiguring thing Reader’s Digest hasn’t informed us about yet?

  29. Emma

    No, it just looks dreadful. The colour is great, but the poofy skirt and ruched bodice make her look short and wide (which she isn’t). I don’t like the hair either. It’s just the usual casual do but an inch higher at the crown than usual. I feel like Tina Fey never gets it right on the red carpet, which is a shame, because she’s awesome. She needs a better stylist.

  30. Julia

    Take away the ruffles completely and make it a straight dress that flares slightly at the bottom with the rouching the whole way down and we’d have a winner. She’s *so* close, but not quite there yet.

  31. thenotoriousmlp

    It is the skirt. Remember the craft where you would take little squares of tissue paper and wrap it around a pencil eraser, dip it in glue and press that tissue paper on a piece of construction paper and do that over and over again so they are really close together and then it looks like grass or something?

    Or maybe a plastic doormat. The kind with a flower in the corner.

  32. Emily

    The style of this dress actually is a decent style for her shape but it almost appears as though is wasn’t made from her hollow-to-hem measurements. The fact that someone overlooked this detail is unfortunate since the color makes her come alive, the hair and makeup are lovely and she seems so happy with her choice. I’d love to see more of this from Tina…especially if our other options are tea length, little girl dresses or jumpsuits. Overall…I think she did the Globes proud.

  33. Jolene

    Is she squatting? She looks like she’s squatting.

    Get rid of the faddilityflafla and keep it simple, I say.

  34. Adriana

    This OdR dress has become a staple in the red carpet. Someone is always wearing a version or another of this silhouette. I guess part of the problem is that the look does not feel fresh, and if on top of that the proportions are off. The color is gorgeous!

  35. Zuzzie

    Start the ruffling at the waist.
    Also, her photobombing of Amy Poehler was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

  36. MotiloMagazine

    Tina Fey is hilarious. This is a great celebration of our talent.

    See our take on the Golden Globes:

  37. ChaChaHeels

    The colour is fantastic on her.

    That’s the good part.
    The whole outlay of this dress design is the wrong idea for someone who is sized normally, and is petite. Everything about this dress “moves” horizontally–from the strapless top, which is cut straight across, to the layering of the material, which essentially creates a horizontal stripe pattern your eye is forced to follow left to right. On absolutely anyone, this dress would add thickness and shortness. Even if it were worn by a 6’3″ tall lady who weighs 95 pounds.

    There’s a photo of Tina wearing a gown with a ruffled sleeveless top, and the neckline is V shaped–she looks about 20 pounds thinner in that photo (despite the fact that the dress is crawling with ruffles) just because the eye is led in a vertical direction with that particular gown. Any dress that would do that for Tina would make her look like the stunning lady that she is. Pull the waist line up (like an empire waist) or elongate the design with a tailored “princess” shape and she would look perfect. Details that would lead the eye up and down (like pleating or patterns which run on a vertical) would also draw attention away from spots that are widened in this photo, such as her waist and hips. A pretty shoe with a heel, long earrings and an updo would also help. Here we can’t even see jewellery or shoes–this dress really does make her look wide and stumpy, when we all know she’s neither.

  38. Lisa

    It shortens her and makes her butt look big, neither of which I think she was aiming for. But the colour is great.

    • Crystal

      When I first saw her dress, I was looking for the exact same thing (big butt). And then they showed her and Jane Lynch from the back when they walked out to present, and I thought her derriere and hips looked small yet shapely!

  39. CJ

    I usually 100% in love with Oscar (de la Renta, that is), but this doesn’t work for her. Ruching like that is essentially horizontal stripes, which is not slimming. Then, where they chose to start the ruffles draws your eye right to her derriere, which is not flattering either. But I love the color on her and love her. She had a baby not too long ago, right? She looks great! Just not the right dress for her.

  40. jillylicious

    It looks like a wedding gown that was dyed a (albeit gorgeous) plum color. Seriously – imagine this in white with a bunch of flowers, and it’s a wedding. It’s pretty, but I am not a fan of it on her.

  41. Beth

    Remove the satiny bits from the bottom. To lengthen her lines, make the top of the ruffles asymmetrical.

    Also, I really think that her hair should be up with this (something sleek and simple). It would create more space up top, and then she could wear an interesting necklace. I know it seems like a necklace would be too much, but if she just wore her hair up the right jewelry would create enough interest to make the ruffles not so… much.

  42. Crystal

    I must respectfully disagree with most of my respected peers here. Tina Fey is short, and I don’t think the dress makes her look shorter than she already is. I think she looks great head-to-toe, and I’m not even giving her a Tina Fey Fug wardrobe handicap!

  43. smj

    Nice color. But hte dress looks like a half-peeled muppet.

  44. Tracy L

    Love Tina. I just read her book and I recommend it. Her hair is gorgeous here. I agree with so many others that the skirt part is off somehow–too fluffy I guess. Nice to see her try something different though.

  45. vandalfan

    Too much muchness.

  46. Rubee

    The dress looks as if it was cut short to adjust to Tinas’s height and the overall effect is as if someone shopped her legs. Since she’s a curvacious woman, to place that fugly-in-principle fluffery stuff further down would maybe make look her torso slimmer but same time it would accentuate the shopped-legs effect… or maybe I just hate the mermaid thing in pretty much anyone not being Ariel herself. To start the fluff close to her waist as you suggest would leave the dress with too much of it. For me the solution for this dress is a classic full tulle skirt from a little down the waist , accentuating this with ribbon or any original belting trick. The color is great for her complexion, and I love the fact she put on some pounds, so her frame is close to regular women’s and not the Hollywood’s typical ‘Gym-diet-cleanse’ look.

  47. Pandora

    She’s beautiful! My only complaint is the satin fabric at the bottom. It seems a bit much. She looks fab, though. And as much as I love her, she doesn’t normally do awards fashion very well, so this is a nice surprise.

  48. Elizabeth

    Am I the only one who thought her hair was terrible?? I liked the dress, but I thought the hair was dated, sloppy looking, and an awkward length, especially for this neckline.

    I do agree that all was made right when she photo-bombed Amy Poehler, though.

    • Joanna

      You’re not the only one, Elizabeth. My fiance and I both had the same exact reaction to her hair: “What the fuck is up with Tina Fey’s hair? It looks awful!” She looks like she is wearing a hair helmut. Which is a shame, because she’s really quite lovely.

  49. Aja

    The dress needs a shave.

  50. jules

    Lemme at it.

    Agree with the ruffle placement. It should be up by her hips, no lower than crotch level. The bust isn’t flattering either. I’d add some curve to it, and possibly some sleeves/straps. Then lipstick in a similar shade to the dress, and maybe some lashes. And some powder to get the shine off her face.