Golden Globes Fug or Fab Carpet: Kelly Osbourne


I wasn’t going to cover this until I saw this picture.

I know Kelly’s single now. Turn around, bright eyes, because you’ve got yourself an admirer.

Do YOU admire this?

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Actually, we can talk about her grey hair NOW because in case you were wondering how it works when it’s down:

My official reaction is: ACK.

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  1. Dazie

    Wow. I … wow.

    I was all on board with it until the 2nd picture. Then- no. Oh Honey no.

  2. Cat

    Does the first picture bring to mind Ursula from the Little Mermaid for anyone else?

    • Michelle

      YES! That is exactly what I came here to post. Ah Ursula, the baddest sea heathen of them all.

      But… oh God. That second picture. Was seasick yellow the only foundation color she had left? And the white-pink lipstick. Oh honey, no.

      • Jenni

        Personally I think her hair makes her look like Madam Mimm from “The Sword in the Stone.”

      • swellcat

        That’s what I was thinking too! Is her makeup green tinged or is the gray making it green? Oh no no no.

      • Sush

        I saw the second pic and my first reaction was “Oh, well she’s obviously dressed and made-up as a witch or something for Halloween”. How does she not know??! Girlfriend must own a mirror!

    • Anne B

      @Cat, ding ding ding!

      Poor unfortunate soul. :(

    • Celeste

      EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      Whatever it is it’s certainly something from the sea.
      I don’t think the guy at the back is an admirer at all. I just think he’s mildly bemused.

    • allisankelly

      Exactly what I was thinking!!! And of course the easy reference for the other look is Oompa Loompa, right?

    • Pongo

      Yes, yes, yes! Immediately. I couldn’t remember the character’s name, but that was the first thing I thought of.

    • Nora

      Poor unfortunate soul.

    • Emma

      Totally, I thought of Ursula immediately. I’m guessing that’s not what she was going for.

  3. labyrinthine

    Oh my god what the hell is happening to her face.

    • Jean

      I second that, oh my God. This hair is so wrong on so many levels, so is her face colour, so are the dresses.

      Does anyone else think that since she lost so much weight she doesn’t really.. fit.. into her face anymore?

  4. Erin

    I hate her grey hair, but I think the second pic is just bad makeup

  5. Shareen

    Is it my monitor or is her face green in the second shot? I mean, I loved “Wicked” as much as the next person (possibly more), but there’s a reason the Wicked Witch is dead. Green is not an approved skin tone.

  6. LilaRose

    what happened to her skin tone in the second one? her face is all yellow, but her arms arent. v strange.

  7. Kit

    1my official reaction to her oompah loompha face is ACK! (Actually her hair is oompah loompa too!)

  8. Dana WhatTheFrock

    It’s a dramatic dress but it’s kind of blah on her. And wrinkled. That dress needs someone like Gwyneth to do it justice.

    The hair is bad but WHAT about her coloring in the second photo? Her face is chartreuse.

  9. Kendra

    The makeup in the second shot make her look like she was struck by a horrible disease that leaches all the colour from a person.

    In the blue my first thought was YES. MARVELOUS MAD MADAM MIM ( ) because it had a purplish hue.

    I’m on board as long as she promises to never, ever, do the second makeup again.

  10. megan

    aahhh the second make up phographed terribly!! I presume they tried to put as much colour in her face as possible so the gray hair wouldnt bring her down – but big mistake!!!! Never use that foundation again!!
    I dont mind the first dress.. nothing spectacular but okay!

  11. Jasmine

    What is with this fake grey hair trend? It looks stupid, and it makes her look ridiculous. That last picture, ugh.

  12. megan

    oh and change the hair colour it looks BAD

  13. NotGFYJess

    It ain’t easy being green.

  14. Katherine

    There’s a photo of a facebook friend’s dad on her page, right before he died of cancer. That is the only other time I’ve seen a face that color. And since in the first picture, she is an entirely normal hue, all I have to say is wtf? Days from death is *not* a good look, chicka. the hair in the first pic, hate both dresses…..and seriously, why are you green??

  15. Ruby

    I think grey/platinum/super ash can look REALLY hot, but not on her. Sometimes, Kelly, we just have to accept that there are certain looks not meant for us (psssst Erin Wasson).

    As for the second photo, I think, just maybe, they have used that green-tinged concealor (that reduces redness) underneath a light foundation and the green has shone through under the bright lights and flash. Just a theory, but it is that sort of green and its only her face and upper neck.

  16. Courtney

    I think she’s sick. Ya she is definitely going to blow chunks.

  17. Shelby

    Grey is NOT platinum which can look somewhat flattering on people. Two different colors. And I’ve not seen anyone look good with the grey hair. It’s not flattering to anyone’s skin tone that I’ve seen. Pink looked horrible. Kelly looks horrible, whether it’s in an up-do or not.

    • Small Anne Cordelia

      I can think of one person who looks good with grey hair – Mr. Jay from ANTM. BOOM!

  18. Ashley

    WHY is her face green?!

  19. Chris


    (And don’t even deny it. You know Dame Mirren’s mom would totally rock the shit out of that dress.)

    That second photo is so horrible I’m not even going to pass judgment. It needs to be photographed again in different light. The first…while I admit that Helen Mirren’s mom would wear the hell out of it, she would be (or is?) eighty-five or thereabouts.

  20. Maisie

    MY official reaction is: WHY?!

    • peaches

      That is my question as well… she CHOSE for her hair to be that color? I find one strand of that nonsense in my hair and it’s L’oreal preference to the rescue. Why would you intentionally make your hair look like that???

  21. Kayt

    Her hair just makes me think of Mr Jay from ANTM, but he manages to kind of work the colour. It’s passable in the first picture, but the make up in the second is just plain weird

  22. Mahastee

    Ruby Rose is the only person I’ve ever seen look good with the grey dye job, but she is a genetic freak who would look good BALD. Kelly here, is not.

    None of these looks are any good. The color of the blue dress is really beautiful, but the cut is so bland, and that second look is just foul. Do people really think she is stylish?

  23. theotherjennifer

    and I love how she’s on E! ripping other people’s outfits with Ms Joan. Classic. This second thing is totally hideous. from the fake grey hair to the purple lips to the green skin. She’s like the Wicked Witch of the West End or wherever she’s from.

    • Challis

      I have wondered for a while how she is doing this hair without Joan Rivers ripping her a new one, or at LEAST making fun of it each week.

  24. Nance Pants

    That second picture = Grandma Barbie.

  25. Annika McStabbinsons

    As someone who has successfully and proudly rocked the grey hair myself, i really wanted to be on board with this. And then there was that second picture. Ack is right. Grey and orange don’t mix!!

  26. TonyG

    Somehow her shoulders remind me of gargoyles.

  27. JJ

    Why is her face yellow? I am officially frightened of her. She is some kind of fairy tale witch or something.

  28. Tara


    Sorry. That hair just makes me rant.

  29. Jasmine

    I thought she rocked the grey hair the first time she did it, when it was like… lavender-ish. Now it’s just too too too grey and terrible and omg why does she look like she has jaundice and I’m pretty sure I have the first dress in my Barbie tickle trunk from when I was a kid and the second one looks like she’s about to swoop in and maul a poolboy

    Forgive me for the extreme run-on sentence but I just… can’t.

  30. Sophia Loren

    I was also bored by the whole silly ensemble when I saw a pic posted elsewhere but you’re right – that admiring glance is hilarious. A truism: despite a goofy gown and a bad dye job, some guy, somewhere will check out your assets.

  31. Kat

    My first reaction to her hair was that that should *never* have happened. To be clear: it is hideous. But then I wondered if she did it out of sheer curiosity for how it would turn out. And I think that’s a good reason to do pretty much anything that is unlikely to end in injury or death, so I give it a pass.

  32. Laura

    If you just focus on the grey hair it’s not that bad. But the make-up is HORRIBLE in the 2nd photo and the dress, while pretty, is too much dress for her petite frame.

  33. Sajorina

    Her dress is ridiculous, her hair is ridiculous & her opinions on Fashion Police are ridiculous! And, no kidding, I just saw a commercial with her parents talking about going to NY to have a colonoscopy! FUG!!! By the way, I thought her mom looked gorgeous at The Globes!

    • Chasmosaur

      Hey – no dissing the colonoscopy. My Mom died of colon cancer last year, and had she been having screening colonoscopies, she’d still be here. (With better opinions on fashion than Kelly and she was significantly cooler than Sharon Osbourne.)

      It’s very hard to get any sort of coverage for colon cancer non-profits and events, since everyone immediately says “GROSS!!!!” to colonoscopies. So as much as I find Clan Osbourne annoying, I’m glad they’re running that contest (which, yeah, okay, is weird, but they’re trying to raise awareness). No one should have to spend the last year of their lives like the one my Mom had. So Get Your Rear in Gear today.

      Okay, off my soapbox now…

  34. Liz

    ICK! The grey hair is ridiculous and it makes her skin look sallow! Why age yourself prematurely?

  35. Chasmosaur

    I am actually looking forward to going gray. Because in my Italian family, the deep brunette color we all have is a startling contrast to the bright silver-white gray. It’s the type of gray hair that gets compliments on how striking it is.

    THIS is not that. Girl needs to go back to a color and soon.

  36. Jen

    Maybe she’s angling for a role in the Golden Girls reboot?

  37. Eloise

    Why does her face look green? Is she the wicked witch of the Osbourne Family?

  38. Girlin

    Why does this girl get to passs judgement on others on Fashion Police?? Surely she cannot actually think that either of these looks suit her?? She looks like a badly made up parcel in the first and she looks like a bad waxwork in the second before the skin colour has been sprayed on! FROCK TERROR!

  39. GingerLover

    I actually like the first look – it makes me think of Cindi Lauper in an odd way, and she’s having fun/looks happy – I say it’s a pass – hair and all… now the 2nd look? – Just no honey! – NO!

  40. vandalfan

    Why would anyone do that to her hair before it is absolutely necessary? She couldn’t pick blue, or lime green, or pink? And the blue dress is cartoony, with the arm hole seams and and bodice tucks which don’t fit the human female form. The mermaid is too mermaidy, and the silly rectangle sleeves look like Gumbies, only blue- Dammit!

    Now the skirt of the black one is very nice, but it goes all sideways from the waist up. She is Kirk’s space alien lover at a Federation formal dance.

  41. Kyasarin

    That dress looks to me like it was made out of a sleeping bag. I cannot get behind this or the gray hair.

  42. Nora Hough

    Is it just me or does the second picture look like she did her makeup with a highlighter…

  43. jenny

    Ack? Like Cathy? PS: I suspect that gentleman likes other gentleman and is just judging her dress. But I like your story better.

  44. ACertainSomeone

    Oh, Kelly, honey. No.

    This is what I think is happening here: The grey hair is Kelly’s attempt to be as cool as Kristin McMenamy, the current face of Lanvin and one of the hippest supermodels ever.

    The thing is, Kristin is in her 40s and her grey hair is (mostly) natural. Kelly is not. And all she had to do was look at Tavi, the teenage blogger wonderkind, to see that going grey before your time just makes you look like Estelle Getty. Or in Kelly’s case, Ursula, the sea witch. In other words: MISTAKE.

    I have no explanation for the second photo. All I know is that you pay make-up artists to help you avoid situations like this. It’s scary, but in a sad way — not in a cool way. Just plain scary. ACK!

  45. KelseyA

    What is on her faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace?

  46. Girlinacardigan

    I feel like the true crime in photo number 2 is the part. A bob need bangs or a side part, no exceptions. But can we talk about the dress? Cause I kind of love the superhero vibe of the neckline and how it’s echoed at the waist. The sleeves are tricky, but there’re enough structure to the dress as a whole to convince me they’re working for her. If the hair was parted differently and more lavender or (even better) a deep brunette, she’d be killing it.

  47. Cranky Old Batt

    I don’t get it. Any of it.

    From the bad mermaid disaster to the age myself with grey hair. Something is very wrong between this one’s ears, me thinks.

  48. Susan

    Sweet holy hell. That second look is the poor man’s production of Wicked.

  49. Cat

    I don’t understand why a 20-something would want to dye their hair gray. It doesn’t look terrible in the first pic, but I don’t understand. And when I’ve seen her recently on The Fashion Police, it looks more like dirty grey/brown dishwater and I don’t know why on earth she would keep her hair that color. But, I also find her insufferable on FP, so the second picture feels my shriveled little heart with delight. Who hated her enough to let her out in public looking that?! ACK indeed.

  50. Anita

    I used to think she rocked that little black bob she had. Why doesn’t she go back to that??

  51. Rubee

    This girl has a really nice curvacious body frame, her skin is flawless and I think she”d look terrific in nowadays’ pretty frocks but she wrongly chooses this costumey stylings in order to give an ‘edgy’ twist to her natural (and apparently unscapable) milkmaid plumpness. The gray hair is hedious and not apporpiate for her softly contoured face; it ages her and makes her look -at best- like Prince Charming’s fairy mum in Shrek 2. Months ago I saw a pic of her where she was rocking the jeans/leather jacket/boots thing with simply layered-cut, loose hair and very subtle make-up. She looked so beautiful and relaxed!

  52. lc

    I saw the first picture right after the GG as a thumbnail and I thought she had shaved her head!!! When I clicked on it and saw the gray I breathed a sigh of relief……. but it was a small sigh.

  53. Jen

    Years from now, when her hair is actually gray, she will be sad that she dyed it so in her 20′s (!).

  54. Lavender

    The hair is godawful, but everyone is talking about it, which is probably her reason for doing it. She looks like Norman Bates a la Psycho. Really bad. She should go back to the blonde

  55. Jules

    Just, wow.

  56. Hayley

    I’m taking a stand – I LOVE the hair! But that 2nd makeup….Lets just say she has set back relations between Greyers and Norms by a good 10 years. Oh, Kelly, why?!

  57. Carl


  58. Julia

    Oh. My. God.

    Surely seeing herself in that second photo will make her rethink her look. I mean… It’s like… And with the…

    There aren’t words enough.

  59. Franziska

    Last night I watched the Fashion Police covering the Golden Globes and funnily enough not one mention of Kelly’s dress. Or hair. I’m generally not a big fan of those fishtail dresses, I always think it makes women look like glorified Barbies (Elle McPhearson). In Kelly’s case she looks like Barbie’s British sister Sindy.

  60. Ingrid

    Why is her face yellow. Why does she want to look like an old lady. Why.

  61. Jules

    With her hair back, she kind of looks like Sharon Gless does now. And I mean, I love SG, and she is gorgeous, but she was older than KO back when she was Cagney, so … not good.

  62. A.J.

    I do not understand this trend of people in the 20s (I think she’s in her 20s) making their hair gray. And you just know that by the time their hair actually TURNS gray, they will be dying it blonde/brown/red/whatever because they don’t want to look “old.”

  63. Susan Anderson

    I started going gray at 14 and have been religiously coloring my hair for 25-years and face another 15+ years of every three week coloring. I assume Kelly considers herself cutting edge. She is not Emmy Lou Harris (mad props). This is ridiculous with a capital RIDIC!

  64. alter_ego

    How is it that they don’t trash her on her own show?

    Seriously, if you’re going to make a living critiquing other celebs, you better step up your game. In no world is this a good look.

  65. Linkster

    And she comments on other people’s fashion faux pas. Hmmmm. . .

  66. Daryl

    Some of us with NATURALLY SILVER tresses resent this fad .. honey if it didnt go SILVER on its own it wont ever look right on you …

  67. BrieCS

    I actually like the grey hair, and I love the blue dress, and I even like her dress in the second photo, but the makeup definitely failed.

  68. Anna

    Yikes!!! Makeup FAIL! She needs to fire whoever did this, and if she did it, I do hope that is her first and last attempt to play makeup artist.

  69. annabanana

    Oh god, is this a trend now? There’s a contestant on Project Runway All Stars with a bad attitude and a similar hair color “situation.”

  70. CB

    You know, my mom talks about getting a blue rinse in her gray hair. But my mom is almost 60. Is this natural? If not, why would you choose gray? I’m so confused.

  71. JanetP

    Channelling the Adams Family, clearly. Cause you know, it’s all retro and stuff.

    A small, mean part of me hopes that she really does start going grey early on and freaks about it and finally regrets dying her hair this horrible shade when — oh, the humanity! — she actually had no grey at all.

  72. Bubba

    I prefer to think the dude behind her in the first photo is thinking what we all are, which is what.the.hell.?!

  73. Lynne

    I like that Kelly just wants to have fun with it all. (Although, mermaid shaped taffeta? No thank you.) So in theory, I don’t hate the grey hair but in actuality, she has the wrong coloring for it. It just drains the color out of her face.

  74. Sandra

    She looks older than her own parents. And given the miles and years they’ve logged, that is not a good thing.

  75. Stefanie

    EW! I HATE her grey hair and seriously WTF is happening in that second picture?

    I cant stand her. She kept comparing everyone’s dress to hers. She said on the Fashion Police she liked Reece’s dress because it was basically her dress without the sleeves. Uh, honey..NO it’s not. Get over yourself.

  76. Betsy

    I don’t like the hair at all, but what in heavens name is going on with her face in picture two?? I seriously debated for a minute whether they were supposed to come dressed as modern wizard of oz characters or something.

    I’ve actually really started to like Kelly. I don’t care for fashion police, but in the ones I’ve seen, she makes a lot of sense. I don’t mind the first dress at all really. It’s just the hair!

  77. eee

    What no one has mentioned about the hair is that it’s not completely gray — there’s still blonde in it. You can see it in the second picture, on her left side there’s blonde hair peeking out. I wouldn’t have even noticed this, except at the Globes her hair was back in a bun and it was a completely different color than the hair by her scalp. That makes it even worse.

  78. missmare

    I bet she fancies herself as the new Daphne Guinness….

  79. Jessica

    i have been reading this blog for about two or three years and not until this moment did i ever feel the need to post a comment. Because of this horrific display I will never again watch E!’s Fashion Police, because really how can you listen to Kelly Osbourne judge other people when she looks like this ? And also despite Christina Aguilera’s crazy hair moments she is still ten times better.

  80. Lara

    Grey hair, yellow face, purple lips….she’s like a slowly fading bruise I have on my knee right now!

  81. Bella

    Why, Kelly, why? Gray hair comes to all of us eventually, as does age.

  82. Alys

    It looks much more like lavender when I’ve seen her on the Fashion Police show with Joan, and then it’s got this lovely silver screen feel. The second picture is atrocious but she’s still lovely.

  83. heironyms.

    I saw the first pic and thought, “Ooh, Helen Mirren is certainly looking bodacious at this event.” Then I read the header. Oopsie.

    I actually don’t mind the gray hair, ’cause, you know: kids. Whatcha gonna do? (Although I suspect she’ll look back on this phase when she’s got actual, non-pretend gray hair and wonder what the hell she was thinking.) But the yellow foundation–what? WHAT?

  84. Ann

    I don’t mind the grey hair with the blue dress. Kind of awesome. Hate her makeup in the second.

    Anyone know why the grey hair choice? Is it a statement or whimsy? As a 31 year old with way to much grey hair and already tired of dying it, I can respect the statement of accepting the natural coinsurance of age with grace, whenever it starts to show. I know I’m easing into with it by not dying one underlying face-framing chunk.

  85. dafi

    i’m sorry, i want to like it, but the only thing that comes to mind for me when i look at the first dress is this:
    it’s probably partly because of the hair.

  86. Amanda

    She looks like Anna Wintour, if Anna Wintour was 30 years younger, 200% crazier, and had a liver condition.

  87. Julia

    I do not understand the grey hair.

    But I really, really don’t understand why she looks like she has jaundice in the second photo. That is some baaaaad make up artistry.

  88. Boricua in Texas

    Both dresses are giving a serious Star Trek vibe, like ballgowns for the Romulan-Klingon peace talks gala.

  89. Char

    Liver failure is so in right now