Golden Globes Fug or Fab: Amy Adams


Well, hello, Amy Adams!

Your dress appears to be perfectly coordinated with your eyes. Well played. Also, thanks for giving Heather and me something to discuss Sunday night beyond, “what is SHE wearing?!” by trotting out your fiance, whom I decided was French simply because he had a wacky mustache. This surprised Heather, mostly because it turns out I made it up.

I kind of feel like it’s perfectly FINE and totally pretty and absolutely normal and blah blah blah mermaid gown yadda yada fishtail blargh ruffle Marchesa yammer body train blee blee bloo bloo cocktadoodledo HASN’T EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD WORN THIS DRESS ALREADY?

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Comments (25):

  1. pinkcheese

    The color is absolutely stunning on her, but I’m so not feeling the ruffley mermaid look.

  2. Janette

    I heard Darren Aronofsky’s mustache is French.

  3. Mayra

    I *really* don’t like the randomness of the hip thing. If the skirt flared out below it, maybe. But as it is, no.

  4. Joni Woodhead

    i actually like the hip ruffle because it balances out the opposing shoulder ruffle … if you had either but not the other it would be weird … also the fact that this color is a step different than all the other navy while also being different from all the other green it makes it stand out in a way thats new

  5. Willow

    I love all of it but it might be because I absolutely adore her.

  6. Kate

    I think this is my favorite thing she’s ever worn. It looks great with her coloring.

  7. Bubba

    Love the color, and adore all of the cutouts. I would have liked to see a straight cut, no mermaid hem, lose the hip ruffle, keep the shoulder ruffle, with the entire dress covered in the cutout pattern. All that said, I think she looks great.

  8. Shnaggi

    …and furthermore as we say down under blarty blarty blee blah blah…I watched Julia and Julia last night so was delighted to find her pretty face and accomplished look greeting me. Well played even if safe.

  9. John the Craptist

    Look, nothing gets my goat more’n a fishtail hemline because seriously can we just quit it with fishtail hemlines for a period of five years please?

    But this? This…this is…well this is just real, real good.

  10. Infoqueen

    My only quarrel was with her hair: did not love the long dangly piece on the right.

  11. moi

    I think she looks great AND looks like she’s having a great time (and, no fake tan!). But I do worry so about all these long trains. Is someone hired specifically to sweep the carpets and floors before and behind these girls?

  12. Judith

    What the heck is up with the dude in the background wearing a long tie with a wing-collared shirt?

  13. Bella

    Very pretty. The hip thing could drop off, but it’s still great.

  14. Fisticuffs

    @ Amyafan1: You are absolutely correct. I did not look anywhere NEAR thsi amazing, even at the Golden Gloes. I was in my PJ pants with the bleach stains and clutching a 24 ounce whiskey and coke instead of a Judith Leiber pill holder. Also I was not at the Golden Gloes. You are also correct in that Amy Adams is wonderful and awesome. I gotta say, though, that the dress is 80% extra hot great and 20% WAY TOO MUCH SKIRT/TRAIN. This lady has gorgeous skin and an awesome shape and a little leg would be a great thing to see here, especially with the loose hairstyle. Also, I need some shoe action to counteract/complement what appears to be a pretty boring bag. Oh Amy, it’s the pits to be so talented and adorable because everyone is going to want better things for you, always.

  15. Cat

    Love the color. Not a fan of the ruffles, though I do like, as someone pointed out above, that they balance each other out and it’s not overwhelming. Other than that, though… I feel like this is basically like every other dress she’s worn.

  16. Rayna

    LOVE the color on Amy. Mermaid, fishtail, whatevs. Extraneous lace hankies above and below, whatevs too, but if you’re going to do it, this is how.

    Christina H, I’m looking at YOU.

  17. Joyce

    I love Amy Adams. I officially say that “Leap Year” did not deserve 1 star HBO! Isn’t she giving Nicole Kidman face in the second pic though? *shudder*

  18. witjunkie

    This works because it’s sleek (I’m not sure that’s a fishtail hem…I think it’s the train coming off it on the back.) So the foofaw ruffles aren’t just more on too much. Color was fantastic.

  19. vandalfan

    This is much better than the Marchesa with shoulder shower scrunchies that Blake Lively wore recently. The color is perfect- doesn’t it bring out her eyes? The bodice gorgeous, and I can even live with the over large hip-flounce. But the fishtail! If it only swept away gently from the waistline, it would be perfect.

  20. lt

    Think she looks great. Unfortunately, her betrothed is not French. He’s from Texas. I went to HS with him. He was, and is still cute.

  21. lolo

    SO SICK OF MERMAID DRESSES! She looks great besides that, though.

  22. Alicia D.

    Amy Adams can pretty much wear anything. In my opinion she is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She’s pulls this off with ease.

  23. Alicia D.

    And “Joyce” I saw the Nicole-smile/face (?) in that pic also. Double-shudder, but I still love her.

  24. gryt

    The dress is beautiful. Really great color. But she needs bigger hair. More makeup? More something, she looks a little bland. It’s the hair -– it’s just not glam enough.

  25. Gina

    She looks like a (younger) mini-Nicole Kidman. That, in itself, is not a bad thing.