The GFY Blogaversary: More Archival Hijinks

Since we’re entering our tenth year, we may do semi-regular dig through our archives — like a This Day In Fug History type of thing. But before we careen headlong toward another milestone, let’s celebrate this one real fast with another list. This time, it’s Our Nine Favorite Entries That Pop Up When You Search Our Blog For The Word “Nine” And Then Go To Page Nine Of The Results. Because it couldn’t just be something easy.

Oh, Lisa Edelstein. This is epic.

Turns out we’ve had the same complaints about Julianne Moore since 2007.

Relive the glories of the rivalry between two of England’s tackiest natives, Katie Price and Jodie Marsh, and enjoy Jodie’s accessories. Because, as Jessica once wailed, IT’S JUST ACCESSORIES.

Hugh Grant, in our minds, approved of Drew Barrymore’s Golden Globes ensemble the year after her horrifying droopy green thing.

These are two people I never thought I’d see together. I still can’t really believe it.

It’s awkward to read entries from back before we loathed Chris Brown.

Remember when Intern George used to answer genuine hate mail we got in our Inbox, and he sounded a lot like a more happy-go-lucky hug-obsessed Frasier Crane? Man. I was weird. (Also, apparently someone wrote us an email calling us “the argument against freedom”!!!! – J)

I miss Paula Abdul.

Good LORD, the Lindsay Lohan roller coaster has been going on a long time. Lindsay: LET US ALL OFF. Aren’t you tired?

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Comments (25):

  1. googler

    Younger, more innocent times when we people thought Chris Brown seemed like a “nice kid”.

  2. HelenBackAgain

    Those letters! Yikes.

    Well… I’ve gotta give credit for creativity, anyway, for “something that crawled out of a lemur’s asshole.”

    *shaking head*

    • LoriK

      Is there anything less convincing than a person who takes the time to write hate mail about other people not doing worthwhile enough things with their time?

      • HelenBackAgain

        Ha! Why, no, no there is not!

        (Well… perhaps a furry pet animal putting on that “I meant to do that” face…)

  3. RT

    Oh I loved the letters to and from Intern George! Now I’m all nostalgic.

  4. Sajorina

    I need more mail answered by Intern George because it’s AWESOME! Thank you soooooo much for that… “FUG is my kleenex”!

  5. Erin

    Two things:

    1.) I laughed loudly and heartily at “Chris Brown seems like a nice kid…” So much so, that my husband came to read over my shoulder and also laughed loudly and heartily.

    2.) A lemur’s asshole? What would make anybody come up with that? I might have to store that one away for later use.

  6. ringthing

    I miss Paula Abdul too; I totally forget about her until you guys bring her up.

    And because I don’t know where else to say this since I already entered the Spoiled/Messy giveaway, the celebrity I should have said was my one true fug is actually Goop. So, do over.

  7. qwertygirl

    I read these and I’m unclear why they came up on a search that included the word “nine.” Not that they’re not amusing–it’s certainly fun to look back, and congrats on your blogaversary. But it’s as though the search engine started out very diligently looking for the correct letter pattern n-i-n-e, and then got tired, or decided it would rather empty the dishwasher, or do ANYTHING other than look for the word “nine,” and started finding posts where it thought to itself, “It has an ‘n’ and and ‘e’–it’ll do,” and presented those results.

    • Heather

      I seriously have NO idea why they came up.

      • Alison

        Paula Abdul is the only one that doesn’t actually contain “nine”… but I seriously have no explanation for how she showed up.

  8. Jodi

    Congratulations on a job well done all these years. I seem to remember you guys posting very quippie and hilarious one-liners to some of the more rude and off-beat posts. I remember thinking that was the ultimate way to deal with trolls. Is that true? Did that used to happen or am I making the whole thing up? Maybe I’m thinking of Intern George’s letters, which are gems – although for some reason in my mind he has the accent of Antonio Bandaras.

    I think you guys need another intern. I nominate Johnny Depp, he’s not doing anything atm. Maybe he can write, I don’t know.

    • Edith

      You definitely need more interns, because surely there’s a backlog of mail. Ryan Gosling’s too busy. James Franco might not be as much fun for you as George, but his replies to emails would be epic. Johnny Depp, now that he has bathed again…

  9. Sherri S.

    Man, I love y’all. That is all.

  10. ljchicago

    I, too, miss Intern George. Also, whatever happened to “Ask Aunt Fugly”?

  11. HKS

    I am also regretting my entry in the Spoiled/Messy giveaway, because had I remembered, I would have asked for more From the Desk of Intern George. Those are remarkable. (Unless you’ve stopped getting hate mail? Does that happen on the internet?)

  12. esther p.

    oh goodness, i laughed so hard at that last letter! a lemur’s asshole? people are just effing ridiculous, but it sure makes for good hilarity. :)

  13. Steph

    Is a lemur’s a-hole particularly bad? Is it say, worse than a giraffe’s a-hole? Or a bat’s?

    I miss Intern George. Congrats all all your success GFY! A happy and loyal reader for years. :)

    • HelenBackAgain

      It isn’t so much the exact animal’s body part, though I do wonder how the writer settled on “lemur”… it’s that he specified something that crawled out of it.

      I… I don’t… WORDS.

  14. Carol

    Thank you for the peeks at the archives over the past few days … although, once I start looking back, I could easily remain at my screen for days just clicking and reliving past FUG. I may need a 12-step group for GFY addiction.

  15. Betsy

    It was really fun to go back and read these. And Christ Brown, yes, awkward.

    I’m crazy, but I actually looked for the word nine in all of those. I could find it in all of them but two (Paula and Drew/Hugh). Now it’s kind of bothering me. :)

  16. Adrienne

    10 years…now it’s time to fix your website!! It’s jumpy as hell and not intuitive. Get it together…please!

  17.  JessicaAZ

    Wow, that was fun! I cannot believe it took me so long to find you ladies, but so happy I did (you can thank Lainey for that).

    Happy Birthday!

  18. Amanda6

    Oh my god, I’m DYING at the Lemmiwinks recap on the Chris Brown post!