Golden Globes Fugs and Fabs: Pinks

Don’t you love the part of the week where I say, “Damn, I don’t think I can drum up a full post about Felicity Jones, or Georgia King, or Nikki Reed, so THANK GOD they’re all wearing pink”? Me too.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Erin McGarrahan

    I love so much that Georgia King paired those bright blue shoes with that dress, even though the dress itself has issues.

    • Mary

      Agreed, love the blue shoes with that shade of pink! So fab. (Ahh I just used the word fab! Oh no!)

  2. AmandaD

    After Beckinsale’s monstrosity, Jones’ dress was a relief. Sure, too washed out and kind of boring, but sometimes that’s better than the alternative. Especially when that alternative is a bed skirt.

  3. Stefanie

    Damn, Kate normally looks so much better than this. Im really quite shocked.

  4. Claire1

    I actually like Jones’ dress. Quite a bit. I think I’d like it better if it were just below the knee….but it makes me happy. I don’t know her…but I can say…. she doesn’t look pleased….

    ..and why why WHY does Kate bug the frig outta me? I don’t know her life. I don’t think I’ve even watched her in an interview….. but she bugs! She must remind me of someone and I just can’t pin it down or something.

  5. Sajorina

    I think Felicity’s dress is pretty cute! And, I love Nikki’s whole ensemble… Dress is beautiful (what a gorgeous color!), clutch and jewelry are awesome, and hair & makeup are perfect! Plus, now that I know that she’s on the new Hanson video, I kind of love her!

  6. ChristieLea

    With the clunky gold necklace, Beckinsale looks like a lamp from 1986. The kind your parents put in the formal living room that you weren’t allowed to touch.

  7. G

    The Petite Peplum Fairy was too helpful to Felicity Jones. She has a waist peplum and a bust peplum on the same dress.

    • Susan

      Ah, yes, the PPF visited Felicity Jones and the More is Better at the Bust Peplum Fairy visited Kate Beckinsale. I guess we are lucky they only got to these two, or did they?

  8. Elizabeth Huckleberry

    Top these off with sunglasses by Adam Trent from the University of Arizona. Any pink ensemble will look finished with these. Go to

  9. malevolent andrea

    My mom had the tablecloth and napkins Beckinsale’s wearing. That’s seriously all I can see: she wrapped the tablecloth around her and tucked the napkins in up top to make it fancee.

  10. Mair Mair

    I have a weakness for pale pink, and I love the shade of Kate’s dress. So pretty with her skin tone. But that’s all I love (or even like) about it.

  11. Gingerlocks

    I feel like Nikki Reed’s dress is the one Allison Williams SHOULD have worn to the GGs. And in this picture she looks like AW’s slouchy stand-in. Poor, Nikki, for years I always thought she was Ashley Greene; now I think she’s Allison Williams.

  12. amy

    Kate’s dress is a Barbie dress if there ever was a life-size version of one. I think I had that exact one, you could pull the top down to the waist to make it a ‘skirt’ with that ruffle around the hips and put on a tank top. I played with Barbies in the 80s.

    She’s so pretty, and can rock a lot of hard looks to rock, why this?