Golden Globes Fugs and Fabs: White Gowns

If you’re in the market for a wedding dress…. please don’t pick this one unless you want people to look around for the shotgun.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. giggleswick

    Jaime King’s dress is another version of the crazy dragon embroidered thing that Julianna Margulies (sp?) is wearing. This one works much better.

  2. Big Noise

    Archie Panjabi is a gorgeous woman, and that’s possibly the worst I’ve ever seen her on the red carpet. Shay Mitchell is not only a victim of the Fit Bandits — she’s a victim of the Slit Bandits.

  3. Elizabeth K. Mahon

    According to US Weekly, Archie Punjabi orginally planned on wearing a gray dress but her publicist made her change into this white one. Which should be the last time she relies on her publicist for fashion tips.

  4. Big Noise

    On another note: ugly hair. Why are we being subject to middle parts and slicked-back sides? It look awful on Chastain, it looked awful on somebody else who wore it, and it looks awful on Jamie King. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, you have Julia Roberts or Kristen Wiig, whose hair looked like they just rolled out of bed.

    • mepe

      This!! What is up with all of the middle parts. They really don’t work very well on anyone – whether it’s parted fringe or the whole head. I hope this trend goes away before the Oscars.

  5. Alicia

    Katie’s dress would have been beautiful on someone else. The color does nothing for her and washes her out.

  6. Edith

    Emmanuelle Chirqui’s is a marvel of hideousness. From the unwisely dropped waist up, it looks like a terrible catalog bathing suit. You know, the really cheap looking catalogs you certainly never asked for, where every suit is supposed to make you look SEXXXY, but instead they all look hideous and tacky and gross? Yeah, those. The top half of dress looks like one of those bathing suits. The bottom half a) looks like a coverup to match the hideous swimsuit, and b) is so stumpifying it almost looks like she’s kneeling in this picture.

  7. Art Eclectic

    Why is Mayim dressed like a 75 year old society dowager at a Monte Carlo Night fundraiser for the local children’s hospital?

  8. Liz985

    Awww, I’m gonna give this one to Mayim. She has come a long way from being hijacked on “What Not to Wear.” This is a real attempt, it fits her well, and it has some nice girly details. Plus, her hair and makeup are fab.

    • Stefanie

      I was coming to say the same thing! She has looked REALLY horrible in the past so Im giving this one to her.

      • Claire1

        ..and it’s bright. It brightens her up…. she always seems so…..brown/gray/beige to me…. I forget that she is actually interestingly pretty.

        • Dazie

          Plus isn’t she the one going through a separation? Perhaps the mood of the day was “FINE. If I can’t wear my sweatpants and take my own Ben & Jerry’s I’ll put on the first thing I grab in MeMaw’s closet.”

        • openroses

          Mayim Bialik is Jewish and dresses this way in part as a religious observance (which they totally ignored on What Not To Wear.) I believe that her religious beliefs require her to keep arms to the elbow and legs to the knees covered at all times, and chest covered up entirely, which actually makes it no fun for me to critique her style. I know she’s an actress, and therefore we assume she has to show up to these things looking sexy, but there’s not a whole lot one can do under the religious restrictions she lives by.

          Of course, the one time I went to an Orthodox temple, the girls had found all kinds of ways to cheat (lacy scarves over shoulders with a strappy dress, etc.) It actually makes me respect her more for adhering to her beliefs, despite the pressure to be flashy. Especially when going through a divorce.

        • Erin

          Agreed. This photograph isn’t the best, but I remember it looking great on the red carpet. Good for her.

  9. Claire1

    Dazie, you’re right. She is.
    Also, I think I remember reading that one of the things she worked out with the producers of The Big Bang Theory was to keep her character’s clothing “modest’ in order to mesh with her personal beliefs.
    No judgment on my part there….

  10. Minda

    Mayim has written quite a bit, online, about how hard it is to dress for these occasions and remain true to Orthodox ideals. I actually think it’s lovely, but she just needed a better fit or better undergarments for around the middle. It cannot be easy to find appropriately covered dresses for these things, so you have to give her a break.

    • Claire1

      Thank you! I knew I read something like that somewhere…but I couldn’t remember if it was religious and/or personal.
      In that case, I think this dress is smashing. She’s covered and still has some shiny going on.

      • Rayna

        I’m giving Mayim this one, just because……………also, the color is great!

        • GFY Heather

          Well, that is nice information. I thought she did it better at the Emmy, though.

    • S

      Agree it could use some better undergarmenty things but the color is very pretty on her, and I like the delicate sparkle. Plus, I think she is handling her divorce with major class (and I love her mom writings, so I admit bias towards her.)

    • Amber

      I feel like I read a blog post where she said she didn’t like “enhancing” undergarments, although that’s pretty vague. But, if that’s the case, I probably wouldn’t go with a strapless (if gauzy) dress. Like others have said, she did it better at the Emmy’s.

      I wish the dress where shorter – I think I’d be okay with the boxy/shift dress shape if it didn’t just puddle on the floor around her feet. Maybe it looks better in motion? Maybe if it didn’t have the belt, and had a bit more of an A-line structure (that could be my personal prefrences sneaking in, but if she doesn’t want to be in a spanx bodysuit, I think A-line can be very forgiving of the midsection).

      She’s so pretty! I really want to take her to my tailor. I don’t understand how she makes more per episode than I make in a year, and I can still get things altered and feel pretty with very similar constraints (mine’s not religious, I just don’t like my arms or wearing tall shoes).

  11. Rachel

    Why is Jaime King leaning on an invisible counter?

  12. Sajorina

    I think Mayim looks pretty! And, I love the idea of Shay’s dress, but it needed to be fitted better! She looks BEAUTIFUL as always!

  13. Bonnie Klein

    Mayim is an observant Orthodox Jew so she needs to be dressed modestly. I agree it could be better, but that is limiting.

    • Celeste

      If Mayim is that devout, shouldn’t she be wearing something to cover her head? I don’t think that’s a wig. And I’ve certainly seen her in things a tad less “modest.” I think hideosity is more the problem anyhow.

      • Minda

        Not all Orthodox women cover their head outside temple, it’s a personal choice. Her belief is that covering the body out of modesty is important. She doesn’t adhere for strictness sake but because she’s made personal, thoughtful choices.

  14. Esme

    A bunch of misses, except for James’, which I loooooove (I still insist on calling her JAMES just to be obnoxious).

    • mwk

      Shay Mitchell’s torso looks like a very angry face with prominent bottom teeth.

  15. Maddy

    I personally think Jamie King’s styling is great! Its not the absolute best she could have looked, but still chic. Although this opinion could be because the others unfortunately look so terrible it makes her look better.

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  16. Hima

    I didn’t care for Mayim’s dress so much, but I really thought her hair and makeup looked beautiful here. Then I learned about her religious beliefs, creating some sense to her clothing styles, and it made me like the dress more. For a conservative look, it IS pretty. So overall, it’s a FAB for me.

    Also, altho I don’t love Katie Aselton’s dress, I DO love The League (which also features her husband, the aforementioned Duplas brother). Heather, I am surprised you don’t like it! To each her own, I guess…