Golden Globes Fug or Fab: Elisabeth Moss


PROS: I love this color on her, like, A LOT:

And the neckline and bodice are charming. But I am legitimately kind of confused by the hips: to me, it looks like they have very intricate pleats, which she’s kind of screwed up by continually posing with her hands on them. So it’s gotten kind of Wrinkled McPerplexing, when it probably looked amazing on the dress form (I think this is a custom Donna Karan, so I can’t find a shot of it on a model to compare).

Is this a fit issue? Or a posture issue? Or a fabric issue? Or an ISSUE issue? Or Not an Issue?

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  1. Janice

    The pleating over the breast IS amazing but then…it looks like what happens when I pick at a single thread in a dress and pulls the entire fabric wonky. The cheap-looking poly satin fabric does not help. It looks like they were trying to do an homage to the amazing classical “Greek” gowns of Mme Gris, circa 1935, but hers were usually done in soft jersey, not this shiny stuff.

    Too bad – Elizabeth looks terrific from the breasts up; this could have been a home run.

  2. Molly

    Stunning neckline and color on her, simple, but cute hair, although I want someone to put darker eye makeup on her…. and then, the dress.
    It looks like there was too much fabric between the bodice and the skirt, but whoever tried to take it in was VERY mistaken on how to do so. I give it a B-, mainly for effort.

  3. Fuh Ugh

    I think this looks great – and, let’s face it … such an improvement over some of her past events. I am going to write off that bad look from the back to a bad angle. We’ve all been victim of those!

    And on your best and worst, how could you have awarded the best use of emerald green to CZJ? She’s got to get in line behind Mila Kunis and Elizabeth Moss in my book. Everything on CZJ was too too too much … too much dress, hair too dark, over the top on the jewelry. IMHO.

  4. Gabi

    I actually really like this look on her (well, not so much the back but otherwise it’s great). Since she often goes out as Princess McFrump this is a huge step up in my book.

    However her hair always REALLY bothers me. As someone who also has a large forehead I just want her to have some sort of bang (sideswept maybe?) that evens out her face a bit. The whole blow-out soccer mom ‘do is not working for me. She could be so much cuter with a haircut that is more youthful (she’s only 28 for goodness sake!) and doesn’t make her look about ten years older than she actually is.

  5. Neve

    I thought this was the most beautiful dress/hair/combination of the night! I love the colour, it’s perfect for her skin tone, I love her simple, natural make up and hair (it’s so nice to see hair that’s not swept up in a sleek up-do) and I don’t have a problem with the hips, I hadn’t even noticed it other than in this photo.

    A +, Elisabeth, A +!

  6. rachel

    I think she looks gorgeous. The fit is a little wonky in the back but she looks so pretty and happy, I can almost forgive it. It’s a great color. I have to say, her dress and Kyra Sedgwick’s (who looked amazing, I thought) dress were some of the the most flattering color-wise.

  7. Kate

    She is so adorable. Elizabeth, WTF.

  8. lc

    Love the color on her, but from there this dress just falls apart for me. The neckline is good, but the pleats on the chest draw the eye down into a wrinkled, puckered mess of no return. And while the ruffle on the top of the back is a cute idea it resembles nothing more than a wrinkled paper bag. Could have been worse, but definitely not good!

  9. vandalfan

    The dress is a little busy. I’d remove 10% to 15% of the fabric, reducing the number and widith of the pleats, especially at her under-boob. I’d also eliminate the lower seams on the skirt- simplify, and the the color do the talking.

  10. Katharine

    I’m really not sure what’s going on here. There must be some sort of structured underbodice to this thing, since the bust fits so nicely, but either it doesn’t go down far enough, or the rest of the torso fabric was released too soon to the flow of the hybrid bias dress happening at the bottom.

    Anyway, what’s missing in the bodice part is proper architecture.

  11. sam mac

    No, no, no! Everything has a sad downward drag. It looks like her breasts are making a mad dash for her armpits!

  12. exquisite red

    I don’t like the dress at all, other than the color. However, Elisabeth herself – yowza, she looks great! Gorgeous skin, hair, and makeup, obvious especially in the second pic – love the grin.

  13. M

    Is that her spanx bicycle short line I see on her mid-thigh in the 1st pic? It could be another pleat gone awry but the band looks to even and straight across her thigh to be a pleat…..Also, some one should have warned her about messing up her pleats!

  14. Willow

    its perfect if you don’t look very closely.

  15. moi

    Not a fan of the dress (although I agree the color is stunning), but I’ve never seen her look softer or prettier.

  16. Kathleen F.

    She looks SO MUCH BETTER bangs-less.

    The dress: it’s a great idea, the color is awesome, this is definitely one of her better awards-show appearances…BUT…it just doesn’t seem like it’s well-made. Like, I really like all the neat stuff that the bodice is doing, but the way the seams from the different panels all fit together on the front of the skirt looks pretty cheap, unfortunately. And the ruffles on the back look like they could be totally undone by a single loose thread.

    So I’d say: keep the dress design and take it to an entirely different tailor for construction. And maybe do it in a different fabric, since it seems like it’d be way easier to make those seams subtler with something non-satin.

  17. poppyseed

    hey sam mac, do you know how actually breasts work? they’re not always pulled up and crammed together.

    i think she looks great, although the dress has fit issues below the boobs, certainly.

  18. CJ

    For the love of Pete, if you failed Draping class at fashion school, maybe this was a biting off a little more than you could chew? Don’t actresses of her caliber have these made/fitted for them? At some point, wouldn’t you look at the designer/seamstress and say, “Uh, I don’t think we’re going to have time to finish fitting this properly” and bolt? I’m guessing sweet Elizabeth Moss was maybe too nice to say what needs to be said. Still, her makeup and hair are lovely and I agree that the color is fab for her, but this dress is so poorly executed. She could have done better buying something off the rack at the mall.

  19. Silly Mama

    I’ve always wondered: what causes discolored elbows? People with gray or brown elbows have always disturbed me. I’ve never seen them be YELLOW. This disturbs me even more. Why are they yellow?!

  20. Lina

    It’s a custom Donna Karan? That’s really sad. DK used to know how to fit a body, and it isn’t like Elisabeth Moss is strangely proportioned. This should fit her fine, and yet it’s a disaster of puckered seams and pleats going awry. The big diamond shaped seams smack over her hips and thighs are the worst part of the front for me. Even worse than the droopy underbodice. As for the back, just, no. Having a diagonal zipper seam is interesting, but clearly it isn’t *working* to hold the fabric at the correct tension, and it’s extremely unflattering to her posterior.

    All that’s a dress construction issue though.

    Good things: color! EM wears green very well. Also, I’m happy to see her with some color in her hair and in a style (with some lift, yay) that flatters her. Maybe someone will send her a much better gown for the Oscars.

  21. Aurora

    Ladies: general question—no important necklaces worn…because GG are downscale to the Oscars; because it was all happening in the daylight; because they are all pretty young and big necklaces are for old ladies; or is it the economy?

    This 60 year old lady wants to know your thoughts…where was Harry Winston last night?

  22. Nicole B.

    My stomach has those kind of wrinkles now after having a couple of kids. I don’t particularly appreciate it and don’t think recreating them as fashion is a good idea.

  23. M

    it’s BAD. I really don’t understand how Mandy Moore gets a fug while THIS is a fug or fab.

  24. whiterabbit11

    nicoleB – YES. that’s exactly what was bothering me with this frock. it pretty much follows my stretchmarks, wrinkly fatty bits and the pouchy bit in front. yes. oh god.

  25. MoroccoMama

    Wow, props to her. She lost her real dress but still managed to make one using nothing put hotel drapes and scrunchies.

  26. Pats

    Green is a great color for her, it brings out her eyes. She usually wears colors that wash her out. But the style of the dress I’m not crazy about. It looks like she stole the drapes from a funeral home. She’s only in her late twenties so why does she dress like a middle aged porn star.

  27. Amy

    I love this colour on her too but it’s SO MESSY. Messy-mess-mess-mess everywhere.

  28. kimmy

    for her this is a slam dunk! its not the best, but its far from the worst. that color is AMAZING.

    i think she just tries too hard to compete w/ January Jones and just misses really really badly all the time? she did well this time though.

  29. Michelle

    Poor Peggy : ( . The dress wears her rather than the other way around! Granted the dress is made well with beautiful details the back is wonderful. However the colour is all wrong and makes her look washed out perhaps if her hair was darker it may work. Still the dress is for a much older woman (serious who are the stylists they should be shot!), she needs to be in something a little more contemporary. The material isn’t great either. Worst of all it hangs badly around the tum – worst crime of all!!

  30. Craig Turner

    I find it amusing that we still call it a “neckline” when it’s over the bust.

  31. Celine

    Not liking the pleating. The dress looks like the waiter did up the function table with one eye closed and too many staplets to spare. Love the colour though.

  32. anna

    If the dress is custom made, then why doesn’t it fit her properly? Weird.

  33. Janice

    @M : I didn’t notice the band around her left thigh until I read your post – you’re right. I’m assuming that rather than a bicycle short it’s one of those thigh-shaper garments, although there’s not a great deal of difference between the two anyway.

  34. KMM

    You know, this sort of reminds me of that dress Charlize Theron wore awhile go – the one with the boob flowers? It was pink, with purple boob flowers that sort of look like hands. Anyway, the bodice of this kind of reminds me of that.

  35. Megan

    good color, pretty design on the front, but her hair looks awful, and the back is horrendous – total misfit.

  36. Megan

    waaaait… I just noticed some ill-fitting nonsense around the hips and thighs… the lowest V seam at the thighs was very poorly put together… and is she wearing a bandaid or something on her leg? What is is that rectangular shape poking through the dress underneath – is it a garder belt or something?! WTF

  37. cheeky

    Homegirl needs some makeup and a tailor.

  38. marcia

    If Project Runway has taught us nothing else, and it probably hasn’t, it has taught us what “overworked” looks like. This dress is OVERWORKED. Pleats and gathers and fans and seams EVERYWHERE. I voted “semi-” just for the color.

  39. gryt

    She needs more makeup.

  40. Mia

    Oh, dear, I think the band on her leg is the bottom edge of a shaping undergarment. Blech. This did not work AT ALL.

  41. Kristy

    The colour is great, I like the neckline, and the pleats on the bust make it more interesting than your standard satin strapless dress. But the rest of it…It almost looks like the fabric got stretched in places and is now sagging, or someone tried to iron it and ruined the fabric in places. That could just be because I can’t see all the details, but this dress makes me hear the sad trombone wop wop sound.

  42. atz

    The cut of that dress really thickens her waist. I think that a 6 foot tall model might have been able to make this look striking, but a less statuesque person is doomed. Her face is pretty and I like the color but the dress looks sloppy, unfortunately.

  43. mepe

    I really wanted to like this but there’s something wrong. It’s not bad…it’s just weird…strangely off in the mid section.

  44. elisabeth

    isn’t this just a poorly executed version of what kristen stewart wore to the oscars last year?