I literally said, “LESLIE BIBB NO” to my computer screen when I saw this:

And that’s literally all that’s happening in my head, on repeat: LESLIE BIBB NO LESLIE BIBB NO LESLIE BIBB NO LESLIE BIBB NO.  “Lesliebibbno” is beginning to sound like an exotic and exclusive spa in the middle of a small and wealthy European county. Like, “of course she looks amazing. She spent the last three weeks detoxing at Lesliebibbno!”

Maybe this is what they make the staff wear at Lesliebibbno to scare the toxins out of people:

I feel cleansed already.

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Comments (19):

  1. Alma

    If there wasn’t a gaping hole in this, it’d actually be pretty cute! I love mixing stripes

  2. LoriK

    The top of that is just insane and that necklace is making it worse. “LESLIE BIBB NO”, indeed.

  3. Crystal

    Leslie Bibb is wearing a Leslie Bib.

  4. Mary Sue MacGuffin

    This reminds me of the episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon went to a costume party as the Doppler effect.

  5. Annie E

    I love the dress and the necklace separately…

  6. anna s.

    On a totally different dress, I might like that necklace. That dress is so terrible that there’s no redeeming it, though.

  7. Crispy Phoenix

    Now there’s something I never considered… the removal of toxins with the use of fright. lol

  8. Sandy

    that dress is exactly my migraine aura. yes that is a thing, and no it is not good.

  9. Heather Hughes Warren

    That looks like a “minecraft” necklace. My 9 year old son looked over my shoulder and said, “mom! Her necklace is awesome! Minecraft!”

    • steph527

      My ten year old son is a Minecraft addict. Now that is all I can see. :)

    • Mary

      My first thought was minecraft… I have a 13 year old nephew who inexplicably loves Minecraft as well. I thought of him and that he’s probably love it. Now seeing these posts I know he would. hah =)

  10. Holly Hamilton

    All I can think is: here is an actress with no breasts, literally, and I am grateful for it.
    Sadly, give a year or two and the grapefruits will have hit the shelf.
    But I still hope not.
    Sometimes, it’s not ALL about the clothes….

  11. Sajorina

    I kind of like this… Those shoes are TO DIE FOR!

  12. Nancy

    That’s a magnificent necklace. Completely wasted here though.

  13. Mjx

    This could be so much worse, though: if nothing else, her chest is completely contained by this, side-stepping the dramatic tension of wondering when she’s going to fall/pop/reach-and-stretch out of the damn thing. Imagine if she tried to wrangle this with a set of jumbo implants…

  14. Jenlwb

    Makes my eyes hurt. Also- giant space-invader around her neck?!

  15. Annie Mouse

    That necklace makes me think she’s randomly pixelated. It’s messing with my head.

  16. Helen

    “Lesliebibbno” sounds like a distinctly Sapphic get-away spot. Sort of the feminine equivalent of Fire Island. I am enjoying this idea.

    I have to agree, though, she herself is every bit as engaging and delightful as always, but this outfit – everything about it! – is a big NO.

  17. Mel

    Without the addition of the bottom ring (green and gold segment), the necklace would have looked great with the dress.