Golden Globes Feh Carpet and Afterparty/Weekend Omnibus: Shailene Woodley

Shailene had been doing pretty well in the runup to the Globes. She picked a bad night to stumble into a puddle of yawn. Maybe that’s why she changed into those nutty shoes at the afterparty: wet feet.

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  1. Sweetsinger

    Give that girl some color!

  2. Notbusy

    Ladies, she was wearing illusion netting! So it was just an illusion that her dress was about to fall down

    • Carrie

      I was just about to say the same thing. It’s actually one of the better versions of illusion netting I’ve ever seen, so sheer as to be almost unnoticeable. I actually thought it was very pretty. Basically, though, I just want her hair.

    • Squirrel!

      Wow. That is the most illusive illusion netting I’ve ever (not) seen!

  3. Kris

    She just can’t ever seem to get it right. Nothing looks like “her” -like she has a stylist they just keep trying things but nothing ever wows -it all looks like it would look better on someone else. I did like that brown retro pattern dress though.

  4. Sarah

    She is severely lacking some colored jewelry to go with the pretty (IMO) Globes dress.

    • Libby

      Exactly! She need to add earrings or an interesting bracelet to most of these outfits (just not that shimmery mess).

  5. Lina

    Yeah, for me the problem was that the illusion netting needed to be taken in by about half an inch at the shoulder. The front of the bodice hangs just a skoosh too low for comfort…unless the point was to force everyone to do a double-take at her bust all evening. Which it may have been!

    Re the 5-Finger yoga shoes…I don’t actually have a problem with them for after-party wear. I even like that she didn’t hide them at the photocall — there is a point where comfort prevails.

  6. TonyG

    Literally cringed at the radioactive-blue shoes she wore with the “reflecting pool” pattern dress. They looked plasticky and severe. Bleccch.

  7. Billie

    When is somebody going to inject color into these dresses?? The neutral shades are really ridiculous.

  8. Lynne

    I just can’t believe she’s wearing a Marchesa dress that I don’t hate. The retro print she wore to the Bafta thing was adorable.

    For a newbie, she’s doing pretty well. I think if she figures out how to use colour and to accessorize, she’ll be gorgeous.

    • ok

      Agreed on all points. She’s a teenage girl, trying to figure out this red carpet thing– she’s age-appropriate and covered up– I’m down with that.

  9. aa

    the first one is lovely if you ask me

  10. Gigi

    I hope Thomas Jane didn’t corner her at the after party and not let her escape. She is too cute and young to be tainted like that. I’d like to think if that happened, the Cloones would have punched Jane in the mouth and taken Shailene to a safer area of the party.

    That last dress she is really rocking, but still, color!

  11. Nicola

    Lately, it seems like she is in desperate need of not only (real) colour in her wardrobe, but colourful LIPSTICK. I like that she downplays the makeup (some young stars can really lay it on thick), but I think she needs to have some fun with lip colour or maybe even a HINT of colourful eyeshadow (and only a hint). Her lips have been all Charlize Theron (re: Globes) and need some life in them.

  12. Kat

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the first dress. I love you Fug Ladies, but sometimes you hate on neutral too much. I know you all see an awful lot of it, but sometimes a girl (especially a young girl like her) just wants to look pretty and delicate. I actually don’t even mind the illusion netting on that sucker.

    As for the Vibram Five Fingers she wore… dude. Those are for running and hiking. Comfort? Grab some ballet flats! No one else is wearing hiking shoes!

  13. TaraMisu

    I have to agree on the lack of color…. ick. The dresses themselves are gorgeous but in a color!! There truly are very people that can pull of the nudes/pales and not look dead….

    The short printed dresses were adorable on her, well played, even the swimming pool one :D

  14. JanetP

    I saw those shoes on another site and was going to e-mail you the link! Oh, the horror.

    Her Golden Globes dress is lovely, though. Perhaps in a color? And she’s stunning in that last dress. But please, Shailene, never wear those hideous toe shoes in public again. You seem really great, and I don’t want to develop an automatic “gross” reflex when I see a pic of you, such as has developed with Thomas Jane.

  15. nichole

    Even looking at all of her other awards outfits, she plays it safe. I get the vibe that she’s a 20 year old who probably never wears make-up, just sunscreen. She’s down with the yoga-hippie vibe. She is appropriately dressed for the event. I feel like this is the real her. She looks comfortable. Had she been in Lea Michelle’s Marchesa, she probably would have felt not like herself and it would have shown.

    • Laura

      Totally agree. I think she’s just a girl who doesn’t really care about make-up, jewelry or clothes…which is kind of refreshing to be honest. (It makes for bad RC kvetching though. :-D) Has anyone seen the Descendants? Because the acting in Secret Life was baaaad.

  16. Edith

    The netting ruins what was otherwise a gorgeous, deco dress. Agree that it needs to be fitted to stay up a good 1/2 to full inch higher (and to stay up WITHOUT NETTING), and lord, some fabulous deco jewelry would’ve made this much much better. Brighter.

  17. Aria

    I thought her gown was very pretty, but like a lot of folks, I though it could use a little more color. Also, this girl has the most AMAZING hair and that’s what her stylist did with it? WTF?

    • Alexandra

      She definitely does have enviable hair. This style is much too severe for her, and in my opinion it wasn’t the right look for this outfit anyway.

  18. Alison

    Aw, lay off the weird shoes – girl’s got severe scoliosis. I can’t imagine she is unaware that they look bizarro.

    • Jessica

      Do those shoes actually help scoliosis?

      • Sajorina

        I know that it’s hard for her to stand up saight for a long amount of time because of the Scoliosis, so the flats make it bearable, I guess!

      • SJC

        Yes, they help a lot if you have foot/back problems as they’re not forcing your feet into an unnatural position (like flats) or tipping your back off balance like heels. Very flat shoes (e.g. ballet style) are actually as bad for your feet as heels in many cases! (so said my podiatrist). And sneakers can’t be worn with a gown, obv. So I think she did really well with these – they’re sleek and match the fabric of the dress!

  19. Hedstan

    Photo 5 looks like she’s at the hairdressers getting her hair cut in a mini-protective drape. Either that or like she’s wearing a floppy cone of shame like the ones the vet puts on your dog when it’s not supposed to lick its stitches.

  20. vandalfan

    Whoever she is, she’s a pretty young thing who looks very presentable; all her bits are covered.

  21. Sajorina

    I LOVE HER DRESS!!! It’s beautiful and delicate, like she is! And, I like all the other dresses, especially the colorful #5! She can benefit from some lipstick, but I like her simple, feminine style! FAB!!!

  22. Softwear

    The black dress and “bombshell” dress are both a size too big. Weird. But I LOVE how she has her “own” hair – it’s not a weave, it doesn’t even look coloured. And she keeps her make-up minimal. If it was, say, Kate Beckinsale, I’d say “oh, did you just roll out of bed?” But for her age, it’s absolutely beautiful, refreshing, and appropriate. Her natural beauty radiates. I love all of these outfits (yes, globes should have been a colour and the other two need taken in) and she gets a pass on the “glove” shoes.

  23. caroline

    I *love* the white dress! just not in *white*