Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Kaley Cuoco

First off, I have to admit that I kind of need her to take a vacation right now:

I have no beef with her — I don’t watch her show, but she seems like a good sport in general, and I think she generally comes across as a person who would be a good neighbor: cheerful, trustworthy enough to pick up your mail, chatty when you run into her at the parking garage, throws a fun BBQ — but ever since her “relationship” with Henry Cavill, I feel like we’ve seen a lot of Kaley Cuoco: that whole palaver, then her whirlwind romance/marriage to Ryan Sweeting, all got a lot of tabloid play and while I wish those two crazy kids nothing but the crazy best, I think we’re inching into the territory where she might be well served by, say, heading off to somewhere without cell reception for a month or so to let everyone miss her.

I will not, however, ever miss this particular dress. I love a pattern on a ballgown, but this one looks like it bled in the wash.

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  1. ChristieLea

    I think celebrities should start screen-testing their gowns, so they know what they’ll *actually* look like on TV. I have a feeling this one looked much prettier in person, but on camera, it looks like it got left in a dank basement for a decade.

    • Audrey Fredericks

      Oh my God, how come nobody ever thought about it before? They could even release virtual paper dolls with celebrities and gowns for our entertainment! GREAT FUN!!!

  2. greena

    Aw i like her, Im not sure why she seems to be getting alot of blog/pap/tabloid hate lately. She doesnt strike me as the attention whoring look at me type, specially considering how long shes been working and how many shows shes been on, and that shes on the #1 rated show on TV right now ( I watch it it, its cute and moderately mindless which I like after a long day)

    That said.. ive never loved her red carpet styling. Seem like she has a particular personal style that isnt quick quirky (ala drew and zoeey) or starlet (a la the rest) so it always looks slightly off in red carpet wold.

    that said, i wish she had picked something less muted in tome, but eh its her world. i also wish she’d soften her eyebrows a bit, but its kind of become her trademark i suppose ill learn to live with it. which is easy because its not MY face :)

  3.  Miranda

    I watch TBBT and I also think she needs to go away. I always hate the dresses that look like foundation garments, and this is no exception.

  4. AnniLau

    I actually sort of like the skirt, but I think it needs a different bodice…something less lingerie-ish.

    •  Annie E

      I would full-on love this dress if the lingerie-styling of the bodice was just removed, so is didn’t have the beige strips breaking up the pattern.

    • scone

      I hate visible boning and visible cups AND this one didn’t even fit. She was yanking it up all over the place.

      •  Val

        Agreed, agreed! The very visible boning channels are distracting on a dress that needed all the help it could get in the first place – - the pattern was just too large. That being said, props for going with a pattern.

      • G

        Yes. I don’t even mind the pattern and its murky watercolory-ness, but the boning corset-ness of the top is awful. And the tininess of it next to the full skirt only makes it look even smaller (and ill-fitting) than it already is!

      • Beavis

        heh heh. She said “boning”

  5. marisa

    I actually think it is pretty and romantic. Fits her well. No wig…

  6. Rebecca

    I’m sure I’ll be in the minority but I loved this dress. The pattern is so pretty and romantic to me. I don’t LOVE the construction of the top, but I like the rest so much that I let it go.

    My problem is with her hair here…can’t stand it with this dress. I wish she would have done the soft waves she did for the PCA’s with this dress instead. The straight all on one side seems too harsh for something so pretty and soft (maybe she was going for the stark difference but I don’t like it).

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I’m with you, Rebecca. I knew a lot of people wouldn’t like the dress, but I do. I don’t mind the bodice construction because it shows off her beautifully athletic bod, but I think it needed straps.

      On the Cuoco Scale, this is pretty good head styling! But I also agree it should’ve been different with this dress. I’d have preferred a soft updo with some curls/waves tendriling down from it, and I’d add a necklace as well. Something like this, maybe:

      I think topaz would be lovely with the soft dress colors.

    • Audrey Fredericks

      Me, too. She diggs romantic dresses. Have you seen the pink number she got married in, two weeks ago? It rocks her world. And since she likes romantic, I am supportive of the hair and make-up she wore at her wedding, too. This flat ironed hair is too severe and looks lifeless.

  7. TaraMisu

    Yep I really like this too, the pattern reminds me of a Monet painting (maybe, I have no artist knowledge) My only quibble is it NAN (needs a necklace)

  8. Lizzy

    I’d like it better if the background color weren’t nude.
    That paired with the bodice makes it look like Scarlet O’Hara’s pretty petticoat.

    • Meri

      Exactly what I was thinking. It’s so sweet and romantic that I couldn’t help but like it, if only it was a white or cream background to take it away from Lingerie Town. (And different hair. If you’re going for pretty princess, might as well go all the way.)

  9. patricia

    Don’t watch the show, don’t know who she is except for all the publicity stuff you just mentioned, and I actually LIKED this dress, but wish someone with darker skin had worn it. This might have been great on Kat Graham, amirite??

  10. Lisa

    The bodice seems to be sitting too low. The skirt is ok, but the colors are a little musty for my taste. Also her styling always to be off.(hair, make-up, etc.)

  11. Maria L.

    That hair does not belong with that dress – which I might – might – possibly like better on someone who can carry it with a little more flair.

    I must only know this young woman from GFY since I realized I have no idea what she has done professionally.

    • Lisa

      She is a pretty decent comedic actress (tv). I think her taste in clothing and styling pretty much suck, but she is talented (in my opinion).

    • Linda

      I never knew her til Big Bang Theory, but I know she was on Charmed for a while, and she was on Eight Simple Rules, the show with John Ritter. It was in production when he died.

      I like the dress, I just wish she hadn’t had her hair flat ironed so much. Girls need to discover the T3 1.75 inch curling iron. It has replaced my flat iron and I get nice bouncy waves instead of that flat to my head look. And it works to smooth out curly kinkiness and frizz.

  12. Victoria

    I like the dress, although I don’t care for the beige boning in the bodice.

  13. Emily

    I actually quite like it, especially compared with her usual red carpet fare. I think she looks pretty and the dress is whimsical.

  14.  Sarah

    I would love this if the top fit better and did not have the exposed boning. I think the pattern is romantic and does not read as musty to me at all.

  15. Bella

    I don’t know who she is, but I like the dress. It does look like a Monet. The issue is the hair – it should be up. And add pretty earrings.

  16.  Brenna

    I actually like the dress, but I HATE with a passion that in every photo she ever takes on the red carpet, she either makes what she thinks is a sexy face or a smug face. She never just smiles.

  17. Eric Rezsnyak

    My take on The Cuoc: she is savvy enough to know that her very popular show has peaked. She is currently at her most visible. She is trying to get press of her own, probably to segue into films. Totally understandable. But she’s doing it in such an obvious way that it skates the line of desperation. That Cavill thing was so clearly staged for publicity that it made the Gyllenhaal/Swift “romance” look genuine. The wedding to the current guy also seems tailor made to get tabloid attention.

    I have nothing against her, but her PR game is so unsubtle that it’s hard not to be put off by it. Nothing about her public persona feels sincere. And I realize we’re talking about Hollywood, but that kind of underscores my point. She sticks out more than most aspiring starlets in the Please Pay Attention to Me game.

    As for the GG look, I didn’t care for the dress for all the reasons enumerated above. But the larger issue for me was the hair, which she seemed to be fighting with every time I saw her on camera. She didn’t look comfortable and it in turn made me feel uncomfortable for her.

    • Rachael

      This is well articulated, and well explains why, despite my general lack of any true feelings one way or the other about her, I’m a bit weery of seeing her name in the tabloids. I’ll add only that this dress, while perhaps nice in concept, photographs very dingy-looking. It’s not appealing.

    •  Beth

      This post hits the nail on the head. I have no strong feelings about her, having never actually seen her in a TV show or movie. It just seems like I’d never heard of her until about six months ago, and now I’ve heard about her so much that I just think “Again?” when I see an article about her. Surely that’s not her intent?

  18. nobody much

    pairing a watery romantic print with a superconstructed corset bodice is not working here. If it had been an overlayer over the corset it might have worked, but I don’t think the background color of the dress fits her complexion/tan.

  19. The Reset

    Change the bodice styling and I’m in.

  20. Joanie

    I actually love the skirt, but the bodice needs a little work.

    As for Kaley herself, I like her and don’t think she’s oversaturated at all. Plus, TBBT is awesome

  21. Cat

    I like Kaley, but agree she’s overexposed right now. Up close this is pretty, but from far away it looks dirty.

  22. Eli

    I feel like this wants to be that awesome Monet-y dress that Rachel McAdams wore a while back but it is a fail on that front.

  23. irism

    I have to automatically love her for all the positive work she does for animal rescue (especially her advocacy for Pit Bull type dogs in particular).

    I say that in relation to what she normally wears on the red carpet this is a win (no crazy wig, no stumpifying skirt length, no crazy pancake makeup…. you get the point).

  24. Jenz

    I don’t watch TBBT but I do like her Priceline (?) ads with William Shatner. She is cute and funny in those but I agree with many of y’all: She’s currently overexposed. I’ll give her the fact some probably isn’t her doing, it’s Hollywood’s doing. For me, I have issues with the whole meet-love-engaged-married in all of seven months and that definitely skews my view of her. I do wish her the best but I also wish the mags, etc. would focus elsewhere for a bit.

  25. TonyG

    I really liked this one. I like that it evokes something both ethereal and beautiful. A Fab for me.

  26. Sarah O

    I like the dress. But I don’t like her makeup or hair. Too severe. And with such a low bodice, she needs a necklace.

  27. Jessica

    I am on Team This Dress. It fits her nicely, and she looks pretty and romantic.

    (I get all my celebrity gossip from here and the headlines at the checkout aisle, so I don’t have any thoughts on her as a person. Her show is cute; she looks cute here.)

  28. buttercup

    While I don’t dig it, I think this is the best she’s looked in…ever on a red carpet.

    And yet, she still can’t get her hair styled correctly. Like, I could do that with an hour and a straight iron. Maybe that’s why she went with the wig that one time.

  29. Deborah

    What’s that you say? Kaley is wearing pink again? Wow, who would have thought!

  30. Claire1

    I desperately want to trim her hair!!

  31. Lori

    I don’t actually hate it, but I think I’d like it more if the background color were white or ivory.

  32.  Gypsy Danger

    Maybe she and Olivia Wilde can chill somewhere for a while?

  33. onlyfr33b33

    I love this dress, but for some reason it doesn’t fit her coloring at all, it makes her skin look like pink rubber.

  34. Sajorina

    I like the dress, it fits her beautifully, but my problem is with the styling! I don’t like the hair, a bright pink lip would’ve been nice, and I like the clutch, but not with this dress! Dress = FAB! Styling = FUG!

    And, I like you, but don’t think for a second that I will ever call you Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting!

  35. Bambi Anne Dear

    Love the dress, hate the hair, need jewellery to decrease the bare skin.

  36. Squirrel!

    Unfugging: Keep the skirt part of the dress. Softer eye makeup with a colored lip. A different hairstyle altogether — waves? updo? something romantic. Change the bodice to something less foundation garment-adjacent, with a little more coverage over the girls, and make the bodice a solid color that is one of the prettier shades in the pattern — coral or periwinkle (at least that’s how they appear on my screen).

  37. Erin

    I actually LOVE this dress, but I hate the cups.

  38. Jax

    I think the dress is actually quite pretty, but it would’ve fit a brunette or someone with a different color better. More contrast is needed here.

    And I don’t like her hair. Looks like extensions done badly.