Golden Globes Fug or Fab: Emma Stone


I know that Emma Stone is blonde for her movie role in Spider-Man, but I must say, I miss her awesome red hair:

In fact, when I saw her in the background of E!’s red carpet show, I seriously thought she was Kate Bosworth. Squint at her and think about it: blonde bun, sleek Calvin Klein melon-colored dress? All she’s missing is Alex Skarsgard and a working knowledge of what it was like to work on Blue Crush, and they’d be the same person.

Saucy! You know, the longer I look at this, the more I like it. I was sort of undecided on it last night — I’m a little concerned by how much makeup she had to wear not to look washed out — but I kind of dig how austere the cut is, juxtaposed with the mega-cheerful color. And I covet her gold clutch.

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  1. Di

    I voted FABULOUS because it mostly is but her orange skin is keeping it from being a true knock-out look.

  2. Willow

    I really hate it. I’m sorry. I love her and think she is so beautiful but this is just, no.

    Everything seems to run together and distinguishing her hair from her skin is difficult for my eyes, as is differentiating skin from fabric, maybe its my eyes but I just can’t slide with this look.

  3. KAT

    I think she looked SOOOOO HOT! I sort of have a girl crush on her now. And I love the blond hair.

  4. Katie

    Also, she’s a natural blonde, and I think it’s a nice change of pace from the red hair. She looks a bit like a child cut a hole in the back of Malibu Barbie’s dress, but I don’t mind it. Between the dress and her hair and her skin, the color palette reminds me of a mid-century living room. In a good way.

  5. Lori

    I can’t vote because I don’t think it’s fabulous or heinous, I just think it’s sort of meh. I’m pretty sure I would have lived it in a different color.

  6. Heather

    I would like it better in a different color. I also miss the red hair. Hope she goes back to it after her role is over.

  7. jessicookie

    I can’t vote. I like it, but it would be sooooo much better if it were a different color (like, say, blue, or green, or ANYTHING NOT RELATED TO ORANGE).

  8. Ruth

    I thought she was Jaime King.

    I’m sure it was beautiful in person, but the color is totally washed out on screen. Great silhouette, though.

  9. JK

    No ‘Meh’ option? Because that’s all I feel. So blah, so matchy-match with dress and skin tone. Yawn.

  10. Jill

    I though she was Lindsay Lohan for a second. Sorry, Emma!

    I can’t help but compare this dress to Claire Dane’s. I love the fit and and length on Emma’s more, but the color just doesn’t suit her. And the tshirt neckline bothers me. I wish it had room for a big ol’ statement piece of jewelry . I love the back cutout, too.

  11. KT

    I see Jamie Pressly more than Kate Bosworth

  12. Kerry

    It was driving me crazy last night who she was reminding me of, I realized today it was Jamie Pressley, who is MUCH older than she is. I thought she looked too old, but I have no issues with the dress, although it is a lot of peach!

  13. Alisa

    During the E! Red Carpet show, I also thought it was Kate Bosworth in the background, waiting patiently to be interviewed by Seacrest, and I could NOT figure out why Seacrest would be interviewing Kate B.
    Made much more sense once i figured out it was Emma. I don’t love the blonde hair, but I do love the dress… so much.

    And, extra credit to Emma for her (awesome) reaction to RDJ’s banter with her from the stage.

  14. Sara

    I actually think she looks even more like Jaime Pressly in My Name is Earl. The tan with the hair makes her look like, if she moved, it would be to snap her gum.

  15. LT

    Love it, but would have loved it so much more with some big, funky earrings. Be young, Emma!

  16. CanadianEh

    I also thought she looked like Lindsay Lohan – or to be honest, what we hope LL could look like one day if she every gets her s*$t together.

    But I love the dress and the hair style. Just change the colour of both, and then we’re talking. Let’s see, red hair and maybe a golden yellow or a deep blue for the dress?

  17. vandalfan

    Oh, how could you not love this? Unexpected color; it looks good on her.

  18. Breda

    I hate this. She looks awful. And the only problem is the colors: her blondeness combined with her fake tan combined with the orangey dress is just a dreadful combination. If her skin were its usual color, well, that might even solve all the problems right off the bat. But imagine this if she were her usual redheaded, pale self, in, like, mint green. You’d get the same cool, chic effect, but it’d be SO MUCH PRETTIER. The dress itself is great (dude, everyone’s trying to copy Diane Kruger’s white at the Met Ball), but the colors absolutely do not work.

  19. sk

    I thought Emma Stone looke AMAZING!! The dress and color of the dress…stunning on her.

  20. katiecoops

    I love the dress but hate the color. It’s way too similar to her skin tone and it’s just so… ugh. If it were a say, pale blue, this would’ve been one of my favorite dresses but that color really ruins it for me.

  21. Sophie

    What I dislike about this is not the cut of the dress, nor the big pop of peach on her overly tanned skin. It’s this Hollywoodization of her image. When I thought of Emma Stone before I thought big red hair, interesting, normal body, smart. Now she’s blonde, tan, and 15 unneccessary pounds lighter. It’s just unfortunate that she would feel the need to change her image so drastically, and in turn look like everyone else.

  22. Nina

    Although I prefer Emma with her red hair, the blond is starting to grow on me. The dress is lovely and understated. The color is beautiful, but lost on her because of the tan. Also not crazy about the neckline. But the cutout is beautiful and the gown fits her perfectly.

  23. Dorothee

    I would love this if the dress or her skin were a different color. As it is they’re too close in color too each other. It could have been a knockout, but nopers.

    (I couldn’t vote, as I believe neither)

  24. Annabeth

    I can’t vote. I like the dress very much, but the lack of color on her face and hair takes away from it so much. I would have to go for a middle vote.

  25. Bubba

    I hate this color on her. She just looks overall orange. Ditto everyone else who said a different color would have been better. I do like the sleek style and the back cut out is fun. Aside: it looks EXACTLY like my mother’s bridesmaid dresses from 1966. Not sure if that is good or bad.

  26. Ieda


  27. Sad

    She is so young and pretty. I think the dress is nice, but not on her. If the dress were a jewel color, I think it would be a knock-out. Otherwise, it is too old looking for her. And yes….Lindsay Lohan-ish.

  28. Maddie

    Fabulous on her but needs a different color especially since it sort of looks like her skin and hair and dress are all the same color. I miss the red :(

  29. sandeep

    I swear she and Mila Kunis are twinsies. I thought for the longest time that Kunis was in Zombieland.

  30. Kate

    I love the shape; I will take it in any other color but flesh, please and thank you.

  31. Kate

    also, Sophie, I agree – can someone stop Hollywood from molding look-alike ingenues, please?

  32. Johanna

    The dress is pretty, Emma Stone is prettier but, like everyone else, I hate the colour of the dress combined with her hair and skin. Dark hair suites her much better and what is it with all the american celebrities that they prefer their skin colour to be orange?!?! Being pale is ok!

  33. Katie

    At first glance I hated it, considering the lovely patterned dresses she had worn while still a redhead. But the more I look at it, the more it actually grows on me. The dress, not the hair…

  34. Vern

    Red hair was better on her, but I think she looks really good in this dress. I love the simple column, and think it looks elegant on her.

  35. Ms. Pants

    She looks like a walking Pantone card. All one colour.

  36. Cat

    I think that this would have been 100% better if she still had her red hair. The dress is lovely, but I think the overall look just washes her out.

  37. Kirsty

    Another colour would have been perfect but has other commenters have said, her hair, skin and dress are far too similar a shade.

  38. LA

    I like this. But I liked her Critics Choice dress better.

  39. barbarizia

    A big, clean, modern green earring would have punched this up to perfect. Maybe a cabochon emerald or dark jade?

  40. sal

    I miss her red hair and pale skin, but she looks beautiful and demure — an anti-Lohan.

  41. Jill

    I believe she’s a natural blonde, though there was nothing natural-looking about her hair or skin color here. Still, she is a thousand times prettier than Kate Bosworth, who is really unattractive and skeletal IMO.

  42. Bex

    I think it would be fabulous if either the dress was another color or if she had a darker, non bleached blond hair color.

  43. Sally

    Boring – looks like elongated t-shirt from the front. I have night shirts that look like this (well, maybe not exactly like this but pretty close)

  44. Tammie

    I would have loved it if she had her old complexion and hair color with this color of dress. Or, a different color for the dress but keep the blonde and a more normal skin color.

  45. laura

    It’s… you know… fine. Just alright. But I do have to say that it makes her look AGES older than she really is. I would’ve liked to have seen her is something a little more fun.

  46. Dyanna

    I absolutely love Emma Stone. She’s cute as hell, and funny too.

    As for this dress: NO THANK YOU. The color is weird, the cut is boring even with the big open back.

    The colors are all too close, some other color dress might’ve worked.

    Also, as a fake redhead, I want her back on the fake redhead team. This bleachy blonde is weird.

  47. southerngrl

    I love this dress… but not on her. She has the figure to pull this one off, but her skin tone washes out the elegant lines and it’s hard to tell how melon the color is. I’d rather see this on someone with a darker complexion.

  48. perletwo

    I love the dress. I don’t love the dress on *her*.

  49. MelanieM

    I don’t care one way or the other, but for some reason I’m craving an orange creamsicle right now.

  50. Annie

    I LOVE THIS DRESS. I thought Calvin Klein deserved an award for best RC looks – Emma’s dress and Claire Danes’s were both sleek and young and understatedly sexy (cough, cough, January Jones…)

    HOWEVER. Her spray tans ruins this look. Why, Emma, why? Why must you Lohan yourself in this gorgeous dress? I could even deal with the blonde hair, which looks kind of cute in the set stills from Spider-Man. But the tan is just bad.

  51. Kalli

    This would have been so stunning if either the dress or her skin were a darker shade, to provide a little bit of contrast, instead it all just blends together. She looks a mixture of Jaime Pressley’s face with Kate Bosworth’s everything else.

    Why are all these actresses choosing skintone-ish dresses and absolutely disappearing? I hope some of them noticed Angelina Jolie with her pale skin, dark hair and jewel tone dress – gorgeous, minimalist yet attention-getting.

  52. Jennifer

    She just looks so washed out. It’s not heinous or fabulous. It’s just sort of MEH for me.

  53. Temi

    Like the simplicity of the dress. Also, she’s actually a natural blonde. Her character on Spider Man is a redheas

  54. Lbl03c

    you know shes actually a natural blond right? The red was just a facade!

  55. Megan

    If that dress had been ANY other color, she would have looked fab. The peach clashed with her skin and hair. (Don’t get me started on the hair.)

  56. Annie

    I think it’s been well-reported that Emma is, in fact, a natural blonde. She dyed it red at Judd Apatow’s suggestion before filming Superbad, and she dyed it back for Spider-Man, in which she plays Gwen Stacy (who’s blonde) – not Mary Jane Watson (who’s a redhead).

    Like I said, I don’t think it’s the hair color – it’s the fact that she’s spray-tanned orange, like the tan didn’t have a chance to fade to a more natural color before she hit the red carpet. If she were paler, the whole look – not just the dress – would be a knockout.

  57. exquisite red

    Shape is fine, & the back is gorgeous…but the color, oh the color. I totally think that made this go from Fab to Fug or Fab. Oh well. Not a big fan of all the makeup, either. I think I’m also on the MEH team.

  58. KK

    Like the dress, but not on her. It really looks terrible with her skin and hair color. The front of the dress/neckline is kind of bland and awful too. If it were boatneck and sleaveless, it might work. Like the back (on someone else).

    I was hoping for a poll option mentioning A.Skars. Why isn’t he at more of these events? I want to look at him more often.

  59. M

    I wish the dress were a touch more coral reef than fuzzy navel. I think it would’ve had made her -self- pop out more against the color.

  60. Kristen

    It’s not heinous, but it’s far from fabulous! It looks like she’s wearing a regular short sleeve t-shirt. It’s like wearing a dress by Hanes. At least it was done “her way.”

  61. Allyson

    It’s the neckline. It needs to be a bit more scooped or bateau or *something* a little more interesting.

  62. Ruby

    Dear Emma, Lilo and Nicole

    You look AMAZING as red heads – BELIEVE! And leave the bottle of bleach where it belongs in Helen Mirren’s bathroom cabinet (Helen, you are truly awesome, but I think blonde could really work for you!).

    Love Ruby

    PS, Emma, your GG dress is amazing and I’ll be the first to admit it, you could never have pulled it off with red hair.

    PPS, Do blondes REALLY have more fun?

  63. Az

    Love the dress, hate the color. Of the dress. And the hair. And her faux tan. But she’d need at least 50 pounds less to pass for Kate Bosworth.

  64. Lisel

    You know, I would really love it in a different color. I like the simplicity and the back is gorgeous. But not in a color that is almost her skin tone.

  65. Kathleen F.

    The back is dramatic, but I wish it didn’t need the high neckline in front in order to create the effect, because from the front it just looks way too homogeneous. I was thinking a belt would be nice to create some contrast before I saw the back, but obviously with that back a belt wouldn’t work. So, I like the back by itself, but it seems like the front is almost required to be boring in order to make the back work! Yikes.

    The color isn’t too bad–it’s definitely a step removed from all those dull nudes–but a shade darker might help it pop even more.

    I think the reason she looks weird as a blonde is that although that may be her natural hair color, it is definitely not her natural skin color. They don’t work together.

  66. Gretchen

    That tan ruins everything, soooooo…yeah. She’s essentially the same color as her dress, and that’s not a good thing.

  67. KatieL

    I’m red-green colorblind and I took me four write-ups of this dress to determine that she did NOT in fact match the color of the gown to the color of her skin. I’m so relieved I voted Fabulous.

  68. Angela

    Oh my gosh, I thought that was Jaime Presley!

  69. qwerty

    Can’t get past the orange-ish tan with that hair colour,she looks like Jenna Jameson to me

  70. testington

    I would say fab if it where white or navy and her hair were red

  71. marifer

    With red hair, this would’ve been AWESOME.

  72. S

    She probably does look good with her natural blonde hair but that is not a natural blonde – maybe it is designed to look good on film. I love her red hair though.
    I think she should have won – she was incredible in Easy A (did she win? who did?)

  73. Emi

    I concur with everyone who said that she’s just too all-the-same-color.

    You know what would have looked gorgeous? White. Can you imagine this in white? She has a very mod look–something about her screams 1960s–and this thing in white would have been fantastic.

    But instead, she just looks like a beige blob.

  74. Mary

    Am I the only one who was embarrassed by how flimsy this dress was on the red carpet interviews? It molded to her pelvis in a really explicit way unless she held her body or her purse just so.

  75. Anna

    I need RED LIPSTICK on her to like this whole look! Without it: too boring!

  76. Brighty

    I think she looks darling in this dress. It’s simple and elegant, and most importantly, it fits! It’s not bunched up anywhere, nothing is falling out, her undergarments aren’t showing, and she’s not tripping over it. Her hair and makeup look great. Love it.

  77. Zuzzie

    One of my favourite looks of the night!

  78. MrsAriGold

    She would have to be my best dressed of the night. So amazing. The colour didn’t seem to photograph well but when she was being interviewed it was such a beautiful bright coral/melon

  79. lindsay

    are we looking at the same pictures here??!! she is a beautiful girl, but this is awful! the hair, the make up, THE SKIN TONE, the dress.. just no. no. no. no!

  80. niki

    NOOO, the dress colour combined with the new (I’m sorry but I must say it) unforgivably bad new hair just makes her look so plain and washed out. She should’ve at least picked a dress in a better colour that contrasts more with her new hair colour because the style of the dress is quite cute, or she could’ve picked more bold and interesting accecories or both!

  81. Gulletless

    It’s a FABULOUS cut, but a HEINOUS colour for a woman of orange complexion. Put this on Nicole Kidman, though…

  82. Amy

    I frickin’ LOVE IT. Love it with that make-up, love it with the hair up, love the gold clutch. If I would change anything it would be her fake tan – oh, and bring back the red hair, of course!


  83. kimmy

    i adore this dress (and her too), but she is all mono-chromatic. it did look a bit darker on screen though. the fit is perfection and there is not a single wrinkle to be found.

    that tan is awful and i miss her red hair! if that dress was even just a smidge darker or even in like a cool mint green (like someone above suggested), she would have been a best dressed for me.

  84. aaa

    her skin tone is off. she looks orange – the result of a spray tan and too much make up no doubt. the dress is fabulous, but i’m not sure it’s fitting for her personality. she looks like she lost weight.

  85. Craig Turner

    This look just does not work for me, although it does make me suddenly crave a dreamsicle.

  86. catherine

    I think she looks like Jaime King here. She is very pretty and I love me some Emma but…I prefer her as a red head.

  87. AK

    Suggestion: show a photo of her off the red carpet. The red background made it hard to accurately gauge anyone’s coloring if they were wearing a color close enough to red to clash with it (this, Claire Danes’ hot pink number).

    She looks fantastic, and once the shock of her being a blonde wears off, we’ll all go back to realizing that she’s still a fox.

  88. Alexa

    i can’t help but see the Babysitter Bandit when i look at her face. i don’t even think she’s in anyway unattractive AT ALL… i just can’t get it out of my head.
    I love this though, and i think the slightly darker skin is beautiful on her.

  89. Rebecca

    why is she looking so lohan from the neck up?

  90. Corrine

    The more I look at it, the more I like it as well. Catherine Zeta-Jones was my winner for best dressed, but the more I see this I’m thinking its a close second.

  91. Lisa

    So Monotone! You can’t tell where her hair and skin and dress stop,

  92. Tessa

    I think she looks stunning. The dress is absolutely gorgeous. Classy and sexy – a very difficult balance for anyone under 35 in Hollywood.

  93. Amy

    I absolutely love the cut of this dress but I love a clean line (I also liked what Claire Danes was wearing). And maybe it’s because I’m in the throws of a SAD induced existential crisis/funk but I found the color refreshing – or maybe I’m just really ready for Spring here in the gray Midwest?

  94. tigerstripes

    I love Emma so, that I can’t be objective.

    Alisa is right, massive points to Emma for her reaction to RDJr.’s banter. She nailed it where all the other nominees just put their face in their hands.

  95. meg

    fab. gorge. age approriate. LOVE her!!!!!! (and she looks great blonde too!)

  96. Fisticuffs

    I agree with Lisa–monotone to a fault. Great cut on a rockin’ bod, and it drapes beautifully, but in some lighting conditions it looked like it was made from another person’s flesh. The flesh of a recently chemically peeled person, perhaps. However, this looks SO much better in the outdoor light of the red carpet than it did in the theater, where everything went sort of generally urrrrange. Bleh. And I’m not sold on the blond hair; I love me some Emma Stone, but her naturally mischievous features+this makeup design+blond hair=bitchface. I would have loved a little cheongsam detail on the front–an angled placket with matching cloth-covered buttons or frog closures–to make it look less Coldwater Creek T-shirt-y.

  97. Hila

    i think she needs a very high tanning alert level

  98. mepe

    The blond hair and the Calvin Klein totally make her look like Bosworth…except not as painfully thin (thank god!). She looks great – I only wish she’d added a bit of sparkle…maybe diamond earrings or bracelets.

  99. K

    I think she looks fabulous. Also, kind of like Jaime Pressley more so than Bosworth…

  100. aa

    the instant a redhead goes blonde, i start hating her. seriously. WHY? this color is ruined by her fake tan. it would have been beeeeeeeeeeautiful with pale skin and red hair. DISAPPOINTING

  101. Graygrrrl

    There are Umpaloompas in Spiderman?

  102. M.Amanda

    She looks beautiful. Emma is one of those lucky women who looks equally gorgeous with any hair color. However, she is just another beautiful Hollywood blonde while she is an eye-catching, memorable redhead. Any woman who can pull off red hair like she can owes it to those of us who would love to do it, but end up looking washed out to rock the red hair. I hope she can go back soon.