Golden Globes Fug or Fab Carpet: Michelle Williams


So, Michelle Williams is probably going to win the Oscar this year, right? Back when I was recapping Dawson’s Creek for Television Without Pity, if you’d told me Jen Lindley would win an Oscar, I would have laughed in your face. On the other hand, I also would not have believed that Dawson would grow into his face and turn out really funny, or that Katie Holmes would marry (!) Tom Cruise (!!) so this all acts as a helpful reminder to us all that the future is a mysterious thing.  That said, let’s peek back into the past and take a look at what girlfriend sported this weekend.

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  1. Stefanie

    Eh. Whatever. Nice to see her smile.

  2. What what

    Her legs looked eight miles long in this, and she looked fantastic up on stage accepting her award. Love it.

  3. Diana

    I loved this. I love the color, the way it moves, and the pattern, and I thought the headband was a nice touch. It could also have worked as a long-sleeved mini-dress but I love this full length. Just lovely IMO.

  4. Al

    I really loved this on her. The headband was a bit twee, but the color was great on her, and her pixie cut keeps it from looking matronly. On a side note, can you throw a fug Busy’s way? As Michelle’s date, she looked like she was wearing a toga or a massive doily.

  5. val.

    I like the hair with the headband, and her face looks gorgeous.

    The dress is kind of…. eh. I don’t hate it, don’t love it. As someone else with a rather undefined waist, I sympathize, but I think she could do better. Michelle seems to be rather a tiny person, but this dress is adding bulk.

  6. Kris

    Not loving it. Sorry

  7. Maddie

    I didn’t love it which is weird because whenever I see Jason Wu its like a flashing neon sign pops up saying “I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS”. However, there is one very big pro: She didn’t wear white or beige

  8. Edain

    Hehe was just thinking what she wore last year….HUGE improvement. Nice hair colour.

  9. Kim

    I love the dress, but not the headband. Also, I wish she hadn’t done whatever she has to her face, because she was perfection before!

  10. Katharine

    This is DRAB, and shapeless, and it’s BURNOUT VELVET. I’m sorry, I cannot subscribe to any of it below her neck, but her face and the headband are pretty darn cute.

  11. Claire L

    I want to fix the first one. I love the color/print/material. It was different ( and I love that about her). I want it to be shorter or ( totally agree with you) more nipped in at the waist….or have no sleeves… Maybe a different neckline? It just seems that there is too much material on top and she has my broad shoulder/big boob issues going on ( and neither one of those are true of her).

    I actually like the sad mod pixie dress. I do….

  12. Sarah

    Did you not mention Pacey because we all knew he was going to continue being perfect?

    I really love this dress. The headband: a little colder on. The fact that she, yet again, brought BFF Busy Philips as her date: Amazing! It warms my heart that she brings her best friend, Kim Kelly, to these things instead of using them to gain a little attention by stepping out with some single Hollywood stud.

  13. Kristy

    I like it. Minus the toddler headband (and I LOVE a fascinator). Maybe it is because I have a giant soft spot for her and steal her haircut whenever I can, but it is very her. Very pretty, not overly showy, cute, classy, sweet.

  14. D

    There are a lot of elements I liked about this look but all together is just left me…eh. I’m excited to see what she’ll do for the Oscars though. I would say she’s definitely getting a nod, but the golden man is pretty elusive…it’s almost too bad the Oscars don’t do a comedy/drama category split the the GGs. So many brilliant lead actresses this year.

  15. Chasmosaur

    While the color is immensely flattering, I thought it was simply a variation of the matelasse bedspread she wore to the Oscars last year. (Which was, in itself, a variation on a dress she wore at Cannes, except that one had a bow at the neck.)

    This is Michelle-Williamsly-Played.

    • JanetP

      Yes, exactly. Please stop, Michelle. And please cease and desist with the twee headbands as well. You are not seven. Thanks.

  16. Jeannine

    I really don’t love this. I also don’t hate it. I do love her after her beautiful speech… it actually sounded so sincere and she has the prettiest little pixie face!

  17. Lina

    It’s not my favorite dress in the entire universe, but I do like that she has a look that she likes and sticks to it instead of following the trends like all the anonymous starlets who all look alike. It’s good to have a recognizable look, especially when it suits you. I do agree about the v-neck, though. You can be Mod and wear a v-neck! Really!

  18. Lynne

    Didn’t work for me and I can’t figure out why. Pattern? Shape? Both? I don’t know.

  19. fritanga

    So disappointed in this dress. I thought she had changed, what with the red hair and the straight posture and brighter demeanor, but I guess I was wrong. The schlub is back. Ack. This is the dress of a 50-year-old woman who “wants to be comfortable.” Kid, comfort is for your middle years. When you’re young and fresh, you wear plunging necklines and backless gowns and six-inch sandal stilettos and bright colors and horrible binding undergarments BECAUSE YOU ARE YOUNG AND FRESH AND CAN STAND IT. Sheesh.

    • Orange clouds

      Exactly! When I saw that dress for the first time I thought “Wow, she is dressed like an old woman!” I literally recoiled from the screen especially after seeing this dress accessorized with a toddler headband. Hate it and consider it the worst look of the night.

      • Kjb

        I kinda like it, but will back these comments up by sharing that my mom wore a VERY similar dress (pattern, material, cut) in beige with gold thread in it for my wedding. She looked fab in it, but she was 58 years old and a size 14, not 30 something & a size 2.

    • Kit

      Perfect comment is perfect!

  20. Wren

    This! I was trying to figure out why the headband bugged me so much (as I love ‘em generally) and now I realize it’s because everyone who has had a baby this year has a Facebook photo with their little darling wearing a version of that headband. Michelle’s short hair just adds to the connection.

    • Wren

      (Ehem, I was trying to respond to Kristy up there. But as I generally love all the comments, “this to all” can also apply.)

  21. Sajorina

    I love that 1st picture of her… It’s so nice to see her smile without reservations, just being genuinely happy! You know, since Jen Lindley was such a sourpuss and so unhappy and mad at the world all the time! I’m so HAPPY for her win and PROUD of her!!!

    And, I LOVE HER DRESS! I like that the silhouette is simple because the fabric pattern is so busy and that it’s elegant because it’s long, but not too serious because it has 3/4 sleeves! I also think it’s fun and I like the touch of whimsy that the headband & the thin belt give to the outfit! Plus, I love the flawless makeup and beautyiful red fingernails! The 2nd dress is cute too… So, Michelle gets 2 FABS from me and is in my BEST dressed of the night list!

  22. Kelly O

    I want to like this one more than I actually do. the color is lovely and in theory the silhouette is nice. I just… I do not love it. It’s better than a lot of what we saw last night (I am looking at you, Piper Perabo and the Glee Girls) but it’s not Just Perfect for Her.

    I like the second dress better overall, but am not in actual love with it either. Now, that second dress in the same color as the first one? I would like to see that.

  23. Tara Misu

    I love this whole look and the smile on her face warms the cockles of my heart….. I like the headband too…..

    The second dress is her normal MO, meh.

  24. Sonya

    Normally, I would not be a fan of this dress, because it reminds me of crushed velvet, yikes. But like this, it works on her and I actually like the headband on her very short hair – which is difficult to pull off!

  25. putzmaroon

    I love her and like both outfits fine, but it’s been a while since she really knocked it out of the park as with the v-neck yellow and red lipstick awesomeness. I wish she’d ditch the fusty crew necks.
    But, I love her.

  26. Megan

    This dress reminds me of the weird velvet dress I wore to my junior prom like never-you-mind-how-many years ago. I think it looks weird.

    I like the color, as it’s an interesting choice. I just wish she’d chosen a solid fabric instead of one with weird designs.

    And yes, I’m happy to see her smile!

  27. Meagan Baalman Wairama

    I would like to see her in something that is really figure flattering. I mean, she has a great figure, right? Right?! Right, guys?

  28. Jacquilynne

    She looks like a young Judi Dench in that photo.

    If she were actually the old Judi Dench, the fact that that dress is 20 zillion years too old for her wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

    But as it is, she looks like a sofa.

    An old sofa.

    • anny

      Yes – I like the color, but the cut is so old, old, old.

      Would’ve been great on Streep.

    • Sandra

      Yes!!! It seems like all of her dresses in recent years were made for either Jessica Lange or Hailee Steinfeld. There’s a huge age range and a WORLD of dresses in between those two extremes. Please find one! I was over this schtick before it started.

  29. julie Walsh

    It’s time this one is asked: anything wrong with her boobs??:???! What’s wrong with a beautiful V neckline!? WHY SHOULD SHE BE DRESSED LIKE A MUCH MUCH OLDER LADY???!!!

    • Billie

      Exactly! If this had a nice scoop or v neck, plus a slit, it would fit her perfectly. I love everything else about it, but I think this is what Helen Mirren should be wearing.

  30. steen

    I wish there was a “snore” vote to choose from. Such a gorgeous woman with such a down to earth and interesting persona and she consistently dresses like Mia Farrow’s character in Rosemary’s Baby.

  31. Jen

    I loved this on her, especially the color!
    I did think it odd, that when Ryan S asked her what the fabric was, she seemed… puzzled, and plucked at it, and said, “it has velvet in it?” with a questioning tone….
    BURNED OUT VELVET, is that so hard?

  32. Lauren

    I love this dress, and you’re right, she looks SO happy here. But I wish she had gone with a different color headband. I’m not a big fan of the black with this purple/blue color.

  33. Jo

    Lovely face and hair. But the dress like my grandma’s parlour curtains. Dreck!

  34. portmanteau

    I have to say that I’m surprised this dress is getting so much love. For the last several years, she has progressively begun dressing more and more conservatively…the crew necks, the sleeves, the subdued colors (or lack of colors). There is no joy in her fashion or style. Moreover, her choices don’t do her body type any favors. To me, this is just more of the same matronly stuff she’s been wearing in recent times. As for the headband, it reminds of those absurd elastic headbands that people put on babies who don’t have any hair. I find it similarly gratuitous here.

  35. Snebur

    Cathy Horyn of the NY Times is right when she said that many ofthe dresses worn last night were too heavy looking.

  36. smj

    She’s so cute. The dress is kinda matronly, but I HATE that stupid headband.

  37. AM

    This is one of my favorites of the evening, although I also knew as soon as I saw it that it would be controversial because she’s not showing her sternum, done something painful looking to her cleavage, and is actually wearing sleeves! I think she looks great.

  38. Ruby

    Redesigning this … lose the belt, the headband and the sleeves! she loves the crew neck, fine. but lose the sleeves and make it just a tad edgy. please?

  39. yeahandalso

    I strongly LIKE this, I don’t love it but it is very her. But come on Michelle you’d better bring it for the Oscars if Nicole Kidman can overcome wearing that PERFECT poison green Dior dress (still THEE best red carpet look of all time in my opinion) you can overcome wearing that perfect yellow dress.

  40. Edain

    Please give Harper Seven Beckham her headband back …..

  41. crystal

    I really wish she would stop with the crew necks and the column dresses. But I don’t know her life. Maybe she’s celebrating her lack of a waist.

  42. Akit

    This is yawnsville, so dull. Way too old for her I would say. Even with the childlike headband.

  43. Cecily

    Aww, that last picture made me vewy vewy sadddd. I loved how happy she looked last night (must see that movie!), the dress is beautiful, albeit the headband could have stayed home and not be missed.

  44. dee cee

    Um, her dear daughter or Suri is dressing her.. no more excuses.. she needs to grow up and choose something flattering for herself.. And stand in front of a full length mirror.. you played Marilyn in the movie.. didn’t you?

  45. Patrick

    She’s pretty enough, and I liked her in “Marilyn” probably because she and Eddie Redmayne were so lovingly photographed and everyone else wasn’t, but I really don’t understand what the big deal is and why she’s the holy grail for desiners seeking more publicity. This dress makes her look awfully thick in the waist, and I don’t think you ever want to look thick in the waist. Every time I watch Downton Abbey and see the tommies in their olive drab uniforms with that stupid belt-cumberbun thing around their waists I say to hell with authenticity, bring a costume designer in to give them some dash. Oh, and I know–or rather–knew Lauren Graham a few years back–and she couldn’t have been nicer.
    Very bright, too.

  46. Steef

    The floor length Jason Wu really suits her but WTF is that headband? I just want to snatch it off her head and burn it.

    The short dress is meh. She looks nice, but how many times do we have to see her wear this?

  47. Jules

    Last week I was prowling Salvation Army for a belt, and the dress racks were full of equally unspectacular formal wear for $6.99 or less.

  48. Emma

    She is completely beautiful, though I hate her a little bit for having my haircut and making it look so much better than I do.

    I don’t like the dress though, it makes her look sort of rectangular – there’s just too much of it in all one heavy dark colour. Love the headband, love the moddish other dress too.

  49. corriner

    I don’t mind it. I wouldn’t throw it away if someone showed up at my door wanting to give it to me, but I really wish she would re-evaluate the crew necks. Let us see your clavicles! I’m sure they’re lovely!

  50. Eva

    The color is about the only thing I like about this. Maybe if it had a different neckline we could start to talk. But I agree with everyone else. The dress is way too old and boring for her.

    The headband hairstyle maybe would have looked ok with a different style of dress.

  51. Rose

    Oh I LOVE her. And as someone who just got her hair cut really, really short like MW here, i can tell you that all of a sudden you are compelled to wear round necks, slash necks and peter pan collars, it just works. Someone in a v neck or with a V shaped collar I look like a teacher from the 80s or somehow it makes my neck look wide. i think she’s got her style nailed, I love it.

  52. Talley

    I think she needed to have it hemmed correctly! So many women on the red carpet had the same issue. The dress should just touch the floor in front, SO YOU CAN WALK. It should not puddle around your feet like you stood up quickly and forgot to take the blanket off your lap. Other than that, I like it.

  53. EileenOh

    It’s great to see her smile-like, WE KNOW, you’re sad about Heath Ledger, we get it. . . But God, woman, you do not need to wear crew necks and jewel necks everywhere. V-necks are your friends. Plus they can give you a smidge of sexiness rather than looking as though you wish no one would notice that you actually have breasts. Breasts are your friends too.

    That said, the color and the way the gown moved were lovely. Hated the headband though–really didn’t add much to her look, especially when she was interviewed facing the wrong way and the headband looked completely bland because the bow was on the side away from the camera.

  54. ChaChaHeels

    The headband was a terrible idea but it is so nice to see her smile. With teeth. For a change. That smile made the outfit.

  55. maryse

    i would have preferred this dress with a different neckline and without the headband, but she really is a lovely looking woman.

  56. zackster

    Enough with the infant headbands! Dress OK but the headband kills the ensemble.

  57. Karen

    She is so pretty and sincere, I feel guilty criticizing her. I agree, that yellow v-neck was the tops. I vote she meets BradG on his new show and they figure it all out.

  58. vandalfan

    I think her foundation garments may be to blame in the blue number. She looks like she belongs on the prow of a ship. And no one needs a headband with a pixie haircut.

  59. Alison

    Have you read her recent GQ article? It’s incredibly interesting (and a bit sad): here.