Golden Globes Fug Party: Kathleen Robertson

Hey, Kathleen Robertson,

Remember that time on 90210: Original Sauce when Steve accidentally washed your dead mom’s precious scarf and it shrunk and you were devastated by how something once appropriately sized turned all tiny and wonked up? It’s HAPPENED AGAIN. And this time, TO YOUR TOP.

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Comments (11):

  1. ddukes

    oh golly i thought that was kate beckinsale!

  2. Willow

    This could have been such a cute little dress had the proportions been dont properly and maybe another strap added for good measure.

  3. Fuh Ugh

    As my husband would say, “Nice to meet you … and your friends.”

  4. Candy

    This would be cute, if a little boring, if it had a symetrical top. Either 2 shoulders or none, choose! I love the look on her face, though. To me, it says “yeah, I got wonky boobs, wanna make somethin’ of it? Right now, let’s throw”.

  5. Jennifer

    Good grief. One wrong flick of the arm and that baby is popping out.

  6. vandalfan

    It just doesn’t fit. The skirt hangs way too long, and the Girls are emergent. Hoik it up and maybe take in the waist to make it stay up there. And add the other strap.

  7. Shnaggi

    Yes her look says it all but more along the lines of, “if I concentrate hard enough this top will not slip and give nipple flash to the whole wide world” she is cross eyed with determination.
    Just try the dress on before you wear it out of the store.

  8. annie

    did anyone else glance at this and think for a second that it was Kristen Stewart?

  9. katie

    best. post. ever. and to think, she was so mean to steve when he shrunk that scarf. now look at her!

  10. Nic

    This is dreadful…your reference to the original (and in my view, the ONLY) 90210 is spot on!

  11. Joni Woodhead

    @ Annie yes … i did at first think it would be kristen stewart