Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Annette Bening

I’m sure this dress is fine. I’m sure it’s great, actually, and I’m thrilled Annette Bening won for The Kids Are All Right. I’m also happy that the kids are, in fact, all right. You know how I worry.

But it kind of kills your fashion momentum when you leave the house wearing an arachnid on your head, last spotted hanging from the curtain rod in my bedroom. I guess my plumbing system carried it all the way to her place. Those are some serious pipes.

And in case you’re wondering whether I was correct in saying, “[T]he only certainty with Annette Bening is that she will wear Warren Beatty in her foreground,” well…

Hey there, War. What, are you allergic to the sideline?

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  1. Lynne

    While I agree that her hair is pretty questionable here, I feel like Annette has reached the age where she is now awesome in a bohemian ‘girl with a past’ kind of way. So now she can show up to an awards show all, “yeah, I’m wearing horn rims and yeah my hair looks a bit like I just got laid. So?’

  2. ashley

    I love her so much, it’s hard to fault her for this even when she looks a bit on the crazy side, I still think she’s adorable!

  3. Dara

    Am I the only one who thought that was Clay Aiken in a dress?

  4. Ben

    Seriously. She nabs a Tom Ford gown from his first women’s collection and she does THAT to her hair? For shame.

  5. eee

    I swear, she and Al Pacino had nearly identical hairstyles.

  6. Lori

    Annette’ s hair is really bad, but I’m more concerned about the fact that Warren really can’t allow her to be front and center. Dang, dude get a grip on your enormous ego.

  7. Lulu

    I LIKE her hair!

  8. CJW

    As my husband said, “There’s an old Jewish man on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Hey– when did Warren Beatty start dating my Uncle Herm?”

  9. vandalfan

    If only he could stand completely in front of her, we wouldn’t have to suffer with the hair. I’ll grant her the hornrims, and could almost overlook the Chenielle mourning bedspread fabric, but the hair, too? Come on, Bening, at least TRY. This is so bad it’s disrespectful. What, she rode a bicycle to the show?

  10. atz

    The dress is all right, but the hair and glasses just don’t fit the red carpet. She belongs If behind the reference desk at the library, from the neck up.

  11. Sarah

    Bad hair.

    I’m guessing that she likes to hide behind him. I don’t necessarily think it’s him hogging the spotlight.

    I just love that they are still together. They seem so cute. So rare for Hollywood!

  12. Bonnie

    The secret love child of Clay Aitken and Helena Bonham Carter…..

  13. andnowyoutellme

    She’s my best dressed of the night. So we’ll have to agree to disagree. Because I think she looks awesome.

  14. Rayna

    Love her, love the dress, love the accessories, even the nerd herd glasses, but cannot get on board with the hair.

    And yes, I know “messed up” is a legit hairstyle, but I’m not feeling it this time.

    @eee: she and Al Pacino have nearly identical hairstyles! Too right! LOL

  15. Geemee

    Why is she not wearing lipstick that matches her great nails? Her face looked devoid of makeup.

  16. MEP

    She reminds me of Dr. Drew’s sidekick with the hats on Celebrity Rehab, and that is NOT a compliment.

  17. Mjx

    Eh, you know, I think the texture is kind of cool. It would have worked it it had been, say, knee-length, and been fitted at the waist. But I like that she doesn’t have look desperate to be young, which is refreshing (I don’t mean for her, but a few other ladies who are pathetically trying to prove they’ve still ‘got it’ by wearing things that they clearly aren’t having fun in, even though they’re nearly naked.)

  18. Carolyn

    Someone else described her as Lucille 2 and now when I look at her that’s all I can think about.

  19. Geisha_Girl

    Warren needs to learn a few manners – his wife wins an award and he just barges right in front of her for photos? Someone’s feeling outshi-ined…

  20. Lindy

    Too funny about how is always in the foreground! Her dress is so boring.

  21. gryt

    Did she do that crazy hair to take the attention off something else? Maybe she had something ‘done’, but with that lunatic hairdo she was hoping no one would notice.

  22. ddukes

    this could be helena bonham carter one day

  23. ddukes

    did anybody check her shoes?

  24. Kristen from MA

    The weird hair is kind of her thing. I remember an old interview in which she talked about all of her cowlicks.

    I’ll give her points for having recently bought some new clothes. She was wearing the same 2 or 3 evening outfits over and over. But she loses points for wearing black again. Don’t get me wrong, I love black, but like Aniston, Bening either wears black or, on occasion, white, as she did at the critics choice awards last weekend. B-O-R-I-N-G. (The one exception was the bright turquoise she wore to the AFI dinner for Mike Nichols. It was an unexpected but welcome change of pace.)

  25. lettucecup

    Did anyone else notice how much she looked like Lisa Cholodenko (writer/director of The Kids are Alright) in the post show interview? Methinks that movie had a profound effect on Annette.

  26. kimmy

    actually i love the dress and don’t mind the glasses. i didn’t notice how bad her hair was until these photos! i thought she looked ok on stage. there’s something very elegant and classy about that dress. i

  27. kimmy

    actually i love the dress and don’t mind the glasses. i didn’t notice how bad her hair was until these photos! i thought she looked ok on stage. there’s something very elegant and classy about that dress.

  28. Cecily

    I was so thrilled when she won, as I think she’s wonderful and hope she gets an Oscar. However, I was distracted by the hair AND glasses, GAH! those black thick-framed Buddy Holly glasses KILL ME when women wear them (I’m talking to you, Rachel Maddow). These lovely faces obscured by an SUV grill of lensholder are so unattractive, IMO. And truth, she does stand behind her man more than by her man, but hey, he’s Warren Beatty.

  29. AndersonicTK421

    @ atz 11:00 – I’m actually writing this from behind a reference desk? so you can suck it.

    The hair is actually the least of my concerns. The glasses are sorta dumb, the dress looks like the “burned velvet” I wore to my sophomore year homecoming dance, and that pig husband of hers makes me want to eat glass.

    Sartorial decisions aside, by all other measures AB is one rockin’ gal. Here’s hoping the Blind Items are All Right and she’s simply waiting ’till awards season’s over to ditch his octogenarian a$$.

  30. Fuh Ugh

    Annette’s hair? Let me just say those three little words you long to hear – - Nick Nolte mugshot

  31. Alli

    @CJW — I just laughed out loud (to the questioning looks of my co-workers); your husband sounds funny!

    Hate the whole look though, especially hair and glasses.

  32. moi

    Well, there’s an art to doing the messed up crop, just ask the one, the only Sharon Stone. But this isn’t art. This is forked up, bat poop crazy. She made HBC look downright conservative.

  33. Shnaggi

    Very funny moi, Bat poop crazy and mourning chenille bedspread and I’ll bet she’s wearing Hiking boots to complete the Ensemble…ddukes. Cringeworthy and yes I’d be hiding behind Wazza as well wearing that disgrace. How may hairdressers did it take to come up with that “do”.

  34. sandy

    Right now I have librarian-style glasses and no contacts, and because without the glasses I can’t see, I don’t like to dress up. This look explains why. Great dress, but from the neck up she looks like science nerd who just blew up something in the lab.

  35. Ann

    I love Annette Bening. I cannot tell a lie. My appreciation of her is almost Swinton-esque.

    BENING!! There, I said it. The only thing about her look I don’t like is Beatty. BENING could do SO much better!

  36. Az

    If your hair is identical to that of Al Pacino at the same event then you have to know something is wrong.

  37. emmarose

    when i first saw her hair i was stunned. it’s like a skit from SNL. i mean a four year old could do their hair better. it’s like she didn’t wash it in weeks, teased it and used hair spray to have parts go up and slapped some woolworth’s make up on and an old dress she found in her closet from 1988. she could get a free dress from anyone (her figure is still really good) and go to any salon anywhere and have them wash her hair, style it, and do her makeup. she’s a millionaire. i could do better with 10 bucks and i’m not even beautiful. this is absurd.

  38. mom

    “[He's] so vain, I guess [he] thought this [award] was about [him]. [He's] so vaaaaiiiin!” Yeah, I went there. I love the dress, but wish she’d do more with her hair. She is truly a lovely person, and looks great for her age…but again, I wish she’d do more with her hair. That, and contacts. Just for the awards show. Then, she can go back to wearing her glasses during her daily life.

  39. anny

    @Fuh Ugh – HA! I’m still giggling …

  40. Lina

    She looks so great from the neck down. Or, like, hairline down, I guess, since her face looks as beautiful as ever. Too bad the hair went so far awry. (As for Warren, if he’s that hungry for the spotlight, perhaps he should consider working again instead of stealing his wife’s. *smacks him*)

  41. Jessica

    Why DO spiders hang out in the plumbing. They get you when you’re so naked and vulnerable.

  42. Olivia

    Looks like Annette here & Al Pacino share the same hairstylist.

  43. Meinemo

    Annette is perfect. Just like Tilda.

  44. NYCGirl

    I have to applaud her for not regarding glasses as fug.

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