Golden Globes Glee Carpet: Heather Morris and Naya Rivera

We’re getting to the point in our coverage where I see a picture of someone and go, “Oh, RIGHT, they were there TOO. WE ARE NEVER GOING TO FINISH.”

I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary.

The good news is, Heather Morris looks fantastic, so we don’t need to sit through a diatribe about ice-skating or fake soap opera plots or movie titles I made up or various imaginary restaurants where she might be the hostess. All there is to do is slide into a shame spiral, because clearly┬áI’ve wasted my life in not using it to become a world-class dancer, so that I would have a bod like hers. Great. So now, not only are we not going to finish Globes coverage until the end of time itself, but now I need to find a way to eat my feelings in carrot sticks. At least I can use them to spell D’OH.

Brittany’s partner in crime Santana also showed up to the Globes.

Of course, I kept thinking she was Kim Kardashian, and that is how SHE fell through the cracks — I kept seeing this picture and thinking, “Ugh, I do not think I have any more words about Kim Kardashian.” I am not sure I have many more words now that I know it’s Naya Rivera, except that I had no idea her chest was that big, which has nothing to do with anything. She looks pretty, but she also looks kind of like she’s the maid of honor at a wedding, who stapled the bouquet to her chest so that she’d have her hands free to keep her dress aloft, fluff the bride’s train, and make suggestive gestures at Groomsman #2.

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Comments (28):

  1. labyrinthine

    why does the first woman look like she is holding her breath really hard?

  2. Rayna

    Yeah, #1 looks like she’s holding an awkward pose (??). #2 is a lovely dress, but that obvi display of boobage is veering into KimKard territory.

    Maybe go up a size (gasp!) or just somehow tame the girls a bit, and it’s all good.

  3. Annie

    I feel the same way every time I see Heather Morris anywhere ever. Dang.

  4. K

    So in the first episode of Glee season 2 there was a line about Santana getting a boob job over the summer (you know, on her way to or from key-ing Mark Saling’s car or something) … very quick… it almost slipped right by but ever since it’s made me wonder if maybe Naya Rivera really did get a boob job and they thought it was so obvious that it needed to be acknowledged. But I’m technically inept and lack Tivo and was never concerned enough to hunt down potential before/after episodes or photos so…I have nothing conclusive to add. About that. I love Heather Morris and also envy her awesome dancer bod but also wonder why she struck such an awkward pose.

  5. Chris

    Heather looks fantastic. This picture was clearly taken mid-pose, but she’s still working it. Girl is gorgeous and that dress is understated yet flattering.

    IDK what’s going on with Naya, though. Boob job or not, she doesn’t need to rely on the slutty T&A look. I hope she tones it down and puts the girls away.

  6. babyface

    both these chicks are young, hot with ridiculous bodies. And then they show up wearing these things? BORING. I mean they both look fine–but older than they need to…and why not have some fun?

    and i recall having similar thoughts as K regarding glee–also thinking that her boobs never looked that big, until now. maybe it’s some new technique and they needed time to inflate?

  7. cpro

    I don’t think the first woman LOOKS fantastic, so I’m puzzled about that statement…the dress is blah oatmeal color and looks like it’s made from a tacky, knit semi-transparent fabric, the hair is weird, the make-up is garish, and she is losing her neck. Even though I don’t love the second dress either, I think it is at least a little more interesting.

  8. TaraMisu

    What’s with Heathers majorly awkward stance???? Yikes.

  9. Kate

    I mean, you COULD get that body if you spent all day sucking in. You’d look thin, plus I’m sure it’s a great ab workout.

    It’s really hard to love an oatmeal dress awash in a sea of emerald, you know? But I guess they’re both fine.

  10. Janice Marie

    I heart Heather Morris. Period.

    As for the other one (too lazy to scroll up for her name), I actually love the dress – obvious boob job and all. The only thing I would change is the color – I hate when the color of the dress blends with the person’s skin tone.

  11. LizC

    Heather Morris is doing that super-awkward pose that drives me nuts. I’ve noticed that a lot of the younger actresses do it presumably because they believe it shows off all their assets to the best effect. Mostly it just makes me want to say “girlfriend, let out that breath before you hurt something”.

  12. KMM

    Naya’s dress is fine, but I think she looks scary skinny. She always had a good figure, but here she looks like she’s dropped a lot of weight.

  13. Di 2.0

    I, too, wish I could dance like Heather Morris. For now, I will have to settle for balancing awkwardly in yoga classes and always trying to find a spot near a wall. I like her dress and her last few major red carpet appearances have been winners. She looked pretty assy a few times before that, but since she doesn’t understand the difference between and elf and a slave, I’ll give her a break. I think she looks a little weird because she was clearly caught in mid-deep-pose-breath for this picture.

    Naya is really pretty. I hope it’s natural pretty. I really, really do. The color of the dress is very complimentary to her skin tone but the style, I agree, is pretty standard bridesmaid fare.

  14. namidu

    She did get a boob job, according to the press after that first episode of Glee. I read it on several different sites. So of course, it must be true.

  15. vandalfan

    Dress #1 makes me think of chicken cutlets, or oatmeal sausage casings. Dress #2 is a pretty color and nice draping, even with hip-swags, but the bosom on display cheapens everything.

  16. Alli

    Was there some sort of mandate that all the Glee girls must dress in nude or fleshy-pink colors?? Dianna Argon, Heather Morris, Naya Rivera are all in nude and Lea Michelle had that fleshy-pink on. Thank goodness for Amber Riley and her rocking sequined dress!

  17. Alice

    Naya needs to go up a size, or like…four. Seriously, how did she squeeze herself into that? She looks like she’s about to faint from sucking in, and this was before the night even started. Also, how the hell did she sit down? It looks like it would split straight up to her boobs if she tried.

  18. Lina

    Naya’s dress is so boobs-on-a-plate that it totally ruins it for me. Also: peach, which makes me want to spork my eyeballs. I’d love to see it in a different color on a woman with a little less bust because it looks like it could be a great dress if done well.

    Heather…looked better in other pics I saw. She can wear nearly anything, and this suits her as far as being a very pretty wallflower.

  19. Shnaggi

    Pass the cookie cutter…variations on a theme.Young Pink, nude numbingly neutral sprayed on tooo tight …just reinforces what a class act Selena Gomez brought to the globes.

  20. Melody

    I was really looking forward to a WTF-variety diatribe about Heather Morriss’s NOT fantastic dress, makeup, and clearly awkward stance. I can’t figure out why you’ve decided that whatever she is doing is positive, instead of clearly cringe-worthy. That pose makes me dislike her dress even more than I already would simply by sheer drab-factor. She seems like she’s trying too hard.

  21. Cat

    I think Heather’s dress is fine (just fine), but wow, that is such an awkward pose. Naya… oh dear. The dress is ugly, color is terrible, her boobs are HUGE and in your face(she must have actually gotten a boob job– I thought it was a joke)… yuck.

  22. lc

    ho-hum, oatmeal and nude oatmeal

  23. Joni Woodhead

    Heather’s shot was taken as she was moving, I am thinking she was turning slightly toward this camera and moving her hand towards herself to put onto her hip ( once there the shoulder wont be so harshly thrown back )

  24. kk

    i’m shocked that only one commenter noted how scary skinny naya looks. she looks disgustingly unhealthy – even her hair is limp & lackluster. eat a sandwich naya!

  25. Kayla

    That’s an akward pose for heather, but she looked fine otherwise.
    On Naya: she has NOT had a boob job. In some photos of this dress you can see her real breasts are resting on chicken cutlet inserts and are pushed up. Someone pointed it out here:
    I follow her career quite closely, she has had a decent bust for a long time, even when she was stickly thin ie in this photo from 2009
    She gained weight over the summer, it is evident in her face, arms and breasts like in this pic from last july boobs are nowhere near that big, it is just an illusion created by filler in the dress and push up

  26. Jamie

    Yes!!!! to everyone who said Naya looks super skinny. I’m not sure if it’s just the post, but she looks like Skeletor to me. Look at how disproportionately huge her head looks….

    …oh, and her boobs, too, but that might be for an entirely different reason.

    Not good.

    Heather, I think you look fab!

  27. a

    Heather looked amazing. I usually think she looks better with her hair down but I really liked the updo this time. The natural tones really suit her imo. I love her eyes.

    Naya is beautiful but I don’t know what is up with her fashion sense. She’s worn some beautiful dresses before but most of them are horrific. Really not liking this dress. Also I agree that I think she got a boob job….

  28. lilllie

    I thought they both looked boring. I did like Heather’s make up though. Also, I thought Naya looked a bit trashy here, which is a shame because she’s a beautiful girl.