This is from an event for H&M’s environmentally conscious line of clothes.

Now that I know stapling used Kleenex to my hips counts as eco-conscious, I am all set to save the world. Thanks, H&M.

Oh, and also:

Why is her chest wearing a sleep mask?

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Comments (19):

  1. Vandalfan

    It’s like her dress is a hard shell of dark chocolate and the crack on her side is leaking out the creamy vanilla filling.

  2. Beth C.

    I could tolerate the sleep mask, as long as the kleenex was gone from her hip.

    Maybe only because she’s just so darn pretty.

    • Other Emily

      Yeah, I’ll get over the sleep mask if she tears off the kleenex. But man, she is a gorgeous young thing. Both a young Fran Drescher and a younger Vanessa Marcil, either of whom I would kill to resemble.

      • Elbyem

        Did you SEE Vanessa on GH’s 50th Anniversary episode this week? She hasdone something weird to her face. And she was wearing the most bizarre shoulder -enhanced gown ever – bring it on, Fug Girls!

  3. Gine

    She looks so much like a young Fran Drescher to me.

  4. Ruth

    The hip detail also looks like a mushroom of some sort. She has hip fungus.

    • foo

      I was thinking more of a mummy hand reaching around to stab her, but that is definitely a weird design.

      She looks really pretty, though.

      • Helen

        Oh she’s ravishing.

        Now if only we could get her into a decent-looking dress that also fits.

        I do like the shoes.

  5. Alma

    Did a giant bird wrap it’s talon around her waist??

  6. Guerra

    Wow is she pretty!!

  7. daphne

    .. maybe it’s a vote for recycling ? Bjork’s swan. second time ’round.