Golden Globes 2011 Red-Carpet Prognostication: Best Actress in a Comedy or a movie called “The Tourist”

Who cares who takes home the actual Golden Globe trophy? We all know Sunday night is won or lost on the red carpet, unless somebody gets hammered and delivers a droolingly blurry acceptance speech, in which case that is a victory for us all. So, because the Friday before a major awards-show weekend PARTICULARLY demands procrastinatory material, we are ponying up for you: We’re going to take a look at all the female-oriented categories at the Golden Globes (dresses are the most fun to dissect), and see if we can predict which female nominee in each will be the best- and worst-dressed of her group — done via slideshows either of recent outfits, past awards-show gowns, or both.  For instance, La Hathaway up there last appeared at the Globes in 2008 wearing that navy number; I’ll bet she does something lighter and sunnier this year. Conversely, the only certainty with Annette Bening is that she will wear Warren Beatty in her foreground. (Seriously, look at the pictures. It’s true.)

What do you think? Vote it up in the polls and prognosticate yourselves silly in the comments. Got a dress you want them to wear? Post the link. Got a style you want someone to avoid? Tell us all about it. Think Angelina Jolie was a nonsense nominee? We hear you; let it all out.

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Comments (19):

  1. Jill

    Why do I have a strong feeling that Annette is going to go full on kooky and kinda menswear-ish, like a tuxedo dress or something?

  2. candy

    Anne Hathaway almost always wears such safe, sometimes boring, stuff. I’m almost hoping she goes way out there this time.

  3. Carolyn

    I voted for Julienne Moore… in both polls. She’ll either bring it, or go way cracked-out. I can’t wait!

  4. Carolyn

    JuliAnne… apparently, I’m cracked-out today.

  5. Julie

    How come I can’t vote in the poll? Am I too late already? All I am getting is the results.

  6. Julie

    Never mind now it fixed itself. Carry on.

  7. Di

    Best: She’s really on the cusp, here, and needs to BRING IT. I want Emma Stone to show up wearing something amazing and orange. If she stays blonde, I think orange will be okay as long as it’s not neon or flourescent or something.

    Worst: Julianne Moore always seems to wear stuff that doesn’t fit her.

    I know she’s not nominated, but I would like to Anna Paquin take a risk that WORKS.

    I also want someone to wear something from Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2010 collection. Preferably this one:

    Other AMcQ choices:

    I LOVE the top left lace one, first picture.

    Hemmed appropriately, pregnant Natalie Portman could wear the red flowing one in the second picture down.

  8. Rayna

    Best – Anne H is so gorgeous, and in that sparkly fairy princess number (the gold thing), well, gosh. Just gosh.

    Worst – Julianne, and it breaks my heart to say so, because she is uncommonly beautiful and I love her.

    But there you have it.

  9. Gretchen

    I really hope Julianne pulls Best off this year. She is amazing.

    I voted for Angelina for worst. She is just so severe, and so smug! I can’t take it any more! Does she ever laugh or have fun?

  10. Another Jill

    The Jolie-Pitts irritate me, but I LOVED that furry white gown. It looked so comfy and warm… I wanted to pet it. No doubt she’ll wear something caftanarific in black or white – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
    Hilarious how you pointed out Warren is always in front of his wife! At least Brad lets us see what Angie is wearing even if it is a bore.

  11. jacky g

    I don’t really have anything to say about the dresses, but this Skins nonsense is making me want to punch my computer. The flashing ad is maddening.

  12. margaret

    and in addition to my last comment– I think Emma Stone is going to be fab. I’d love to see her in a gown with some pattern, which seems to be so rare!

  13. vandalfan

    I’d put Warren Beatty in front of me, too, if I showed up looking like Bening, but they look like they’re having fun. Hatahway carries herself like model, and reminds me of Grace Kelly, so I expect she’s got the best stylist. Also, she never fails to sport a happy, relaxed smile. I think Stone needs to stay on the Junior Varsity team; you can’t pick on a kid, or put her up against the big girls. I’d pay good money never to have to look at Morticia Jolie again. Dollars to donuts she’ll be in a black rayon caftan. Again.

  14. mollly

    Brad and Angelina can look as smug as they want to as long as I get to look at them.

    And I may be wrong, but I think a new show is premiering on MTV Monday at 10PM and I think it will be really annoying.

  15. Me

    I can’t believe Jolie is going to go and acknowledge the publicity nomination but whatever, I just hopes she covers thoes bony limbs. She would benifit more by going and getting something to eat!

  16. Shnaggi

    Anne Hathaway has the best Stylist No question and I’m guessing Warren does Benning’s shopping for her, she is looking Matronly….but they look like they are having a good time ..she has dropped out of the fashion race. The stylectomy was a success. Ms Moore is a crash and burn big time with the outfits that don’t work and there appear to be Moore of those than winners. Brand Jolie is permanently stuck in menacing ….even the fluffy white is sucking the life out of the other females in the room Avert your eyes Starlets. She is one withering glance too many.

  17. anny

    jacky g (& everyone else) -
    Skins: turn off javascript in your browser. Doesn’t all that screen-hurtling-around-your-monitor business violate some accessibility guidelines? If the entire Fug Nation has a seizure, will they make it stop?!?

  18. exquisite red

    Best – Anne. I hope she looks badass. She can rock the sparkly, and I do love the sparkly. She’s also not afraid of color. Or a smile. I used to dislike her because I couldn’t believe the little girl from The Princess Diaries got the lead in The Devil Wears Prada (since I read the book, of course), but damned if she hasn’t won me over, over the years.

    Julianne Moore has a bad track record but I can’t give her the boot because I liked her so much in 30 Rock with that over-the-top Boston accent. Besides, I’d rather have some ‘Eeeks’ anyday before ‘zzzzzzzzzzzzz’…so my choice:

    Worst – Angelina. Black snoozefest, smug, severe, emaciated…all easy predictions.

  19. Laura

    I picked Look 57 from Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 collection. I love the color of it for Anne, and I think she could handle the volume of the dress.

    For Angelina Jolie, I wanted to bring a little color and print to her look. The first look I chose was look 17 from Elie Saab Spring 2011. The draping is something Angie likes, as well as the thigh-high slit. But the color is a nice risk I’d like to see her take.

    Also, I picked look 23 from Erdem Pre-Fall 2011. The black, blousson, and leg slit are very much Angie. But the print at the bottom is so eye-catching and different. Also, Erdem is a brand Angelina hasn’t worn in the past, and I’d ike to see her wear.