Globes 2011: Fug Nation’s Overall Best- and Worst-Dressed

Well, you’ve voted on many of them individually, and you’ve weighed in on how they compare to other small groups, but now it’s time for The Big Dog: Who is Fug Nation’s overall best-dressed at the Golden Globes, and who is Fug Nation’s overall worst? Who is the princess and who is the pauper? Who is Prince, and who is Apollonia?

For your reference, here is an occasionally eye-searing slideshow of everyone we’ve featured on the site, from Halle’s lingerie to Sandra’s miserable hair to SWINTON’s sister-wifeitude to Leighton’s junior-level polygamist couture, and some of the highlights like Olivia Wilde, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dianna Agron, and Melissa Leo. Click, ponder, click some more, and then venture after the jump to vote in the polls (if I don’t put them there, they will take up this entire page, they are THAT LONG).

Phew. What a week. Seriously, whoever scheduled the Grammys for during Fashion Week clearly wants us to die. And yet it’s been a fun one, thanks to all your e-mails, Tweets, and comments. Keep ‘em coming. You are what makes GFY go ’round, you know.

* Whoops — now with 100 percent more Tina Fey and Sofia Vergara. If you wanted to vote for one of them but you already settled for someone else, try clearing your cookies or your cache or whatever and vote again!

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Comments (62):

  1. Brooke

    Where is Tina Fey? I am desperate to vote her dress the worst of the night. Some of the other dresses didn’t do it for me, some were ugly, some inappropriate (Heidi, Halle, etc.) some tried to be edgy but didn’t quite cut it, others just plain dull. But this is such the worst dress because it is so Sears Circa 1985 in the women’s formal section (not Teens). Poor Tina really tried, which makes this all the more tragic. Love her. Dearly. God please someone get her a stylist.

  2. Dana

    Best: Olivia Wilde, with Mila K as runner-up.
    Worst: MIchelle Williams

    Although to be fair to MWill, I think that maybe Halle was worse. But I expected much more of Michelle, which is why I was SO devastated.

  3. Bella

    There were worse dresses but no one disappointed like Sandra Bullock. Her overall look was just atrocious.

  4. Jessica

    Tina has been added! Long week.

  5. Wilma

    I wasn’t wowed by any of the dresses. Not that everything was fugly, just kinda bland. I’m hoping the Oscars will be more spectacular

  6. Dee

    Best Olivia Wilde -although Catherine Zeta rocked it too.
    Worst – Was HBCarter but I was most disappointed in Halle.

  7. Bella

    Best was between CZJ and Kyra Sedgewick. I voted for CZJ in the end – just so beautiful.

  8. alice

    sofia vergara! donde esta?

  9. Margaret

    CZJ was too overdone. Claire Danes was ammmmaaaazing!!!!

    Michelle Williams has too cute of a haircut to dress like that.

  10. Cleeeeo

    BEST: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Amber Riley (Sofia Vergara close behind.

    WORST: Michelle Williams on expectation. Heidi Klum badddd.

  11. Cecily

    @Dana, same here, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis best. Worst, I voted Halle Berry because I cannot STAND the underwear in public, but I wanted to vote Brenda Walsh aka Shannon Doherty because that shoehorn-for-pants is a big NO. VIP goes to Helena Bonham Carter, the one red, one green shoe was wacktacular (and I do think she’s just messin’ with us)…

  12. Allison Harris

    Where is Sofia? Her hotness cannot be contained!

  13. Ashley

    Come on Fug Girls- you couldn’t have narrowed it down a bit for us?

  14. LizC

    Did you know you have Christian Bale listed and I presume that this is just the ladies?

  15. LizC

    Ok so I guess Christian Bale is on purpose? Now I’m confused. Anyway, I wasn’t sure who I was going to vote for for worst and then I remembered Michelle Williams. That dress needs to be burned.

  16. Danica

    Where was Sophia Vergara??! I can’t vote until she’s up there because she was hands-down the best dressed.

  17. Mel

    Best: SWINTON all the way. Claire Danes was my other favorite but she doesn’t have SWINTON’S power.
    Worst: Angelina Jolie, because it was so 80s. I also hated Anne Hathaway. Both were wildly overpraised.

  18. Alli

    For Best: Olivia Wilde, athough LOVED Claire Danes, CZJ, Amber Riley

    Worst was tougher – I voted M. Williams (b/c I expected so much more maybe), but Halle, Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, January Jones, J.Lo Hewitt, Cristina Hendricks, Heidi Klum and others were all bad too. I gave pass to Meester (for her, that wasn’t too horrible), HBC (to costumey to be truly fug) and SWINTON (because she is SWINTON, enough said).

  19. Beks

    Ditto on the Sofia Vergara donde esta? !!

  20. Jill

    Crap! I thought I was voting for the worst dressed when I accidentally voted for best. So if you’re wondering who honestly thought Halle Berry was the best of the night…

  21. Elizabeth

    I really liked Swinton’s casual but not sloppy vibe, but I didn’t think she was really the best dressed.

    WHY are more people not appalled by Isabella Miko? I don’t know who she is, but I do know her outfit is hideous, inappropriate and ill-proportioned.

    Also, the drop down ads are really annoying when clicking through a sideshow — just wanted you to know.

  22. mai

    seriously? i think CZJ’s dress is heinous.

  23. jen

    I need sofia up there…so I can vote for her 8 times.

  24. jess

    why is everyone voting HBC worst dressed?! She’s BADASS. It was VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. It PWNED everyone else.

  25. Jess

    Best is a tie between CZJ and Olivia Wilde. While overall CZJ looked better, everyone was wearing green, so it was just part of the trend. Olivia’s dress was by far my favorite, wow I loved that dress, and she looked great IN it, but her hair needed a bit more styling. So, a tie. :)

    Worst: too many disappointments, kind of surprising, really, how many I was like, eh. feels like a prom for people with lots of money. Unfortunate.

  26. Mimi

    cannot understand all the praise for CZJ’s frock. the color and draping are lovely, the silhouette only just ok, but the texture, UGH! gag-worthy. i know it adds some interest but it just looks like fuzzy green mold or algae to me. heavy and stiff, but on the bright side: free penicillin!

  27. Sonya

    I thought best was a tie between Zeta-Jones and Olivia Wilde. Mila Kunis was a close second. Sofia Vergara would have been in there if she were an option as well.
    There were so many for the worst that I could have chosen. I kind of have to give Helena Bonham-Carter a pass, she is always wacky. I HATED Halle Berry’s dress, it looked like she forget her dress and was just wearing the undergarments. Michelle Williams was awful but truly, Julianna Marguiles was the worst IMO. Ill-fitting and ugly!

  28. Mongerel

    Hayden Panettiere (slide 25) for Worst Dressed, hands down. Not because the dress is bad, but because it was just the worst dress selection she could have made. I come here to cheer or jeer. There’s just no enjoyment in seeing a mistake of that magnitude.

    For Best Dressed it was a tossup between CZJ and Olivia Wilde. Olivia’s was breathtaking and I did gasp with awe at her shoes. However, CZJ got my vote. She was born to wear that unique, touchable, star quality confection. She and the dress were flawless together. I think it was that…indivisibility that chimed for me.

    This has been super fun. Thank you Fug Girls!

  29. Posh'n'Becks


  30. jen

    i feel voting for HBC for worst dressed is like voting a hyena for being spotted. It’s just her. And she exists outside fashion. It’s not that she has bad taste–she doesn’t care, and so every award show is an exercise in

    “up yours, you whanks!–oh and see my movie”


  31. tracy pesikoff

    Where is Temple Grandin on your list of best dressed?? She has my vote. She stayed true to her own style and didn’t get messed up by a stylist. And she stuck to basic black with appropriate embellishments. in my book, she rocked the red carpet better than all the usual suspects did.

  32. Another Jill

    CZJ for best, no question. I gasped when I saw her the first time, she looked perfect from head to toe. If she had not attended Mila’s gorgeous green would have won it for me.

    So many bad bad decisions were on parade, I think we needed more categories like:
    most evocative of a vibrator commercial hairstyle – Scar Jo
    most in need of a cami – Hayden
    most overgrown 90′s snap-crotch onesie – Shannen
    most SLEEEEEEVE – Julianne
    most BACK HOSE – Anne
    most drugs? – HBC
    most in need of finger guns – SWINTON

  33. Willow

    Amber Riley for best dressed, she wore something that flattered her shape and in my opinion it blew all the skinny bitches out of the water. :P

    Worst dressed was Halle Berry. I just can’t even get my head around that fiasco.

  34. Karen

    I’d really like to see HBC in something that isn’t all poofy and floofy and cracked out. I have no idea where her body ends and the dress takes over – is she really that round? If so, good for her for not knuckling under to career/societal pressure!

  35. IamFashion

    Hey I caught Lawrence Zarian on TV guide with his dream team. I am pretty sure Jen Rade actually read your post before going on the show because she said and I paraphrase
    ” There was a lot of eighties inspired looks but more on the lines of Crystal Carrington”. Its not a coincidence to bring up Crystal just because we all choose to forget her.
    So essentially you guys might be pleased to know that you are providing talking bytes for the “experts” in the industry. Congratulations!

  36. Emily

    Helena Bonham Carter is like Lady Gaga… her look is so purposefully crazy, I just don’t think she should count in stuff like this. But I expected so much better of Michelle Williams. Those daisies look so sad. :(

  37. marie

    OLIVIA WILDE FOR THE WIN!! those shoes alone..i just loved how TLo commented that it’s too princessy for someone who is not a princess, until one commenter pointed out that she is, because her husband is an Italian prince. And yes she’s huge, from her awesome turn as Thirteen in House, then Quorra in Tron, and this year, she’s kicking ass with harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in Aliens and girl crush indeed!

  38. vandalfan

    Gotta thank you Fug Gals for all the excellent fun and the terriffic polls. I like to see how everyone shakes out, and I love the witty comments. Kudos!

  39. Kathleen F.

    had SUCH a hard time choosing between Mila Kunis, Amber Riley, and Claire Danes for best-dressed!

    worst: Halle Berry had basically no competition. Some dishonorable mentions for sure, but at least you got the sense everyone else was *trying.*

  40. Kyasarin

    Best was easy–CZJ by a long shot, though I did love some of the other dresses.

    Worst was hard. I narrowed it down to five strong contenders: SWINTON with her crazy shirt-and-skirt combo; Julianne with her crazy sleeve (and pink on a redhead!); Helena with her crazy crazy; Jacki with her crazy shirt dress; and Halle, with her crazy underwear. I finally went with Halle, because I expect so much more of her. I just can’t believe she went out in that hot mess.

  41. Bambi Anne Dear

    I just wish about a million fuggers had voted. I’m trying to spread the word, maybe next year.

  42. guest72

    mandy moore was not on the list

  43. CeeCee

    Where is Mandy Moore?!! Best Dressed for sure.

  44. Sandra

    Kyra Sedgwick for Best !!!!!!!!!!!! Just perfect !!!!!!!!

  45. Sharon

    Shannon Doherty is missing on the lists (my vote for worst).

  46. gryt

    Bets: Catherine Zeta, then Mila Kunis. Mila can really wear the hell out of stuff, huh?

    Worst by a mile: Halle Berry. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? How could her taste suck that much? It’s astonishing. Although… I have to say, I much prefer the worst dressed (Berry, Michelle Williams, January Joneset al) to the wishy-washy middle tier of boring-arse beige gowns. BEIGE. Ugh.

  47. Maryscott O'Connor

    No Helen Mirren?!

  48. Sara

    Where is Helen Mirren? I thought she looked gorgeous!

  49. Sajorina

    Olivia Wilde = Perfection = Best!!!
    HBC = Fug = Worst!!!

  50. Andrea

    Yeah I’m another one on the CZJ train for best dressed. I felt Olivia Wilde but to be honest I didn’t actually like the shoes with the dress (please don’t beat me!). They felt like something she’d picked out for shock value, not because they actually coordinated.

    Worst dressed was much tougher. In the end it had to be Julianne Moore because the dress AND colour were atrocious on her. January Jones got my runner up prize because she was so freakin’ obvious and her shoes were awful. Can you tell I care about the shoes? Haha.

  51. Dorothy

    Oh my god. I really want to look at all these photographs but the Mean Girls ad keeps popping up and moving the photographs down the page and it is so irritating I gave up after Annette Benning. I understand you need to advertise on your (amazing) website but can you pick and choose the ones that do not interfere with the actual page or is this the wave of the future?
    Also, are all the stars even skinnier than usual or do I just conveniently forget and then see pictures of Emma Stone and most the girls from Glee and just want to cry?

  52. TonyG

    CZJ was in every way stunning.

    Isabella Miko should be running away the worst dressed. Helena Bonham Carter, we expect her to be kooky. Halle was under-dressed, but she still looked gorgeous. Michelle Williams was bad, but not nearly as bad as Isabella, who is wearing a pleathery clownish neon tutu with near-leggings for Chrissake!

  53. Floridiana

    Best-dressed: Emma Stone, Claire Danes, CJZ and Amber Riley, in no particular order.

    Worst-dressed: I would have loved to pick about 30. The red carpet was dreadful to watch, really. Are mirrors out of fashion? Since I could only pick one I went with Brenda Walsh’s atrocious see-through side-tailed forgot-my-skirt monstrosity, but Anne Hathaway, HBC, Juliette Lewis, The Swinton, La Klum and many others would have deserved the vote as well. I mean, seriously, Heidi: You’re making millions and gazillions, and you can’t afford shoes that actually fit? That’s so sad.

  54. henry robert

    I cannot remove my eyes from her face because she’s so beautiful.

  55. henry robert

    i think she’s so hot.
    dead sea 2u

  56. Mum

    Camilla Belle’s simple, understated elegance put more dramatic dresses in the shade. The dress fit perfectly, was entirely flattering, the color was perfect for her…don’t know why you’re not giving her more love.

  57. Soapstef

    I just want to focus on the hair for a minute. No one pulled off the up do except Mila Kunis! Jennifer Love Hewitts hair came as Helena Bonham Carters from a few years back. Hayden Panettiere is going to regret becoming an early matron when she turns 30. I was shocked that across the board the hair was crazy.

  58. sarrible

    Oh my CHRIST. I had not seen Connie Britton and now I want to WEEP. Such an abomination. Mrs. Coach deserves millions of better dresses.

  59. Jay

    Swinton for both BESTand WORST. But the movie she was nominated for was the WORST.

  60. Jay

    correction – the movie Swinton was in that was nominated was the WORST.

  61. Lizzie

    Dude, the six-year-old in me LOVES Olivia Wilde’s dress because it’s like a real princess dress. Kelly McDonald’s dress, however, reminded me of nothing so much as dirty dishwater. I liked ScarJo’s dress in theory, but the dress with the wind-blown hair had a very bride-of-Frankenstein feel, don’t you think?

  62. Lizzie

    And I, too, was sad for Connie Britton. She’s gorgeous and fit, but not blessed with the smallest waist. That dress didn’t complement her figure very well at all.