Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Kelly Osbourne

In photos this is a bit better than it was on E!’s red-carpet pre-show, but not much:

It’s like she’s being felt up by a lightning bolt. But it is a whole lot better than what she wore earlier in the weekend:

This is so what Sandy would wear in the final number of Grease, if Rizzo had taken her shirt-shopping and the Pink Ladies were a ballet troupe sponsored by The Disney Store.

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  1. Ann

    I kind of like the red carpet dress. I think it would have been better without all the fabric around the bottom. If it were sleeker, she’d actually look statuesque…no small feat for such a tiny person.

  2. Karen

    Revoke my Fug passport, because I actually think the looks lovely in the first photo and adorable in the second.

  3. Quentin

    Why was she even at the Globes? She’s a fat nobody.

  4. Willow

    if the first dress didn’t have the copious amounts of fabric at the bottom she would have looked stunning, afterall she shouldn’t go all out on a gown because she was just a presenter for E!

    As for the second photo, if I can see your bra its not a top. And isn’t that skirt made from Emma Pillsbury’s sexiest nighty?

  5. anna

    What! The red carpet dress is fantastic – one of my favourites – and actually quite suits her. I’d be happier if I could work out exactly what shape the stripey bit was supposed to be, though…

  6. sam mac

    RE: Red Carpet dress – remember the Spiderman movie where Peter Parker is swallowed by that black symbiotic organism and becomes black Spidie? Totally in that realm. She is being swallowed whole by black taffeta!

  7. Rayna

    I actually LIKE the pink skirt, but then…………part of me will always be 7 years old.

    That said, the top is, errr, unfortunately see throughable. Hmm, better luck next time.

  8. amy

    I think she looks really great on the red carpet! Plus points for GROWTH — she’s come a loooong way!

  9. Joni Woodhead

    @quentin …. dont be mean, they’ll take away our comments. Plus .. she very famously lost a ton of weight, ugh.

    I kinda like the juxtaposition of the girly skirt and edgier top, maybe a tad darker or less shiny on the pink and a top thats not see through and i’d like it.

  10. vandalfan

    In the first dress she looks elegant, stately, and perfect. She unfortunately reverts to one of her clownish costumes with the second look. The skirt might work with a twee white shirtwaist and a pink cardigan worn as a shrug, with cuter shoes.

  11. TaraMisu

    I like both …. is there something wrong with me? LOL!

  12. anny

    The first one is one cigarette holder away from Cruella DeVil. (Sneer doesn’t help.) The second one’s skirt looks like it’s made out of pink backyhose.

  13. Chelsea Ryan

    holy calf muscle, Kelly! I’m “ehh” on both of the outfits.

  14. Missy

    I’m late to this game but I hate hate this blonde hair. She is a 20something woman looking in her 40s

  15. erin

    @Quentin …It’s a shame the trolls are discovering comments here. Reading that made me feel like I was on :(

    That said, the lightning bolt bothers me. It looks too much like illusion netting.

  16. minette

    what is with the meanness directed toward this girl? you should see how the brits treat her in their gossip papers – as if she had personally offended them. i think she’s cute and having some fun with her wardrobe. like the long dress, and would’ve liked the other outfit if she’d worn a wide black belt to pull the two pieces together. don’t think her haircolor is the most flattering, but you know, she’s young and she’ll figure it out. i think i liked the way she treated her mom on the talk – that’s why i feel more fond of her than i did before. good kid.

  17. Elaine

    She’s enjoying her new body; who among us hasn’t enjoyed showing off weight loss at some big event? I think she looks great in both photos.

  18. Rowynn

    Quentin, you might be surprised if you knew how many fat nobodies read this blog every day. On behalf of all of them, and Kelly, (who I believed to be an obnoxious over-privileged twit till I saw her on DWTS, but then I came to sort of love her,) I hereby take umbrage at your trollish comment.
    Now then, staying on topic, I think she looks rather elegant in the first dress, even if it is rather oddly constructed. The second outfit… meh. She’s young, she’s allowed to wear weird stuff. I still love her.

  19. Valeria

    1st gown: I’ve got an intense dislike for ombre fabrics so I’m having trouble overlooking that but otherwise I like the cut and draping and it flatters Kelly’s figure, (although why does everyone think it’s such a great idea to have their dresses 6+ inches too long and puddling on the floor???)

    2nd ensemble: not keen on it, but I am always grateful to ladies who choose to wear an undergarment under semi-sheer fabric !

  20. Jessica

    Yes, let’s all keep it (vaguely) civil — also, Kelly certainly had to attend the Globes because she was working it for E!

    Carry on please!

  21. millie

    In the first photo, she has a certain Ivana Trump’ish look, donchathink? In the second photo, a hint of life with The Little People.

  22. Alison

    I LOVED the red carpet dress. It was one of the best there for me!

    The second one…. I like the top, but the skirt is pretty awful. A bit of a slip up for her, as lately she’s been dressing very well indeed.

    And for the person who said ‘fat’…. for goodness sake, grow up and stop trolling!

  23. Jo

    I actually love both outfits – I adore the red carpet dress – and purely because of the bolt-like stripe!
    And the second is just fun, I love the way her hair accompanies the look. She also reminds me of Glinda the Good for some reason. There, I’m sold.

  24. Edel

    Regarding the first, that is actually the only photo of that dress that made me vaguely like it. I dislike the two for the price of one dress look anyway. The second would look lovely if the skirt was a different material and maybe a different shade of pink.

  25. Dusty

    When Kelly was announcing for E in the red carpet dress, I momentarily thought that she was missing some of her dress. The pink part looked flesh colored and the black looked like it was covering all of her lady bits. My husband came into the room and made the same observation without my prompting.

    Both dresses are fugly.

  26. meg

    The hair is killing it for me in both pics: I’d love to see her as a redhead.

  27. Leslie

    I love the Globes dress – sorry Fug Girls, I rarely disagree with you! I also really like the top of the second, just not the cheap sandra dee fabric.

  28. TonyG

    The first one is striking (no pun intended, given the lightning bolt reference). I really like the boldness of it, and it makes Kelly, very short woman, look tall.

    The second one, not so much.


    Is it me, or does the make-up job in the second photo make it look like Kelly is trying to hide a 6 o’clock shadow.

    Such a shame given how, in the first photo, her make-up is really well done..

  29. Alli

    Don’t like either one really. The GG dress fit is pretty good, but don’t like “lightening bolt.” I also am not sure I love her as a blond; I liked when she had dark hair and that fair skin — oh well, at least she has stayed away from the orange fake tan so far! And I actually agree with a lot of her assessments on Fashion Police.

  30. Matilda

    @Quentin, this isn’t this kind of blog. If you want something like that go somewhere else. Or: grow up and show some manners!

    Kelly Osbourne… I think her hairstyle for the red carpet is an improvement from how she looked earlier in the week. The dress… I’m torn. I think it would look better on a taller person, it’s just too much fabric for her tiny frame, she’s drowning in it.

  31. Daisy

    I too really love the red carpet dress. I think she looks Fantastic.

    However the more I look at the second the more I dislike it. That pink fabric should never have been invented. It sucks to sew and never looks right.

  32. Kate

    Maybe it wasn’t so great on TV or in person, but in this shot, I really like her red carpet dress. It’s different and it’s flattering. I do wish she’d figure out her hair though, this yellow dingy blonde is no good.

  33. Trouble

    i think the hormones have gone to your brain–the lightening bolt dress was awesome. totally out of the box, creative, and funky. it had a grownup look while still being rockin’ enough for ozzie’s daughter.

    the other outfit is eh, but not THAT bad. have mercy, have you already forgotten the days of linds-fug leggins-han?!

  34. Crystal

    Holy crap, my lovely FugGirls….did you not notice that she is pulling the Jessica Simpson slackjaw/brow cock look? In BOTH PICTURES! I know you guys are uber-sensitive to it too!

  35. Quentin

    Okay, okay! I hear you, ladies. You’re right. That went too far. I’m sorry. The last thing I’m interested in reading is another comments section full of hateful remarks. I resolve to keep it civil. To that end: I think her makeup looks really good and her hair in the second pic looks cute and kinda glamorous at the same time.

  36. witjunkie

    I just miss Kelly’s wigs. I loved her wigs.

  37. Elise

    Why is her hair made of shiny play-doh?

  38. Slovenka

    She looks stunning! (first dress)

  39. Gina

    I really like the first dress! I’d like to see the top of the second outfit paired with a black leather pencil skirt. I really wish she’d go back to brunette; perhaps not the uber-Goth black number 1 she used to sport, but a nice dark chestnut, something with a bit of warmth to it. I am not crazy about the blonde.