Golden Globes Fug/Fab Face-Off: Rainey Qualley vs Freida Pinto

They’re not identical, true, but like Natalie and Angelina’s — whose dresses’ noteworthy red foldover feature sort of usurped each other — these share something in common: a shiny, maybe even textured blue-green fabric. Nobody ever said connective tissue had to be THICK. Halfway through day three of Globes Globes Globes Globes, you look for whatever fresh angles you can. By tomorrow I’ll probably be all, “These two women both have hair and skin and are not naked. WHO WORE IT BETTER?”

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  1. Sandra

    Frieda, because she’s OWNING it. Rainey looks a little uncomfortable; which is not surprising given that her dress is trying to crawl off of her. The dress itself is good and I love the pattern. It just needs to fit properly.

  2. Sajorina

    To me both fabrics on the blue/green dresses look like upholstery fabrics! Since I would love to put Freida’s fabric on my sofa & Rainey’s fabric on a casual chair, I think that means that I like Freida’s dress better… She really looks pretty in it, even though it looks a bit stiff! And, I liked Rainey’s ivory & black dress more than the other one!

  3. Jacquilynne

    I think Freida looks better overall, but I really, really, really want to press out that side seam. Or maybe that’s just a trick of the way the fabric falls.

    But either way, it makes it look like someone forgot to press the seams as they were sewing the dress.

    • GingerLover

      YES! Good lord, the dress looks like a Barbie dress where the fabric won’t sit flat because there are making a tiny wee dress out of stiff fabric. Of course here it’s a big dress out of stiff fabric, and that seam ruins the dress, so even though Rainey’s may need a tug up, she’s not tugging here so she wins by an unseen tug!

  4. Gracie

    Frida’s makes her hip looks much wider than it is and makes her look an odd combo of tall but frumpy! For that alone, it deserves a fug (she’s way too pretty for any gown to accomplish that).

  5. vandalfan

    I don’t like the hairstyle on either of them, nor strapless anything, so I guess I like the older lady’s better. Both fabrics are excellent, but both seem too heavy to do strapless.

  6. Mahastee

    Not a huge fan of either dress, Frieda wins by a hair because she looks more comfortable,and has accessorised well. But the fabric reminds me of insulation.

  7. mary lou bethune

    Why are they always thrusting their children out only to highlight that they didn’t inherit the incredible looks of their parent; e.g., Willis kids, this girl, the child from last year…and almost everyone else who has been paraded out and about. Why?

    • dvj

      While she doesn’t look much like momma, she got somebody’s good genes, which is definitely not the Willis situation. I am absolutely not trying to be mean, but I feel like in polite circles, we don’t mention that Rumer is, you know, slightly odd looking. Rainey may not be Andie (which is fine with me b/c I don’t like her either), but she is pretty, and definitely not odd.

    • witjunkie

      Oh no…during the ceremony she looked much prettier than these photos. She was luminous. The ivory dress, too, was gorgeous under the lights.

  8. Suzanne

    I chose Freida only because I cannot stand Andie McDowell and by proxy her daughter. Was that nice? No. Did it feel good, if a bit petty? Yes.

    • Erika

      I’m right there with you. Although I didn’t really like the waistline placement on Freida.

  9. Lynsey

    I enjoy both looks, but you’re right about where Rainey’s gown sits on the torso. It’s just not quite right. It’s a nice color, but the pattern reminds me of a throw pillow that my friend has on her bed.

    However, I find that the belted part of Freida’s gown sits oddly as well. It’s too low for the waist or an empire cut, but it’s too high to sit on the hips. I think its odd placement makes her look larger than she is. No winner for me.

  10. Ruby

    How has no-one mentioned the NECKLACE?! Frieda’s dress is by far by pick of the two, but it is RUINED by that necklace, RUINED I tell you (sorry, I was watching THAT episode of Family Guy last night). I’m so frustrated by it I can’t vote. I just can’t. I tell my finger to press the button but it won’t move.

  11. Fuh Ugh

    Team Frieda. I’m just glad it wasn’t another one of those hideous Willis kids. All three of them are unattractive, but all in different ways. It’s bizarre; you’d think at least one of them would have gotten the good genes. This girl, on the other hand, is pretty. Let’s leave it at that.

  12. lc

    Team Rainey. I felt Freida’s dress just wasn’t all that flattering, as pretty as she is I don’t think the cut or color did her any favors. On the other hand, Andie’s daughter looks fantastic. Could it have fit a bit better in the bodice, definitely, but she looks stunning!

  13. Sandra

    I swear, the next person who comments on “well that one didn’t measure up to her parents’ good looks”, I’m gonna reach right through my screen and bust them on the jaw. If you want to say the Willis girls dress in weird and unflattering outfits, that’s fine. They pretty much do You can even say that their styling is all wrong for their faces. But shut the hell up about their actual faces already! Are you really saying that people who don’t match society’s or your own ideals of attractiveness shouldn’t pursue careers that will place them in the public eye? Only freakishly beautiful women should be allowed out in public? Women with strong features that they inherited from their dads should veil their faces? 99.98% of the women in the world aren’t as beautiful as Demi Moore and other Hollywood celebrities. It is because they are such genetic oddities that we swoon over them. Also, even the ones who haven’t had cosmetic procedures have a whole ton of people doing their hair and make-up and then air-brushing the photographs beyond all human recognition. The offspring of any outlier (way above the average) are likely not to equal their parents in that particular trait and are practically guaranteed not to exceed them. This is called regression towards the mean and it’s just the way genetics works.

    So, stop it.

    (btw, I have never met any of these people and have no knowledge of their personal characters. I do, however, know mean when I see it and slagging people off for their looks is mean and petty)

    • Jessica

      Yes, let’s cool it with the “they are HIDEOUS” comments, please. That’s not cool. (However, there is no need for jaw-punching in Fug Nation, either.)

      • Sandra

        Okay, I’ll be good and restrict myself to hissing like a wet cat in the privacy of my cubicle. :)

  14. Christy

    Loved this look on Freida. I especially loved her necklace. It may have been my favorite piece of jewelry for the evening on ANYONE. Just stunning.

  15. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    I can’t wait for one of the Brange’s girls to be Miss Golden Globe!

  16. katie

    I gotta go with Rainey.

    Freida looks good in that picture, but I didn’t like it on tv – it looked too lose on the top, yet her boobs looked too smushed…I just didn’t get it. LOVED her necklace though.

  17. ChaChaHeels

    Frieda looks best because the brocade fabric and the cut of the dress was actually more regal looking than “ingenue”–and ingenue is exactly what Rainey is! She’s lovely and blessed with her mom’s good looks, but she is youthful and pretty, where Frieda is womanly and self-possessed and confident. Nothing wrong with youthful, pretty ingenues–but there is also nothing quite so beautiful as a grown up woman who knows who she is and wears it proudly. Give Rainey 10 years, and I’m sure we’ll see that kind of beauty in her, too.

  18. Squirrel!

    I prefer secret option 3: Neither blue-green dress, but the shot of Rainey and mama Andie.