Golden Globes Fug or Fab: Jennifer Westfeldt with Bonus LOTS OF HAMM

I feel sort of sorry for Jennifer Westfeldt, because you know her entire life lately just involves people shoving past her to get a slice of Hamm. If he is the Honey-Baked Hamm of the Hollywood buffet, she’s like the napkins: Everyone expects her to be there, and it would be weird if she didn’t show up, but no one ever got all excited because they were about to bask in the glory of some really awesome napkins. No one has been gleefully anticipating napkins or craving napkins or thinking about what condiments they want to put on their napkins.


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  1. Lola

    Her face….her face….it’s just so much to take in. I want to ask why and how and what and WHY. I don’t understand how she can’t see how horrible it makes her look…she used to be naturally beautiful and would’ve aged nicely, but this…this fight for youth makes you look old, haggard, plastic, weirdly bloated, and just wrong…unnatural. I don’t get it…at all!

    • AnnaB.

      I came on here to ask about her face and your comment pretty much sums it up. She was so so so so pretty before she started filling her face. If you watched the telecast of the Globes, it’s even harder to watch in motion. Let yourself deflate! Age with grace!

      • Ellen

        Agreed. Also, I think she’s probably one of the only people who could out-small mouth Damian Lewis, and that’s quite an accomplishment. Well done.

  2. Lu

    I feel so bad for Jennifer for the same reason. When they interview Jon and she’s also there, it’s like she doesn’t even exist. And when they did ask her a question? It wasn’t about her projects or career, it was “what are you wearing?” like her only purpose is to be arm candy. Love them both – smart, talented, interesting, and classy.

  3. Taylor

    1) I love JWest, I think she is fantastic. Especially served next to a perfectly golden honey baked Hamm.


  4. Lizzy

    Love the color, and the top is so sleek and shiny. Sorry there isn’t an unobstructed view of the whole dress.

  5. MissTee

    I really like her dress and I really liked Friends With Kids and I love her husband (LOVE LOVE LOVE), but I cannot deal with her odd face. She looks like Janice the muppet. I wish she hadn’t messed with it at all. I wish that about 99% of face-messing.

    • Katie

      Exactly! Friends with Kids. Lady has her own successes, and I don’t think not having to answer Giuliana’s questions is really keeping her up at night, y’know? It’s good networking to be there, and kinda wonderful to enjoy the party without the junket. She always looks like she’s having a good time.

  6. Siobhan Dobson

    I love the metallic purple of the dress and I almost wish the whole thing was done in that material. But then it might look a little too much like something Sophia Vergara would wear so I don’t know. I do feel bad for her that she always gets ignored but then I remember that she gets to go to bed with Jon Hamm every night and think, eh, maybe I don’t feel so bad for her after all.

  7. Stefanie

    The dress isnt doing it for me. I wish it was all of one or the other. (Preferably the sparkly part.)

    AS FOR HAMM…Com’ere kitten. Rarrr.

    WHERE THE HELL did the Hamm coloring book come from? If she made that for you then she A. deserves the best friend award and B. should go into business.

    • Jessica

      She deserves the best friend award for sure, but she got it on Etsy.

      • Tatiana

        But it’s bare! Color it, glue sequins on it, draw in some questionable condiments — please decorate and repost!

        And I love that pillow in the background.

  8. Kathryn Mackenzie

    I’m sure lots of people are going to tell me I’m wrong about this, but I really don’t get the whole Jon Hamm thing. Yes he’s a good actor, and seems funny and nice, but to look at, when I see him I’m really ‘eh, I don’t get all the fuss.’

  9. filmcricket

    I’d like to see a front view of the dress without her bag in the way. It looks pretty shoddily constructed when you blow it up – loose threads and pulled seams. But I love how unusual & purple & disco-fabulous it is.

  10. Erin

    My dreams will be filled with Hamm and Scott tonight. (And despite my multiple postings on your lovely site today, I’ve actually been very productive workwise, so there’s that.)

    • wildviolette

      Scott AND Hamm!!!
      OMG, I need to lay down. My eyes simply don’t know which to ogle first!

      • Carol C.

        I AGREE! Also, my son bought me the John Hamm coloring book for Christmas! Twinsies!!!

  11. christine

    I really want to see a picture without her holding her clutch in front of her. With that scoop in the metallic fabric I keep thinking she has some lead shielding to protect her uterus- it’s a weird image. I think this could be great if the metallic didn’t do the weird dip in the front, it’s just too crotch contoured.

  12. Mary Urech Stallings

    She is so much more talented and interesting than he.

  13. JENNY

    I don’t feel sorry for her because she gets to bang Jon Hamm! I feel sorry for me that I don’t. Also, that is a gorgeous dress and I am buying myself that coloring book immediately!

  14. val.

    I’ve always been fascinated by these two. He’s supposedly dreamy (although he doesn’t do it for me), and she is pretty but not gorgeous in a Hollywood way. Unexpected. And she always seems like such a wallflower when she’s with him. But they’ve been together for forever so maybe it’s true love?

    I do like her dress.

  15. Tiffany

    I like her dress a lot. The color is pretty and the texture is unique. Love it.

  16. Sajorina

    I love her dress! I love the color and remember thinking “Metallic Purple Records!” when I saw it on TV! The only thing that bothers me is the black shoes! She should’ve worn silver or metallic purple stilettos! FAB to both of them!

    I’m loving the Jon & Adam picture! And, how fun must a Hamm Coloring Book be?

  17. ccm800

    Hamm. Really is the perfect name for this guy

  18. Vandalfan

    Kinda like purple torpedo boobs, but still not bad.

    • Tamburlaine

      Yes! I was thinking that the boobs were weirdly pointy. Not a fan of the dress – maybe it’s because the violet skirt doesn’t seem to go with the deeper purple top?

  19. Sarah Asarnow

    Does the book have 30 Rock Hook-handed Hamm?

  20. Eli

    I’m not keeping kosher…please pass the Hamm. Particularly since according to the Innernets, he is packing a 5 lb hamm in the frontal area of his pants.

  21. Isis

    I sorry. I really like her. I think she is a beautiful person too. She def grew on me after seeing Friends with Kids and just seeing her name on things here and there. I like woman like her in Hollywood and I like her with Hamms. He doesnt need some babe with no brains and nothing to do but tag along. That for Intern George. He needs a strong smart woman who can challenge him. I think Jen can hold her own. Im not for the Botox tho. But I still love you Jen!!

  22. Lucasta

    Jessica, do you listen to the Doug Loves Movies podcast? It’s funny enough to begin with, but Jon Hamm shows up on there fairly regularly (as does Adam Scott) and is always just a goddamn delight. (Of course, it suffers from being a purely audio medium when someone of Hamm’s visual caliber is on, but what can you do.)