Fugtroducing: Rita Ora

We’ve been turning up more and more pictures of heretofore unknown (to me) Rita Ora lately; I paid them little mind, assuming she was one of those Famous In England people who might never actually cross over here unless she inserted beach balls into her chest cavity (see: Price, Katie). But the other day, my husband’s copy of Rolling Stone fell open to a page in which the magazine appeared to be trumpeting her as an up-and-coming ferocious lady musician (she’s working with will.i.am. and Kanye on her album, which came out on Monday; she’s an X-Factor judge in the UK; she has toured with Coldplay). So while we wait for that to take us by storm, I figured it might be time to get to know her other body of work — you know, the one that’s probably going to get her nominated for Fug Madness. Spoiler: Her style seems to be a hybrid of Gwen, Jessie J, Katy Perry, and a pinata.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet, Splash]

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  1. Chasmosaur

    Until I got to the last photo, I was thinking “You know, at least she covers herself up most of the time – her minis are mini and not micro, she does have spectacular abs, and she wrangles her girls well.”

    The Photo #14 hit my retinas. Ick.

    • Rowynn

      I came here to say almost exactly the same thing – I was kinda on board with the rest of her outfits, especially the blue/orange jacket and skirt combo, but then that last slide popped up, and I fell right off the train. That… garment… is hideous and nothing could save it.

  2. Edith

    She has such a pretty face, and a lovely teensy figure. With all the beautiful, colorful things in this world to base a pattern on (if you aren’t happy just going geometric/kaleidoscopic), WHY do people make clothes in neon green leopard print with purple ox (?) skulls on them (slide 6)? Or, at the other end of the spectrum, with random popsicles and ice-cream sandwiches on them (slide 2)? Popsicles and ice-cream are GREAT, but not very visually arresting. Does that dress say “Happy Puberty” on it over and over? It may be “Happy Astley,” but that makes even less sense….

  3. Art Eclectic

    The outfit in Photo #11 was a winner until it got to the ankles.

    Seriously, though. Emulating someone like Gwen who has such a distinct style that works for her and her only is asking for an invite to Fug Madness. Develop your own style, one that works for YOU.

  4. tarasaurusrex

    I mean, is this not just more of the same? More ugly/outrageous clothing just for the sake of being ugly/outrageous? I can appreciate unique fashion statements that don’t really speak to my personal point of view, but all of this just comes off as attention-seeking and tacky. We’ve been down this road four thousand times with Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and (to a less tacky degree, IMO) Lady Gaga.

    This aesthetic is just TIRED. Give it a rest.

  5. Ruth

    “There are FLAMES on my SKIRT!” #5. The In-Laws with Alan Arkin and Peter Falk came to mind when I saw that one.

    • Edith

      I saw it and thought, “I know Christina Aguilera. Christina Aguilera is a friend of mine.* You, Rita, are no Christina Aguilera.”

      *no, she isn’t.

  6. Willow

    oh Rita Ora, occasionally turning up in something cute but the only time people every remember you is when you turned up in 2 pairs of jeans that were literally tied to each other:


    It’s like a Jessica Simpson parody.

  7. megs283

    The whole sneakers thing reminds me of M.I.A.

    Is it bad that I sort of like her white pants? They’re so smooth and wrinkle-free!

  8. Calli

    Unfortunately she’s rumoured to be dating Rob Kardashian. A definite negative in her favour!

  9. Jen

    Some of these are almost cute. But overall, she reminds me of the Fug retrospective/style evolution you guys did on NYMag for Katy Perry (http://nymag.com/thecut/2012/07/fug-girls-on-katy-perrys-style-evolution.html)

    Like, she’s trying hard to be wacky and memorable, but she doesn’t worked out the kinks yet. (E.g. that horribly tacking flame outfit. Good gawd.)

  10. Kit

    Uniformly bad clothes and I do NOT appreciate the black eyebrows/bleached blonde hair look; ditto her kicks and dresses habit. I did like the white pantsuit – I didn’t even mind the gathering at the ankles, but the shoes were HEINOUS.

    Ugh. Fugging fugh.

  11. luxsword

    She should keep her hair natural, that fake blondness looks cheap.

    • Miranda

      Cheap or not, it just doesn’t suit her. It’s almost…clashing with her skin tone? I don’t know how to describe my problem with it.

      • Aphy

        I was going to say the exact thing. That hair color does not look good on her at all. I hate the dark eyebrows. She is truly pretty, but the clothes, shoes and hair hide her good looks.

      • Ms. A.

        Yes, it’s very, very bad.

  12. Lynne

    Oddly, the insane clothing doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the awful, awful hair. It’s some evil cross between an 80s soap star and one of the blond Heathers.

    Tarasaurusrex, I totally agree with you. Seems like this is something we’ve seen 50 times before. Also, the style manual for the playfully wacky popstar seems to include a section on how to wear all the makeup in the world ever. I’m pretty sure you could stand a candle up in the pancake she’s wearing on her face.

    • Liane

      I agree. Her makeup is way heavy-handed. I can’t even with the hair, it does not suit her at all.

      I also have issues with her frequent use of sneakers.

  13. Erika

    HAHAHAHAHA Angelfire. Totally forgot about them.

    #8 looks like something IT would have used to try to hypnotize Meg and Charles Wallace Murray.

  14. Jane

    Can I take this opportunity, as a Brit, to apologise for Katie Price. It’s bad enough that we have to suffer her, but the fact that the US even knows who she is, is frankly frightening.

    Rita Ora, sartorial choices aside, does actually have a modicum of talent, and should at least be known worldwide for her music. She was a guest judge on the X Factor before they confirmed Nicole Scherzinger as the fourth judge. Sadly, she seems to think that her musical talent aside won’t single her out for enough attention, so she resorts to all of this. Sigh.

  15. Carol

    After that slideshow, I am already tired of her and she hasn’t officially stormed our shores yet.

  16. Morgan R.

    Sometimes I feel like if I were famous I’d be on this site a lot, because I’m not gonna lie, I would TOTALLY wear that ice cream dress and wacky sunglasses combo. Maybe not with the sneakers. But I’m like four times bigger than Ms. Ora so it would be four times as misguided.

    Sometimes I feel like if I were famous I’d get dressed in the morning specifically hoping I’d give you ladies something to talk about.

    In any case, I kind of miss Angelfire. They had a ton of good Final Fantasy pages.

    • Jean

      Agreed about the ice cream dress, I think it’s really cute! The skirt with the flames… not so much.

  17. Amanda6

    I had a hard time getting myself to notice the clothes, given the hair, honestly. Few things are so distracting as a terrible peroxide job, with dark roots, on a girl with her coloring.

    • Jenny

      Too true! She is a very pretty girl but that hair color is too harsh, the wrong tone and makes her skin look a little green. The clothes are predictably wacky but the hair, oh no!

      • Mair Mair

        Agreed. There were quite a few slides where I wondered if she was a he, in drag. But then there are others where it’s clear that she’s actually got quite a beautiful, delicate face, and it’s the hair (and makeup, to some extent) that are really doing her wrong.

  18. Miranda

    Is it weird that she reminds me of Rihanna a lot?

    • Foudefafa

      no, she totally looks like Rhianna, especially in the shots where she’s wearing sunglasses.

  19. Ellis

    I’d like to know why in the final fantasy dress she appears to have a bouquet of flowers sticking out of her butt? She seems to be holding a clutch purse not flowers and it would be hard to prop them up on the SUV behind her. Are the tucked into the back of the dress? Maybe into the back of a backless dress?

  20. Sandra

    Trowel off some of the slap and stop doing whatever the hell that is to your hair, young lady. Can no one in the music industry establish herself as a performer based on actual musical talent? Girlfriend would have to be a lot better than average to make up for these stupid, ugly clothes. That actually goes for the whole fugging lot of them. Crazy because that’s what you like is one thing; crazy because it’s an essential element of your brand is vulgar and tasteless. Just once, I’d like one of them to be all “LISTEN to me” instead of “LOOK at me.”

  21. Moa

    Rita Ora is like the British Rihanna, only talented. And very much so, too. Personally, I love her, even though I find her taste in clothing questionable, at best.

  22. Mair Mair

    Madeleine L’Engle 4ever!

  23. Mair Mair

    Well, shoot, that was supposed to be in reply to Erika’s comment.

  24. Eva

    Wow I seriously thought she was an alter ego of Rhianna!

  25. Liz

    Her hair is hideous with her eyebrows and skin tone!

  26. ccm800

    Oh well if K and Wil.I.Aint are working with her then she gonna sound EXACTLY LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE. Ug.

  27. cnj

    She’s creepy looking.

  28. anny

    I see a sailboat.

  29. Jolene

    I never thought I’d say it, but Jessica is wrong. Not everyone looks better in sunglasses.

  30. Sajorina

    I don’t see any Gwen here, but I definitely see Jessie J, some Katy Perry, some Nicki Minaj, a little bit of Elton John and A LOT of Rihanna… Yeah, I’ve decided that she wants to be Rihanna! So, I’m FUGGING her for eternity because I don’t know her & I’m already tired of her!

  31. Kat

    I want a girl with a short skirt and a looooooooooong jacket.

  32. Marin

    Admittedly the eyelash sunglasses are pretty cracked out, but they’re from one of my favorite jewelery designers, Tatty Devine. They make really fun, colorful and unique stuff. Their blog post about the same outfit from slide 2: http://www.tattydevine.com/blog/2012/06/rita-ora-has-a-ball-in-tatty-devine-eyelash-sunglasses/

  33. vandalfan

    Girlfriend does NOT like her teeth, that’s for sure.

  34. Lily1214

    Who is this, again?

  35. blah

    Dress in #4 is not fur, its licorice!

    Do you guys EVER zoom in?

  36. teal

    In the last photo she’s leaving mahiki… meaning that she KNEW she was going to be photographed in that pastel pretty woman getup