Golden Globes Fug or Fab Carpet: Tina Fey


This was another dress that stirred up a lot of disagreement: Jessica and I quite liked it on her, especially compared to this ultra-cutesy and ultimately stumpifying (and stupefying) Zac Posen from last year. Maybe we were giving it too much comparative favor, but we thought the blue was nifty and the fluttery sleeves had a retro feel that isn’t standard for her. But I get why a lot of you thought they were impotent little wings, or giant blue-mascara’d eyelashes ripped off an 80s club queen, or garters stretched out and glued to her armpits. I do. So let’s take a tour of the ruffles as they appeared throughout the evening, and then put it to a very decisive poll. But if you are easily swayed by Jon Hamm, well, vote now.

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Comments (46):

  1. Cecily

    Jon Hamm, Jon Hamm, Jon Hamm, Jon Hamm…I’m sorry, what was the question?

  2. Lynne

    Hee, Cecily. My thoughts exactly. Also, I would like to credit Jon Hamm for knowing how to carry himself in a suit as opposed to the thousands of men I see who perpetually look like they borrowed a suit from Dad’s closet for the night (ahem, Christian Bale).

    Also, Tina. I really liked this dress because a) it didn’t look like everyone else’s b) it fit her and c) it was accessorized very well.

  3. Vanessa

    I.hate.velvet. HATE.

    I can’t even focus on anything in these pictures, including Hamm, because I just think about stretchy velvet shirts that I wore in middle school and how awful they were. Oh, Tina.

  4. Erin

    I like the dress – I have a feeling I would have liked it a lot better in person because velvet can be so pretty and soft. Velvet apparently doesn’t photograph so well.

  5. Rayna

    Blue = nifty, fluttery sleeves = retro. All in all, GREAT look for her.

    I like her more typical daily look, but the off the face glamour do is a win, also.

    But I can’t be objective, because I heart her so much.

  6. Di 2.0

    Agree with Vanessa. I loved the color, hated the fabric. But is it satin or velvet? I thought it was velvet when I first saw it but the picture above makes the top look like satin. Either way, NO. Wonderful color on her, though, and a vast improvement over past red carpet picks. She was really funny when she and Steve Carell presented, too.

  7. Nicole Davis

    Actually its satin and its going with her look but she should use some trendy accessories and a nice hand bag to carry.

  8. jessicookie

    What really ruined this for me in the red carpet picture is her hair. I do NOT like it at that angle. With the other pictures… I guess it’s nice after all. I’ll give it to her.

  9. sally

    I don’t HATE it, but isn’t it too small? She looks as if she’s been inflated almost to the point of bursting.

  10. Nathalie

    I love this dress. I would buy it if I could, seriously. But her hair looked pretty bad.

  11. Jill

    Her hair is awful. I have very curly shorter hair and my version of gym hair is exactly that.

    But the dress is very pretty. I kinda wish it was a different material since the wrinkling seems to be doing weird things to her thighs, but I love the neckline and the sleeves don’t bother me.

  12. Emily

    I love Tina.
    I am ambivalent about the dress.
    I HATE the hair.

  13. LizC

    I think in some angles the sleeves look like someone sewed on some extra-large garter belts which is not a look I’m sure anyone should go for. I do appreciate, however, that she and Jon Hammmmmm matched in that one picture though.

  14. Posh

    Yes to all the above comments re: Jon Hamm! I really would like to talk about this dress though, because when she walked out on stage, I thought it looked great. But in the photos it’s not so fabulous looking, which is probably just an effect of velvet being difficult to photograph. It has a weird sheen to it. However, I love dark blue velvet and it’s very winter appropriate. Don’t love the sleeves. Love her earrings, but maybe a different color would’ve been nice so they would’ve popped? Overall love Tina, so she’s fine whatever she wears. Plus, JON HAMM!

  15. witjunkie

    I thought it was velvet. But for satin, it behaved not badly.

    I loved this, I thought she looked very pretty in it. I liked the ruffly details, I liked how it dipped enough in front to be sexy but not vulgar.

  16. Maryscott O'Connor

    Boy, did SHE need some wiggle room. Too tight. Too tight.

  17. aa

    it’s not so much the sleeves for me as it is the cut for her body and the sheen of the fabric. i thought it was crushed velvet – BLERG! she’s been in better and i think it’d be lovely on a Halle or something.

  18. Shnaggi

    Fabric too shiny in alll the wrong places makes her thighs look a mile wide, while the sleeves look like hearse window dressing. Sorry but no man can ever distract us from a bad outfit Exhibit A. Ms Benning no matter how manly, gorgeous etc.

  19. Elizabeth

    I think in this case it’s a relatively well played. Tina Fey so often does terrible fashiony things to her (actually gorgeous) self that the bar is set pretty low, but I think that dress on most other people would have garnered a “fug.”

  20. a

    I thought I hated this, and I continue to not be thrilled by the fabric, but the more I look at it the more I like it.

  21. Gigi

    I actually loved it on TV and just liked it in photos.

  22. JaneEyre

    Love the dress.
    Would love to be, ahem, swayed by Jon Hamm.

  23. kimmy

    i love the color and neckline on her. its very flattering. i’m not sure about that fabric though….

  24. labyrinthine

    Tina is far hotter than that dress. she doesn’t really need to look matronly.

  25. Isabella

    I couldn’t get past the hair.

    BTW, Tina Fey and Jon Hamm coordinated their outfits. So, love match it is……

  26. Jennie-Suz

    I can’t deal with her hair. I’m not even LOOKING at the dress.

  27. Kim

    in response to Vanessa, ;) different strokes. . . . Also really like the dress. With the sleeves. Pretty and different than what people usually wear.

  28. Jennifer

    I think she looks great, despite the fact that I can’t stand her.

  29. Kristy

    I like the dress just fine, but I’m with the others who can’t get past the HAIR. The hair totally ruins it for me.

  30. Jeanie

    HAMMMMMMMM! That is all.

  31. Susanelle

    I never noticed before that one of her eyes is 50 per cent bigger than the other. Her eyes don’t match.

    If that is what this dress has done to her, then this dress must be killed with fire.

  32. Alexis

    I love the color, but somehow this feels really familiar. Also, it could have been half an inch looser around the hips. It would still have been fitted, but hung a little better.

  33. lc

    Not a fan of the wings/sleeves/ruffles/whatever, but she looks great in it; so thumbs up.
    HAHAHAHAHA the faces on all the women behind Hamm!

  34. vandalfan

    I don’t like the placement of the seams. they cut across in an unflatteringly tight way. A little less fluffly ruffle, attached at a different spot, might make it better.

  35. Hannah

    It’s too tight on her and the material is godawful. And I’m sorry Tina, you do not get “finally wearing a color” credit by putting on a navy dress. That’s as close to black as you can get without actually wearing black.

  36. mandiann

    I can’t even care about the dress as I am so hung up on her awful hair. I think the way she has it styled ages her in very, very bad way. Like, I look at this photograph and wonder why my grandmother is at the Golden Globes talking to Jon Hamm and didn’t take me as her date. Although if it were my grandmother I’d say she looks good for her age. But Tina Fey should not be a 40-something year old woman who looks like an 88 year old woman who looks good for her age.

  37. Joni Woodhead

    I think the hair gets a bad rap in the full face photo because its basically in silhouette, the last pic where you can see her better her hair looks cute, and I loved the dress all along … it gets higher marks if it turns out to be velvet and not satin

  38. tigerstripes

    Oh gosh, this dress is so awful I’m surprised y’all had to ask. But then, I liked her in last year’s dress very much, so, um, Jon Hamm.

  39. maria

    Dress looks too tight, I thought it was satin too, but I like it a lot either way, if it weren’t so tight. Hair is awful. Like the fluttery fairy ruffles.

  40. Valeria

    The fact that the dress is too tight on Ms. Fey’s hips bothers me much more than the ruffles. Why couldn’t the designer have but a big triangular gore in the back seam to give it more ease of movement ?? It would have been in keeping with the general flavor of the design?

  41. RenaissanceGrrl

    Like I said on the vote–the dress is a huge meh for me, but her hair is just terrible. Awful. Horrible.

  42. Mrs Geordie

    Naff. Mumsy frock and ageing hair. The whole look says “Ok Mr DeMille… I’m ready for my close up”.

    Tina, you’re better than this.

  43. ha

    She looks beautiful in this dress she has the body for it and her hair was soo pretty and classy.

  44. lel

    Tina is definitely watching too many episodes of Spartacus……..

  45. liz oneill

    not flattering. her bod is so great too. she could have done way better!

  46. Juj

    Has anyone wondered why Tina Fey and Winona Ryder are starting to look like the same person?