Golden Globes Mostly Well Played, Sisters Deschanel


I don’t know if you saw this on the telecast, but Zooey had someone actually twirl her ponytail for her when she arrived at the red carpet. I assume it was her stylist or hair technician, but I like to think that she has a dedicated Ponytail Twirler on staff. THAT is some manic pixie dream girl realness.

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  1. Stefanie

    I love Zooey’s whole look – pearls included. But I wish it was hiked up a tick. TBH Im just glad it isnt twee or twee adjacent.

    • lilywise

      I don’t know — I’m getting a definite twee vibe from this. The pearls, the matchy shoes, the pony tail, side-cocked head … it all adds up to twee. And I have to admit that, much like I feel about Taylor Swift, I am OVER THIS LOOK. Even Taylor is trying to dress like a grownup now, not like a little girl who raided the attic to dress up for her tea party.

      • chickadee

        I think if she had replaced the pearls with just a simple, but i’m sure million dollar, diamond line necklace this could have been taken out of costume land and into something great. Amazing how much a necklace can affect an outfit!

        • Kat

          She could’ve done a different pearl necklace, rather than just a pearl strand. Pearl strands are fine, but Mikimoto makes some amazing almost art pieces that would’ve been so much cooler with this.

      • Emma

        I hate the whole look. The wrinkly orangey-red satin looks cheap, the strapless-ballgown style is boring, and it needs to be yanked up not a quarter of an inch, but a full two inches. Her hair looks like an afterthought, and she’s posing as though she has stomach cramps. YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS, ZOOEY!

        • Nickydooley

          “she’s posing like she has stomach cramps…”

          …because if she stands up straight, her dress will fall off. GOD. Why can’t these people get clothes that fit?! Hike it up, lady!!

    • Katie

      The dress itself isn’t twee, but the styling certainly was, and it really bugs me that someone took this gorgeous grown-up dress and tried to impose Zooey’s saccharine retro girl-woman vibe on it. Would it kill her, for once, to dress like she’s 32?

  2. PJ

    The both-hands-on-hips look is a huge pet peeve and rarely flattering. And as my mother always said…stand up straight!

  3. Chasmosaur

    Great color on Zooey, but every time I saw her I just wanted to reach through the screen and pull it up. And look for an iron.

    And those pearls are horrible. Even if they are real.

    She needs to have a confab with her sister.

  4. Sylvia

    As a Southern girl who was forced to wear pearls, I would argue smaller would have been the better bet here. They still would have popped and you wouldn’t get the “fake” feel.

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PULL UP THAT DRESS!! Sorry, I needed to channel my grandma. I screamed this last night as well.

    Emily looks divine.

    • Chasmosaur

      As a NY girl who also has her de rigeur strand of pearls, I agree. (I have a costume triple strand choker I prefer to my real ones, since the pearls/beads are small – but my grandmother had a perfectly matched double-strand to die for.)

      Apparently these pearls were custom from Kwiat and are supposed to feature diamonds as well. Which makes me wonder if there was a killer clasp that may have looked better at her throat than under that ponytail. A great clasp can elevate a strand of pearls, even ones that look as unnatural as these.

      • Karen G

        Good idea about the clasp. I’m sure you’re right, that there was an awesome clasp under her ponytail, and it could have been adjusted to the side somewhere asymetrically, and it would have looked better. But all in all, I think she looks lovely, especially her face.

  5. googler

    Every time I see Zooey in a strapless, there’s always something so wilty about the whole thing. It’s not even where the dress hits, it’s usually her whole posture/body language. If she stood up straight and threw her shoulders back, I think she’d really be selling it here. Even so, I think they both look lovely, and I love their dresses.

  6. Esme

    I don’t think either of these are well played at all! Zoey’s wrinkly rag looks like a sophomore home ec project, and those horrible shoulder things on Emily suck. I do like Zoey’s shoes, but in a different color.

  7. sketchycat

    YES! A shout out to POP BEADS! I confess that I still have my pearl pop beads. While they aren’t vintage, they are identical to those popular in the 50s and 60s. Generally they are deployed to fancify a periodic updo.

    Oh, the Deschanel sisters? Emily for the win. Zooey’s gravity-loving bodice makes me have the same sad it apparently inflicted upon her.

    • ErinE

      I loved those pop beads too! I had them in many colors. I wish I still had some! Thinking of them makes me happy!

  8. Cat

    Emily looks gorgeous, but I’m torn about Zooey. On the one hand– the dress is gorgeous. A tad on the low side (I kept thinking her right boob was going to make a break for it when she was posing on the red carpet) but otherwise beautiful. But the styling? I don’t know. It’s a bit too twee and quirky girl. Now, I loved it when Reese showed up in the Oscars in her Barbie-esque ponytail, but I’m not quite sold on it here.

  9. Sara

    My first reaction when I saw Zooey was that it looked like she was trying too hard. It was just too much. And you articulated all the reasons why.

  10. Sarah

    The dress is GORG but she’s not wearing it very well. And doesn’t it need to be steamed better? Just poor styling.

  11. Kris M

    Hmm, I’ll take the unpopular opinion and say that I am more on the Zooey side than Emily (side note: how did parents name one child Zooey and the other EMILY?). Emily looks… severe. It’s a party! Wear a colour and a pony tail!

  12. lulubelle

    I am not a fan of the twee/hipster/mpdg hunched posture. Not only not a fan, I hate it. It makes her look bored, trying too hard, and childish. Just getting started. Also, that expression on her face? OMG, completes my aforementioned adjectives: “Mom made me come and made me wear this dress. I hate both concepts. You want a picture? Here, here’s your picture.” Next topic: the dress – boring. Sitting too low. Not her style (too long – shoulda been a big 50′s/La Croix with giant avant garde roses in pinks/creams/greens and a pop of golden rod). So, yeah, I don’t like the tomato soup color. Also, agreed on the shoe matching – and the polish, and the lipstick. Her styling is ALWAYS THE SAME. So, yeah again, no on that styling with that gown. Apparently I need food and or ice cream. Sorry for being a beyotch.

    • Amberoni13

      Bored, trying too hard, and childish. You have captured perfectly my views on Zooey here ever since she turned up in those horrifying cotton commercials. I remember her back when I could stand her – when she played the extremely slutty brunette (albeit mysteriously younger) friend of SJP in Failure to Launch and she had the weird voice and was snarky. OR when she was the strangely dressed girl in the band in The New Guy (where she was a red-head with funktastic wardrobe). Even in Elf, when she used her giant eyes to display surprise and disbelief rather than “I was dressed by tiny birds this morning,” she was better. Now she’s just mostly irritating.

      • Jules

        “I was dressed by tiny birds this morning,”

        Oh, that’s her in a nutshell. A faux-dreamy, dainty, uber-twee nutshell.

      • me

        “I was dressed by tiny birds this morning.” Hilarious and true! Can’t stand Zooey’s manufactured persona! Add to it the crinkled outfit and that hands on hips with broken neck look = so bad. Emily otoh looks fab.

    • Sandala

      Thank you for typing up my rant for me. TOTALLY over the girl-woman.

  13. Terri in SF

    So, black shoes with a black gown doesn’t count as matching?

  14. Claire1

    Zooey’s lower lash Kewpie doll thing is bugging me…. I kind of expect them to catch a fly and kick it away ala Eon Flux ( the animated version)

    • Lori

      THANK YOU! That is driving me insane. Is she wearing faux lower lashes? What madness is this?

  15. RubySue

    A bit dated, no? I wore a nearly identical dress to a homecoming dance in ’85. Zooey is awfully cute, though.

  16. Sajorina

    I like what Zooey is wearing because it is all beautiful and she looks good, but she always look the same and it is tiresome! Now, Emily… HOT DAMN, girl! That dress is FABULOUS and her styling is FLAWLESS! LOVE!!!

  17. Aria

    Hated zooey’s, love emily’s

  18. Moi

    I don’t know why, but I’ve never been able to get on board with pearls. Unless they’re incorporated into something by Chanel.

  19. Helen

    Oh, Emily looks marvelous. Pure elegance with just enough sparkly accessories to give it a bit of dash.

    Zooey needs to just stop. For some considerable time, please.

    And, when she starts again, do it with grown-up, non-cartoony things that actually fit.

  20. Liz985

    I’m over Zooey’s pony tail, big bangs, and bodices that don’t fit properly. And the pearls remind me of Wilma Flintstone’s.

  21. China

    Emily looks great.

    I actually like most of the components of Zooey’s ensemble, and overall think it’s pretty cute, but as others have said, it’s the SAME. That’s how she always looks. If someone typically edgier — like, say, Zoe Saldana — had worn this, it would retro and fun and interesting. In fact, I kind of want Zooey and Zoe to switch closets for a night and see what happens.

  22. gryt

    Emily looks dynamite. Those shoulders are amazeballs!

  23. sprylie

    I think zooey looks great – I think the pearls are unexpected, sure, but not twee – it’s not a bejeweled peterpan collar necklace, right? I like the white over the orange red.

  24. Liz

    The was one area on the hem of Zooey’s dress that looked like somebody had a mishap with the scissors when hemming it – one totally random too-short area. Or is is just me?

  25. Elise

    I had the exact same reaction to Zooey – loved the dress but hated the drooping, and didn’t like the big globey fake-looking pearls.

  26. kate

    i was ready to climb on the classy-lady bandwagon emily is driving down that red carpet, until i noticed that under that dress. i know that black dresses can do funny things under bright lights and flashbulbs, and maybe it’s just this one image…but…i’m seeing star-shaped pasties and (deliberately?) torn tights. am i hallucinating?

  27. TaraMisu

    Emily is lovely and elegant.

    Zooey…. I don’t hate the dress, the color is pretty on her. It does indeed need to be hiked up a few inches, there’s just something “off” about the whole thing, not sure what it is either.

  28. Jools

    When I saw the first picture of Zooey, it was a waist-up shot, and I loved the (fake) pearls and ponytail. Very cute look. I had imagined the dress was a cocktail-length frock, but, alas, it was a full-on ballgown. I think it would have worked much better as a look if it had been cocktail length, with crinolines, of course. I’m probably in the minority here.

  29. TrueTilDeath

    I completely agree that the shoe matching is annoying. That said, I NEED those shoes.

  30. Janice

    I think Zooey’s going for a slightly ironic 1980s look, and it’s working, except for the pearls. I want to snatch them off her neck, and let them scatter dramatically, all around.

    Re. bodice: not really her fault. Whoever made it, made it an inch or two too short for her body, and that’s that.

    I don’t get the gremlins on Emily’s shoulders, at all.

  31. corriner

    Zooey’s entire look makes me stabby. I want to burn it, burn it with the fire of a thousand suns.

  32. calli

    I’m sorry but I am so over these platforms. I hate them with the fury of a thousand suns. At least in olden days, women wore high platforms to keep their feet out of the muck.
    And these particular shoes, apart from being practically three-tiered, turn up at the front and remind me of a rocking-horse. What is it with that? Is it supposed to facilitate walking ? Their only saving grace is that they are worn with a long gown and therefore cannot be seen most of the time. But when these platforms are worn with shorter dresses, you have these women with (ahem) slender legs that end in huge, heavy, expensive clodhoppers…

    Thank you,I feel better now.

  33. brookemopolitan

    The platforms exist so that a heel can be higher and you can still walk… they make a massive difference.

    As a dedicated vintage lover, I adore Zooey’s commitment to dressing retro. She likes the style and she sticks with it.

    Emily on the other hand… I don’t understand her choices. At all. It’s the best I’ve seen her look (except on Bones when her character has been dressed for formal occasions) and I still hate it.

    • jay

      I agree x2, Zooey knows her style and what looks good on her and she’s sticking to it, there’s nothing really wrong with that and whenever she tries to break and try something new, it just looks a bit strange on her really? I guess her persona is so tied-in to her look.

      Emily I think looks very classy and pretty, but her dress is so dull – it literally brings nothing to the table.

  34. Ellelake

    If she insists on wearing ill-fitting bodices she should look into spaghetti straps, very 50s. She’s not transitioning her look at all so the effect of this ensemble/presentation/posture/attitude is clammy, ostensibly it adds to the party, but not really.

  35. hfree

    I actually know Zoey’s hair stylist, his name is Aaron, and now I’m looking for him in all the photos.

  36. Vandalfan

    Emily is a dull football player. Zoe’s would have worked if she made some effort. Just standing up, keeping the bodice aloft and wearing proper pearls would have helped immensely. The dress is fine.

  37. MK

    Am I the only one who thinks that the first photo makes Zooey look misshapen?! Honestly, her head looks enormous compared to her shoulders and arms and her face looks lopsided like a Picasso! As to the outfit, I like the dress and don’t mind the pearls.

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