Golden Globes 2011 Red-Carpet Prognostication: Best Actress in A Motion Picture, Drama

This — with the exception of Jennifer Lawrence, who remains a bit of an unknown — is a real heavy-hitter category, both in terms of star power and fashion possibilities. Let’s face it: when 80% of your category has at least one Vogue cover under her belt, you know things could get interesting. Let’s look at their recent red carpet pasts and then decide which of these oft hit-or-cracktacular ladies will look the best, and the worst, in their group. Shall we?

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  1. Willow

    I would have voted Halle for best dressed had I not had the image of her in her black and gold broccade suit burnt in to my eyes and I am hoping to God Nicole pulls up in something green.

  2. Di

    Michelle Williams has been playing it safe lately, with lots of black and prim styling. I hope she’s been saving up her red carpet juice to break out something really wonderful for the Globes. I think she may pull a Globe win out from under Natalie Portman in more ways than one.

    Worst, tough call. I voted Halle, even though she’s looked great a lot in the past. Nicole Kidman had a few good years on the red carpet, then it got weird.

  3. Gretchen

    It seems that Natalie Portman is having a really difficult time trying to dress her pregnant body. I can’t really blame her, it is hard, but she really could put a little more effort into it.

  4. witjunkie

    I’m hoping Natalie Portman is wearing really schlumpy stuff now so that when she wears whatever wonderful thing on her preggy bod on the red carpet we’ll be so relieved and happy we’ll love it. I generally really like her style but lately, eeesh. For the love of pete, girl, bring out the boobs! Because those come early, along with the bigger everything else…it’s like the consolation prize. Serve them up on a platter!

    Speaking of boobs, that dress the Lawrence girl was wearing in Venice was pretty, but looks like it fell down on one side and didn’t take her cleavage with it.

  5. Amber
  6. Chasmosaur

    Can I just say I’d like to see Nicole Kidman dial back many years to something like this, before she became NICOLE KIDMAN, SERIOUS ACTRESS.

    Obviously she has a far better escort now, but I always thought that while this was perhaps not the perfect dress, it was a really interesting one that was highly complimentary to her coloring.

  7. Persimmon

    I voted for Michelle Williams in both categories. Best: Halle’s more consistent, and almost certainly will look fantastic, but her clothes are fairly conventional and rarely surprising; whereas when Michelle nails it, it’s always in something offbeat and interesting. Worst: However, when Michelle does not nail it, she looks dull and dowdy. Here’s hoping she rocks it this season. Nicole and Natalie are tied for second place in this category for me; Nic seems to have lost a good chunk of her taste and judgment in the past 5 years, and Nat just always looks a detail or two off to me, even at her best. (I do love referring to celebrities as though they’re my drinking buddies. It’s so self-indulgently tacky.)

  8. Joni Woodhead

    @ Chas — you know .. in looking at that pic all i can see is … “ohh look , Tom Cruise was kinda cute before he allowed his CRAZY to be seen in public” …. as for Nic, yes im hoping she goes for emerald green with interesting details. cause if I had her hair thats what i would wear daily

  9. vandalfan

    Although I’m sure Natalie will continue her recent missteps (the blue number with the black gridlines, seriously?) I selected Kidman as worst dressed, because I so detest her that whatever she shows up in will automatically be my least favorite. Halle gets my best dressed guess for the opposite reason. She seems cheery, normal, and could wear a Hefty bag and still look like a million bucks.

  10. Annabeth

    I voted for Michelle Williams in both categories. When MW swings and misses, she misses wide. But of course I’m rooting for her to do what she also sometimes does, which is hitting it out of the park.

  11. pinkcheese

    I voted Michelle worst, just because I can’t think of a single thing she’s worn that I thought she looked good in, even the yellow Oscar dreass. *ducks* Sorry.

  12. Laura

    For Nicole Kidman, I chose look 26 from Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2011. The high neckline would work well on a tall woman like Nicole. I think the color paired with a striking red lip would work amazingly.

    For Natalie Portman, I chose look 10 from Reem Acra Pre-Fall 2011. The drama of the top is something that Natalie likes, but the volume of the bottom would work well for the baby bump.

    And lastly Michelle Williams, I chose look 36 from Valentino Spring 2011. I love white on Michelle, and the detailing of the dress is something very few women could pull off. But Michelle definitely could. I’d love to see her in this.

  13. Olovson

    I love to watch lady with his silent beauty, that is the real invocation for the dress designers.

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