Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Anne Hathaway


A lot of people were REALLY surprised when we didn’t like Anne Hathaway’s dress. So we tried. We really did. We thought maybe we had eaten a bad batch of Domino’s pizza or something, which would have lent itself to a very interesting commercial indeed, wherein we submitted to the company a photo of ourselves weeping over piles of GFY hate mail and woozily waving at our half-eaten pizza, and then the Domino’s president visibly deflates, shakes his head, tsks, and says, “This sort of thing CAN’T HAPPEN,” and then personally hand-delivers us a pizza without mind-altering black olives on it.

So, hear me out. It might take a while. But:

Anne Hathaway

It’s just a little… much. I feel it is less “love” and more “other drugs.” I am sweating just looking at it, and it’s clinging to her in ways that make me want to apologize to her parents just for happening to glance her way. Funnily, it kind of evokes Victoria Beckham — it’s such a Posh pose. And if Posh Spice were wearing this, I might be more on board. But Posh Spice has a few years, some feuds (well, I assume), about ten haircuts, and a heap of crazy under her belt the likes of which Anne could not even fit into a fanny pack. I think she can carry the actual physical act of wearing a dress this slinky, but she can’t carry the camp that comes with it.

Which brings me to the most important objection: It’s simply irresponsible to wear something like this if you don’t intend to attack your archrival and push her into a lily pond, and/or destroy her art studio and all its pastel furnishings. Because you can’t wear something THIS Krystle Carrington and then fail to commit. Dynasty is not a passing fancy, kid. Dynasty is forever. So either get out there and shove Annette Bening into a puddle, or go home and try again tomorrow.

And one more thing:

Her back is way too shiny for it to be bare. Which means there’s got to be material there bridging the cutout…

… and that kind of zaps the sex appeal of it all. It’s the spinal equivalent of nude tights. She’s wearing backy hose. What is this, Sensible Work Sunday at the Globes? Boo.

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  1. ak

    I loved this dress! It’s surprising that y’all thought this was too much but Olivia’s wasn’t. I thought Olivia’s was way too over the top.

  2. Lynne

    Ugh. I hated this dress so much for exactly the reasons you did. But also because I hate a major hate on for Rachel Zoe. I think she’s one of those people who is considered great because she keeps telling everyone she is so the world just gives up and believes she’s great.

    Oh and the color looks awful on her.

    And yeah. Posh would never do this.

  3. bobrk

    Ew, now that I know about the back.

  4. Rebecca

    I was also surprised that you guys didn’t like it, but you made a completely convincing argument for why it doesn’t work. One I pictured it on Posh, you had me in your camp!

  5. Heather

    I don’t know if I think you CAN go over the top at the Globes — the “too much” for me here is really just that it’s clingy AND sequins AND high-necked AND floor-length AND long-sleeved AND puff-sleeved AND… etc. It’s trying to be too much at once.

  6. Elizabeth O'Neill

    the illusion netting is unforgivable and obliterates whatever awesomeness the gown might otherwise have borne.

  7. MelissaW

    This dress reminds me of a really tacky, cheap, vinyl shower curtain. And you’re right – there’s illusion netting on the back, you can see the wrinkle.

    This would’ve been sooo much better if it had been sleeveless, with a halter-type neck. Then she could have done the very low back thing without the netting.

  8. MPMZ

    Yeah, the back hose is bad and making me sad, actually. But as for the front…well, she did have a rather Dynasty-like life there with the whole boyfriend scamming the Vatican thing. Come on now, if that’s not worthy at least one clingy sequined dress in a lifetime, I don’t know what is. ;)

  9. Alissa

    I totally agree with you. Anne cant carry this dress. And we all know Rachel Zoe is her stylist and put her in this dress, which to me makes it more about her wearing a costume in some sense. I heard on E that there was a mesh covering over her back. And PS – E’s Fashion Police totally stole your line about Leighton Meester looking like a Sister Wife!

  10. Gabi

    Those sleeves! That’s what really pushed this into fug territory for me. Also, I totally agree that the color is very strange on her – and the back is crazy! That is the only part of the dress I liked, so to see that it is illusion netting…just no. Anne can (and has) done so much better!

  11. Stefanie

    “Backy hose” just made my week.

    Im not a fan of this dress. It seems really heavy and quite smug. Maybe if it was strapless (cliche I know!) and the sequins should be smaller? Maybe? Yes? No?…

  12. the lovely dee

    its like the brown version of granny jolie’s dress

  13. Olivia

    I think that, had it been sleeveless (and obviously minus the back thing), I would’ve been on board. Right now, it looks very ’80s sci-fi B-movie.

  14. Rayna

    OK, I’ll grant you all that, but you can’t deny that it looks like it is paved with little tiny CDs, and that has to count for something.

    I dunno what, but SOMETHING.

  15. Melanie

    Maybe in another color? This color is so blah…also not wild about the weird back fabric, although I didn’t notice it on TV.

  16. Emily

    I was completely on board with this dress UNTIL I saw the back
    You’re right, this dress would have been killer on Posh.

  17. Jill

    The netting on the back is disappointing (you can kind of see the crinkling, too) but I still love it. I would never wear it because I do like to eat and I feel like it might be itchy, but I can’t stop staring at it.

  18. Anouk

    I STILL love it on her – though I did wonder how the hell it stayed up (had terrible visions of her leaning over the dinner table and it suddenly slipping off a shoulder). Backy hose it is. And I was strangely unmoved by Olivia Wilde’s (plus I thought her shoes were ugly). Thing is, I think ‘Annie’ has an inner diva that TOTALLY pulls this off. I think we just haven’t seen enough of it yet. Maybe when she hosts the Oscars?

  19. deb

    this is the most genius post you’ve ever written. and let it be hereby stated that I am a massive fan of ALL your posts so this is high praise indeed. next I have to say that I agree with you 490 percent. this dress was not right on her. it wasn’t right in general – but you do make a good point that it would be perfect for a Carrington. and lastly – “backy hose” just made me snort a wee bit of coffee out of my noise laughing. lesson learned: no bev intake while reading your site.

  20. Hannah

    Fug Nation, you are HURTING MY FEELINGS!! I think she looks hot as hell and it’s a departure for her and shouldn’t we be celebrating when women step out of their sartorial comfort zone and look good doing so? Posh does not OWN the sexy-b!tch look. YAY Anne!

  21. jess

    You are not alone, Fug Girls!
    Everyone was ranting and raving about how great she looked, and I was like “wha?” i kept looking at it from new angles and I tried to find what everyone else apparently had found, but couldn’t. Its also not the right colour for fabulousness. Anne should stick to boring gowns. She needs to realize she isn’t Swinton and she can’t just wear whatever the fuck she likes and totally pull it off because she’s Awesome.
    ‘Nuff said.

  22. Pam

    I didn’t like it either, but chalked it up to my personal belief that if you’ve experienced a particular trend as a grown up (over 16, say), you probably shouldn’t wear it/like it/whatever the next time it comes around. For me, the shoulders on this dress were that trend. Maybe if they had just been broad/padded and not puffy? The puffs seemed a little Anne of Green Gables on a dress that was otherwise sort of sci-fi/futuristic.

    Plus, I got all distracted by the fact that those little sequin things HAD to be pulling her hair out.

  23. Anne (in Reno)

    I have to say, this picture doesn’t convince me of the illusion netting, to me it just looks like weird reflections from the sequins. And those are some blinding sequins so I am still on the fence but leaning towards Camp Hathaway.

  24. Cecily

    I actually loved the front, Anne and the dress had a real Rita Hayworth vibe going on, IMO. But the back, no. LOVE the image of nude back-hose, hilarious!

  25. Faye

    Thank GOD I’m not the only one who didn’t like it. The sleeves and the puffy shoulders and the back (not to mention the backy hose . . . LOL) – it’s all just seizure inducing. Joan Collins could have pulled this off. And to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, “I knew Joan Collins . . . you, Anne Hathaway, are no Joan Collins.”

    Actually, if it would have been strapless and had a back, I might have liked it. As it is – meh.

  26. Wilma

    I just don’t like the dress, not AH, not Posh. Those sleeves! Ugh, I’m so tired of these sleeves everywhere.

  27. Jess

    I think this would have been a great candidate for Unfug It Up – do something about the illusion netting, nix the stupid sleeves, and I’d love it. I don’t even mind the color – anything lighter and I’d scream, but it’s not like she’s washed out.

  28. Geemee

    The weird way it bunches across her stomach distracted me to no end. And I feel an odd sadness to find out about the backy hose. The idea that she wore a dress with the back completely bare is what made me give gutsy points. Now? I think she’s kind of a wimp. If you’re gonna go big, go all the way.

  29. Chicklet

    I, too, would have liked this if it had a 70s-style halter thing; for one thing, it would have made the extreme slinkiness look like a deliberate homage. For another thing, it would have eliminated the possibility that the shoulders actually have a hard plastic form under them, like a very very wrong version of an athletic cup. I will admit that this possibility has haunted me ever since Sunday night, when it first occurred to me. The shoulders just look so stiff — what else could be holding their shape except repurposed Bike-brand jock cups?

  30. Willow

    The shoulders really big me, I swear she must have little hamsters up there are something!

    I love it all otherwise.

  31. LA

    I’m so relieved! People have been gushing over this dress, and I’ve been like, “What am I missing?!” And that is definitely illusion netting – they showed it on one of the shows I watched – FP, maybe? Anyway, thank you for validating my unease over this one. I think if the sequins had been a different color (less…neutral?), and there’d been no illusion netting, then maybe…?

  32. Kateyritro

    UGH. The shoulders. I couldn’t get past them. Also, Anne annoys me in general so this gave me another reason.

  33. Di

    I can’t believe you didn’t love this OR Mandy Moore.

    But I’m pretty sure it’s not back netting. It’s just light reflected from the sequins onto her back.

  34. Henriette

    I honestly don’t think it’s back-hose or whatever. I think the sequins are reflecting the lights from the cameras which makes her back look somewhat like a disco-ball.
    Other than that I would have liked the dress to be more front-cleavage, less back.

  35. Maureen

    I love it! And I was surprised because I usually think Anne wears boring, yet pretty, princess-y stuff. I expected another sparkly, poufy ballgown that I secretly hate because they look like expensive prom dresses or girls dressing up as a “princess” for Halloween. But you’re right that this dress does look like Posh. Which is a cool thing, especially for Boring Anne! And also– are we sure that is illusion netting in the back? Or aren’t those shiny streaks just crazy reflections from all the little (mini-cd :) sparkles on her sleeves??

  36. Michelle

    You are crazy. I can’t disagree more! This dress is STUNNING and Anne worked it like a pro. Fabulous!

  37. amy b.s.

    i didn’t like it either and everyone i know thinks i am crazy! i don’t know…i just am not digging it.

  38. Pldegrego

    I LOVE and adore this dress. In fact, it was one of my top 3 favorite dresses of the evening. Though I appreciate that it is fierce and thus must be fiercely carried, I think Anne stepped up to the plate. I hope you’ll give us the option to vote for it among the best dressed nominees.

  39. Ms. Pants

    There’s back netting? I thought the shine was the reflection off the sequins. Hmmmm….

  40. Willow

    oh God, the back-hose makes her skin look like some sort of amphibian’s.

  41. Trinity

    I’m going to be one of those in the Fug Nation minority on this one–I love this look on Anne. I think she’s workin’ it. Every time I look at this picture, my first thought is, “Wow, Anne Hathaway is soooo pretty, and has an amazing bod.’ *Then*, I notice the dress.I think her hair and makeup are perfect. When I watched the red carpet coverage (saw her interviewed on NBC), I thought she looked comfortable and happy in the dress, and like she was having a blast.

    I *do* think that Anne has enough soap queen vixen in her to pull this off–girl’s got a dark side. That fantastic performance in “Rachel Getting Married” had to come from somewhere.

    And I really don’t get the horror over the back hose (but the post was hilarious!)

  42. Alli

    I liked it and thought the over the top front was saved by this modern, daring, bare back…and then I watched Fashion Police and found out it was not bare…

    One of the critics said that, in person, the “back hose” was so weird fitting,etc. that Anne looked like a burn victim. And he’s usually the nice one!

  43. Noel

    I loved this dress until you pointed out the backy hose. That is not OK.

  44. Adriana

    Oh, the back ruined it for me….

  45. Heather

    I’m not wild about the sleeves, but I think the dress is spectacular enough overall that I’m willing to forgive the puff.

  46. wtfnyc

    The guy with the crazy Greek name on E! Fashion Police said that in person, the backyhose (though he didn’t use that COMPLETELY AWESOME term) was awful and made Anne look like a burn victim. With that commentary and your Posh argument, I am now sold on Oh, Honey, NO.

  47. Megan

    Not only the back hose thing, but in the bright lights you can see the shoulderpad through the dress! Why the hell did they use a white one? And in that last pic of her, you can see her butt crack. What is WRONG with people when they dress?!! Seriously.

  48. Dee

    Too bad about the back hose, yes. Other than that, I quite like it – I just wish it were less brown!

  49. Sarah

    I’m curious….why did you like Angelina’s dress but not this one? Aside from the green, and the back-hose, they’re very similar.

  50. jess

    Definitely back netting. You can see where the netting ripples at the centre spinal cord. Light can’t do that unless it’s reflected opposite or directly diagonally.

  51. Sweetsinger

    Poor Ms. Hathaway, victim of her own success. It’s NOT THAT BAD, people.
    If this gown were on, say, Phoebe Price, everyone would be jumping for joy.

  52. amy

    soooo awful. Bad from the front, bad from the back, blah color,weird fit (look below the butt from the back–some sort of strange alteration?). Zoe strikes again. I do appreciate the link between the Vatican-scamming boyfriend and a Dynasty style life, but no.

  53. Jennie-Suz

    While I agree on the back-hose, I completely disagree on the dress as a whole. And I’m someone who is very much NOT a fan of Anne Hathaway.

    In other words, I’m shocked I loved this while y’all didn’t! Usually, it’s the other way around.

  54. Alix

    Oh, boo. The back ruins it *completely*.

  55. Janice Marie

    You don’t have to explain yourselves to anyone. The dress is fug, plain and simple.

  56. O

    OK, so the backy hose is not great, and the dress looks a bit cheap close up, but I still like it. She looks fantastic.

    Also, she should get extra credit for telling Carson Daly that she could use her sleeves for extra storage. Shiny and practical!

  57. Lauren

    You know, I adored it until you pointed out the backy hose. Now it appalls me. You ladies are powerful!

  58. Karen

    I loved this dress. Loved loved loved. And she wears it like a glove.

    But I had not seen the back before. I mean, I saw the back, but I thought it was an awesome tribute to the backless dress in The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe.

    The wrinkly shininess kinda busts that balloon. So now I don’t like it quite as much. But I think I’ll always like it from the front.

  59. Matilda

    I wish you hadn’t pointed out the back. Sigh. Now I don’t like it anymore.

  60. Donna

    I never, ever comment here…but I have to say…your analysis of why this didn’t work on Ms. H was totally spot on and absolutely *brilliant.*

    Carry on the good work!

  61. Joni Woodhead

    cutting the sleeves off into a high neck halter kinda like claire danes but having it start higher on the armpits would make it killer, you can even see seams there so its totally do-able. ditching the puff and turning the neckline into a wide boatneck with normal long sleeves would work too …

    I do LOVE the color on her and i think the slinky-ness really does flatter her body in a good way. her hair and make-up are also both good

  62. j

    The back is what killed it for me. It made me think of a skating costume.

  63. granny

    Yeah, the back thing is decisive. I wasn’t happy with the puffy shoulders but overall liked the dress. Until.

  64. Caitlin

    I would just like to see Anne Hathaway wear something that has some color, she always wears white, black, navy, champagne, gold, peach, etc.

  65. vandalfan

    I love that sleeve, but this might not have been the best dress upon which to deploy them. As a slinky halter, sans burn-victim backy hose, it would have been perfect. Or, with the sleeves, as a miniskirt, and sans backy hose.

  66. Marinn

    I don’t like the material plus the style plus the backhose plus the hair. It’s like two things too many. Unless you’re Posh.

  67. Hil

    I did like the dress shape, just wish the sequins were smaller, making it seem more silky than clunky, or something to that effect. Though, I have to agree, Back-Hose can never be a good thing.

  68. Janet

    AGREED! I mean is she an ice skater? Who does that? Nude colored back hosiery? This from a girl who apparently (I didn’t see it) was naked a lot in her most recent movie?? I noticed the back crap on TV and immediately thought it was horrendous.

  69. lizzy

    I think it looks like “Dynasty on Ice”.

  70. Claire

    Ah! I liked it– though it was very 1940s, not just Dynasty. Rita Hayworth or Ingrid Bergman. Daring, fun, glam– not, with the shoulderpads, very feminine, but a good and unusual call.

    Until the back hose was pointed out. She should have found a way to go sexy and backless without that. Eek.

  71. Amy

    Okay, remove the backy hose but add her Brokeback blonde wig and I might be okay with this look on her… otherwise? No dice.

  72. atz

    I might have been for it without the puffy shoulders, and with a high back.

  73. Simone

    I still think she looks awesome. Not difficult if you are one of the most stunning women in the business.

  74. Rose

    If this was Anne of Green Gables On Ice, I’d highly approve. Hathaway would make a great Diana Barry, come to think of it. Heck, she could probably even do Anne, but then she’d need even puffier sleeves (and red hair, of course). We are ready for blast-off as far as sequins and shiny nude material goes, though. I can’t wait to see the interpretive dance of Anne walking on Diana’s roof.

  75. Dee

    I get it now -this was to get us all primed for her turn as catwoman. The dress was meh for me -but I was digging the back until I saw the netting/mesh -now it is FUG

  76. Kersten

    I loved this dress until you pointed out the back nude support hose thing and now it’s just been ruined. I thought the back was the sexy cut out balancing the very covered up front. Now it just feels like when you’re mom makes you wear a t-shirt under a dress she doesn’t think is appropriate when you’re 13.

  77. Quentin

    You absolutely nailed it when you described it as a Krystle Carrington dress. And, by the way, Angelina Jolie’s dress was totally Alexis Carrington. In both cases it’s those damn shoulder pads that ruin the dress. If Anne’s dress would lose the sleeves and the backy hose (great phrase!) in favor of a halter style bodice everything would once again be all right with the world.

  78. LizC

    Ew. Now that I realize the back has “backy hose” I am less forgiving of it than I was and I was actually getting used to the shoulders.

  79. Marly

    I liked this dress on Anne. I didn’t LOVE it, but she pulled it off. Her body looked great in it, and the color wasn’t the best, but it was nice to see her in something a little daring. I did not love the backy hose either, but in most lighting it looked fine. And now I think there is some conspiracy going on with people liking Jolie’s hot mess dress and disliking this one on Anne!

  80. Trouble

    I was more or less ok with the front, although I thought it a little blah for someone as classically gorgeous at she is. And I was more for it when I thought the back was open. But…meh. Still think it’s better than OW’s inside-out-disco-ball-that-arrives-ten-minutes-before-she-does hot mess, though.

  81. M

    you know, I kind of understand what you mean when you say you are not that into this dress. I used to like it but when I saw that sheer back thing the other day it really lost it’s appeal. I don’t know about the dress being too clingy… I mean – the material is not very thin and she’s got the body – so why not? (you had to see the one I tried on for my high school prom…… thank god I didn’t go in it in the end…….)
    and Dynasty IS forever

  82. CJ

    I loved the dress…until you pointed out that that is “back hose” and not her bare skin.

  83. Robert Crofton

    I have to disagree with your assesment of the dress…I don’t think it is photographing well at all, but during the actual ceremony she looked gorgeous and I thought the dress was striking. The back mesh is a little…meh…but I didn’t notice it now until the photograph made it obvious it was there. All night I thought it was a backless gown!

  84. TonyG

    She looks fabulous! I can’t believe there is all this poo-pooing of illusion netting that what…none of us noticed live and could only be seen because of the appropriate angle of a camera with a 5,000 megawatt flash? We’re being a bit wee harsh on Ann who styled herself so well at the Globes.

    So, I don’t mind the back thing.

    Who knows what was stuck to the back of those chairs at that “dive,” the Beverly Hills Hilton ;-)

    Plus, it’s good protection against cold clammy hands of that producer who is looking at you oh so creepily.

    See…it’s all about protection from seediness! Practical, and gorgeous!

  85. Bella

    Don’t like it. Of course, she wears it well, but it really is just too much. I was surprised that Fashion Police voted her “Best Dressed.”

  86. Geisha_Girl


  87. gryt

    Maybe on somebody else (sans backy hose). I just can’t like anything on Hathaway, sorry.

  88. Michael

    Ya’ll are nuts. She’s totally pulling this off.

  89. ddukes


  90. Katrina

    FAVORITE!!! I love this dress so much! I love it less knowing the back had a bridal stocking strapping it together, and do wish her hair had been swept into a soft ponytail, but I think it’s unique without being weird, beautiful and unconventional, and extremely flattering on her body.

  91. A.J.

    She had me until the “backy hose.” Now, no. Just no.

  92. Jaime @ la vie...j'a

    interesting…didn’t notice the back hose…haha. that does kinda take away from the sexiness.

  93. Fuh Ugh

    Hated it BEFORE I knew about the illusion netting! O. M. G. Posh could have knocked it out of the park though. She’d have had her personal tailors make it fit immaculately without netting – even if they had to tack it to her flesh. So Marlena Dietrich, that Posh.

    I’m reminded of the best line from “California Suite” (Sir Michael Caine and Dame Maggie Smith as Sidney and Diana) – “If I had worn your dress, darling, it would have hung properly. Nothing personal.”

  94. leighler

    I think this dress looks great on her and I liked it MUCH more than the other Dynasty dress of the evening that Angelina Jolie wore. And did you see Ms. Hathaway’s Katie Holmes impression on SNL? Ouch. I think she certainly has cat-fight potential.

  95. Jesslyn

    I see your point. But I believe you HAVE Well-Played lesser garments.

  96. Amy

    backy hose!!!!!


  97. Karen

    I liked it until I saw the back! That’s not good. If you’re going to go bare, do it, don’t fake it! If Jenny from the Block could wear that green Versace without mishap, someone could have helped Anne find a way to make this work without the back panel.

  98. Rachel

    I had an Astronaut Barbie that had an outfit that reminded me of this. I don’t know whether that says more about this dress or Astronaut Barbie, though…

  99. Julia

    This is really weird, but I feel like it’s a dress a female robot would wear. It’s just too….structured or something. I didn’t like it at all.

  100. Chasmosaur

    With the Fug Girls on this dress. I like it even less now that the back is visible. It makes the architecture of the dress far less impressive, and that was all I thought it had going for it – skilled dressmaking.

  101. Di 2.0

    I like it okay as a dress. I like it okay on her. I think she is way too much sweetness to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie, though. I think she’s a decent actress and very respectable, but I am really disappointed in that casting decision. Jessica Biel probably is, too.

  102. Di 2.0

    Also, with back hose and no zipper that I can discern, how the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did she get into that thing?

  103. mepe

    I really thought she was pulling it off until I saw the illusion netting on the back…now it just seems like an over the top dancing with the stars dress (all it needs is a crotch high slit for that purpose)…

  104. AnaBe

    That illusion netting across the back was a major fail. It killed the sexy completely.

  105. mauxxo

    I just thought the dress was too old for her. It reminds me of something I’d find in the “formals” section of a thrift store. Overrated.

  106. Teresa

    I’m upset so many people thought this was the best dress ever, but I’m glad to have a new argument: BACK HOSE! Cut 3 feet off the hem and she’d be Michelle Kwan.

  107. Bambi Anne Dear

    Damn! The back ruined it for me. And who the hell is she talking to? Wow! I want her to be my granny.

  108. Lorelei

    I’m sorry but the first time I saw this I had a vision of Dustin Hoffma’s head atop it as Dorothy in Tootsie, that’s how awful it is… I love Annie but as you gals say sometime bad clothes happen to good people….

  109. vpc

    OK, on a completely different note: that third picture? what e-zackly is going on with Anne’s – uhm – right side? That little projecting-forward nude-colored patch that I thought at first was a clutch under her arm, but it’s on the other side? It looks like a naked baby bump, or maybe a blurred-out boob so no one can tell she’s flashing. It definitely isn’t part of the background. Maybe the arm of a third person in that discussion? It almost makes the picture ok again even with the backy hose!

  110. Loren

    Agreed that this is so up your sparkly alley but thank the lord that we could not tell from the television that she was wearing spanx on her back. That definitely makes it go way down. Also agreed that this is definitely something we would all jump for joy over if Vicki was wearing it but at least Anne is trying something new. She is rarely boring and can usually pull off most things so as much as I want to fab this, I have to fug it on account of who is wearing it and the back hose.

  111. Dani

    I totally loved the dress until I saw the back. The netting or whatever it is just looks terrible. It was obviously quite clever though cos I didn’t notice it in the outdoor pics. Also, Posh would have done it better – I agree. But it’s still pretty.

  112. Rebecca

    Alright, you win. I thought this dress was the best of the night (minus Catherine Zeta-Jones), but backy hose? That totally ruined the dress, and will colour my opinion of her next 10 public appearances, at least.

  113. m

    it’s true what you say about the “backy hose” but it seems sort of necessary to keep the dress where it should be

  114. Erin

    I love this dress, although I wish I could go back to before I read this and now know about the back of it. That IS weird. So I’ll just love the front.

  115. aaa

    hhahahhaha hilarious!!! i literally laughed outloud reading this one. “Backy hoes”, “Dynasty is not a passing fancy,” and the comparison to posh all were absolutely brilliant. Love you, Fug Girls!

  116. cranky old batt

    I hate the shoulders and think the color is just not quite right. I know, I know, others think it matches her perfectly. Maybe that’s the problem for me. Too much and the eye gets bored and confused. A shade or two darker, maybe? I dunno.

    And who the hell thinks she will be a great cat burglar? Not me!
    AH as Selena Kyle, oh please.

  117. mom

    I just cannot stand this dress on her. She is so lovely. And I used to think she could pretty much wear anything, but she proved me wrong with this dress. It’s too “Dynasty-meets-ice-rink-meets-80′s-garb-gone-terribly-wrong” to me. I was happy when the shoulder pads went away, and yes I just dated myself, and I’ll be happy to keep them away. Plus, this dress just also feels way too old for her. Former First Lady Bush [the younger] would probably wear this to a State Dinner. Or Former First Lady Nancy Reagan would wear it to a State affair, and then rush off to her psychic, wrapped in fur. No, no, no.

  118. Kat

    Well that’s just it, see. Anne is about to take on the role of Catwoman. She’s gotta mentally/visually prepare us for her eventual wardrobe in that move – pleather, anyone? It’s just that she’s not totally ready to commit to it, so she’s got this backy hose thing, like it’s an attempt at her usual modesty.

    Bless the girl. This said, other than the back and the shoulders, I love the thing.

  119. jenny

    Is it okay to admit that I really just don’t like this because little Miss Smuggy Pants is the one wearing it? But that I myself would kind of like to cut out the backy hose and try it on, just for fun? Okay then.

  120. kai

    While I understand why you did not care for this dress, I have to agree with the other comments that note that Jolie’s was of the same category and yet you liked it. Of the two I actually preferred this look because it was somewhat flattering and Anne’s hair didn’t have that weird poofiness that we’ve been seeing on Angelina lately. Talk about 80s. Between Angelina’s hair and oddly pointy shoulders I think her dress is the more fug. But the most fug of all is that we missed out on a Dynasty cat-fight when two (admittedly dramatic women) were so well costumed for one.

  121. Melissa

    Thank you SO MUCH. For the love of God, I could not understand the insane worship this dress inspired – so, so overrated. I do not care how many brilliant designers and stunningly beautiful women try to tell us that shoulder pads are back – I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. No. No. Having said that, without the shoulders and the weird back netting, and maybe with different hair, I might have loved this.

  122. Lisa

    I loved it until I saw the back panty hose. Yuck.

  123. exquisite red

    I don’t care at all about the netting on the back. What I do care is that the dress hugs her so much that you can see her buttcrack through her dress. When sequined fabric cannot hide a buttcrack, there is a problem.

  124. nerak

    lisa: ditto.

  125. msd

    I loved this dress. Then you went and spoiled my love by showing me the back. Damn you!


  126. anne

    um, hello Dot Matrix. i wish they would give us a spaceballs II: The Druidish Princesses Strickback.

  127. Edel

    You see, I read the post, nodded sagely at the Dynasty reference, was suitably chagrined by the back and yet. And yet! I look at the first picture and my brain melts at the shiny shiny pretty metallic. Leave me. I am a magpie and I regret nothing

  128. Luci

    LOVE this dress!!

  129. Ninjarina

    I actually like this dress, even w/ the illusion netting (which one commenter mentioned would honestly not have even been seen if not for super hi-res cameras). I think that if it were too tailored, it would not have looked as good. Her makeup is fitting but I think her wearing her hair more “neatly” (not updo since it would look too Dynasty) would have made it better.

    Honestly, this is Angelina’s dress done right.

  130. MissKatMac

    I love Anne Hathaway and I LOVE this dress, I think it’s fan-tas-tic. Okay, the back is a little figure-skater-ish, but it’s still fabulous. She looks amazing.

  131. Kelsey Moore

    Am I the only one who thinks this dress looks like a meshwork of pennies? I hated it, and don’t get the shoulder pads and hose-back.

  132. kate

    Hated this dress on her from the moment I saw it. It looks like a deconstructed mirror ball. The backy hose is just too tacky. I picked up on that immediately. It looks cheap to me. The dress is way too body hugging for her. Look at her bum! I don’t want to see her bum. I would un-fug this up (maybe shorten it to mid-thigh OR cut the sleeves off after the shoulder, get rid of the backy hose) and put it on someone else (Halle Berry?). Then I could appreciate it more.

  133. Maryscott O'Connor

    It’s OBVIOUSLY back hose… people denying it should click the “full size” link.


  134. Chelsea

    Picking on the back of this dress is like complaining about a fantastically delicious meal because you didn’t like the texture of the napkin. The cut necessitates support! And, frankly, I could care less. She was far and away the most innovatively dressed woman on that red carpet and she worked it – in a BIG way.

  135. Liv

    i agree and besides, you need to have some junk in the trunk for this dress, otherwise it just leads to nowhere – she’s just too flat to pull a Hillary Swank here…

  136. sharbatink

    Phew! I thought I was the only one who didn’t like this. To me she looks like a top-heavy caricature of a bad Vegas decor theme.

  137. Roxy

    Absolutely hated this dress. All kinds of no.

  138. AK

    I love it. It was my favorite dress of the night. She looks incredible.

    And in all the footage of her on TV, you couldn’t even notice the netting in back, so I don’t care a lot.

  139. Cecile

    I loved that dress so much… until I saw the back. OMFG! What is wrong with you Anne! Be brave! Live a little!

  140. Lisa

    I totally agree. The back is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    Also, how tall is Anne Hathaway, or is the woman she talking to really tiny?