Golden Globes Fug or Fab Carpet: Nicole Richie


Oh, hey! Nicole! I knew I forgot to write about SOMEONE in something shiny.

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  1. Miss Em

    She looked lovely. But she’s definitely in need of a Dagwood sandwich. Or maybe someone could please hire Paula Deen to do some personal chef-ing for her, please?

    • Sajorina

      Oh, no, Paula Deen has diabetes! Nicole might be thin, but I want her to be healthy!

      • Ruby

        What don’t people get about the no-skinny-bashing rule??? She looks no different to most of the other stars here! Please, focus on the CLOTHES and STYLING people, not the body.

    • Annie

      I actually think she looks to be a much healthier weight than we’ve previously seen her. Certainly La Jolie’s bones are much more prominent – SHE’S the one who looks like she needs some fried butter in her life.

  2. Em

    I actually think the dress somehow makes her look curvier than she really is. But regardless, the dress is great and she looks fab!

  3. Katherine

    Yes she’s skinny….but she’s dressing for it. This is how you dress a tiny frame (ahem erin wasson!) And I looooove the hair. It’s volume without overwhelming her. Again- this is how you dress a skinny girl.

  4. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! Metallic + Silver + Shiny = Love… Haven’t you learned anything in Math? Ok, I always do my homework, so you can copy it from me! But, you must know that I hate parket floors!

    This is one of my BEST of the night! Everything works… Dress is GORGEOUS, hair & makeup are FABULOUS and clutch & jewelry are worth committing crimes for! COVET!!!

  5. Lina

    I would totally wear this…er, if I had a venue for it. NR looks great, too.

  6. Miranda

    I really like this! I think the oversized chevron motif (which is what I see, rather than parquet? Wev) is quite flattering, and I like the slightly sporty cut of the top in front. It’s so flattering to her shoulders.

    I also really dig the hair. It’s balancing with the shape of her head/chin beautifully, giving her a sort of 60s Nefertiti effect. This would not work on everyone (I feel fairly confident Elle Macpherson would look like a twit with this), but it’s really nice on her. I think the understatedness of the dress helps balance out the heavily constructed feeling of the hairstyle, as well.

  7. Alicia

    I actually thought the pattern on this dress made her look heavy, which, considering how lithe she is, is an accomplishment and not in a good way.

    • Holly

      I agree. When I first saw her on television I really thought she could be pregnant. Something about the lines on the front of her dress made her belly look pooched out and weird.

  8. Mahastee

    I think she looks fab, it really suits her and it gives her some curves, which is a good thing!

  9. Jasmine

    I used to go to highschool with a girl who did almost that exact same thing to her hair when her bangs got too long– it was amazing and looked beautiful and watching her do it once, only took like 2.5 seconds.

    NR looks like a tall drink of water with a very pretty updo. Love the dress and how casual/fancy it is.

  10. vandalfan

    Pretty, slinky, like fish scales. But I’m not fully on board with the hair.

    • Carolina

      Glad I’m not alone in this. I hate the hair! I think it looks like an alien head from the side, personally. Love the dress, makeup – all good.

  11. granny

    Dress looks pretty good, but there’s something wrong in the fit over her butt.

  12. Girlin

    I love the hair and the back of the dress but I’m not convinced on the front – agree that it seems to add curves but they are not in the best places!! Did anyone see the love fest interview she did with the dark haired stylist girl?? It was soooo embarrassing..I was cringing into a cushion ‘I love you more’ ‘No you look better’ ‘ you are waaaaayyyy stylish’……aaaaaghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  13. witjunkie

    Ooo, I love this. The hair is a little Captain Kirk Seductress but it suits her and the dress. I think she is growing into her looks quite beautifully.

  14. Bubba

    She looks great, and like many have said, gives her nice curves, like the Nicole of yore.

  15. GingerLover

    I love everything about it with the tiny exception of her somewhat visible SKANK TATTOO, but oddly today I’m feeling like maybe it’s a mistake from her past and we should move on, and rather than covering it, she’s owning it by sort of showing it, and her hair is indeed Captain Kirk’s Seductress, but damn it works, and when did NR suddenly go from PH’s forgettable sidekick, to woman who owns her skin, and looks like she’s avoiding the knife/botox?

  16. megan

    amazingly beauiful she is getting better with age!

  17. corriner

    This was the best voting ‘yes/no’ thingy ever. Good job Jessica!

  18. Annie E

    Sooooo unflattering!

  19. G

    The hair is great. All of those women in elaborate formal gowns with hair hanging limply down over their shoulders from a center part should take note: THIS is the kind of thing that goes with an evening gown. The straight down hairdo goes with grocery shopping or hanging around the house.

  20. lc

    Hair and makeup very reminiscent of Petula Clark in the 60′s. Who would of thought she would have gone from ‘The Simple Life’ to such an elegant beauty.

  21. TaraMisu

    Oh this is lovely! Well played Nicole! I too think she gets better with age, don’t we all? Don’t we? :D Her hair is just right for the dress and occasion.

  22. steen

    This is the first time I’m liking her blond hair. I love how she looks with her natural brunette hair, but this style definitely requires the blond to make it triumph.

  23. fernichiwa

    i love the dress. but i’m distracted by her hideous hair. drab, dishwater blonde isn’t pretty. as to what she’s done to her face, don’t get me started.

  24. Lausie

    Why was Nicole Richie even invited to the Golden Globes? She’s no actress.