Golden Globes Fug-Adjacent Carpet: Paz de la Huerta

You know, I don’t even know — this dress is kind of perfectly fine. But Paz de la Huerta is such a nutter that she kind of turns anything into a bucket of cray-cray. Remember, this is the woman about whom we once joked that she’d be a great BFF for Courtney Love, only to find out days later that they actually ARE super tight. And now she’s popped on her wax lips again and mugged her way through another red carpet session, and all I can do is laugh and shrug and pity the dress that is rendered so totally beside the point. I might love her now.

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  1. Molly

    Do I see her panties through the dress? And I’m a little afraid her lips are going to grow legs and strangle me in the night.

  2. babyface

    she is ridiculous. and everything you said was spot on and made me laugh even more. the dress? i think it is actually kind of pretty/interesting, but, you know, who cares?

  3. anny

    Actually, except that it’s sheer, I really dig the dress – it’s gorgeous! Why is she always so cranky?

  4. Candy

    I’m with anny, I think the dress is lovely. She could have maybe gone a size up.

  5. Anna
  6. cstiddy

    Have you seen the video (thanks, TMZ) of her falling down, completely blottoed, tearing the back of that dress? Girlfriend has a problem.

  7. anonymoose

    she looks like she cuts her own bangs.
    good dress though, even if besides the point.

  8. Bronwyn

    Am I the only one that noticed the nip-slip in the fourth photo? Take a closer look – there is definitely nip showing.

  9. Jax

    I am one year older than her, but she looks like she’s got some serious years on me. Granted I usually get 22-23 tops when people guess my age, but she does not look attractive at all. Which is why I was so surprised when I googled her only to find out she started as a model. Other than seeing her on this site, I had no idea who she is.

    The I haven’t died my hair in months, wearing only red lipstick because I can look is so not flattering. It so distracting you don’t even notice that she has a banging body!

  10. Fuh Ugh

    She is truly foul. Oh, and … nice belly.

  11. Shnaggi

    Huerta my eyes…ghastly

  12. Rayna

    The DRESS is gorgeous. The behavior is fug.

  13. chreed

    A bucket of cray-cray. I totally love you.

  14. Mjx

    Who is styling this woman?! I had no idea of who she is or what she’s done (no, I don’t get out much, I guess), so I did a search and… people, she’s PRETTY. I never would have guessed. But look:

    Okay, she looks a bit messy, but having curly hair myself, I know that happens pretty easily. But who advises her? Who recommended those bangs? And she’s worked in the fashion industry, but isn’t aware of the effect of harsh light on unpowdered skin? Has she no friends?

  15. whiterabbit11

    @molly – um, i doubt we can see panties thru her dress…
    i’m actually more offended by the stubble than the nipples, because she’s known for her nipples anyway (and isn’t that lovely). but either let the hair grow wild or shave that sh*t; stubble is just nasty.
    actually a pretty dress in close-up, nice detailing.

  16. Bec

    Ugh, whether the dress is pretty or not (I don’t mind it) is almost besides the point for me because she just turns me off so badly! In everything I’ve ever read about her she sounds utterly unbearable

    Although (ignoring stubble) HOW much better does she look in the fourth picture? A smile completely changes her face

  17. hippetyhop

    Oh dear, just watched the TMZ vid – that’s sad. She needs better friends.

  18. Nanina

    Seriously, is she on cocaine? Her posing and facial expression reminds me a lot of several Lohan red carpet incidents… You know, being high as a kite on coke makes you think you are the prettiest thing to have ever walked the earth, when you actually look like you just crawled out of a dumpster (ok, or out of a bucket of cray-cray ^^). Which maybe you do look like, if you took the cocaine *before* getting dolled up.
    Also, how fucking pretty is that picture of her Mjx dug out?? I can’t believe it. And Jax: She is only like 26 or something? She looks like 46. I don’t know her, apart from pictures on GFY, and when I saw those I thought she was some 80ies Hollywood starlet I just didn’t know, not being American.

  19. drc

    has no one else noticed her hairy pits and greasy face?

  20. TonyG

    First things first: your coverage of the Globes has been so spit-take-ularly funny, I have to make sure I am not drinking anything as I read.


    I know you Fug Girls have to pay the bills, but those flash videos that play through these slide shows are soooo annoying.

    They distract me from the splendor of the wit in your posts.

  21. LYNN

    she looks like she smells bad, no matter how much she bathes.

  22. Kimberli

    I can’t see her dress. All I can see is face oil and smug.

  23. ProudMary

    would someone take a paper towel to this woman? she looks like she just blotted her face with a slice of pizza.

  24. Katharine

    I can’t forgive her for sneering that “not everyone can be an artist” while taking off all her clothes, so – whatever.

  25. Di 2.0

    This isn’t exactly super secret inside information, but apparently she was denied entry to at least one party because she was so drunk. A friend of mine was there and said she threw up on his shoes. Surprising? No. Priceless? Hell to the yes.

  26. JK

    Who does her makeup, Crisco?

  27. Deven

    The only thing she looks like is a female impersonator…an unhappy one!

  28. Cecily

    As @Anna noted at 5:59 yesterday, this is Paz well on her way to becoming so hammered, she was kicked out of an after-party, her boob fell out of her dress and she ripped it. Nice.

  29. vandalfan

    Paisley sausage casing, and she hails from the Planet Without Mascara.

  30. Edie

    she always looks bedraggled, no mascara, slovenly dress no bra…she looks like she would have B.O.

  31. Joni Woodhead

    in the last photo you can see how truly pretty this dress could have been. and i agree with the other girl who said the smile in pic 4 totally changes her face. she probably used to be beautiful before she tacked on so much mileage

  32. atz

    I love the pattern and color of the dress but it is too tight or too sheer or something. Also at first I thought her bra was showing in pic 3-4, but then I realized the dress has a lacy neckline but her lace is partially tucked in so it looks sloppy and asymmetric.

    I think someone who wears proper undies and washes her hair at least once a week might have looked great in this dress. I hope this Paz person gets help.

  33. fritanga

    Wow. De La Huerta and Blake Lively – two of the least attractive yet totally obsessed about “actresses” in Hollywood. Bleh. And sorry, Paz – no one really wants to think about your underwear and where it has or hasn’t been. Double bleh.

  34. Molly