Golden Globes Fug/Fab Face-Off: Emma Roberts vs Erica Dasher

It’s the Battle of the Blues. Let’s DO THIS THING. In one corner, we have Emma Roberts:

Emma’s dress may actually be two-tone — it looks awfully black down by the skirt, or at least maybe like a darker blue. I don’t know. I wish the lighting were better (which… it’s not like this party was spontaneous, or doesn’t happen every single year, or is illuminated only by the glow of a hundred FRAGILE leg lamps, so can’t they fix that?). I think the architecture of the top is really pretty, but I can’t decide whether the little ruffles running down the skirt are interesting, or look like they recently fed the mice living in her closet. At least, for once, her eye makeup doesn’t make me want to attack her with some Pond’s.

In the other corner is Ms. Erica Dasher of Jane By Design:

Well, the hair extensions are absurd. (At least, I assume they’re extensions — I don’t think ironing out this would make it THAT long.) The shoes are a clunky mismatch. I’m not sold on the tassels hanging from the waist tie — don’t those tickle her legs in the most annoying way when she walks? — and I can’t help wondering if this whole look is Aphrodite on Roy G. Biv day at Mount Olympus. However, all that said, she looks quite grown-up and sleek, showing a lot of skin without looking at all smutty. I’ve listed several reasons not to like it, and yet I can’t bring myself to dislike it either. Both of these girls actually look pretty good, better than either has in a while. So whose blue reigns supreme? I wish Chairman Kaga were here to reveal the answer.

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  1. Lina

    This is the first thing I’ve ever seen Emma wear that I liked…but I’m prone to fondness for anything art deco, which this is. I do find the saggy bust distracting (padded bras are sometimes useful!), but overall this is among the best I’ve seen her look. This other girl? Needs a stylist.

  2. Sandra

    Love the color of Emma’s dress, but it’s got too many different things going on. Erica looks like she pulled her skirt up under her bodice and flipped it over, the way we did with our t-shirts on warm summer days in the Cretaceous Period. It isn’t slutty, but it’s not attractive either. There is no formal event in the world which requires the exposure of that much torso. Nice job with the tape, though.

    So yeah, I don’t love either one of them.

    • LoriK

      Erica’s dress does look like the t-shirt pull. It was bugging me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. And you’re right, it’s not exactly slutty, but it’s not good either. The color is great, but otherwise this dress is not good.

      Emma’s dress just has way too much going on. There’s too many angles and tucks and whatnot. The fact that it does appear to be two-tone pushes it totally OTT, and because she’s so tiny it’s really overwhelming her. Simplify the skirt and make it all one color and it would have been good.

    • witjunkie

      Ha, Sandra, that’s exactly what it looks like! I used to play I Dream of Jeannie with my shirt tucked over and down like that. Back in the Olden Days. My friend Chuck played Major Nelson.

  3. Anne B

    Confession time: I don’t know who either of these people is. (I understand you’re recapping a show the second appears in, but I haven’t seen it yet. This girl could sell me a belt in Club Monaco and I’d be all, “Thanks! Have a great day!”)

    I also don’t care for what either of them is wearing. Girl 2 takes my disinterest to a level of mild curiosity (where do you put your boobs in a dress like that? Isn’t J-Lo going to be all “AAAYYYY CHICA you steal mi ropa from The Awards of Grammy in the Nineties, you DIE!!”?).

    So I suppose I’d also be asking the girl at Club Monaco (1) if the Employee Handbook approved that look, and (2) if she’s being stalked by an angry woman with an entourage and five-inch heels, yet.

  4. anne p.

    I like the dress Emma’s wearing, but . . . .
    ‘FRAGILE’ little girl indeed! And I so hope that one of these days she’ll choose a shade of blonde that actually suits her skin tone.

    • Anna B.

      THANK you! She needs a rinse and a sandwich. I’ve never seen her look this skinny! It’s jarring.

      • Ericka

        Yah I couldn’t get past how skinny she is to really like the dress.

  5. Chris

    Ithink Erica’s dress makes her look VERY smutty

  6. coexxi

    I don’t like Emmas dress, is it too busy. Also this cut-outs are so Mara Rooney and I’m so over Mara Rooney….
    The other one is sleek despite the strange tassle. So the Erica dress wins in my book.

  7. Anissa

    Actually I like both dresses, but I don’t think either girl is pulling them off. An older actress/model would be able to do them justice. Erica has more confidence than Emma but both end up looking like they are playing dress up and raided their older sis’s closet.

  8. that girl

    I was about to give this to Emma, but then I spied what looks like a bit of her shoe under the dress, which leads me to believe that dark bit at the front is actually a semi-sheer panel?! Yuck. Like the top of it though.

  9. trib

    Pretty girls, lovely dresses, but my, they need to eat a steak.

    Emma Roberts looks like my 14yo daughter – still not hitting puberty and all long limbs – yet she’s turning 21 this year.

  10. yeahandalso

    Erica’s dress belongs on somebody like Demi Moore, it is very much the dress a woman of a certain age would chose to prove she’s still got it

  11. Tia Maria

    Erica looks trashy and dated; like she bought the entire ensemble, including the extensions, at “Contempo Casuals for the Desperate, Nouveau Riche Housewives of Atlantic City”.

    Emma’s dress is both interesting and pretty. I suspect the two-tone effect is a blue to black ombre and I find it charming that it is applied to both the top and the bottom of the dress. That said, girlfriend needs a dark chocolate dye job for her tresses and a cheeseburger stat.

  12. Gigi

    Emma needs a Philly cheesesteak to fill her out and maybe then do justice to what might be a cool dress (definitely a great color).

  13. TonyG

    Erica got my vote. Even though Emma’s dress is clearly the more interesting of the two, Erica wears her better. Emma’s dress just hangs there and is kind of wearing her. Erica fills out her dress and gives it more life than its actual designer did.

  14. Katie

    Can I vote for Chairman Kaga?

  15. vandalfan

    Both are awful. I dislike Emma on principle, and the cut outs looks cheap. They ruin an otherwise promising skirt. The other young thing just makes me clutch my pearls. And, she’s wearing Aunt Matilda’s shoes.

  16. Claire L

    I wish Emma would add some color….to her hair. This lighter color really seems to wash her out. I like the dress….but not enough to love it. I think there’s a bit too much going on at the bottom….or maybe I wouldn’t mind all that going on if it were shorter.
    Erica’s dress looks like someone added tassels to one of those Infinity dresses…..or whatever it is they tried to hock on TV back in the early 90s.

  17. Alison

    I like Emma’s dress but Erica’s dress looks inappropriate for her and the extensions are a no.

  18. Mahastee

    Emma’s dress is stylish and interesting, Erica’s looks desperate.

  19. Ruby

    I have to say I’m really disppointed at the amount fo skinny bashing going on again. Can we please leave it to ‘this doesn’t fit well’ or ‘she’s not curvy enough’ or ‘this would have looked better on…’

    no one said Melissa McCathry shouldn’t have had that last meal, did they? NO because that would be a horrible thing to say, just as horrible as saying Emma needs to eat a steak or a sandwich. Why is it suddenly ok if they’re slim? WHY AM I HAVING TO WRITE THIS AGAIN? it’s all been said before!

    • Kathleen

      Ruby, I agree with you that it should never be okay to bash someone elses’ body size and shape. However, I do worry about what kids are seeing when they look at these young actresses. They are pretty, successful, and fairly well known. Girls watching the shows on TV think that if they look like the actresses and models, then they can be just as successful. We battle it here with a 13 year old who is tall and quite thin and compares herself to young ladies like these says that she is getting fat. So while I don’t condone body bashing, I would like to see a shift to healthy, instead of skinny.

      • Megan

        I get that really but as naturally skinny girl it’s very annoying to have people say “eat a sandwich” when you are actually very healthy & eat more than most. I think what people are getting at all shapes are great & we are not hear to judge- only how the clothes look on them.

    • LibraryChick

      Agree on both counts. It’s one thing to say the dress doesn’t work well on person X because it doesn’t suit his/her shape. It’s another thing to attack the shape of person X, whatever that shape may be. I know some of the comments about the shapes of certain folks come from genuine concern, but I agree with Ruby. Let’s try to tie the comments more closely to fashion. I will do my best to follow along with my own comment.

      Ms. Roberts is wearing a visually interesting dress, but the bodice does not appear to fit her properly. I bet someone like Demi Moore or Annette Bening would totally have rocked this dress, though. .

  20. Claire

    Gurlfriends need a big mac and an extra large large fries and triple size big gulp coke.. Enough said

  21. jlj

    Neither dress is great. Erica’s hair might be her own. It is very curly. It’s possible.

    My problem is that I don’t really like Emma Roberts. I think I might have to recuse myself on the judging of clothing between the two.

  22. Sajorina

    Emma’s dress is better, it’s interesting and worthy of The Globes! The other dress & Erica’s overall styling is boring! Still, I don’t get why Emma has a white clutch and platinum blond hair because neitber of them work! Anyway, I’m concerned about how fragile she looks…

  23. Miranda

    I just want to snip out the very very top part of Emma’s dress, around her throat. I wish it were just a boatneck with keyhole, without the extra neck sling. I think that would fix the busy-ness and make it a YES without reservations.

  24. Rubee

    Emma’s dress is definitely regal couture but nothing can fix her blandness and general lack of sparkle. Aunt Julia is propping her to stardom same way Charlotte from SATC wanted to make a champion out of that little dog she was given. Lost cause.

  25. Jenna

    I like Emma’s dress in and of its self, I just don’t think it looks very good on her. The top fits oddly, it’s kind of bunchy and it makes her boobs look weird. I think I might like it better on someone a bit curvier, perhaps. I should add that I’m typically the word’s biggest Emma Roberts style fan, and I want to steal most items of clothing she has ever worn.

    And I agree about Erica dasher’s outfit. It’s odd, it has a lot of stupid parts, and yet, I think she still looks good.

  26. Amberoni

    If a dress lacks the slut factor ONLY because the girl wearing it doesn’t have fully developed breasts, you need to check your premise. 1) Erica looks like she would love to be selling it, if she had any to sell. 2) When you are that undeveloped (because of age, weight, or genetics), flaunting it is not necessarily in good taste. Especially if you’re sooo young. Makes me want to pull a t shirt over her entire self there and comb out the weave.

  27. Heather

    I am so sick of seeing this washed out, one dimensional blonde hair color on so many female celebs in Hollywood. Claire Danes, Nicole Kidman, Kelly Ripa, Kate Hudson, the list goes on and on. Even Reese is starting to fall into that category and she’s always had to die for blonde hair. These women have access to the top colorists in the world and can also afford it so why do they look like this? Go get some lowlights and take it to a more flattering sandy, natural blonde. Please!