I keep looking at Christa’s face, and remembering how 13 Going On 30 is secretly a charming movie, and wishing she weren’t stuck in a story on Revenge in which she has to make out with the show’s most boring character. And so I want to do her a solid and give this a thumbs-up.

But I can’t. It just looks like she’s been caught hatching.  I keep wanting to throw a coat over her until her pupal stage is finished.

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  1. Talley

    Standing up straight may have helped. Or there may be no help, but standing up straight would still have been a good idea.

    • Tana

      I think she is standing up straight. The shoulder fit makes her look hunched.

  2. Esmerelda

    Standing up straight is ALWAYS a good idea! What with all the pressure for these actresses to be thin someone would have told them that good posture automatically makes you look a few pounds lighter. Not that I’m saying she needs to look thinner- not at all, just that you’d think their stylist, publicist, agent, or mother would have mentioned that. As for the dress…posture may have helped, but getting rid of the cape (or illusion of a cape) and making it a regular deep v-neck as opposed to practically belly-button grazing and you’d have a cute enough dress, nothing special, but a vast improvement. Her shoes also look either too small or just incredibly painful. Her baby toes look like they are trying to escape!

  3. Adriana

    J-Garner should try to get one of Rachel Zoe’s interns to work with Christa. It’s the least she can do for her official ‘younger self’! I hate the whole look, from the hair down to the shoes.

  4. Kat

    I literally (not like Rachel Zoe literally, but literally literally) gasped when I scrolled down. It looks like someone ripped her dress down the middle. Maybe she has very powerful boobs?

  5. Bella

    Yeah, I was shocked, too. This is beyond hideous!

  6. D

    This looked familiar the second I saw it (and not in a good way).

    Nikki Reed wore it, except longer and in white:

  7. Kara

    Gorgeous color, it’s the proportions that are messing this up. The V is too deep (and I’m sure there’s illusion netting, which I guess really is A Thing), the skirt is too short, and the epaulets/cape … exists. It looks like the back is creeping around to eat her.

  8. Joyce

    When bad frocks happen to nice people. Yikes.

  9. pat

    Her shoes look busted and cheap. If the waistband/belt thing was not split, this may have looked a wee bit better. Those shoulders, though……

    • Noire

      Not only cheep, but her feet are too wide for the shoes. If your pinkie toes are popping out… it means they dont fit!!!

  10. Abby

    It’s trying to be daring, but really only succeeds in making her look oddly disproportionate. The color is a-mah-zing, though.

  11. Sandra

    What fresh hell is this?? I’ve never before seen a neckline at waist-level before. Hate it.

  12. ML


  13. witjunkie

    I don’t know if it’s a cape or one of those split-sleeve deals – or a horrible mash up of both.

    I don’t like this split sleeve trend BTW, it doesn’t make me happy. I’m seeing it everywhere now, and it irritates me when I see a cute top and then realize there’s a huge hole in the sleeve.

  14. Erica

    This is close, but no cigar. It needs an actual bodice instead of connecting the neckline to the waist line; and lose whatever attached to the shoulders.

  15. Kimberli

    The earrings and the bag are cute. Everything else is Satan’s-Minions-Girlfriend’s-wear.

  16. mj

    it’s like the waist was too tight, so they cut down the neck & took 2″ out of the waistband and said “here you go!”
    bless her heart.

  17. Sarah

    I agree that the dress is terrible, but mostly I just wanted to argue that 13 Going on 30 is not secretly a charming movie; it’s just straight up charming. Mark Ruffalo! Judy Greer! And an actual plot! It’s nothing like sheepishly admitting that you watched a horrible Kate Hudson movie just because John Krasinski is in it.

  18. ohmygodGO

    Someone else wore it short and red(ish) colored. At the time I loved the color but just wished they could have sewn up the front belt part. It’d be so much better. This way it just looks like she either dared to eat or took a deep breath and it ripped. And, as always, stand up straight!!

  19. Lynne

    Her body language is telling me she knows this was a bad idea and is trying to slap a smile on it and pretend she meant to do that. I genuinely wish the young starlets didn’t feel so much pressure to be naked on the red carpet. A bit more modesty would suit her much better. Also, get off my lawn.

  20. Laucie

    So much wrong on a pretty girl. At first I focused my shock and awe at the awful, open bodice. But wait, it’s attached to a semi-sheer, ice-skating skirt. No, Christa B. Allen, no !

  21. Lina

    Oh my, she is FAR too cute for these clothes. Yipe.

  22. anny

    Upon closer examination it appears the frock has frontyhose UP TO HER NECK (I hope I’m wrong on this) (but that might explain why her sternum looks so shiny), but if so, why for the love of Mike is the lining on the waist turning out like that?

    She’s so cute – and young. Tomorrow is another day, kid.

    • Softwear

      I think it does not have thoraxhose up to the neck – I think that’s just a stray piece of hair. But yes, the the lining is turning out, which isn’t helping the illusion that the thing is cut like that because it was too small.

      Her feet look sore.

  23. Barbara Pilgrim

    Am I the only one that looks at this and sees this??


  24. ccm800

    THAT is HARRIBULL! good lawd!

  25. Sajorina

    That’s just a whole lot of wrong!

  26. luxsword

    The shoes are too small !

  27. Kate

    It looks like she outgrew the waist and decided to try to alter it to make it artsy rather than too tight.

  28. Katharine

    Oh my. In the closeup, I can see the pull lines on her skin from the industrial-strength boob tape holding that thing together. UNGOOD.

  29. Jill

    Oh dear God, those shoes look uncomfortable. But dang, how adorable is her face?

  30. Kara K

    Oh honey, no. Go steal something from your character’s closet, or even your character’s mommy’s closet, for heaven’s sake.

    I am glad, however, that Eric van der Woodsen stopped doing the really, really terrible accent that nobody else in his family (or in the world) had.

  31. Shiitake

    She stepped off the set of a re-make of Logan’s Run.