Golden Globes 2011 Red-Carpet Prognostication: Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical

Okay, can we ALSO talk about how RANDOM it is the way the HFPA decides what’s a comedy, and what isn’t? I kept wanting to stuck Laura Linney in the drama category. I mean, I guess that show is technically a dramedy, but you feel me.  Also, I kept trying to stick her into the movie category. So maybe that’s just me. Maybe I have a Laura Linney block. Be that as it may, let’s flip through a retrospective of the ladies nominated in this category. AND THEN STAND IN JUDGMENT OF THEM.

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  1. Willow

    I have $5 bet that Lea Michele shows up in black but I want her to show up in either purple or green. Tina Fey, who seems to have hit her stride, jumpsuit aside, will probably show up in something better than last years outfit, we can only hope.

    And Toni Collette will miss. By a mile.

  2. Hannah

    I will run around my block screaming with joy if Tina Fey wears coral….or violet…..or forest green……

  3. vandalfan

    No great shakes here, pro or con. Linney seems more consistantly acceptable but, alas, kinda boring. I love Tina Fey, but I’m most unsure about her ability to refrain from wearing joke clothes, like the jumpsuit or the Brillo pad numbers.

  4. Joni Woodhead

    that peachy coral color on Laura Linney looks amazing

  5. jlk

    Is it just me, or does Tina Fey take sartorial criticism WAY personally? I predict that Toni Collette will be delightfully wacky and everyone else will be a snoozefest.

  6. Shnaggi

    Tina when she’s good she’s very very good and when she’s bad its hilarious…Jumpsuit exhibit A. Toni is super in her showcase US of Tara unfortunately her style sense mimmicks the style sense of that character….suffering from multiple personality disorder….. Edie has a serious case of over bleached/blown/blonde that completely lets down her finish althougth the full length red dress is breathtaking. Lea gets to cute but cannot rise above it without braver choices.
    Linney is the Queen of style supreme.

  7. Kate

    I thought I read somewhere that Fey wore the jumpsuit as retaliation for the backlash against the LIberty Dress….maybe I just made that up?

    Also, I want to like Lea, being a prominent-nosed, doe-eyed lady of musical theatre background myself, but I just…can’t. Everything she wears ends up looking cheesy, either by virtue of the outfit itself or, most often, her styling, posture and facial expression.

  8. testington

    I really wish Mary Louise Parker was nominated for Weeds, which was better this year than any season but the first in my opinion. Also, I like her so much more than Laura Linney, Edie Falco and Toni Collette all who are staring in shows that wouldn’t exist if Weeds didn’t first.

  9. lilacfunk

    VERY TOUGH competition in this list. They are all so good in their respective roles except for Lea. My vote goes for laura. I love her and the last episode was so nice.

    Also very off topic but does anyone watch Parenthood? It’s not a wow show but I’ve gradually grown to love it. The cast is SO GENUINE and believable together. They should totally win best ensemble cast.

  10. Laura

    I’m pretty convinced Lea will wear Oscar de la Renta to the Golden Globes because she loves him for big events. I found two looks that I thought would work well for her. This first one is look 46 from the Pre-Fall 2011 collection. The pink is bold, but I think Lea could pull it off.

    The second look I picked was look 51 from Oscar’s Pre-Fall 2011 collection. Again, I love the bold color for Lea, and the shape might give her some curves. She has the attitude to pull it off.